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There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.


After having her parents violently taken from her, Twilight Sparkle, succumbed to unknown magic and influence, turned her back on harmony and declared war on existence itself, until the combined power of the princesses, the remaining elements of harmony and the pain of a broken heart finally crushed her power in half and sealed her soul into the Moon, while isolating the dark influence far away, in the frozen north.

Now, after twenty years since her banishment, the tides of fate have turned once again, as the tainted, primordial magic known as hatred finally shatters her bonds. A Crimson Dawn emerges, ready to devour the very life of the world."

Disclaimer: I DID NOT WRITE THIS, Femto DID.

He deleted his story while ago and he didn't have the chapters anymore on his computer, but I did so I requested him if I could upload Hour of Twilight on account so everypony out there who liked/loved the story can read it once again! I got only up to chapter 14 and I will release a chapter every two days.

His own words in private message (proof): Femto: Alright, you have my permission to upload it, finish it, continue it, do whatever you like with it. But Silverghost and Crimson Dawn are 'copyrighted' XD

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King Sombra, the former tyrant and conqueror of Crystal Kingdom, the wielder of dark magic, servants and slaves that he had at his mere call. One thousand years ago; he lost himself after the banishment by Celestia and Luna, set out to reclaim it but was stopped by Cadance, Shining Armor and Twilight along with other Element of Harmony.

Now what the evil king to do when he lost everything?

Featured on Canterlot's Finest on October 17, 2013.

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This is fanfic about deaf pony (installing my experiences being deaf and with love), everything else is fictionalized.

Traumatized, distant, and lost in his own existence, and he copes it by drinking. When he got kicked out of his home
by his father and so, resigned to his fate. That no one will consider him for him, he attempts to move on when he can
only stand still.

Until Silent met somepony...


(credit of my new story's picture goes to: http://cynicd.deviantart.com/)


This story reflects my younger mind and I looked back on this and realized that I could've wrote it better; maybe a rewrite is in order someday!

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Two long years... Nightmare Moon escaped her thousand years of imprisonment, took her revenge against her sister by battling the Elements of Harmony and defeating them, banishing Celestia to her sun. However, she isn't done with just that- she took Twilight and forced her to serve under her as she put the Equestria in darkness and eternal night.

Amidst of all this, she met a companion...

[The story will progressively go from dark, sad, gloomy through two years into something of light story with happy ending. I will change tags as I do, also character tags as well as they get introduced into this story ].

This is my first fanfic! Don't be gentle! One of reason why I started writing is because I'm Deaf and I've yet grasp the full concept of English.

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