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Spike realises there's a pretty noticeable gap in Twilight's otherwise encyclopaedic knowledge - and tries to fill her in. Confusion and embarrassment ensues (of course - this is Twilight we're talking about!).

(Teen rating and sex tag for discussion about sex and pony genitalia, no actual sex.)

EDIT: Featured on 19/3/19 to 23/3/19 - a huge thank you to you all! :twilightsmile:

EDIT: Sorry for the confusion, everypony - despite my attempts to explain to the contrary, the powers that be have decreed that the sequels to Spike Gives Twilight 'The Talk' aren't, in fact, sequels, and are instead chapters of the same story, in spite of this never being the case. So to avoid a ban from the site I have been forced to reupload them as chapters here.

Apologies for the confusion!

Chapters (4)

Page Solaris has written about him all her life, picking up the enigma, the pieces where the show left off. As she nears her end, this has not gone unnoticed - and will not go unpunished.

Published for Fanfic Writer's Appreciation Day. Enjoy!

(original image from "Fall of the Crystal Empire" by Silly Filly Studios)

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Most Chaotic Night Ever!!!

Their first Grand Galloping Gala together was certainly an enlightening experience for Celestia and Discord. The pair began to understand each other, realized how much they liked being friends, and even weathered difficulty of Discord's (unrequited) confession of love. In the years that followed, the sun princess and the chaos master continued to develop their deep friendship. These days Discord even teaches chaos classes at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, and Celestia's no stranger to his chaos dimension. And the two still date potential romantic partners (Celestia discreetly, Discord openly and always teasingly mentioning his lady friends to the princess). Everything's going so well between these two dear friends...

...So why can Celestia barely sleep ever since Discord left a few months ago to go traveling for summer vacation?

But perhaps the sun princess knows the answer to that question and is finally ready to admit it to herself and to Discord. And perhaps it's time for their relationship to change once more.

A most chaotic courtship is ready to commence.

(Set a few years after season four, roughly at the end of the series.)
Featured as of June 2017--yay! :yay:

Chapters (6)

With Pinkie Pie's birthday coming up, her friends find themselves facing a bit of a dilemma about how to celebrate it. Fortunately, Cheese Sandwich just so happens to come back to town, and he's more than willing to take over the party planning.

Pinkie is quite thrilled to know her party pal is back in town, but soon she can't help but notice that Cheese seems to be acting rather strange around her.

Will Pinkie be able to figure out why Cheese seems to be acting so odd? And what's the real reason behind Cheese's return to Ponyville?

Chapters (1)

(This story is a prequel to Birthday Built For Two, though it is not required for you to read that to understand this fic. Takes place between "The Times They Are A Changeling" and "To Where and Back Again". Proofread by Smity1038 on Deviant Art.)

Starlight accepts the fact that Sunburst is Flurry Heart's Crystaller, and that means he's going to act a bit odd at times. But for whatever reason, the stallion now seems to be acting even odder. A fact that puzzles Starlight to no end when she decides her trip to the Crystal Empire is an excellent opportunity to pay Sunburst an unexpected visit.

But before Starlight can even find the time to ask Sunburst about his behavior, she finds herself getting roped into something most unexpected, helping Sunburst foalsit Flurry Heart for a day.

Just how much trouble can one alicorn foal cause for two fully grown unicorns with no prior babysitting experience, quite a lot actually. But maybe the experience will give Starlight the answers she needs about Sunburst? Or perhaps Sunburst will slip up and tell her himself?

Chapters (1)

The Crystal War, the violent, jarring battle between Celestia and Sombra, takes the lives of many. But who is to decide?

Love and loyalty do not mix well.

Chapters (1)

After the events taking place in 'Newbie Dash', Soarin and Rainbow fly together, and truth comes out, and more. SoarinDash oneshots ^^

Wanna Go For a Flight?: It was after the show, and Soarin asks Rainbow to go on a flight with him. But why had he asked?
Secrets: Soarin and Rainbow have to keep their secret from the Wonderbolts.

Chapters (2)

After a long day at school, Rainbow Dash decides to head to the local park to blow off some steam on the small soccer field. She runs into her enemy, Soarin Skies, the only person to beat her at soccer. They end up in a one-on-one game against each other. But near the end of the game, Rainbow injures herself and it's up to Soarin to help her get to where she needs to go. Just meant to be a cute mini-SoarinDash story.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash and Soarin find out mornings are something they need to outlaw, especially Monday mornings.

Chapters (1)
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