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Gemini has stolen something of great importance from Rarity, and he doesn't plan on giving it back. In fact, he doesn't even know what he stole!

Inspired by several RPs I have done with my friends, enjoy!

Cover drawn by Xeiphi

Chapters (1)

It has been four years since Toby Mason arrived in Equestria & became a member of the Equestrian family of the Royal Sisters, Elements of Harmony, Cutie Mark Crusaders, & the whole land. Living with his adoptive mother Fluttershy & father, Big Mac, Toby has been apart of some great, fun, yet also dangerous adventures. He has faced the enemies of the Elements of Harmony such as Queen Chrysalis, the Diamond Dogs, but through it all, he has survived with courage, but most importantly with his family by his side.

However, a new enemy has awoken to face Toby, an enemy that the Elements of Harmony thought was gone forever, King Sombra. However, he has returned with some help with Lord Tirek, Queen Chrysalis, & the Diamond Dogs. Now, it is time for Toby to once again join his family in battling the forces of evil, but this time for four years, there has been a secret hidden from Toby, hidden by Princess Luna. What is the secret & will Toby & his family overcome this new, powerful threat of King Sombra?

(Artwork done by Shutterguy)

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[WARNING: Contains ear scratching, belly rubs, and blushing cheeks]

Anonymous is sent to jail for his most heinous crimes of bullying in the second degree, there he meets a mare working as a prison guard called Cookies 'n Cream.

Written originally for the Anon in Pone Prison threads on /mlp/, which is where the OC Cookies 'n Cream (Pictured) comes from.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Vinyl and Octavia in 'Dial D for Detectives'

Things are looking bad for Vinyl and Octavia. Vinyl has been framed for murder by the Marefia, and the only pony who can save her from going to jail is Octavia, who isn't actually a lawyer. Throw in an eccentric judge and a famed Demon Prosecutor, and who knows how they're going to get out of this one?

The Vinyl and Octavia Series
1. Vinyl and Octavia Machete Their Way Through the Jungle
2. Vinyl and Octavia Move House
3. Vinyl and Octavia Get Incredibly Drunk
4. Vinyl and Octavia are Forcibly Shipped
5. Vinyl and Octavia Fight Ten Thousand Ninjas
6. Vinyl and Octavia Have Multiple Dates
7. Vinyl and Octavia Engage in Roleplay
8. Vinyl and Octavia in 'Dial D for Detectives'
9. Vinyl and Octavia Duel Destiny
10. Vinyl and Octavia Bust Out of Prison
11. Vinyl and Octavia Join COBRA
12. Vinyl and Octavia Break the Timestream
13. Vinyl and Octavia Rob a Casino
14. Vinyl and Octavia's Freaky Day
15. Vinyl and Octavia Jump the Shark

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Twilight Sparkle just wanted to send Princess Celestia a friendship letter. But instead, she accidentally killed somepony. She really never meant it, but she must be punished regardless. Torn away from friends and family, she is thrown into a bleak world of violence, misery, and suffering.

Chapters (2)

2nd person

"Anon...would you please teach me how to drive?"

Sunset Shimmer can't pass her driving test and after following her friends' advice, she decided that the best thing she could do was ask you to teach her how to drive. Your name is Anon, and among all the flaws you've got, you're at least good enough for two things: repairing stuff and driving. Moved by Sunset's words...and probably your naughty feelings towards her, you decide to help her out until she passes the DMV's driving test, the process will be difficult, and others will notice her failures as much as her improvements, mainly Canterlot's Police Department.

Chapters (1)

Princess Celestia serves in the Cleveland Police Department as part of a cultural exchange program between law enforcement on earth and in Equestria. During her performance review, however, she is politely informed that policing on earth is a lot different than it is back home.

And then, of course, there's what's happening on the Equestrian side of the program's equation...

Cover art by Dispelimagines on Deviantart.

EDIT: Featured 3/13/18! All right!
EDIT: Featured at #1 same day! I’m so glad you all enjoy!

Chapters (1)

A collection of stories that take a quick look into the daily lives of high school student Sunset Shimmer and her friends.

Set in the Equestria Girls world.

Chapters (28)

This story is now a Collab between me and TheMyth.

Sometimes when home doesn't feel comfortable its time to move on and find comfort from the rest of the world. More tags will be added when I find them necessary.

The pic is not mine

I do not own Mlp or Hasbro they are owned by Lauren Faust or Hasbro.

With the new character limit I decided spike will be the only character tag I will feature But their are other characters. Background characters means anyone besides spike.

Sorry forgot to say I have a hard time conveying my thoughts so Chapters will take some time.

Changed the stories name do to changein story direction.

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(Story idea requested by Derpy388.)

Button Mash has always been that weird little colt who likes video games more than anything else, or so they say. And that's what Sweetie Belle likes about him, really likes about him.

Eventually, she starts to realize that these feelings aren't just friendship but something far deeper. She's in love with Button Mash, and her friends want her to ask him out.

There's just one problem: Sweetie Belle doesn't know how she's supposed to get Button Mash's attention, let alone him tell how she feels. After all, she's not a video game.

Chapters (1)