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This story is a sequel to Vinyl and Octavia Engage in Roleplay

It's a strange night when Vinyl and Octavia are hired to investigate a murder and find a missing husband. But what's the truth behind this case? Why are they the ones being hired? Who is the murderer, and why did they do it? One thing is for sure: this will be Vinyl and Octavia's toughest case yet.

(That's because it's also their only case).

For best effect, read whilst listening to this and/or wearing a trenchcoat.

The Vinyl and Octavia Series
1. Vinyl and Octavia Machete Their Way Through the Jungle
2. Vinyl and Octavia Move House
3. Vinyl and Octavia Get Incredibly Drunk
4. Vinyl and Octavia are Forcibly Shipped
5. Vinyl and Octavia Fight Ten Thousand Ninjas
6. Vinyl and Octavia Have Multiple Dates
7. Vinyl and Octavia Engage in Roleplay
8. Vinyl and Octavia in 'Dial D for Detectives'
9. Vinyl and Octavia Duel Destiny
10. Vinyl and Octavia Bust Out of Prison
11. Vinyl and Octavia Join COBRA
12. Vinyl and Octavia Break the Timestream
13. Vinyl and Octavia Rob a Casino
14. Vinyl and Octavia's Freaky Day
15. Vinyl and Octavia Jump the Shark

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No! You fiend!

But... what...?

Can someone explain something to me? How does this only have 9 likes?!
This was a really fun read. I of course adore Octavia and Vinyl, seeing them in a parody Noir setting was great with Vinyl's mental narration. The mystery was a tiny bit predictable, but I still enjoyed it. The jokes and writing were good, especially the 'Bingo' joke, absolute highlight.
Overall, I enjoyed reading this and I hope you continue you this cliffhanger otherwise you will be one hanging from a cliff :pinkiehappy:
Excellent work :twilightsmile:

Oh noes! Despite our disliking of mafia related stories and movies, this is funny. All the little things making fun of the actual genre were perfectly placed!

Am I correct in predicting that the next story, based on its title and the last few paragraphs of this one, is gonna be a Phoenix Wright-esque courtroom drama? Because that kinda sounds like the greatest thing ever.

Really enjoyed this! Parodying film noir by making a character speak in comically overblown narration is nothing new, but doing so continuously not merely as a running joke, but as a creative way of presenting the events of the story was... well, creative (as well as humorous - my favorites being "threw onto the coffee table like a metaphor about throwing" and the tangent about whisks - so it's a win-win).

Yep, a Phoenix Wright ripoff courtroom drama is going to be the next one all over. I've recently started uni again so I can't guarantee when it will be out, but rest assured that it is coming!

I'm glad to see that you're enjoying the series and reading through them all :twilightsmile:

Once glance at the prices gave me a possible reason for why
I don’t know or care

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