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This story is a sequel to Vinyl and Octavia's Freaky Day

Vinyl and Octavia have done it all: from macheteing their way through the jungle to swapping bodies due to an ancient curse. But now it's all come to a head in this, their final adventure. What is the important mission which only they can carry out? Who has returned from their past to wreak havoc? And which character, previously thought dead, has unexpectedly turned out to have never been dead at all?

All of the answers are here, in the final Vinyl and Octavia story.

The Vinyl and Octavia Series
1. Vinyl and Octavia Machete Their Way Through the Jungle
2. Vinyl and Octavia Move House
3. Vinyl and Octavia Get Incredibly Drunk
4. Vinyl and Octavia are Forcibly Shipped
5. Vinyl and Octavia Fight Ten Thousand Ninjas
6. Vinyl and Octavia Have Multiple Dates
7. Vinyl and Octavia Engage in Roleplay
8. Vinyl and Octavia in 'Dial D for Detectives'
9. Vinyl and Octavia Duel Destiny
10. Vinyl and Octavia Bust Out of Prison
11. Vinyl and Octavia Join COBRA
12. Vinyl and Octavia Break the Timestream
13. Vinyl and Octavia Rob a Casino
14. Vinyl and Octavia's Freaky Day
15. Vinyl and Octavia Jump the Shark

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This series is the first one I read on here. Another installment in it is great. This being the final one is a little bittersweet but, well, let's see how you end it.

“I have a great many explanations for you, Vinyl, but the most important thing is that no, I am not and never have been dead,” said Vinyl’s father. “And if the implants do their job, I never will be!” He walked over to Octavia, who was still standing there stunned, and held out a hoof. “You must be Octavia. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said.

I'm highly confused.

Vinyl shrugged. “Eh, dad used to fake his death all the time when I was a kid. Unexpected resurrections by him are pretty par for the course.”


“Bad guys always have their headquarters on the bottom or top floor of a building,” said Vinyl. With her manner of tone, it was easy to picture a pair of glasses on her muzzle as she continued to lecture and explain. “That way, it’s more of a challenge to get there. Pl us, they wouldn’t be one-dimensional antagonists if they didn’t follow something as formulaic as that.”

I love how meta this is. Also, plus, not, Pl us.

This is it, the last one. Hate to see it go, but still looking forward to how this unfolds! Make a splash, Doctor! :pinkiehappy:

Octavia shrugged. “I got bored on the flight over and started thinking about what our backgrounds would be like were we actually spies.”


“And you cast me as the optimistic one?” Vinyl asked, acting shocked. “As if! Though I’ll admit that you got the good looks part right, my dad died, and then came back to life and turned out to have been lying to me about his death all along! I’m clearly the gritty one!”

She makes a valid point.

“So, what do you think this cardboard box is for?” Vinyl asked, pointing to the package her father had left the two.

It's to infiltrate. Doy.

“It’s got stuff in it,” interrupted Vinyl, giving the box a small kick and hearing something shake around inside it.

Or, not?

“We’re going to…skating board to the facility?” Octavia asked hesitantly. She awkwardly placed a hoof on the skateboard, testing its weight, only to have it sink into the snow. “I’m not so sure,” she said. “I think the boxes are still a better idea.” Returning to the largest box, Octavia lightly pressed its top with her hooves.


“Hay, I’m sure that dad put them in the boxes for a reason,” said Vinyl.

I doubt that.

Oh well; I doubt that they won’t realise the boxes are to be used as a disguise within the building.

Of course.

Vinyl nodded in confirmation. “I’d love to say that I can try to reenchant the field to add us to the ponies allowed inside, but that’s a bit out of my expertise.”


“It appears randomised, but by counting the number of steps each of them take between turning, I have realised that the number of steps correlates to a base-nine encrypted hash key of the Fiboneighcci sequence.”


“…Yes, I think that the safer option does sound like a good idea,”

That is a smart move, yes.

“So you’re saying that we wouldn’t be able to make it this far without the fans?” Vinyl asked. “Because without the fans, this air duct wouldn’t exist.”

“Yes, I suppose that is true,” Octavia confirmed. “If it weren’t for the fans, we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we have, nor would any of this exist.”

“Wow!” said Vinyl, in complete awe. “Thanks, fans! We owe you a lot!”


“Yes,” said Octavia. “Almost…too convenient, isn’t it?”


“Super Soldier Serum: Test #1,941?” Octavia read aloud from a dusty folder sitting on a bench. She flipped it open out of curiosity. “Hay, it says this was successful!” she said excitedly.

But that means it failed 1940 times. Also, Captain America reference.

“Weapon Plus program: Subject number ten…bonding metal to bone…artificial – no, wait, it says they’re bone – claws…” This time, it was Vinyl who had picked up a folder and was flipping through it.

Wolverine reference.

“You!” gasped Octavia.

“Me,” said the occupant smugly.

“That particular pony is here?” Vinyl exclaimed. “Wow! What a twist!”

Aaand cliffhanger. Of course.

“Heh, close,” Neon replied. “I’m working with Darkhoof. We all are!”

Minor formatting error.

You’ll find out soon enough who the members of The Vinyl and Octavia Revenge Squad are!”

That's dumb.

“That’s dumb,” said Vinyl bluntly.


“Showman’s gotta have a show, baby!” said Neon Lights. He trotted up to Octavia and put a hoof on her shoulder, which she immediately brushed off. “Just picture it – myself, dancing in all the best nightclubs in Equestria, picking up all the hottest mares – no fat chicks, of course- and how am I supposed to do that if I don’t practice my moves?”

Wow. How, unimpressive.

“There’s only one thing that we can do, Octavia,” Vinyl said, suddenly chipper again. “I’m going to have to challenge Neon Lights…to a dance-off!”

Or, you could punch him in the face.

“I SAID – OH, NEVER MIND!” Octavia returned. Turning around, she went to head out of the door the two ponies had entered through, only to bump her hoof into an empty wall when she reached for the handle. She shook her head and tried again, only to fail once more. It was hard to see where the door was with the constantly changing lights, she realised, squinting this time to see past them and to the immediate wall. Wait, did we even enter here? she wondered, looking along the wall for the familiar shape of the wall. Maybe it was further along here, and we turned…or maybe it was in the other direction…?

Poor Octavia, thought Vinyl sadly, watching her wife fumble her way along the wall, she’ll never get out of here on her own.

Formatting error.

“That’s simple, filly,” said Neon Lights. “I’ve gotta practice like crazy, because I’m great at everything I do!” He lowered his sunglasses, gave a wink, then raised them back up to cover his eyes. “If you know what I mean.”


The final story? Aw...but I liked these stories! :pinkiesad2:

Huh, those formatting errors are odd; they didn't show up in the Google Doc I exported this from.

Cheers for the heads up anyway; I've fixed it up.

Hey er you realize you bucked up on calling this the last story seeing as you can make a short one shot or stuff detailing there guy version in the future

Metal gear solid reference's are strong here

For its part, the shark was wondering what the hay had just bumped into it and then left. Sharks have a blind spot in front of their nose, and this one had been wandering fairly aimlessly around the tank before something white and fluffy crashed into it. Still, with nothing in its way anymore, the shark was happy to continue aimlessly swimming through the tank, until it detected the scent of blood or found something worth eating.

Fairly accurate. Fun fact, sharks actually do not care for the taste of human meat, the only reason they attack humans is because they think we're some other sort of prey, an easy mistake for them to make since, much like dogs, their eyesight is less than stellar. Of course, I don't know how they'd react to magical pony meat.

A small, brownish-red liquid was floating from an open cut on Octavia’s hoof, and dissipating into the water.

Oh. Shit.


Oh great. I swear, disinfectants always hurt like hell.

“And you know the squad’s motto: When in doubt, go by The Big Book of Black and White Morality. I think we need to go back to quarters and have a serious think about what we’ve been doing with our lives.” With a tip of his cap to Vinyl and Octavia and an apology, he and the rest of the guards left the room.

Huh. Well that happened.

There was a moment of contemplation, and then several crossbow bolts shot through the air, directly into the two mares. They, and Vinyl’s unborn child, died instantly.


“Jumped the sharks?”


“Well, he’s going to terminate us – or at least try to – so therefore he’s a terminator,” Octavia explained. She looked to the cyborg. “You are going to attempt to terminate us, aren’t you?”


“Second Round! The stallion whom you two torment repeatedly!” Seeing no reaction from the two ponies, he sighed quietly before adding, “Former bartender of The Grey Mare!”


Everything turned red for Octavia.

Oh shit.

They were covered in blood.


With that in mind, how legitimate a threat to Equestria was Baron von Darkhoof’s plan?

More than we thought.

“You…skateboarded into the Omega Zone?” Stumblefeather asked.

Kinda not really.

“What is it?!” Vinyl asked. “Tell me!”

This should be good.

“My robot…is painted red!”


“Serpent Superior is in your little gang, too?” Octavia asked. She shook her head sadly. “Who’s next? Natural Twenty?”


“Not only do you not convince me, but I also think that you two are hoodlums attempting to con me into helping some dastardly scheme of yours to kill Vinyl and Octavia,” said Natural Twenty, levitating the die from the ground as he did so. “If you don’t leave within the next minute, I’ll call the guards on you.” He slammed the door in their faces…only to open it a moment later, cheerfully add, “Give Vinyl and Octavia my best!” and then slam it again.

Or not.

Octavia shrugged as best she could whilst tied up. “Well, you’ve told me pretty much everything else at this point,” she pointed out. “I thought it may be worth a shot.” That stopped Stumblefeather’s laughter.

She's right.

“Alright!” said Vinyl. She placed Deadly Shot’s cards with two of her own, spreading them out so that everypony could see them clearly. “That’s a full house, everypony! And you all know what that means!”
In unison, every pony except for Vinyl begrudgingly said, “You sunk my battleship!”, and then took away a small figurine from the miniature battlefields each had before them.
“Cool. Now, before my turn ends, I’ll activate this trap card,” said Vinyl, revealing another of her cards, “which will let me roll the dice one more time…” Vinyl did so, shaking them a few times before rolling them out of habit. “And that’s double eights! Which means I pass Go, which means I get two hundred bits!” Everypony sighed as the dealer passed Vinyl over some fake money. “And now it’s your turn, Deadly Shot,” Vinyl said, passing over the dice to the pegasus.

What is this, Clavinball?

“N-no!” said the Ebony Knight, dropping his sword and taking a few steps backwards. “Those were semianaperidoctic acid and explorubeicidium!”

That sounds bad.

Octavia pointed a hoof. She had noticed it earlier – where Stumblefeather had been was a large chunk of concrete, some blood leaking out from below it. Vinyl drew a sharp breath. “Nasty,” she muttered.


Serpent Superior cocked a crossbow attached to his front hoof and aimed it at the two. “You two have done some damage around here,” he said. “I hope you enjoyed it, because this is the end of the line. I’m your opponent now!”

You're as much of a threat as a poodle.

That Natural Twenty scene was just perfect :pinkiehappy:

And all I can think of at this point is this * vinyl * hey boss how are did you know baron von darkhoof was the one who sold you out at the casino so he could use you as he's personal guard right now and wats to kill all life on the planet because he's insane and he's banking on us to beat the crap outta you and oh btw I took at nearly all the guards except one calling himself the Ebony knight so would you like to help me and my sexy mare if a wife beat the baron up stop he's plans and then go our separate ways * commander * you lost me at hey boss how are you * thunk * Octavia * ouch son of a bitch hitting he's face hurt but at least he's out if it * commander * no I'm not * twhap twhap * commander * that should do it sleepy time now * he passes out muzzle first onto the floor (no idea why but that just seems like something that would happen with these three in this situation

8088617 a drunk poodle puppy would be more if a threat then him

Octavia pointed a hoof. She had noticed it earlier – where Stumblefeather had been was a large chunk of concrete, some blood leaking out from below it. Vinyl drew a sharp breath. “Nasty,” she muttered.


I'm just... going to cry. Seriously. I now have an OctoScratch shaped hole in my life.

“You know, if I had one piece of advice to give to aspiring bad guys,” said Octavia, “it would be that you should just shut up and take somepony out if they’ve been opposing you. It may sound cool to give a dramatic speech before you kill them, but when it is inevitably foiled, it retroactively looks anticlimactic.”

I disagree, it just makes your life easier if they ARE dumb.

“No,” said Octavia immediately. “There may be dangerous ponies about, but unless we have no other option, we’re not going to intentionally kill anypony.”


“Uh, Octavia? I meant Darkhoof must have been Destroyer himself,” Vinyl said quietly to her wife. Octavia blushed, and her ears drooped slightly.


“No,” said Octavia. “The opposite, in fact. It should cause it to detonate, causing a chain reaction with the rest of the bombs. The entire island and the bombs will all be destroyed, preventing Baron von Darkhoof from completing his plan.”

That, could end really poorly.

Vinyl’s grin widened. “Look at this idiot, Octavia,” she said, “he doesn’t know us at all.” She telekinetically squeezed the trigger of the crossbow, simultaneously grabbing Octavia and pulling her closer. “Come here, you –”

You're probably a fool, but who cares, you're great.

erm you do realize time travle does not link to alternate futures unless the past is changed in a certin way so by all accounts this ending does not work out correctly more likely the bombs going off supercharged vinalys alredy weakend state leading to a magical burst teleportation teleporting them to one of the citys seeing as the runes would have been right next to them leaving them weakend and hurt but alive

Wow. Just wow.
Words fail me.
I cannot express the hours of joy your stories have brought me, each and every single one of them - some more, some less, I will admit, but in the end, you made many a grey day much brighter - even though I haven't really taken the time to tell you that. And now, at the end of the journey - what is it I feel? I'm not really sure. I can't rightly say I'm happy over their death, no. I can say that, in closing, you've done something great; not many authors can say of themselves to have written an entire multi-story canon across multiple genres.
I want to thank you sincerely for all this. What a ride, and whatever else I may think of the end - it was fitting for our beloved lesbian musician horses. It's a shame only so few ponies are still following the series, but I suppose it's not for everyone.
Take a break, friend. You've earned it. And if you ever decided to return, I'd be among the first to welcome you back.

Thank you for everything, and keep being awesome /)

I see what you're getting at, but really, time travel rules tend to vary between different works, so it's not like there's a hard-and-fast rule that's being broken here. I tend to lean more towards the multiple timelines method rather than everything being fixed; whilst Future Vinyl and Future Octavia's time may have been the definite future for Vinyl and Octavia at some point, Vinyl and Octavia could have easily made different choices to Future Vinyl and Future Octavia at any point and thus changed their future.

Thanks for the kind words, and glad to hear that you enjoyed the stories :twilightsmile:

"Enjoyed" is selling it short, really. In a very twisted kind of way, the Vinyl and Octavia series was for a long time exactly the insanity I only ever wanted from MLP. A bit of the fandom's early days, more focused on the sheer fun of things, preserved to the present. Without launching into a rant about the "good old days", the series retains that spirit that silly can be played completely dead serious. I liked that a lot :twilightsmile:

Still, after fifteen stories, it's great that you actually managed to finish it. Seriously, you go treat yourself. Have a nice one.

8153478 ok fair point there but you gotta admit I have a good alt ending to this

Oooorrrr, they move one of the bombs, disable all but the one teleportation circle that they moved, set the rest to detonate as they teleport away. He was monologing long enough, it might have worked.

Wow, been reading this series for the past week or so and what an ending. I loved the first half of this series slowly developing Vinyl and Octavia's relationship and feelings. Although not overly keen on where the plot went on some of the later stories and Octavia especially being portrayed as quite dumb and idiotic at times, this final story surprised me and I couldn't believe the way it ended. Sad and shocked to see them gone, but they went together, doing what they do best, having a crazy adventure.

Not sure if this is supposed to be a compliment or not, but, I've always heard that the more ridiculous something is, the better, so...

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