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George Cunningham is known to be the most dangerous human in existence. He teams up with other villains that are successful like him. He spells trouble for all the good in Equestria. He has lots of allies on his side. He is a really necessary evil. But what if he did have a soft side? Do all villains like him is shown to be a good side hidden? Read on to find the origin of this evil (but not always evil), child.

Credit goes to darkamge1997 and Metal Brony for giving me ideas on this. Also, huge shoutout to Alejin for the cover picture of this story. Check out his work! https://www.fimfiction.net/user/143016/alejin

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George had a great life. Ever since he met Shadow Mavis, he felt his life was complete, thanks to her. As the two of them get older, they start to spend more time with each other, away from their other friends. Shadow Mavis recently ended up being the main officer of George's army. How will it play out?

(This story was requested by an anonymous user on Discord. Huge thank you to ShutterGuy for the cover and pictures used. Link to his profile: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/106810/ShutterGuy)

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One stormy night in Ponyville, Nathan accidently triggers open a Power Ponies comic, sending him inside. As soon as he is knocked out, the Mane-iac takes him in as her prisoner. As the Mane Six gather these news, they realize she has allies, and they must gather new and old friends to help them. Will they save Nathan and stop the Mane-iac and her minions?

Crossover of the Donkey Kong Country Trilogy.

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It's Valentine's Day at Equestria, and George Cunningham wants to find a girlfriend. After being rejected by several mares, George's hopes are suddenly blast off the roof when a girl by the name of Shadow Mavis comes stealing groceries from ponies... and blowing up markets with bombs. Suddenly, when Shadow Mavis is about to be sent to the slammer, George defeats the guards and sets her free. A few days later, Shadow Mavis appears in George's home. The two realize they have things in common, and start going out as boyfriend-girlfriend. George's friends will be helping along the way. But Trixie has heard about the two criminals, and she is desperate to capture and turn them in. How will this all turn out?

Takes place after "George Cunningham: The Story You Never Knew" and before "Toby Mason and the Bandicoot".

Huge credit to NoGoodUsernames for the cover art and pictures. He shall be remembered!

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Hearth's Warming is here, and everyone is happy to celebrate it. Everyone except George Cunningham, that is. While still being the cold-hearted human he is, he decided to steal the holidays from the ponies. But will that be enough to have his own fun? Or will he realize his wrongs are just worthless.

Note: Takes place on a universe that George Cunningham is evil. One-Shot.

Nyx belongs to Pen Strokehttp://www.fimfiction.net/user/Pen+Stroke from the story Past Sinshttp://www.fimfiction.net/story/41596/past-sins

Based on How The Grinch Stole Christmas!

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There is this evil human by the name Pavilion. When he fakes a murder and pins it to Joshua, Twilight's son, the boy winds up in prison while the criminal poses as the boy. Can Joshua stop his double before Equestria is doomed?

Based on "On the Run" by darkmage1997, Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke and Joshua belongs to jkreader.

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Meet Toby Morrison. He's your average 12-year old boy. He hasn't had any friends for a while until he meets the Mane Six and Spike. After an encounter with each other, Toby Morrison must protect them and Equestria from the mad hands of a mysterious villain. Will he make it? And will he ever return back to Earth? Or does he want to go back?

Toby Morrison belongs to Shazm Jr., but he gave me permission to continue and remake the stories as granted.

Unlike the original, it will somewhat have the same plot except Toby Morrison will be like Crash Bandicoot, Kirby, and Gumball Watterson along with other video game/movie/cartoon characters. That's right. This fanfiction is based on The Amazing of World of Gumball: Season 1, Kirby's Dreamland, and Crash Bandicoot(both the first game and character), and more.

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One day, Toby Mason, his friends, and his family get sucked into a portal. They discover their selves in a place called Wumpa Island. There, they meet Crash Bandicoot, Aku Aku, and Coco Bandicoot. They get helped by being sent back home. But when bad things are happeneing to both of their worlds, they must confront Dr. Neo Cortex, Uka Uka, and their evil henchmen to prevent that from happening. And to do that, some of the MLP characters will help Crash and Coco in the Wumpa Island universe while others will be of assistance in Equestria. Will they make it in time?

In Wumpa Island, this story is set after Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped and starting the events of Crash Bandicoot 4: The Wrath of Cortex.

This is also set before Tirek's final defeat from darkmage1997 and after A New Home III: The Quest for the Lost Locket from APoeticHeart.

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