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The Mysterious Lombax


It's Valentine's Day at Equestria, and George Cunningham wants to find a girlfriend. After being rejected by several mares, George's hopes are suddenly blast off the roof when a girl by the name of Shadow Mavis comes stealing groceries from ponies... and blowing up markets with bombs. Suddenly, when Shadow Mavis is about to be sent to the slammer, George defeats the guards and sets her free. A few days later, Shadow Mavis appears in George's home. The two realize they have things in common, and start going out as boyfriend-girlfriend. George's friends will be helping along the way. But Trixie has heard about the two criminals, and she is desperate to capture and turn them in. How will this all turn out?

Takes place after "George Cunningham: The Story You Never Knew" and before "Toby Mason and the Bandicoot".

Huge credit to NoGoodUsernames for the cover art and pictures. He shall be remembered!

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Interesting...I can't wait to see how this plays out :twilightsmile:

6934821 Believe me. And if you don't know who some of George's friends are like Klump, I recommend you watch the Donkey
Kong Country TV Show.

7119515 This took place before he was like King K. Rool.

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