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It has been four years since Toby Mason arrived in Equestria & became a member of the Equestrian family of the Royal Sisters, Elements of Harmony, Cutie Mark Crusaders, & the whole land. Living with his adoptive mother Fluttershy & father, Big Mac, Toby has been apart of some great, fun, yet also dangerous adventures. He has faced the enemies of the Elements of Harmony such as Queen Chrysalis, the Diamond Dogs, but through it all, he has survived with courage, but most importantly with his family by his side.

However, a new enemy has awoken to face Toby, an enemy that the Elements of Harmony thought was gone forever, King Sombra. However, he has returned with some help with Lord Tirek, Queen Chrysalis, & the Diamond Dogs. Now, it is time for Toby to once again join his family in battling the forces of evil, but this time for four years, there has been a secret hidden from Toby, hidden by Princess Luna. What is the secret & will Toby & his family overcome this new, powerful threat of King Sombra?

(Artwork done by Shutterguy)

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Which one of your stories is the previous one?

Can't tell if this is a sequel. Would like to start with the first if so

It's great to see you writing again. Your last story was almost a decade ago, welcome back!



Hello! Longtime reader and fan of this series here. I can confirm that this is indeed a sequel to A New Home III: The Quest For The Lost Locket. The clue is in the part of this story’s title with the series name. I remember reading a previous draft of this story years ago on FanFiction.net, but it appears to have been wiped. If any of you want to start from scratch, the original ‘A New Home’ is available on APoeticHeart’s page.

Welcome back, A PoeticHeart!! It’s great to see you’re still making stories in the ‘A New Home’-verse. You have no idea how much I love these stories. Glad to see this series has made a triumphant comeback and I’m looking forward to reading the rest. Keep up the awesome work! :yay:


Yes as, Admiral Producer said, Once Upon A New Home is the sequel to A New Home III: Quest for the Lost Locket. Also, if you would like to really get the handle & understanding of all this, A New Home is the best place to start. My very first story that I am so proud of. :twilightsmile:




Thank you three very much for welcoming me back! Not only you three but the whole Fimfiction family! :twilightsmile: I promise this final story of the "A New Home" series will be epic. :raritywink:

I have no doubt it will be. Can’t wait to read the rest!!

Maybe you could do an epilogue set in the future shown in ‘The Last Problem’.

Oh dear. But something, its better to keep some things secret.

I wonder though, if you still consider that old suggestion about throax

Nicely done still und better late than never

Don’t mention it. You just wanted your computer fixed.

Is Discord seriously returning to his evil ways willingly or was he coerced?

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