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When Spike drags Twilight out to Sugarcube Corner for something he claims is "hilarious​", she discovers that she is the main character of a romance novel... along with Princess Celestia.

Twilight is not happy about this.

Artwork can be found here

Special thanks to Weeping Angel and Servant Of Avacyn for editing it.

Chapters (2)

As a changeling gets the worst end of the invasion, she realizes she had been fighting for something she never wanted. Wounded and alone, her fate seems sealed – but when do things ever turn out as expected?

Not when meeting the Crystal Alchemist, that much is certain. Especially not while he is faced with Bon-Bon and Lyra, in trouble way too deep for comfort.

Honestly, descriptions. After countless versions of this one, I still liked none. Reading the beginning hardly helps, since that should be tagged dark and not romance. If you react to this story like Button Mash to the pong machine, sorry about that.

Chapters (5)

"If only I had known then what I know now. Maybe I would have acted differently. Maybe I could have stopped Pinkie from leaving. But there's no way I could have known. The mystery that is Pinkie Pie could never be so easy to figure out. She'd been lying to us all along, hiding who she really was. Maybe she'd always planned to just disappear from our lives for good. But there's one thing I do know, no matter who or what she may really be, she'll always be that silly pony who surprises me when I read in the Library, who threw me a Welcome party when I first came to Ponyville, and who will always be one of my dear friends. And I'll be damned if I don't show her where she really belongs. With her friends."
Note: This story takes place before Twilight becomes a alicorn but after Discord has been reformed.
Edited by: Soto Konoha
Proofread by: Garbo802

Chapters (5)

In a stroke of luck, Rarity finds herself piled up to her neck in work. She tries to recruit the aid of her best friends, but they too have become highly preoccupied. All except for Ponyville's modest blonde-maned apple bucker. The two have never been really close, but who know what could happen over just a little bit of dirt?

(Inspired by HazuraSinner's artwork on deviantart, pictured above. Her link: http://hazurasinner.deviantart.com )

Chapters (5)

WARNING: This story is old, and has been completely abandoned. In my own opinion, this story is not up to snuff in plot structure, character arcs, or grammar. I am leaving it public for people who liked this and may want to reread. I apologize for not having finished this back in the day, thanks for your time.

Fluttershy has been known as the kindest, caring, and most quiet pony in town, most of the time...

Yet, she has hidden something for a long time, of which she herself prefers to forget about. Luckily for her, there is a certain potion she has stocked up on that keep this secret hidden. But unluckily for her, it is almost gone.

After failing to make a new batch this season, she is forced to find another solution before it is too late.
Oh Dear Lord forgive me for this completely cheesy title and description, my eyes are melting, but I can't think of anything else to say...

Re-imagining of an old idea. Dark tag for mildly dark elements later on.

(Chaprters Left): Approximately 6 cancelled never to appear chapters.

And now thank Garbo802 for help editing and improving the Prologue and chapter 1.

Also thank KeatsLocksley for editing the second and third chapters, and teaching me how to spell "seems".

And don't forget to thank zimmerwald1915 for editing the fourth chapter to become the fanciest looking chapter in this story. I mean, my gosh.

Chapters (16)

Written for the The Great Shipping Collab.

Few ponies know that Daring Do is a real pony, her adventures only rarely bring her back to Equestria. But any time they do, she's drawn to a hut inside a gnarled tree in the Everfree Forest, where the zebra she loves waits for her. This time, Daring offers Zecora a choice, to send Daring off on another dangerous adventure, or keep her safe at home. To find the answer, Zecora will have to weigh heart against soul, and love against desire.

Based on a pairing randomly generated by Garbo802, preread by Garbo802, DbzOrDie, Jackie and First_Down.

Chapters (1)

Generosity is a reward on its own. A small gift that you personally don't care about. It isn't the act of giving, it isn't that the other pony owes you. It's just to see a smile on a friend's face, the lifting of a dark shadow on a stranger's brow. It is the one moment where all your earthly deeds take a step back and for but one small moment you can truly be yourself.

Chapters (1)

Well, it turns out they play Football in Equestria too - well, hoofball - and just like here, there's a Superbowl. And of course, with the Superbowl comes the Superbowl Party. Now when it comes to Superbowl parties, the Earth Ponies who invented the sport tend to have the best ones, although they sometimes get just a little carried away. Ponyville, being an Earth Pony dominated town, is no exception, and every year, most of the town gathers to watch the EHL champion crowned. Follow this tale of laughs, food, grudges, drinks, and ... romance? ... at Ponyville's Annual Superbowl Party.
This story is a collab between members of The Sports Bar
group here on FIMFiction. Each chapter is written by a different author and their name is listed with their chapter.
Cover Art by unoservix, used with permission. This story is based on Superbowl XLVII.

Chapters (4)

Part of the The Great Shipping Collab

Crossover with Doctor Who

A romance shipfic. Being a weather pony, Flitter is dissatisfied with her mundane life. Luckily, she discovers something unique and unrepeatable in the form of new otherworldly challenges. It can happen once and only once so the mare has to tread carefully.



Thanks for all the help! You are awesome!

Chapters (1)

The Slingers: Equestria's silent protectors. Nearly 200 years after their founding by Twilight Sparkle, the Slingers face a threat like never before. Twilight Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle's descendant, is one of the greatest magic users Equestria has ever known, and perhaps the greatest Slinger of all time.
Brightly Lulamoon is an orphan with incredible magical aptitude. When he is apprenticed to Twilight Shimmer, he gets a chance for greatness. But what will it cost him? Equestria's future hinges on the choices of this young unicorn.

(A/N) Thanks to Garbo802 and Sorren for pre-reading.

Chapters (4)
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