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When Spike drags Twilight out to Sugarcube Corner for something he claims is "hilarious​", she discovers that she is the main character of a romance novel... along with Princess Celestia.

Twilight is not happy about this.

Artwork can be found here

Special thanks to Weeping Angel and Servant Of Avacyn for editing it.

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This was better the second time I read it! :rainbowlaugh:

still a better love story than twil- ... oh wait....

i just had to do it lol.
perfect opportunity. :trollestia:

“My former student and her friends will handle this silly little situation.” She leaned back into her chair and closed her eyes. “They always do.”


in my mind this happened when Twilight realize that she was the protagonist with celestia and luna :moustache:

The confused unicorn stopped trotting and looked behind her, only to see the ponies’ mouths agape as they stared at her.

“Somepony is making a mockery of you and Princess Twilight!

Unicorn Princess Twilight YAY!

What you want.” his words spat out like venom.

ha ha, Discord forgot to say "do"

Whoops!:twilightoops: thanks for pointing that out.

If you take a telescope and look at Mars, but slightly to the left, you can see something in orbit. Yeah, that's my sides.

:trollestia:Then my work here is done.

What if someone actually wrote the story as a-purposely-cheesy-parody of the actual Twilight on Fimfiction? (Romance, Crossover, Really bad comedy, and Random-as-heck) (Featuring Twilight, Celestia, Luna, and Discord as a sort of self-insert)?

Comment posted by Inthretis deleted Feb 24th, 2014

That would be funny to see:moustache:

Maybe not. Maybe I'm doing a sequel for this.

What would be funny if Trixie plays Twilight in Twilight the movie...
On the subjects on movies, can someone explain why there are so popular? I don't see, even as a cheesy romance movie.

Yeah the movies were meh.

They passed many of guards standing guard at every other door and canterlot ponies looking at the painties.

Canterlot should be capitalized and apparently the princesses like to display painted ladies' underwear if I'm reading this right.

“Why, Discord! I thought you was done doing evil!”

Were rather than was.

“Wow Twilight let’s not get ficy here.”

What is that word even remotely supposed to be?

Rather funny otherwise.

Thanks for pointing those out:twilightsmile:

Wright a terrible parody? Well I can write a terrible song for it but probs not a story. But anyways because all y'all want to see it *challenge accepted*

I thought that the first twilight/mlp crossover I'd read would be bad.
How wrong I was...

Oh, Celestia :rainbowlaugh::trollestia:
And featured! Congratulation! :pinkiehappy:

Nice work! Extremely humorous:pinkiehappy:
Gonna take a guess and say D.D. Means Discord Draconecous and not some wierd last name:trixieshiftright: was I right?

This was...my sides are half past Jupiter...:rainbowlaugh:

Not a bad story, but there are quite a few technical errors.

A book laid lay open on the desk

"Laid" is past tense; "lay" is present tense.

shaking her head.“If that crazy mare wrote a book,then

Some minor typos here: you're missing spaces in the bolded sections.

I’m just here to know what all the fuss about

Should be "fuss is about".

Not that I want to be apart a part

"a part", not "apart".

she fell to the floor and burst it out laughing.

Oh my! Sounds painful.
The word "it" is unneccessary in this sentence.

Twilight shoved past Rainbow Dash trotting towards the palace.

Who is trotting towards the palace here? Twilight? Rainbow Dash? I think is what you are trying to say: "Twilight shoved past Rainbow Dash, and trotted towards the palace."


Oh my... I didn't realise it was *that* kind of story! :rainbowderp:
I think you mean “COME ON, RAINBOW!”

They passed many of guards standing guard at every other door and Canterlot ponies looking at the painties paintings.

"many of guards"? Either you are missing a word, or the word "of" needs to be removed.
Also, the "painties" still need to be turned into "paintings".

“Now now, Twilight is the way to speak in front of a famous writer.”

Twilight is indeed the way to speak. I think you mean "Twilight is that the way to speak in front of a famous writer?

and Princess Princess Celestia!

Huzzah! The Princess has been doubled!
Mares and gentlestallions, please welcome our guest reviewer Princess Luna.

because you think it might chancechange what they think about your's and Princess Celestia's relationship ?

Just a couple of typos here.

and Princess Princess Celestia’s relationship

Huzzah again! The double Princess has been doubled!
Thank you, Your Highness.

She trotted away, chlucking chuckling.

Either a typo, or Discord is turning her into a chicken.

Princess Celestia sat in her royal chair, sipping a cup of tea. She also and reading a book surrounded in her magic,. She sighed as her relaxing moment was interrupted by a guard bursting through the doors.

More typos and I took the liberty of correcting the sentence structure.

“Your Highness! I bring something you might want to see!”

Highness should be capitalised, and you're missing a word here; "may" or "will" also work.

over to it’sits back

Not a contraction, so "its" doesn't need the apostrophe.

Special thanks to Weeping Angel and Servant Of Avacyn for editing it.

You need to start paying your editors a bit better... :raritywink:

3994776 Cause apparently the books were really good so lots of people watched the movie, but the ones that stayed through out all the movies are the tweens who "love" the actors taking off their shirts and shit

Twilights Response: RAGE LIKE A MOFO

Celestia's Response: Oh its discord... who gives a fuck?

Thanks for pointing those out. I kinda of swore my editors fixed those.

Thank you:twilightsmile:

Those responses is spot on my friend:moustache:

I love Celestia's reaction, she's like:

and i may think discord is a nuisance now that he's reformed.... but he still has his moments. :)

3995937 unless they weren't paintings, and there's a misplaced 'i' in there?

No they were paintings I just misspelled it:twilightblush:

3996629 That's just what an author trying to hide Celestia's hobby would say... which would also explain the distinct lack of fucks she has to give. :trixieshiftright::rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2:

Glad you feel that way about the story:twilightsmile:


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