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Diamond Tiara has a difficult relationship with her mother. She gets an idea for a Hearth's Warming wish from Ruby Pinch that may help, but it's something money alone can't buy.

For material goods, bits will do nicely. For everything else, there's friendship.

Written for the 2018 Secret Santa compilation as a gift for Meridian Prime.

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Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom lay in a park together, making fun of rich ponies as they pass them by.

It's funny how much can change in a few years.

Pre-read by the still alive shortskirtsandexplosions.

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There's a plague infecting Equestria, and Diamond Tiara has taken it upon herself to cure it. They may be stronger in number and in sheer absurdity, but she's got a little something special to even the odds.

That something being a three-foot long magically enchanted samurai sword. Look, nobody said this was gonna be pretty.

(Written for the FIMFiction Writeoff Association's inaugural writeoff. The prompt was "Lonely Happiness". I got a bit creative with it.)

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Spoiled Rich keeps her family under an iron hoof. Filthy Rich has learned to work with her, but Diamond Tiara has a much more difficult time with the manners and behavior expected of her, as she's just a filly. She knows the rules, and she abides by them as much as she can, but she doesn't like them.
Sometimes she needs a reminder why they behave in such a way in their house.
In our house, we are the best.

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When Starlight Glimmer feels left out as everypony else spends time with their little sisters, she seeks someone of her own to bond with: Diamond Tiara. And apparently, they share a lot more in common than either of them had ever realized.

My tags: Uplifting Heartwarming

Comedy tag is for light comedy, as it is not the main focus.

Vectors: Starlight , Diamond Tiara

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Some things take time to mature.  Like a good apple brandy.

Written for Amore's DiamondBloom Shipping Contest

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This story is a sequel to "Teach Me Goodness"

Summer vacation has come and gone, and school's back in session, only Diamond Tiara isn't interested in attending if Cheerilee isn't standing at the front of the class. Her solution? Hire Twilight as her teacher.

Except it's not Twilight she runs into at the castle.

(Winner of the Pinkie Pie award for Scribblefest 2017!)

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Diamond Tiara knows all about work delegation: if you want something done, have other ponies do it for you. In the name of that goal, Silver Spoon studies for both and Diamond copies her friend's efforts. It works every time. Except that Cheerilee just forced Diamond to switch desks. And with finals a week away and no personal knowledge for most of the subjects, the only ponies she can now hope to copy from are Snips and Snails. Something which may get her sent all the way back to preschool. And there's no way Diamond is going to lower herself to doing her own work.

Which means the colts are going to be learning on her behalf.

No matter what she has to do to make that happen.

It's for the best cause ever, after all.

(Part of the Triptych Continuum, which has its own TVTropes page and FIMFiction group. New members and trope edits welcome.)

Now with author Patreon page.

Cover art by GroaningGreyAgony

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On the last day of school before summer vacation, Cheerilee informs her students that she's going to pursue her doctorate in Fillydelphia, and won't be returning as their teacher in the fall. Her friends and students alike spend her last night in Ponyville bidding farewell and showing their appreciation for her, each in their own unique way.

But one student, in particular, has a hard time coping.

Originally written for the Writeoff Association's July 2016 prompt* and published under the title Bonitatem Doce Me, this story has been revised, rewritten, and expanded from its previous version. Featured on EqD on 8/9/16. Also featured in the Royale Canteloupe Liberty.

*which it won!

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Diamond Tiara always knew that someday she'd be invited to dine with the Princess at the Royal Palace. She didn't think it would happen like this.

But she's going to sit there and be polite and smile and not be bothered by all the ways this is all wrong. Because that's what good fillies do, and Diamond Tiara is a good filly now.


Cover art by iisaw.
Preread by SIGAWESOME.

Featured on Equestria Daily.
Featured on the Royal Canterlot Library.


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