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At the apex of King Sombra's tyrannical rule, six crystal ponies venture through the driving snow and icy underground caverns in an attempt to flee the oppressive Crystal Empire to the mythical Equestria, far past the miles of frozen wasteland.

But the caverns below hold terrifying secrets, and the road to Equestria is a long one.

Special thanks to Ice Star for prereading help.

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Filthy and Spoiled Rich have marital problems. They can't agree how to raise their daughter, and their marriage lacks the connection and partnership it once had.

And to make matters worse, they have been sent by a chaos god to the world of Everglow. A world full of magic and adventure, but also one that is much more dangerous than Equestria.

Fortunately, where there is opportunity, a clever couple can seize upon it, hoping to discover a way home from the relative safety of shop ownership, instead of taking up arms and throwing themselves into danger.

But for many, the adventuring life chooses them, instead of them choosing the adventuring life. And it can be a bit pushy.

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Scootaloo ran away years ago. Since then she's settled into a life in Ponyville. It's not much of one, but it's hers. One cold day she finds herself in the library.

Twilight Sparkle is a Princess, sworn to help all the citizens of Equestria, but how can she help somepony she doesn't know needs it.

Edited by Zimmerwald1915 and Johnny Bench

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In high Canterlot, there is a pony who is a Prince, but not an alicorn. His friends are what his wealth and splendor can buy. His pride is his name: Blueblood. His vanity and arrogance knows no bounds, his aunt has no idea what to do with him, and his bubble of power and prestige remains secure.

But before that, he was just a very small pony in a very big house, with much life still not lived. This is the story of those days, and all that came after.

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A collection of (mostly) unconnected one-shots all based around pairings as chosen by the Wheel of Shipping. Each day throughout March, I will spin the wheel to produce a pairing and then write a one-shot about that couple. Some stories will be long, some short, some comedy, some drama, some tragedy, some serious, some not etc.

Wheel of Shipping, turn, turn, turn, show us the pairing that we should burn ...

[Note: Not all tags are in all stories. They represent an overview of what the stories as a whole include. Check description for brief notes on the genre of each day's ficlet.]

Day the Twenty-Fifth: Derpy Hooves/Nightmare Moon
Day the Twenty-Fourth: Rainbow Dash/Princess Luna
Day the Twenty-Third: Trixie/Pinkie Pie
Day the Twenty-Second: Apple Bloom/Apple Bloom (grimdark)
Day the Twenty-First: King Sombra/Gilda (comedy)
Day the Twentieth: Trixie/Starlight Glimmer (comedy/romance)
Day the Nineteenth: Discord/Sunset Shimmer (comedy/action)
Day the Eighteenth: Fluttershy/Spitfire (romance/uplifting)
Day the Seventeeth: Cadence/Nightmare Moon (slice-of-life/darkfic)
Day the Sixteenth: Photo Finish/Princess Celestia (darkfic)
Day the Fifteeth: Princess Luna/Gilda (sadfic/drama/uplifting)
Day the Fourteenth: Golden Harvest/Braeburn (sadfic)
Day the Thirteenth: Sunset Shimmer/Fluttershy (fluff)
Day the Twelfth: Noteworthy/Fleur De Lis (sadfic)
Day the Eleventh: Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon (darkfic)
Day the Tenth: Limestone Pie/Starlight Glimmer (comedy/slice-of-life)
Day the Ninth: Sapphire Shores/Countess Coloratura (fluff)
Day the Eighth: Rainbow Dash/Celestia (comedy)
Day the Seventh: Cadence/Tirek (grimdark)
Day the Sixth: Flash Sentry/Spitfire (sadfic)
Day the Fifth: Fleur De Lis/Big Macintosh (slice-of-life/uplifting/drama)
Day the Fourth: Marble Pie/Prince Blueblood (slice-of-life/uplifting)
Day the Third: Fancy Pants/Svengallop (fluff)
Day the Seconde: Rarity/Shining Armour (drama)
Day the Firste: Queen Chrysalis/Noteworthy (tragedy)

If you wish to spin for your own random pairing, the Wheel of Shipping can be found here.

Cover art of the author drawn by Tranzmute in lieu of something more appropriate.

Chapters (25)

Brief stories about Equestria as it might have been—or, you may suspect in darker hours, already is.

25. Necessary Evil: Lord Tirek will return to wreak havoc on Equestria... but not before he's needed.

24. Queen of Foals (Fausticorn):
I met a traveller from an antique land,
Who said—"Four vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk a shattered visage lies alone..."

23. The Mechanical Donkey (Cranky Doodle alt-universe): A colt working for the school paper uncovers an old donkey's secret.

22. The Element of Audacity (Twilight, Dash, Cthulhu): It would take a very brave, very stupid pony to defy the Eater.

21. The Gentle People (dark): The gryphon tribe that tried to follow a pony goddess.

20. It's a Trap! And Twilight knows it. But her opponent knows that she knows it. But she knows that Twilight knows that she knows that Twilight knows it...

19. Fraud!: Trixie is accused of cheating at cards.

18. Celerity: Rarity wonders what Celestia sees in her.

17. Worth It: Fluttershy teaches Twilight about the cost of love.

16. Self Image (Twilight, Rarity): Is beauty really only skin deep?

15. The Quiet One (Luna): Some ponies express emotions differently.

14. Special: Discord teaches Pound Cake an important lesson.

13. Twenty-one! (Pinkie Pie, Twilight; comedy, horror?): Twilight discovers the danger of asking Pinkie "why?"

12. Changeling Dream: You may think the cost of living on emotions is too high. But we know the cost.

11. Loyalty (Rainbow, Applejack): The job of an Element of Harmony is simple, and sometimes impossible.

10. The ones who walk away from Equestria (DARK): Every year, ponies leave the magical land of Equestria, and are never heard from nor mentioned again.

9. Sombra's Curse (comedy): The terrible curse Sombra unleashed that made him king, and stole his soul!

8. Game of Immortals (Celestia, Discord; dark comedy): Celestia likes to win—no matter which side she plays.

7. The Pony Side (comedy): Darth Vader has more important things to share with Luke than who his father is.

6. No Regrets (sad): Looking back on her life, Twilight remembers how she treated Derpy, and faces some unpleasant truths about herself.

5. Shipping Costs (comedy): If you knew you were about to meet Celestia in the next life, you might ask yourself: Did you leave the world a better place? Did your friends know you loved them? Should you have written thirty-nine chapters of Celestia clop-fiction?

4. The Green Hills of Equestria (tragedy): Vincent's big-game hunting trip was a success ... almost.

3. Mare of the Rings (Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash; comedy, LotR): The greatest could not be trusted with the Ring. So Gandalf sought out the humblest. Maybe too humble....

2. Happy Thoughts (horror): Her sun, happy to be in its place in the sky, wrapped the land in its warm embrace, and flowers bloomed in her hoofprints. Celestia smiled. It was going to be another perfect day in Equestria. And all she had to do was think happy thoughts. Again.

1. The Pony: Once upon a midnight dreary, while I clicked weak and weary,
Thru many a vile and bilious image on slash-b of yore...

Original cover art by ModeratelyDeviant@DeviantArt

Chapters (25)

The princess's fanatical student. A startlingly honest bootlegger. A prissy high-class escort. A traitor caught between two loyalties. A hyperactive pyromaniac. A quiet assassin who can kill with a word.

The night that has covered Equestria for a thousand years might just be coming to an end. And all of these familiar faces will be engulfed in the war between a victorious Nightmare Moon and her sister, returned from a millennium of exile.

Even as the sun rises, the situation has never seemed so dark.

This story was edited, preread, and otherwise improved by Einhander, Comrade Sparkle, CartsBeforeHorses, Spigo, and IR Pony.

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This story is a sequel to The Man With Two Names

For the past year, Jeremiah Walker has wandered Equestria in the company of Trixie Lulamoon, seeking atonement and passage back to his own world, unsure if he will ever find it.

For the past year, Loose Leaf has investigated the events surrounding the human’s disappearance. He releases a full report of that night’s riot, a story Ponyville isn’t quite ready to hear.

For the past year, Spike has built a fledgling movement in Ponyville, fighting for non-ponies’ rights to citizenship. The tales of prejudice in Loose Leaf’s report invigorates the campaign, but draws opposition to the growing cause.

Now that the report is circulating across Equestria and their cover blown, Walker and Trixie march onward to the newly emerged Crystal Empire, following the only lead he has back home. There he runs into the frantic Twilight Sparkle, the pony who urged along his departure from Ponyville, and now needs his help to save this kingdom. Alongside her is Spike, who recognizes the human is just the figure his movement needs.

Chapters (5)

Songbird and the Blademaster make a perilous journey through the harsh lands of the North. Their goal is an artifact of great power that has been lost to the fallen world for a long time. They will have to use every bit of skill and magic they possess to battle their way to the frozen temple that guards the artifact and escape with their lives. For this is the Madmare's domain, where vicious monsters and killing storms are the least of the dangers.

Set in the same world as The Archer and The Smith

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to From the Mouths of Fillies

Dinky and Sparkler have the most awesome godmom in Equestria--that's right, me! Rainbow Dash. Being friends with their mom means I've spent a lot of time with them over the past few years. They're pretty cool kids.

But then ... well, Ditzy got sick. Like, really sick. I've been watching them for her, but if she doesn't get better soon, they may be staying with me for a lot longer than I thought.

That's okay, though: I'm Rainbow Dash. I can handle anything life throws at me.

(Connected to From the Mouths of Fillies, Saying Goodbye, and Feeling Regrets)

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