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My day started out great. my work week just finished and I chose to use my first day off to finally go watch the MLP movie in the cinema and the movie was a great experience.


But my day went from great to WTF when I was passing a sushi resturant on the way out of the cinema and suddenly I'm Haku from Spirited Away and I'm in season 2 Equestria... but things are not all as they seem and now I've gotta figure out how to get home... if that's even possible.

Please not that, despite the romance tag, Haku will not have romantic relations with anyone living in Ponyville.

Holy hayburger! Featured 29/2/2020?

Thanks, guys. The date makes this pretty dang cool

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This is the story of a man and his destiny and it starts the day he died...and become the gamer!

I do not own anything I use in this story other then the character deltorix, I'm writing this for entertainment so I'm within fair use

Tags will be added when needed, and for those who think this is a self insert it's not deltorix is my OC and his personality is different then mine.

Chapters (18)

During a routine visit to Equestria to see Princess Twilight, Sunset decides to bring her pet Ray along with her. Only... she wasn't quite expecting what he would turn into on the other side of the portal...

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Prince Noctis did everything he could. He went through hell collecting the royal arms, fought freaking gods, watched his fiance die, went to a coma for ten years, fought Ardyn to take back the kingdom, correction, ruins of the kingdom, sacrificing himself and his ascention to free the world from the darkness. He sacrificed everything and, in the end, what did he get? A rewardless death!

Luckily, a certain equestrian goddess thinks this isn't fair.

So now, Noctis, reborn as an earth pony, have another chance to prove himself worthy of ascention in the magical land of Equestria! (NOW FULLY EDITED)

Chapters (10)

"The Scarlet Moon is Kiva's herald"
This is the one fact known to all of Ponyville, the sleepy town haunted by a masked killer. Silent, except for the odd sound of a flute, summoning the Herald. And in the morning? Bodies. Crushed, full of holes, or slashed. All of them bearing the mark of Kiva. The victims? Good ponies, ones the town has known for years. The Guard's been organized to try and catch this masked killer, and Ponyville's own Elements of Harmony are after him as well.

Just one small catch. Fluttershy, the Element of Kindness is Kiva, and the good ponies she's killing? Fangires, stained glass monsters out for pony blood.

Everyone has a devil inside. The question is, does Fluttershy?

(Basic knowledge of Kamen Rider Kiva required.)

Chapters (11)

[Data Capture Is Activated, Master.]

Thank you, Seras.

My name is Delta-12, I am a new Cybran Commander on the Uncharted Alien World of Equis. I have no set mission as I am currently a Displaced with no proof of Cybran existence except a small defunct base that was left to me. As such I have made it my mission to build up my forces and prepare for threats that might endanger me or the friendly inhabitants who have taken me in.

The problem in that is... said inhabitants, along with the rest of the planet, seem to be on a scale my forces are not prepared for.

yes indeed this is going to be another displaced fic from yours truly, and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I love writing it.

Tags and rating will change depending on how much the later chapters evolve.

Chapters (5)

After the intense battle with Paradox, Judai Yuki decides to travel the world once more. However, as he travels back to his dimension, a strange energy saps him away into the land where Duel monsters
and large mystical creatures are wreaking havoc amongst the scared citizens. Unable to resist Judai must help them if he ever intends to find his way back to his world. Though Judai's deck is ready for anything it'll take more than just wits and talent...Judai; will have to attend school...AGAIN!? Oh well; yall know the routine. Grab your duel disks and get your game on; cause its time to D-D-D-D-D-D-D...DUEL!

(Based off after Yugioh 3D: Bonds Beyond Time)
[Also; name title is a WIP; any suggestions I will be gladly open to]

Chapters (4)

In Canterlot High School, every student is wild over the world's most popular trading card game: Duel Monsters! Every day, players of the card game, known as "Duelists", go head-to-head to see who among them is the best around. Among the Duelists in attendance at CHS, one of the best is a young teenager named Sunset Shimmer, a girl from another world...

Another crossover series, this time combining the worlds of Equestria Girls and the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. The series is basically a retelling of the story of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, from the point of view of the EG cast, taking place between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games.

The story follows Sunset Shimmer, who is credited as the strongest Duelist in Canterlot High School. However, her skills are put to the test when she unwittingly releases a dangerous power into her world; a power that alters the egos of those that come into contact with it. Now Sunset has tasked herself with trying to return that power back to where it came from, hopefully before that power creates a real world crisis. She'll need the help of her friends, and the power of her Deck, to see her through the tough battles ahead...

Though the story is based mostly on Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL's story, I have taken a few creative liberties, such as allowing a more heavy use of Synchro and Fusion Monsters in addition to Xyz Monsters (which are still mostly the main focus). Although none of the new Pendulum Monsters (or Link Monsters) will appear, expect to see a few cards from Arc-V (and VRAINS) to pop up.

All Duels shown use the current rules and rulings (excluding Link Summoning) at the time they were written. If you need a more detailed explanation of the game's rules, go to yugioh-card.com to find a digital version of the rulebook, as well as other vital information. With all that said...


Updates whenever I can finish a new Rank, always updating on the last full week of a month.

UPDATE: Rank 54 has been posted!!

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It's fascinating when you get displaced, especially when I gain the powers of the character. I was dressed as the all-powerful Majin Android 21. But creating a family and Helping to train and guide them will be sweet. But if anyone ever touches my little dinky or my honey muffin I'll hunt them down, beat them, heal them and rip them to Pieces over and over

Until I finally decide to have enough fun and turn them into candy for my sweet tooth.😈

Chapters (2)

Hearthstone, the card game which has taken Azeroth taverns by storm, meaning all the races can sit down for a friendly game, sometimes for gold, or a drink, or just for fun.

When Twilight Sparkle is walking around her castle, a book seems to materialize in front of her. After reading through it, she finds the rules and instructions to a fun looking card game. She invites her friends over that night for a friendly competition. This is where our story begins.

During the games, each paragraph represents one turn. I will be linking a gallery of all the new cards at some points. In a short while after the update for each chapter, I will add in a list of all the cards used.

Chapters (1)