• Published 30th Apr 2016
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Numerous - Monty Eggman

Based on the Equestria Girls movies and Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, this series tells the story of Sunset Shimmer in her quest to locate a series of dangerous cards that corrupt those who find them. It's time to Duel!

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RANK 34: Parks and Rescue Missions:

Author's Note:

As you may have probably guessed with how things are going so far, this episode focuses on Fluttershy, and also introduces the rest of her family. Though my birthday falls on the week of this episode's release, I hope you enjoy the present I'm giving to all of you.:raritywink:

RANK 34: Parks and Rescue Missions:


In Canterlot High School, every student is wild over the world's most popular trading card game: Duel Monsters! Every day, players of the card game, known as "Duelists", go head-to-head to see who among them is the best around. Among the Duelists in attendance at CHS, one of the best is a young teenager named Sunset Shimmer, a girl from another world...

On the week of Spring Break, Sunset and her best friends have gone to enjoy some much-needed time off. Twilight returned home to Equestria to spend time with her Ponyville friends. Applejack and Apple Bloom took the opportunity to get some work done on the farm. Rainbow Dash went with her parents and Scootaloo to Cheese Sandwich's Fun Center. Rarity, along with Pinkie Pie and Sweetie Belle, spent their vacation in Manehattan to see a fashion show. Finally, Sunset took advantage of the time off to finally get her driver's license (and a obtain a new Duel Runner), while also helping resolve a spat between Ember and her father Torch.

As for Fluttershy, she is spending Spring Break with her family, which also includes her younger brother Zephyr Breeze. Zephyr had left home a while ago to attend a hairstylist school. Luckily, his school announced their Spring Break vacation at the same time as Canterlot High, so he was able to go with his family in their yearly camping trip at a local nature park.

As we have seen so far, Sunset and her friends have each encountered unexpected adventures while on vacation. What sort of challenges await Fluttershy? And will she be able to overcome them...?


On a road leading out of Canterlot City, a bright-yellow SUV was on its way towards a more rural area. The roof of the vehicle was packed with supplies for camping outdoors, such as tents and sleeping bags. Inside the car, amongst other various supplies, there were four people inside: In the back was Sunset's friend Fluttershy, with her pet rabbit Angel Bunny on her lap. Also with her was her younger (but taller) brother, Zephyr Breeze. Zephyr had pale aquamarine skin, light blond hair, and pink eyes. His outfit - which consisted of an orange vest with a purple teardrop pattern, scruffy blue jeans, and a pair of brown loafers (which had clearly been worn quite a bit, based on how rough they looked), gave him a sort of hippie-like appearance.

In the front seats were their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Shy. Mr. Shy (who was driving the car) had pale green skin, short, light-pink hair, and turquoise eyes above a small moustache that was the same color as his hair. He wore a fuzzy, blue sweater (with a light yellow shirt under it), along with a pair of blue jeans that were perfect for their camping trip, as well as a pair of brown shoes. Mrs. Shy had a pair of glasses with a turquoise frame overtop her shiny, reddish-pink eyes. Her swirly, medium-length hair was a nice raspberry color, and her skin was bright amber in color. Around her neck, she wore a shiny necklace made up of yellow-colored pearls, and she also had on a light-blue dress and a pair of white shoes.

Taking a deep breath and smiling, Mr. Shy said to everyone in the car in a soft tone of voice, "Well everyone, we're almost at Rainbow Falls Park...! I'm so excited to get there...!" As it turned out, both Fluttershy's father and mother were just as soft-spoken as she was, if not more.

"Oh, so am I, dear...!" Ms. Shy responded, also in a quiet-sounding voice. Looking at her outfit, she frowned a little and asked her husband, "Um... do... do you think this might have been the wrong outfit for camping...? I'm... um, I'm not really very sure to be honest..."

"I think it looks great...!" Mr. Shy answered. Then, a second later, he stuttered and said, "Un-unless you really don't think it is, of course... I-I wouldn't want to go against anything you say, i-i-it's just-"

Giggling a little, Fluttershy spoke up and said, "I think you look just fine, Mom."

Giving a slight giggle of her own and smiling, Ms. Shy said to her daughter, "Thank you, Fluttershy... I can always count on you make a bold statement when we need one." She then squeaked a bit and said to her husband, "N-n-not that I don't think that you can be bold too! I would never say that...!"

"Of course you wouldn't...!" Mr. Shy responded. "I-I-I'd never think that you would think that...!"

Fluttershy smiled a bit; she was always amused by how her parents acted... in a good way, of course. She then turned over to her brother and said to him, "And I'm happy that you were able to take the week off to spend time with us, Zephyr."

"Hey, you'd know I'd never miss the chance t' be with the family, big sis." he told her in a semi-casual tone. After pausing for a moment, he then asked her, "So... uhhhh... how's that friend of yours? Rainbow Dash? Has she been askin' about me since I transferred out of CHS?"

"Um... not really, to be honest." she answered him. "In fact, she hadn't said a word about you since last year..."

"She hasn't...?!" he replied, sounding surprised (and a bit upset) at first. Regaining his composure and clearing his throat, he immediately told her, "I-I mean... of COURSE she hasn't! I know her type: Not wanting to say anything just to hide the fact that she misses me a whole lot! Y'know, casually carrying on like it's no big deal... That's all it is! R-really!"

"Um... m-maybe." Fluttershy simply responded. She, of course, didn't have the heart to tell him that Rainbow was not the least bit interested in him. In fact, the athletic teen was more or less relieved that he had left CHS, because it meant he wouldn't be able to keep hitting on her every day.

"Speaking of which, Fluttershy... How are things with those friends of yours...?" Mrs. Shy asked her daughter. "They're not, um... making you uncomfortable, are they...? N-not that I think they're doing that, of course... I just..."

"It's okay, Mom..." the pale pink-haired girl told her. "Everything is fine with them. In fact, they've helped me overcome some of my shyness since I met them. In fact, they're, um... they're mostly the reason that I was able to win the Inter-school Duel this year. If it weren't for them, I don't think I even would have participated."

"I'm still having a hard time believing that you were able to win that Duel..." said Mr. Shy. Gulping a bit, he quickly added, "Uhm... Of course, I-I-I don't mean that I thought that you didn't have a chance to win, I'd never think that about you...! It's just that... y-you're the first member of our whole family to ever accomplish something so big..."

Narrowing his eyes, Zephyr told his father, "H-hey! I accomplish stuff, too! I got into that fancy-pants hair school, right? That's pretty big! ...Sure, maybe I only barely passed the entrance exam... And granted, I would've been able t' study a little more if I hadn't been so busy the day before..."

"Um... not to contradict you, Zephyr," Fluttershy meekly told him, "but... the only thing I saw you doing that day was sleeping on the sofa with the TV on. I remember because I had thought about waking you up so that you could study... but you were sleeping so peacefully, I just couldn't do it..."

"I-I-I wasn't sleeping...!" the younger brother protested. "I was, um... I was resting my eyes! ...For... four hours straight... with a bowl of popcorn on my lap." After he had said that, Angel Bunny poked at Zephyr's leg to get his attention. When the aquamarine-skinned boy looked over, the mischievous rabbit made snoring sounds at him, pretending to fall asleep. "A-and I wasn't snoring, either!" Zephyr said to Angel, who merely snickered a little in response.

Glancing up ahead, Mr. Shy said to everyone in the car, "Okay, everybody...! We're just about there...!" The others looked out their windows and saw a large sign ahead. It read, "Rainbow Falls Park: Exit 1 mile ahead."

"Oh...! This will be great...! Just like every year that we've come here...!" said Mrs. Shy in an excited (but still soft-sounding) voice. "It will be so peaceful... So calm..."

"Nothin' t' do but lie around like we own the place..." Zephyr added, feeling relaxed just thinking about it.

"And let's not forget about all the cute forest animals that we'll get to see." Fluttershy chimed in, looking forward to checking out all of the wildlife. She then looked at her pet rabbit and told him, "And you'll get to meet your bunny friends too, Angel. Perhaps even that little, brown, loppy-eared girl bunny you met last year." Angel smiled a bit as he licked his paw and brushed his ears back in an effort to look his best in the event that he would meet the aforementioned rabbit.

A few minutes later, the Shy Family's car came to rest in a small parking lot in front of Rainbow Falls Park's main office. The building was small and simple in appearance, as it was merely a log cabin-like structure with a rustic-looking appearance while still having a few modern-looking features, such as an automatic sliding glass door. Once there, the family of four (and one rabbit) got out of the car, got all their things, and walked into the building through the front doors. Looking around the first room they came to, they saw a receptionist sitting at a small desk off to their right. Mr. Shy walked over to her and asked, "Um... excuse me...? I... I hate to bother you if you were busy, but... I wanted to know: Is... is Mr. Jaune here...?"

"Hm?" The receptionist looked up at the soft-spoken man, having only just noticed that he was there. "I'm sorry, did you say something?" she asked, having not heard him speaking earlier.

"Oh! Um... well, yes I did..." Mr. Shy replied. "I was just asking if your... um, boss was around. I-if he isn't, then please accept my apologies for bothering you..."

"Hmmm... you must be the Shy Family, correct?" the receptionist correctly guessed. "Mr. Jaune Fauna told me that you would be coming here. I'll let him know you've arrived."

"Um, oh! Um... thank you very much, Miss." the shy man responded.

Picking up a nearby phone, the receptionist spoke into it, saying, "Mr. Jaune, the Shy family is here to see you. Please come to the Reception Desk as soon as you can." She then placed the phone down and said to the group, "He'll be here to see you shortly." The family nodded as the waited for the owner of the park to come and meet them.

They didn't have to wait long though, as a middle-aged man with yellow skin, forest-green eyes, and thinning blue hair (complete with a moustache) walked into the room. His outfit consisted of a light tan shirt with buttons, complete with a badge on the left side of his chest. He also wore a pair of black pants and shoes, along with a belt that carried several pieces of equipment for use in helping patrol the park. "Well, well! If it isn't Mr. Shy and his family!" the man greeted them. "A pleasure to see you all again!"

"Um... yes! Same here, Mr. Jaune!" Mr. Shy responded, shaking his hand. "Just... here for our annual family vacation."

"Of course, Mr. Shy." Jaune responded in a pleased tone of voice. He then walked over to meet with the rest of the Shy family. "And a pleasure to meet you too, Mrs. Shy... and your children as well." he greeted them all.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Jaune...!" Mrs. Shy replied back. "Always nice to see you."

Looking around, Zephyr noticed something peculiar about the room they were in and asked, "Say, uh... Jaune? Did you, uh... do somethin' different to the place since last year? I don't remember you havin' some of this stuff around here last time: A waiting room, a receptionist..."

"Yeah..." Fluttershy added, "I noticed that too, but I thought it would be rude to say anything about it."

"Ohohoho! Now don't worry about that." Jaune told the two of them. "It's nothing much: Just a few minor changes around the place to help run things more smoothly. Come; I'll show you all around." The family then followed the man around to see what had changed. Since their last visit, the park's main office had improved in quality, and there also seemed to be a lot more employees this time. "Since last year," Jaune told the Shy Family, "we've made a few improvements in order to keep the park running at tip-top shape. We've even been able to hire more rangers to patrol the park and make sure nothing harms it, or anything living in it."

Looking into one of the rooms, where several park rangers (who wore similar clothes to Jaune) were currently in a meeting, Mr. Shy said to the owner, "Well, it sure seems like this place is a well-oiled machine from what I can see...."

"Well, I owe a lot of this progress to my new accountant." Jaune stated. Pointing ahead, he added, "He's actually over here; I'll introduce you to him." The group walked over to a tall man looking over at some papers that were in his hands. This man had silvery-grey skin and bronze eyes, along with short, black hair. Unlike the owner and rangers, his outfit was more formal, consisting of a navy-blue suit, brown shoes, and a red tie. Standing beside his accountant, Jaune introduced him, saying, "Everyone, this is Mr. Skrapa. Mr. Skrapa, this is the Shy Family; they have been coming here to the park every year."

The accountant glanced over at the visiting family with an uninterested look on his face. "Oh... guests, I see." Mr. Skrapa responded in a more monotone-sounding voice. "A pleasure to see you." Turning back towards Jaune, he spoke to him at a lower volume, saying, "Mr. Fauna, are you sure it's... wise to allow visitors to the park? You do recall the recent string of... complications that we've been having here lately?"

"I hadn't forgotten about that." the park owner told him. "And I told you that I am putting my most trusted rangers out there to investigate the matter. In the meantime, I don't want to close the park off to tourists completely."

"Well, I certainly hope that your 'trusted rangers' improve their investigation very soon," Mr. Skrapa responded, "because so far, they haven't had much luck in preventing some of the recent incidents here... Such as the bear attack last week, and the sinking boat issue a week before that. And I shouldn't have to remind you about the tree that fell right on top of a campsite two days ago. The only thing fortunate is that no one was injured during any of these affairs, or we would have most certainly faced a lawsuit."

"...I'm trying my best to resolve these issues, Mr. Skrapa." Jaune assured him. "Believe me, I am."

"...I certainly hope you are." the accountant replied sternly. "One more incident like those I had mentioned, and there's a chance you could lose the whole park."

Fluttershy and her family (along with Angel Bunny, who was standing beside his owner) stood there as the two men talked to one another, wondering what they were saying. "Um... I-I-I don't mean to pry..." Mr. Shy began to say to them, "but is there something wrong...?"

Jaune looked back over at the family and said to them, "Well, to tell you the truth, we have had a few accidents here at the park lately... But rest assured, we are working on resolving them: I have most of the park rangers out on patrol to ensure the safety of you and all the other visitors."

"A-accidents?" asked Fluttershy, becoming a bit worried.

"It's nothing you need to worry about." Jaune said, trying to sound as confident as possible to put his guests at ease. "Trust me: I would never let anything bad happen to any of you, I promise." Fluttershy was still a little worried, but nodded her head to say that she trusted him. The park owner then requested his accountant, "Could you show our guests to the campsites outside? Normally, I would do this, but I have an important meeting with the other rangers in a few minutes."

Mr. Skrapa sighed a little, as if it was something he didn't want to do, but nodded and said, "Of course, Mr. Fauna." Turning over to the Shy Family, the silver-skinned man said to them, "I'll use my map to find a prime camping location for all of you; somewhere safe and pleasant." The accountant then walked over to what could only be assumed as his desk and pulled out a golden-yellow object. As it turned out, it was a Duel Pad, much like the one Fluttershy had.

"A D-Pad?" asked Zephyr. "You play Duel Monsters?"

"Hm? Duel Monsters...?" asked Mr. Skrapa. "Don't be ridiculous... This device is merely for my work and nothing else. I don't have the time for such... childish things such as that." He then tapped on the touch screen a few times, pulling up a map of the entire park. After looking around the map for a while, he managed to find a spot for Fluttershy and her family to camp in. "Follow me, everyone." he told them. "It's not far from here." The family nodded and they all walked out the back of the main office building, while Jaune made his way into the room where several park rangers had already gathered together.

However, the room wasn't completely empty: One individual stayed behind after everyone else had left. It was none other than Angel Bunny, and the look on his face suggested that he was suspicious about something...


Outside, Fluttershy and her family followed Mr. Skrapa to a camping site that was a short distance away from the park's main office. As they followed him, the Shy Family looked around to admire the peaceful, natural setting around them: Large vast plains of bright-green grass and thick, tree-filled forests covered almost every inch of the area. Tall mountains could be seen in the distance, along with some rivers and waterfalls. In fact, the Shy Family even got a glimpse of the park's largest waterfall; it was notable because the splashing water created a nearly-permanent rainbow at the bottom of the falls, which is how the park got its name.

After walking for a while, the group arrived at the campsite that Mr. Skrapa had picked out for them. It was an open field, with a few trees here and there, with a picnic table being the only man-made thing there. After double-checking his map and making sure they were in the correct location, the accountant said to the family, "Here we are, everyone."

"Ooooo... it looks so nice..." complimented Mrs. Shy. "And so peaceful; the only noises I can hear are the birds chirping off in the distance...!"

"It's absolutely perfect...!" added Mr. Shy.

"...Glad to see you are all satisfied." said Mr. Skrapa. "Enjoy your time here... Oh, and please; stay safe and be careful..." And with those words, he turned around to leave.

Fluttershy and her brother Zephyr watched the man leave, still thinking about the "accidents" that Jaune Fauna had mentioned earlier. Before they had too much time to ponder about it, they heard the voice of their father, who (softly) called out to them, "Fluttershy...! Zephyr...! Could you help me with these tents? I-it would be nice if you could..."

His lazy side kicking in a little, Zephyr responded, "Um... well, uh... I'd like to, but... to be honest, the, um... the walk over here was a... was a bit longer than I thought! Yeah, I'm uh... I'm a bit winded, y'know? Maybe I oughtta take it easy for a bit."

Fluttershy sighed a little and said to her father, "I'll help you out, Daddy." She then left to help her parents, while her younger brother sat down on the picnic table seat and did pretty much nothing. Fluttershy spent a good amount of time helping set up the two tents they brought; one would be for her parents to sleep in, and the other was for her and Zephyr. After they were done, Fluttershy helped her mother with the rest of the items and set up the campfire and a kettle for boiling water. They also checked their food in order to plan out their meals for today and tomorrow.

Once their camp was all set up, Mr. Shy wiped some sweat from off of his forehead and said, "Well, it was quite a bit of work, but I think we did a good job...! N-not to brag or anything, of course."

"I think it looks just great...!" Mrs. Shy complimented.

"I agree." Fluttershy chimed in. She then asked them, "Um... so, uh... now that the work is all done, can... can I go and look around the park for a while? U-unless you'd rather have me stay here, that is..."

Her dad smiled and told her, "Of course you can, dear. Just be careful, okay...?"

Giggling a little, the yellow-skinned teen replied, saying, "I promise, Daddy. Don't worry." She then (softly) called out, "Okay, Angel! Let's go look around for some animals together...! I-if you want to, that is...!" But as she called for her pet rabbit, she noticed that he wasn't anywhere within her eyesight. "...Angel?" she asked, not sure where he was. She started to look around for him, searching their campsite. But she couldn't find him, and she was starting to panic. "A-Angel...?! Angel, where are you??" she said frantically. "Please...! Wherever you're hiding, please come out...!"

The only response she got to her worried plea was a groan from her snoozing younger brother. "Mmmmnn... what's the big deal, Sis...?" Zephyr asked groggily. "What're you makin' all that noise for?"

"Angel's missing, Zephyr...!" she told him. "I looked everywhere, but he's not here at the campsite...! What if he's lost...?! Wh-wh-what if he met a vicious animal and got frightened by it...?? Or worse... what if that animal wanted to EAT him?! Oh no...!" Fluttershy hunched into a fetal position, eyes wide and body trembling at the thought of her beloved pet in danger.

While Zephyr may have been bit of a lazy bum every now and then, the sight of his older sister becoming terrified at something snapped him out of his loafing. "H-hey, don't get so worked up, Sis..." he said, trying to calm her down. "I'm sure Angel's just fine... When'd you last see him?"

Sitting up on her knees, the pink-haired girl told him, "Well... now that you mention it, I think the last time I saw him was when we were all in the office..."

"Then he's probably still in there." her brother said to her. "I'm pretty sure he wouldn't just run outside all by himself. He's never done it before, right?"

"...No, I suppose not."

"Then you've got nothin' to worry about, Sis!" Zephyr continued to say. "Just go over to the office, and you'll probably find him waiting for you."

Fkuttershy was still a bit worried, but decided that this was one of the few times that her brother knew what he was talking about. Looking up to him and nodding, she responded, saying, "...You're probably right, Zephyr. I'm sure Angel's still in there, and he'll be okay." Still having a little bit of doubt, she then asked him, "C-could you come with me and help look for him?"

"H-huh?? Come with you?" asked the brother, not expecting to have any more involvement in the matter.

"U-u-unless you don't want to, that is..." the pink-haired girl meekly added, feeling a bit guilty of asking him that.

Zephyr wasn't sure what to do at first; on one hand, he didn't really want to do more work than he felt he should... But he also didn't want to let his sister down, either. Sighing, he finally caved in and said, "Oh, alright... I'll help."

Happy to hear him say that, Fluttershy gave her brother a friendly hug and said to him, "Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!"

Zephyr still wasn't too psyched about doing this, but seeing his sister calm and smiling made him feel a little good inside. (Eh, I suppose it can't be that hard to find one little rabbit...) he figured. (Even is it's Angel.) The two siblings stood up as Zephyr said to Fluttershy, "Alright, if we're gonna go do this, let's get going right now." She nodded in agreement before the two ran off towards the office where Angel Bunny was last seen.

Meanwhile, inside the office building, Angel Bunny was snooping around the desk belonging to Mr. Skrapa, the accountant (it was easy to tell, as the man's name was engraved upon a nameplate sitting on it). While none of the members of the Shy Family heard what Mr. Skrapa and Jaune were talking about earlier, Angel did thanks to his sensitive ears. After hearing about the incidents that had occurred at the park during the past few weeks, the rabbit became a bit suspicious about it all. So much so, that he had secretly split off from the group in order to look around the room while no one was around.

Angel hopped from the hardwood floor to the swivel chair in front of Mr. Skrapa's desk, and then onto the desk itself. After that, he began sniffing around for clues; both figuratively and literally. For a while, he couldn't find anything that looked odd. But after opening one of the desk drawers, he found something peculiar: Inside it, there was what appeared to be a Duel Monsters card. Hopping into the drawer, Angel flipped the card over so that the front of it could be seen. It was a Synchro Monster called Scrap Archfiend. What was peculiar about it was the fact that Mr. Skrapa had earlier suggested that, while he owned a Duel Pad, he didn't use it to play Duel Monsters. Also strange about the card was that there appeared to be a phone number written in the empty text box.

Angel was becoming more suspicious about this Mr. Skrapa guy. After all, why would this accountant have a Duel Monsters card if he didn't want anything to do with the card game? And why was there a phone number written upon it? To some people, it may have seemed like an arbitrary and useless clue, but to this intelligent rabbit, it made him wonder what else Mr. Skrapa could have been hiding.

Picking up the card, Angel hopped out of the drawer and closed it so that no one would suspect that anyone got into it. Afterwards, the rabbit looked at the tall, filing cabinet against the wall behind the desk. He gently put the card in his mouth and hopped onto the cabinet, grabbing onto one of the handles with his front paws. He then began climbing up the cabinet's handles like rungs on a ladder.

Once he got to the top of it, Angel tried to open the top drawer, but couldn't because it had a lock. Annoyed, but not willing to give up after having gotten this far, the rabbit moved his left front paw towards the lock and picked it using one of his claws. It took some effort, but he managed to get it open. Angel then opened the drawer and began looking around inside of it. There were all sorts of important-looking papers inside, some of which were particularly interesting.

Noticing one of the papers stored inside, Angel glanced at it and read what was on it (it was a little known fact that Angel actually learned how to read a little bit because Fluttershy read bedtime stories to him while he was a baby). The document was an invoice with several items listed upon it, and all of them were things that one wouldn't typically find in a nature park. Angel, of course, didn't understand most of the words or what the paper was, but he could tell that it was something important. Attached to the paper was an index card with a phone number on it; the same one written on the Scrap Archfiend card. Angel looked long and hard at the index card, feeling that it was also very important. But again, he wasn't exactly sure what it was.

But before he had much time to think about it, Angel suddenly heard a noise nearby: It sounded like a door had been opened. Fearing that somebody would find him snooping around, the rabbit quickly hopped out of the filing cabinet, still holding the Duel Monsters card and the index card that he had just found, hiding them in his fur and closing the drawer tight. Not long after he did, he could hear the footsteps coming closer and closer. Angel began to sweat a little, thinking that it was Mr. Skrapa coming back inside.

However, the person that had just walked into the building was none other than Fluttershy, followed close behind by Zephyr. "Angel??" she said, looking around. "Are you in here??" The rabbit breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that it wasn't the accountant they met earlier. Hearing the sigh, Fluttershy glanced over and saw her beloved pet rabbit. "Oh! There you are...!" she said, picking him up from the top of the cabinet. "That was very naughty of you to wander off like that...!" she told him sternly. "You could have gotten yourself in real trouble...!"

"See, what'd I tell ya, Sis?" said Zephyr. "I told you he'd be alright. Now can we get back to camp?"

"Yes, I suppose we can." Fluttershy told her brother. Looking at Angel, she said to the animal, "You and I are going to have to talk about your behavior later, Angel. Right now, we have to head back." Content with everything for now, Fluttershy left the office with her rabbit and her brother.

Shortly after they left the building, someone else came in: It was Mr. Skrapa, who seemed to be scowling about something. "Rrrrgh... I wish he wouldn't call me while I'm here at the park; I told him not to call me during work hours...!" Mr. Skrapa grumbled. He then sat down at his desk, pulled out a cell phone and dialed it. After waiting for a while, he spoke into it, saying, "Hello...? Yes, It's me... Listen, I'm calling because I have a job for you..."

Later that night, the Shy Family had all changed into their sleeping clothes in order to get ready for bed. Fluttershy was wearing her favorite pajamas, which were a bright spring green color with a purple collar and sleeve cuffs, and decorated with several white butterflies. She was the last to change into her night clothes as she wandered back to the campsite and crawled into the tent where she and her brother would be sleeping in. Zephyr, wearing a loose t-shirt and striped boxer shorts, was already inside, snoozing and snoring in his sleeping bag.

Fluttershy got into her pale-pink sleeping bag, ready to go to sleep as well. Next to her was Angel Bunny, sleeping in a small basket with a dark-purple blanket inside it. Patting her pet rabbit on his head, she said to him, "Sweet dreams, Angel... I'll see you in the morning." She let out a small yawn before falling asleep while Angel did the same. All was calm and quiet on the park campgrounds; the only sounds that could be heard were chirping crickets and the tree leaves that rustled in the gentle winds. All in all, everything was peaceful, and it seemed the Shy Family would get a decent sleep tonight.

However, as it turned out, not everyone at the park was asleep. Off in the distance, the light of a flashlight could barely be seen. Its holder was dressed in an unusual manner: A mostly-black outfit, along with - of all things, a pair of sunglasses. Obviously, one wouldn't normally wear a pair of sunglasses in the middle of the night, so it was safe to assume this man was up to something.

The suspicious man crept across the field, moving slowly so as not to make any noise. Eventually, he reached his intended destination: The Shy Family's campsite. (Here we are...) the suspicious man thought to himself. (Time to get to work...) He then moved towards the tent belonging to Fluttershy's parents, cautiously reached inside and grabbed Mrs. Shy's purse before pulling his arm back and heading for the picnic table. The man continued to move slowly to keep from attracting too much attention to himself; the only sound he made at all was the snap resulting from stepping on a small twig.

As small as that sound was, it was enough to cause Angel Bunny's right ear to prick up. Raising his head up and yawning, the rabbit looked around, wondering what could have made that sound. That's when he noticed a strange ball of light coming from outside of the tent. Admittedly, after the incident where Fluttershy had been kidnapped by a Number-possessed Vinyl Scratch, the rabbit was a bit concerned about this bizarre event. Putting on a determined look, Angel hopped out of his basket bed and carefully made his way out of the tent to investigate.

Angel Bunny looked around the camp a little, trying to figure out what was going on. That's when his sensitive ears picked up yet another sound: Jingling keys. The rabbit looked towards the sound and saw the suspicious man, digging through Mrs. Shy's purse. Recognizing the purse, Angel knew that the man was a thief and sprinted over to where he was, stopping near his leg. The thief didn't notice the rabbit; Not only was he so focused on his task, but he couldn't see the small critter in the dark (Angel, however, had great eyesight thanks to all the carrots he had eaten over the years). As a result, the crook didn't see it coming when Angel lifted the man's pant leg up... and gave him a nasty bite to his heel.


Not a second later, the man instinctively screamed as loud as possible upon getting bitten. And that was more than enough to wake up the rest of the Shy Family. Eyes instantly shooting open, Fluttershy and Zephyr quickly got up out of their sleeping bags. "Wh-wh-what was that...?!" asked a trembling Fluttershy.

"I-I don't know, Sis...!" her brother responded. "But it's coming from outside!" The two siblings quickly got out of their tent, flashlights on. They gasped when they saw the would-be thief, flailing around after Angel bit him. The rabbit, meanwhile, was still clamped down on the crook's heel, hanging on for dear life.

"Angel!!" Fluttershy cried out, concerned for her pet's safety.

Hearing his owner's voice, Angel Bunny released himself from the man's leg and ran off towards her. Before the crook knew what was going on, Zephyr ran up and tackled him to the ground. The aquamarine-skinned boy stayed on top of the thief to keep him still. "Urrgh...!! Get off of me!!" protested the crook.

"I'm not goin' anywhere!" Zephyr responded. "And neither are you!"

Just then, Mr. and Mrs. Shy got out of their tent after hearing all of the commotion outside. "Wh...what's going on...?" asked a groggy Mr. Shy, rubbing his eyes.

Running over to her parents, terrified by the whole ordeal, Fluttershy told them, "Mommy...! Daddy...! Someone tried to rob us!"

"R-R-ROB US?!?" exclaimed the husband and wife in shock. That's when they pointed their flashlights over towards the picnic table. There, sitting on the table, was Mrs. Shy's purse, and on the ground was Zephyr, who was keeping the thief still using his body weight. The pair were horrified at what was going on, but thankful that they were all okay and the attempted theft had been thwarted.


Minutes later, the strange thief was completely subdued, as Zephyr and Mr. Shy had tied him to a tree using the bungee cords they had previously used to tie their belongings on top of their car. Now that the crook was caught, all that was left was to figure out what he was up to. "This is really weird..." Fluttershy commented, still shaking a little. "Why was this guy trying to steal from us?"

"I have to admit, it's a little strange..." said Mrs. Shy. "What could we possibly have that he'd want? I don't carry a lot of money in my purse..."

"And not only that..." Mr. Shy added, "why would someone come all the way out here just to steal from us? It doesn't make any sense..."

"It sure doesn't..." Zephyr responded. Glancing over to the captured thief, he said to the rest of family, "I think the only way we'll get any answers about this whole thing is t' get 'em out of this guy!" Walking over to the crook, the aquamarine-colored teen looked him straight in the eye and asked, "Alright, whoever you are... what's the deal? Who are you and why'd you try and rob us?"

"Forget it, you brat!" the thief replied defiantly. "I'm not tellin' you anything! So don't even bother!"

"If you won't tell us, I'm sure the cops will make you talk, one way or another!" Zephyr told him, trying to intimidate him.

"Well, you ain't a cop, so I don't need t' tell you jack squat!" the crook snarled. Annoyed by this man's unwillingness to cooperate, Angel Bunny growled a bit and delivered another CHOMP to his leg. "YEEEEOOOOWWWWW!!!!" the crook screamed in pain. "Quit it, you disgusting little-!" But when the rabbit gave the thief a vicious-looking stare, the man dared not finish his sentence.

"Look, bud. Either you tell us what's goin' on..." Zephyr told the man, "or Angel bites your leg again. What's it gonna be?"

Not in the mood to get bit again, the crook finally relented. "...Fine... I'll talk." he grumbled. "To tell you the truth, I was only following orders from my bosses."

"...Following orders...?" asked Fluttershy. "Wh-what do you mean?"

Wiggling his hand near the left side of his hip, the crook told them, "Left pants pocket... Take a look for yourself." Zephyr nodded as he reached into the man's pants pocket. He then pulled out the crook's wallet and looked at it. "Open it and pull out the card in the back pocket." the thief instructed.

Zephyr did just that, reaching into the wallet and pulling out a business card of some sort. The boy looked at the card with a bit of bewilderment. "What's this...?" he asked, reading the name of the company on the card. Gasping a little, he told his family, "I recognize this name: It's for this big company that owns a bunch of resorts all over the country!"

"But... what does it all mean?" asked Fluttershy, still confused about everything. "Does he have something to do with them or something like that?" The shy girl took the business card from her brother to look at it herself.

Curious, Angel ran over towards his owner and sat on her shoulder to look at the card from the thief's wallet. He then recognized something interesting about it and began tugging at Fluttershy's ear to get her attention. "Ow...! Ow! Angel, what are you doing??" she asked him.

Once she addressed him directly, Angel Bunny then ran back into the tent that he, Fluttershy, and Zephyr were all sleeping in. Searching the bottom of his little basket bed, he pulled out a small object; it was the Duel Monsters card he had found earlier. Putting it in his mouth, he hopped out of the tent and waved the card in front of Fluttershy to show it to her.

"Is... that a Duel Monsters card he's holding?" asked Zephyr.

"I... think so..." the pale-yellow teen replied. She then took the card and looked at it, as did the other members of the Shy Family as well.

"Scrap Archfiend...?" asked Mr. Shy. "Is this... one of your cards, Fluttershy?"

"...No, I don't have a card like this one." the shy girl answered her father. "I don't know where Angel got this from..."

Mrs. Shy shuddered a bit from looking at the card's artwork. "It looks absolutely horrid...!" she said. "...N-not to insult the card or anything like that, of course." Looking at the bottom of the card, the woman then asked, "And what is with that number written on it?"

"I'm not sure, Mom..." Zephyr replied, "but that number written on the card matches up perfectly with the phone number that was on the crook's business card."

"He's right...!" gasped Fluttershy. "It does! But what does it all mean??" Glancing back over to Angel and pondering about everything that had happened so far, she then recalled, "Come to think of it... when Zephyr and I went looking for Angel after he disappeared, I found him sitting on a filing cabinet." Sitting down on her knees in front of the rabbit, she asked him, "Is... is that where you found this Duel Monsters card?" Angel nodded yes to her question.

"Well that clinches it: There's somethin' weird going on around here..." said Zephyr. "But I ain't got a clue what it is..."

"I'll go and see if I can find a nearby ranger to deal with the robber..." said Mr. Shy. "After that, we should all get back to sleep... As much as I hate to pry into other peoples' matters... we should go talk to Mr. Jaune tomorrow and figure out what all this is about..."

"Yes... that sounds like a good idea..." Mrs. Shy replied, though she was still a bit shaken up over the fact that someone had tried to steal from her. Mr. Shy left the campsite, heading towards the main office to find a ranger that was on duty at this time. Some time later, he returned with one, and the ranger took care of things from there, taking the crook away to eventually be handed over to the proper authorities. With the matter resolved for now, the Shy Family returned to sleep, knowing that tomorrow, they would (hopefully) get some answers...

The next morning - at about 7 a.m. or so, the Shy Family got up (though Zephyr protested against getting up so early) and made breakfast for themselves. Mrs. Shy made everyone waffles with the help of a handheld waffle iron provided by Mr. Shy that could be heated over a fire. After they finished their meal, everyone got out of their sleeping clothes and into their normal outfits for the day before making their way over to the office in order to speak with Jaune Fauna about what happened last night.

As they walked towards the building, Fluttershy asked her brother, "Zephyr... is something on your mind? You seem concerned about something..."

"Well... I didn't wanna say anything, but... but I was just wonderin'..." he told her. He paused for a bit, trying to figure out the best way to say what was on his mind. After about a second or two, he asked his sister, "Do... you think that Jaune guy might have something to do with that crook last night?"

"Mr. Jaune...?!" Fluttershy gasped. "O-of course not! He would never do something like that! At least... I hope not..." Shaking her head, she added, "No...! No, he couldn't have been responsible for that thief... I just know it!" Angel, who was riding inside of the back pack that Fluttershy took with her, nodded in agreement and glared at Zephyr for even thinking such a thing.

"Yeesh, okay! I get it!" the younger brother responded. "I-I wasn't saying that it WAS him for sure, I was... just thinking out-loud, that's all! I'm sure he's innocent about it...!" He then told her, "I-in any case, we'll know for sure once we talk to him, anyway." Fluttershy nodded, knowing that they would find out what was going on soon enough. Though she was pretty sure that Mr. Jaune wasn't behind the crook that had shown up last night, she was still somewhat concerned...

A few minutes later, the Shy Family entered the office and looked around for the owner. "M-Mr. Jaune? Are you in here...?" asked Mr. Shy.

"Mr. Shy? Is that you?" asked a voice coming from one of the ranger meeting rooms. The family looked over to see that it was Jaune Fauna who spoke to them and was now on his way to meet with them. Once he got over to the family, the owner said to them, "I heard about what happened last night from the ranger; I am so VERY sorry about what happened... That crook didn't hurt you or anything, did he?"

"No... we're all fine." said Mrs. Shy. "A bit shaken up, but nothing else."

Sighing out of relief, Jaune said to them, "That's good to hear... Honestly, if anything had happened to any of you, I... well, I don't know what I would do..."

Noticing how distressed Mr. Jaune was over the matter, Fluttershy and Zephyr had a good feeling that he wasn't responsible for it, as he looked genuinely horrified. But that still didn't tell them who WAS behind it. Thinking of an idea, Fluttershy removed her backpack and reached into one of its pockets. Inside was the business card that she and her family had found on the thief from last night, as well as the Scrap Archfiend card Angel had. "Here," she said to Mr. Jaune, handing the items to him. "Can you tell us anything about these?"

Taking the two cards, the park owner looked at them in bewilderment. "Ms. Fluttershy..." he began to ask, "what are these?"

"Well, after I COURAGEOUSLY detained the thief that viciously attacked us last night," Zephyr answered a bit boastfully, "we managed to find that business card on him."

"Mhm... I see..." Jaune replied. "And what about the other card?"

"Well..." Fluttershy began, "I believe my rabbit found that card in this office yesterday, some time after we arrived." She then looked over at her rabbit and asked him, "Is that right?" Angel nodded yes and began pointing over at the very desk that he found it in.

Jaune and the rest of the Shy Family looked over at the desk, which only served to confuse Jaune more. "But... he couldn't have found something like this over at THAT desk;" he said, "that's the desk that belongs to Mr. Skrapa..."

"Did someone call my name?" asked the voice of the accountant, who had just arrived.

"Mr. Skrapa!" said Jaune, walking over to him.

"I had heard about what happened last night from the on-duty ranger." the accountant said to him. "As I expected, there was yet another incident here at the park that threatened to cause harm to the patrons. You know as well as I do that we cannot afford to let situations like this to continue on. We have to close down the park until these matters can be taken care of."

"No...! Th-there must be another way!" Jaune pleaded with the man.

"I'm afraid there isn't if you value the well-being of everyone here." Mr. Skrapa tols him in a stern tone. "Unless these matters can be resolved right this minute, we will have to vacate the premises; rangers and all." Mr. Jaune didn't want to close down the park, but he knew that the safety of the general public was also very important. He struggled to figure out what he should do.

"...Um, if it will help, Mr. Skrapa..." Fluttershy meekly spoke up, "I found this business card on the thief last night... It could be some sort of clue..."

"Hm? A business card?" asked the accountant, seemingly uninterested about the item in question. "I'm afraid that isn't much of help to anyone, Miss. Things like that are carried by people all the time... So unfortunately, I don't see how a Detria Resorts business card is of help to anybody, much less the authorities." Fluttershy and her family were a little depressed that their only clue seemed arbitrary and useless.

But Zephyr noticed something odd and asked the accountant. "Hey, hold on a sec... How did YOU know the card was from Detria Resorts? We never said where it came from..."

Upon hearing that, Mr. Skrapa began to sweat. "Um... h-how? Well I... I, uh..."

Noticing signs of worry on the man's face and remembering the other clue they had, Fluttershy showed Mr. Skrapa the Duel Monsters card that Angel found and asked, "And - since my brother brought up the subject, why did we find this Duel Monsters card in your desk...? And why is there a phone number written on it that matches up with the number on the business card??"

"Um... well, actually I have a, uh... good explanation for that...!" the accountant responded as best he could, trying to remain confident in his tone (but not doing very well at it). "You see... I-" Annoyed by the man's stalling, Angel spontaneously leaped out of Fluttershy's backpack and over to the filing cabinet that he had snooped into yesterday. Picking the lock and opening it, he began tossing out the papers inside, making a huge mess.

"Urrrgh! What is that thing doing?!" asked Mr. Skrapa angrily. "Control that animal of yours!!"

"Angel...! What's gotten into you??" asked Fluttershy as she and the others began picking up the papers that were thrown out of the cabinet.

However, as Jaune grabbed a pile of papers in front of them, he saw something that startled him. "Wait...! What are these invoices for??" he asked, reading them. "Chainsaws...? Power drills?? Air horns?? I don't recall ever asking you to make such purchases!" Getting angry and suspicious, he turned around and asked, "Mr. Skrapa, why is something like this in your possession?" However, there was no one standing in the spot Mr. Skrapa was in; in the confusion, no one saw the man leave the room.

"Wh-where did he go...?" asked Ms. Shy.

"He was just here a minute ago...!" Mr. Shy added.

Just then, everyone heard a someone shouting outside. "Hey! What're you doing?! Give that back!!" This was later followed by the sounds of an engine starting and tires screeching. From what it sounded like, someone had gotten into a vehicle of some sort and took off quickly.

Fluttershy and the others raced out of the building to see what had happened. But all they saw was a park ranger lying down on the ground. Running over to him and kneeling down to his level, the pale-yellow girl asked him, "Mister, a-are you okay?? What happened?"

"I'm fine, but... I have no idea what got into that Skrapa guy!" the ranger told her. "He just pushed me out of my jeep and took off with it without as much as a 'how do you do'!"

"Mr. Skrapa did this to you??" asked Mr. Jaune, shocked by what he and the others had heard.

"Rrrgh...! I knew that guy looked like trouble!" Zephyr scowled. "But now what're we gonna do?? He took off!"

Looking over to the side, Fluttershy saw the dirt tire tracks left behind by the jeep the accountant had stolen. (Those tire tracks...) she thought. (I bet if I followed them, they would lead us straight to Mr. Skrapa...) The idea of going after the man made her feel nervous, and at first she felt too scared... But then, a voice inside her began to tell her that, if she didn't try and stop Mr. Skrapa, something bad would happen to the park that she and her family loved so much. (I don't know how...) she thought again, (but I have to try and do something! I... I need to be brave...! Just like when I faced Gilda in the Inter-school Duel!) And thinking back to that Duel gave her an idea.

Standing straight up, Fluttershy quickly ran back into the office building. "F-Fluttershy...??"her mother said, confused by her actions, as were her father and brother.

When Fluttershy emerged back outside about a minute later, her appearance was totally different: She was once more wearing the special outfit that Rarity had made for her prior to the Inter-school Duel. She had even re-styled her hair in the same way that it was during that match. And to complete the ensemble, her Duel Pad was strapped onto her left arm.

Startled by her wardrobe change, Mr. Shy asked his daughter, "F-Fluttershy...? N-not to pry, but... what's going on??"

Sighing, the pink-haired teen told him, "I'm very sorry, Daddy... But I don't have time to answer that... I have to find out Mr. Skrapa. I can't put my finger on it, but I just know he's going to try and do something horrible to the park unless I stop him...!"

"B-b-but you can't, dear!" Mrs. Shy protested. "I don't like telling anyone no, but... but I just don't want you to get into trouble...! What if he tries to hurt you??"

"...I know it's risky, Mom." Fluttershy told her. "Believe me, I'm even more scared about going after him, too... But I can't just sit here and let that man harm to this park...! It means too much to me - to all of us... and I'd never forgive myself if I didn't try to do something to save it!" Looking at her worried mother, she then told her, "I'm sorry, Mom... but I've made up my mind; take care of things here with the others." And without another word, the usually-shy girl ran off, following the tracks that the jeep left behind, with Angel not far behind.

(Woah... since when did Fluttershy get so brave like that?) Zephyr asked himself, amazed by how his sister was acting. (Back when we were younger, she'd be startled by the smallest little things... And now she's risking her own safety just to save this park?) Thinking long and hard about everything a second time, the aquamarine-skinned boy came to a decision of his own. Glancing over at his parents, he said to them, "Mom, Dad... Keep an eye on things here; I'm goin' after Fluttershy."

"No, don't!" Mrs. Shy pleaded her son.

"Hey... someone's gotta look after her right?" he asked them. "I've got nothin' else to do, so it might as well be me!" Without another word, Zephyr took off, following his older sister.

Mrs. Shy was still very concerned for her children, wondering if they would be okay after all of this. Just then, she felt a hand on her shoulder, causing her to yelp a bit. However, she calmed down when she saw that it was just her husband. Smiling and remaining hopeful, he told his wife, "They'll be fine, dear... I just know it. We have to believe that."

"...I suppose that's true." Mrs. Shy replied. "They will be just fine... After all, our little Fluttershy has always been the most assertive member of our family..." (And that was quite true... compared to the rest of the Shy Family at least.)


A few minutes later, Fluttershy was still on the trail of Mr. Skrapa, who had all of sudden, snapped and ran off when several suspicious clues concerning him began to surface. Zephyr had already caught up to her and now the two of them were searching for the runaway accountant together. "Thank you for coming with me, Zephyr..." Fluttershy told her brother. "To be honest, I wasn't sure I would be able to find Mr. Skrapa on my own..."

"Well... uh, I... I figured that I could lend you a hand, Sis." he casually told her. "Besides, I would've gotten bored just sittin' around that office the whole time."

"...Were you just as surprised at what I was doing, like Mom and Dad were?" she asked him.

"Well, Mom always DID say that you were the boldest one in the family..." Zephyr replied. "But I'll admit, this is pretty big, especially for you... I remember one time in Fall when we were little, a leaf fell on your shoulder and you shrieked at it for about five minutes."

"I remember..." the pale-yellow girl said. "And now I'm out here, doing quite possibly the scariest thing I can imagine... I must admit something too; the very thought of it frightens me a lot..."

"So what's the deal, Sis?" Zephyr asked her. "Why're you doing something like this?"

"...I don't really know, to be honest." Fluttershy told him. "All I can say is... I feel I have to try and stop whatever it is Mr. Skrapa is trying to do... I don't know what it is or how I'll stop him, but I have to do something...! If my friends were here, they would say the same thing... Especially Rainbow Dash."

"Is that so...?" her brother responded. He then smirked to himself, wondering what Dash would think of him if she knew that he helped out one of her friends, grinning a bit as he did so. But his thoughts were interrupted when he saw someone up ahead of them. "Huh? Is that him?" he asked, pointing forwards.

Fluttershy looked up and saw that, in front of them, was the accountant, Mr. Skrapa. "It is...!" she answered her brother quietly. "Quick...! Hide in those bushes...!" The two of them knelt down behind some shrubs and watched the accountant from a safe distance. Mr. Skrapa was in the middle of a small clearing with a large stone cave on the side of the rock wall beside him. Also sitting there was the olive-green jeep that he had taken to make his getaway. The man was currently too preoccupied with a phone call to even notice the two teenagers spying on him. Fluttershy and Zephyr quietly watched and listened to what was going on.

"Yes... yes, I know this DOES interfere with things!" Mr. Skrapa said loudly into his cell phone. "...Yes, I KNOW it wasn't in the original plan! But I can assure you, this place will be cleared out right away so that we can move on with things as planned! ...Yes, I know what will happen if things go wrong... Yes... Yes, I'm aware of what the consequences will be, but this is our only option at this point...! I promise you this minor setback will not - I repeat, will NOT be any cause for concern! I'll call you back once I've taken care of matters... Goodbye, sir."

As Mr. Skrapa finished his phone call, Zephyr quietly asked his older sister, "What do you suppose that was all about...?"

"I'm not sure..." Fluttershy answered. "But I have a feeling that whatever he has planned, it's not good for this park..." Despite their talking, Mr. Skrapa had no idea he was being watched. If there was one thing the Shy Family knew how to do, it was speaking softly.

The accountant scowled a bit to himself, saying, "That overgrown windbag... Like it's my fault things aren't going the way he intended...!" Regaining his composure, he turned towards the cave beside him, pulled out a set of keys in his pocket, and clicked a button on a device hooked to them.

Just then, a loud sound could be heard from inside the cave, and the ground began to shake a bit. "Wh-wh-what's going on...?!" yelped Fluttershy, sweating a bit as she tried to keep her balance.

"I-I-I don't kn-know...!" Zephyr responded, "bu-u-u-t whatever it is, i-i-t's big!"

And big it was: Out of the cave came a humongous yellow bulldozer, larger than any others that Fluttershy or Zephyr had probably ever seen before. Thick, black smoke spewed out from its exhaust pipes as it lumbered forward on its tracks, its shovel-like scraper pushing up the dirt in front of it. The loud noise of the massive machine scared off any wildlife that was nearby; flocks of birds flew away in fear, squirrels scampered away in an attempt to get away. Even a large, brown grizzly bear was forced to flee from the intimidating vehicle.

"Wh-whoa...!" said Zephyr in shock and awe. "That thing's huge!"

(...I knew it...) Fluttershy thought to herself as she stared at the gigantic bulldozer before them. (If that man turns that... that thing loose, he'll cause a lot of damage...! More than that... if he has any more of those machines around here, he could destroy the whole park as well!)

Smirking to himself, Mr. Skrapa said, "I was planning on using this AFTER everyone was forced to clear out of the park, but I'll settle for scaring everyone out of here instead!" Climbing into the bulldozer, Skrapa was ready to give it the ultimate test run. The industrial vehicle then started forward, ready to tear apart anything in its path. As it did, the accountant failed to notice a herd of rabbits running in front of it in an last-ditch effort to get away (or perhaps he didn't care to notice them). One of them - a brown rabbit with drooped ears tripped over a tree root and fell dead-center in the bulldozer's path.

"H-he's not gonna run over that little rabbit, is he...?" asked Zephyr.

"Oh no...! I have to get it out of there!!" said Fluttershy. But before she could, Angel bravely hopped out from the girl's backpack and sprinted towards the brown bunny in order to help it. "A-ANGEL!! Come back!" the pale-yellow girl cried out as she ran after him. Zephyr followed to make sure no one would get hurt.

As it turned out, Angel knew this loppy-eared rabbit and was trying to rescue it. He ran as fast as his little legs could carry him, reaching the brown bunny in mere seconds. He leapt forward and pushed the rabbit out of the way of the bulldozer's path, seconds before it did the unthinkable.

"Hm?" Mr. Skrapa caught a glimpse of the two rabbits getting out of his bulldozer's way. Glancing over at them directly, he noticed that one of them looked familiar. "That white rabbit..." he said to himself. "That's the same one that got into my file cabinet! He was the one who messed everything up! But if he's here, then that must mean-"

"Stop this right now!" shouted a voice from nearby. The man looked ahead and saw Fluttershy and Zephyr standing there, glaring at him. "How dare you try to hurt those animals AND this park!"

Grumbling, Mr. Skrapa said to himself, "Rrrgh... Not them again..." He was then forced to stop his machine when the two teens stood in its path to block it. He then yelled at the two of them, "Haven't you brats meddled enough already?! Out of my way!"

Fluttershy gulped, but her desire to protect the park and its wildlife overpowered any fear that she may have had. She stretched out her arms and shouted back (in a softer tone of voice), "...I-I-I'm not moving, Mr. Skrapa! I won't let you hurt this park or anyone in it!"

"Y-yeah! What she said!" Zephyr added.

The crazed accountant was beginning to get irritated. "Rrrgh... lousy little nature freaks... How annoying." he snarled to himself. Climbing out of the bulldozer, he then said to them, "So you really don't have anything better to do than to annoy me and stall my plans, do you?"

"What kinds of plans are you talking about...?" asked Fluttershy. "Just what are you going to do this park, Mr. Skrapa?"

"Before that, I suppose I should first probably introduce myself, seeing as how you let the cat out of the bag back in the main office..." the man told the two of them. "You see, Mr. Skrapa is not my real name; it's an identity I adopted in order to get close to this park." Reaching into his suit pocket and pulling out a card - which looked exactly like the business card that Fluttershy and her family found on the thief they had caught last night, the accountant told them, "I am Mr. Fast Buck: Vice Chairman of Deltria Resorts Ltd., Canterlot Branch."

"Vice Chairman...?" asked Zephyr, surprised to hear this.

"So you were lying about being Mr. Jaune's accountant?" asked Fluttershy, equally as surprised. "But why?"

"It's none of your business, but perhaps if I explain my intentions to you, you'll realize the folly of your actions." the man, named Fast Buck, told them. "You see, Deltria Resorts turns a profit by opening five-star resorts across the country. To do that, we need to find prime locations that are pleasing to the eyes. And my bosses have found such a location: Right here in this very park!"

This statement caused both Fluttershy and Zephyr to gasp. "You can't be serious...!!" exclaimed the pale-yellow girl. "That's what you're trying to do? Build a resort in the park?!"

"Just think about it:" the man told them, trying to sway their opinions. "First-class hotels! First-class restaurants! First-class spas! First-class EVERYTHING!! All the accommodations anyone could ever want! We'll provide it all, and then some!"

"But... but you can't do that!" Zephyr protested. "You can't just drop a resort right in the middle of Rainbow Falls Park! It's against the law!"

"Hmph... that's of no concern to me or my superiors." Fast Buck rebutted. "My bosses have more than enough connections to take care of... 'messy details' such as that."

"But don't you see that you'll completely ruin this park if you do that??" Fluttershy asked, pleading with the man. "If the park is destroyed, all the animals here will have no place to live anymore! Don't you care about any of them at ALL??"

"...That doesn't bother me one bit." Fast Buck coldly replied. "In fact, that's the part I'm looking forward to the most. Why else would I have allowed all of those so-called 'accidents' to happen around the park if I wasn't trying to drive everyone away?"

This statement shocked Fluttershy the most. "Wait... you mean that... the thief that came after us last night... and all of those other things that happened here... That was you...?!" she asked, bewildered by Fast Buck's callous attitude. Fluttershy didn't get angry at someone very often, but she was certainly furious with this person. Glaring him right in the eyes as fiercely as possible, she told him in a stern tone of voice, "I won't let you get away with something like this! And I will never allow you to cause any more harm to this park!"

"Hmph... save it, girl." the man replied, not scared in the slightest. "What makes you think that such an insignificant individual like yourself could possibly stand up to someone like me? I step on people bigger than you on a daily basis. Just face it: There is no way that you can stand up to me."

"...Yes we can." said Zephyr's voice.

This comment got the attention of both Fluttershy and Fast Buck. The cruel businessman raised an eyebrow and asked, "Excuse me...?"

"You heard me, jerk." the aquamarine-skinned boy told him. "My big sis is way braver than you, Mr. 'Hide-Behind-my-Titles-and-Corporate-Position-Because-Without-them-I'm-Worthless'!"

"Rrrrgh... you had better watch what you say..." Fast Buck told him, getting annoyed. "I have the power and money to make life miserable for you and your family..."

"I could say the same to you, buddy..." Zephyr said with a smirk, "...because the truth is, my family and I weren't just here for vacation."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" asked the businessman, a bit confused.

"Zephyr... what are you doing...?" asked Fluttershy, not sure what her brother was up to this time.

"Just play along, Sis... I know what I'm doin'..." he whispered back to her. He then turned back to Fast Buck and told him, "Y'see the REAL reason we're here is because we were hired by the local authorities to investigate the strange accidents that had been goin' on here at the park.... And to help us, each of us has been secretly equipped with special recording equipment on our bodies."

This statement startled Fast Buck; now he was beginning to get a bit scared. "Y-y-you're bluffing...!" he responded, trying to act tough. However, he wasn't sure if Zephyr was lying or not.

"Tell ya what: I'll give up the recoding equipment and everything... IF you can beat my sister in a Duel!" Zephyr boldly proclaimed.

"Huh...?!?" gasped Fluttershy. She was a bit shocked to hear her brother say that. "But... but Zephyr...!"

"Please, Sis..." he told her quietly. "I told you: For once, I know what I'm doing... Just... just trust me, please?" The yellow girl was a bit wary at first, considering that her brother often acted without thinking. But this time, she felt that he did have something planned to get them out of this situation in the best way possible. She then nodded to say that she with him on this one.

"A Duel...?" asked Fast Buck, more confused than before. "I've told you, I don't play such childish games like that..."

"I'm pretty sure that's not true either." Zephyr told him. "After all, we found a Duel Monsters card in YOUR desk, not to mention you have a Duel Pad. If you want us to believe that you don't Duel, you'll have to do a lot better than that."

"Hmph... quite the clever little brat, aren't you?" said Fast Buck. Chuckling a little, he then told them, "Fine, I'll accept the conditions. If I win, you are not to breathe a word of what I said to anyone, or your family will suffer for it!"

"But if I win," Fluttershy told the cruel man, fighting back her nervousness as much as she could, "then you have to leave this park and never come back...!" Mr. Buck nodded and the two of them readied their D-Pads. In an instant, the AR Vision System activated, and the two were ready to fight. "Now, Fast Buck... I-it's time to DUEL...!!" Fluttershy told him as bravely as she could (Fast Buck: LP 4,000) (Fluttershy: LP 4,000).

As their Duel began, neither of them noticed that Zephyr - who had NOT put on his Duel Gazer, glanced over at the titanic bulldozer owned by Fast Buck. He then looked over at Angel Bunny, who looked back at him. Without any words being spoken, the two of them smirked and nodded to each other, as if something was up...


Fast Buck and Fluttershy began their Duel to decide the fate of Rainbow Falls Park, drawing and looking over their opening hands. "The first move will go to me." said the businessman, taking a card from his hand. "And to get a jump start on converting this land to how I see fit, I'll begin with my Terraforming Spell Card. This allows me to take any Field Spell from my Deck. And I choose my reliable Scrap Factory."

Fluttershy watched her opponent carefully; she knew he was already up to something. She still wasn't sure why her brother had urged her to Duel him, but either way, she was planning to give it her all against this cruel person.

"Next, I shall place two cards face-down," Mr. Buck continued, "and then set a monster in Defense Mode." The images of three face-down cards - one of them placed horizontally, appeared on his side of the field. It seemed that he already had a plan of some sort going...

But so did Fluttershy. Taking a card from her hand, she shouted, "Come forth, Naturia Cosmobeet!" Not long after the man played his cards, Fluttershy had played one of hers. The monster that she Summoned in Defense Position was a tiny, bulb-like creature with pink and white flowers growing out of its head (Naturia Cosmobeet: Level 2 / ATK 1000 / DEF 700).

"Wh-WHAT?? How did you do that?!" asked Fast Buck, shocked. "How could you Summon a monster while it was still my turn??"

"With Cosmobeet's effect," Fluttershy explained to him, "I can Special Summon him after you've Normal Summoned or Set a monster." But she didn't stop there; she then reached for another card in her hand and added, "Also, because a Naturia monster's effect was activated this turn, I also get to Summon this monster! I play Naturia Hydrangea in Defense Mode as well!" He second monster was a trio of flowering plants with cute eyes poking out from under the flowers, colored pink and blue (Naturia Hydrangea: Level 5 / ATK 1900 / DEF 2000).

"...You expect me to be frightened by a few insignificant weeds??" asked Fast Buck, trying to sound intimidating. However, in his mind, he wasn't pleased by the fact that she now had more monsters than he did... And she had yet to take a turn of her own in this Duel. Grumbling a bit, he said to his foe, "Make your move!"

"...I will." the normally-shy girl told him. "I draw." She then picked the top card of her Deck and placed it into her hand for the moment. "Now I Normal Summon my Naturia Beetle in Attack Mode...!" she declared, placing one of her Monster Cards onto her D-Pad's tray. After that, a small rhinoceros beetle-like insect with baby-blue eyes, an acorn for a body, and leaves for wings appeared on her side of the field (Naturia Beetle: Level 4 / ATK 400 / DEF 1800).

"An insect...? Fitting, seeing as how you are nothing more than a bug compared to me..." Fast Buck said in an overly-prideful tone.

"...My beetle may be small," Fluttershy told him, "but its harmony with the nature around it will overcome anything you have against it...!" Taking another card from her hand, she shouted, "I play the Field Spell, Naturia Forest!"


Naturia Forest:
(Field Spell Card)

If you negate the activation of a card(s) your opponent controls: You can add 1 Level 3 or lower "Naturia" monster from your Deck to your hand.


After playing the card, the area around them began to change its appearance: Large, beautiful trees began growing all around them, the grassy fields became a bright green with many colorful flowers scattered across them, and several floating islands hovered in the air, covered in trees, vines and other plants. In addition, the activation of the Spell Card cause Naturia Beetle's effect to activate, swapping its ATK and DEF (Naturia Beetle: ATK 400 > 1800 / DEF 1800 > 400).

"This is the blessed sanctuary for the Naturia race..." Fluttershy said to her opponent. "And those who would knowingly destroy it out of greed will have to face its most powerful guardians! I now tune my Level 2 Naturia Cosmobeet to my Level 4 Naturia Beetle!"

"A Synchro Summon?!" gasped Fast Buck, not prepared for something like this. He watched as Cosmobeet began to glow and split into two smaller lights that flew up into the air. Afterwards, they returned as a pair of green rings that surrounded Naturia Beetle, causing it to glow as well.

"Blessed forest, hear my plea!" the animal-loving girl chanted, "Call forth the dragon whose cry strikes fear into those who would harm you! Synchro Summon!" After that, her beetle split into four smaller lights, followed by a column of light that shot down from the sky (Level 2 + Level 4 = Level 6). "Come forth! Level 6! Naturia Barkion!!" When the light faded away, a mighty dragon was sitting where her two other monsters used to be. It was serpent-like in appearance, with a white-and-brown body, as well as having a green moss-like substance growing upon its body in some areas. It seemed as though it was as much a plant as it was a dragon (Naturia Barkion: Level 6 / ATK 2500 / DEF 1800).

A bit annoyed, but not willing to show it in front of her, Mr. Buck said to her, "So... a Synchro user, I see..."

Fluttershy nodded and continued her turn, switching her Hydrangea to Attack Position and saying, "You threatened to harm nature, Mr. Buck... But now nature shall fight back...! Naturia Barkion, attack his face-down monster!" Her Synchro Monster then gave out a roar, forcing the businessman's monster to reveal itself as a bird-like creature made out of what appeared to be bits of scrap and garbage (Scrap Searcher: Level 1 / ATK 100 / DEF 300).

"So you revealed my monster... But that's as far as I'm willing to let you go!" Fast Buck shouted. "I activate the Trap Card, Scrap-Iron Scarecrow!! This card allows me to negate your monster's attack, but in addition, my Scrap-Iron Scarecrow also resets itself instead of going to the Graveyard! Too bad; I told you that someone like you couldn't touch me."

"...I'm sorry to disagree with you, but I'm afraid that's not quite true." the pale-yellow girl told him.


"I activate the effect of Naturia Barkion!" she declared. "By banishing any two cards from my Graveyard, I can cancel out your Trap Card and destroy it!" After removing her Cosmobeet and Beetle from her Graveyard, her monster let out another roar and shattered the man's Trap Card instantly.

"No! That's not fair!" protested Mr. Buck.

"I'm afraid to say that it is quite fair..." Fluttershy informed her opponent. "And not only that, but thanks to my Field Spell, I can now add any Level 3 or below Naturia from my Deck to my hand. I'll choose... Naturia Beans." After she took her card, she then ordered her Synchro Monster, "Barkion, continue your attack! Bark of Nature!!" The massive dragon then finished the attack it started, blowing away Mr. Buck's only monster on the board. "And next," she continued, "my Hydrangea will attack you directly!"

Her second monster then shot out a cloud of blue pollen particles and blew them towards the cruel businessman. He coughed in response as the pollen sapped away a good portion of his Life Points (Fast Buck: LP 4,000 - 1,900 = 2,100). After the attack was finished, he asked himself, (How... how did she do that...?? There was no way that could have happened!) Grumbling some more, he then said to his foe, "So... you're much stronger than you look..."

"That's because I'm fighting for reasons other than for myself, Mr. Buck." she told him. "I told you I would protect this park from you and I will...!"

"Hmph... You're wasting your time, young lady." he said in an uncaring tone. "In this world, there's no point in fighting for something other than for your own benefit. What good would it do you if this park stayed as it is? There's absolutely nothing you could gain from going through all of this trouble."

"...I suppose someone like you would never understand where I'm coming from." Fluttershy responded. "It's just not true that I wouldn't gain anything from preserving this park. You may have money and power where you come from, but they could never help you have the same good feelings that I get just by coming to a beautiful place like this."

"Hmph... enough of you idiotic rambling." Fast Buck responded, not listening to a word she said. "Are you finished with your turn or not?"

Sighing, Fluttershy took two of her cards and said to him, "I'll end my turn with two face-down cards."

"Then it is my turn... I draw!" Mr. Buck said, drawing a card from his Deck and looking at it. Playing the card immediately, he shouted, "I Summon the monster I drew in Attack Mode! Scrap Recycler!" The monster he played was a small robotic creature with shovels for hands, a vacuum cleaner built into his waist area, and trash bin-like apparatus for a body (Scrap Recycler: Level 3 / ATK 900 / DEF 1200). "By Normal Summoning Scrap Recycler, I can now send any Machine monster from my Deck to the Graveyard, which I'll do right now!" He searched his Deck for the card Minefieldriller and sent it to the Graveyard with his monster's effect. Taking another card from his hand, he then said, "Next I'll activate my Scrap Factory Field Spell!"

Fluttershy gasped as the forested area around him became surrounded by a thick, grey smoke. When the smoke cloud was gone, she was shocked to see the area around and behind him was completely devastated; the forest there had died out and was replaced by a large, grimy factory that sent soot and smoke into the air. Nothing could live in such a heavily-polluted place as that... at least nothing that had a heartbeat, that is. "Wh-what have you done...?" she asked him in a horrified voice.

"I told you earlier: I simply converted the land around me into something far more productive and profitable." Fast Buck told her. "Now that my factory is up and running, all of my Scrap monsters gain an extra 200 attack and defense!" (Scrap Recycler: ATK 900 + 200 = 1100 / DEF 1200 + 200 = 1400) Taking another card from his hand, he then told her, "But since the cards on my field currently are of no use to me, I'll dispose of them with this: I activate Scrapstorm! By targeting my Scrap Recycler, I can now send any Scrap monster from my Deck to the Graveyard and draw 1 more card." He used his card's effect to send Scrap Goblin to his Graveyard, and then drew one more card. After that, his Recycler immediately destroyed itself.

"Wh-what happened to your monster??" asked Fluttershy.

"Well, the side effect of my Spell Card is that it destroys the monster it initially targeted." Mr. Buck explained. "Of course, since Scrap Recycler was no longer needed, it hardly makes a difference if it's there or not." The animal-lover wasn't too happy to hear him say that; it seemed he cared as much about his cards as he did with nature, which was not at all.

"Now I activate the effect of Scrap Factory!" Fast Buck said next as his factory's windows began to glow. "Since a Scrap monster was destroyed by a card effect, I can now Special Summon another Scrap monster from my Deck! And I choose the mighty Scrap Golem!" His next monster was made out all sorts of junk: Its body was an old refrigerator, its single arm had a fan on it for a hand, and its head was a microwave oven (Scrap Golem: ATK 2300 + 200 = 2500 / DEF 1400 + 200 = 1600). "Next," he continued, "I'll activate Golem's effect and Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Scrap Monster from my Graveyard! I select Scrap Goblin!" At that moment, a small creature leaped out of the violet portal that appeared in front of him in Defense Mode. It was a small monster made out of various bits of junk, such as a camera, sunglasses, a faucet, a fork, a pot, and many other things (Scrap Goblin: Level 3 / ATK 0 + 200 = 200 / DEF 500 + 200 = 700).

(Scrap Goblin is a Tuner Monster...) thought Fluttershy. (I see... he was sending his monsters to the Graveyard so that he could Summon his Synchro Monsters...! This isn't good...)

Just as she had predicted, Fast Buck began the Synchro Summoning process. "I now tune my Level 3 Scrap Goblin to my Level 5 Scrap Golem!!" The tinier Scrap monster then jumped into the air and split apart into three smaller lights that came back as rings that surrounded and transformed Scrap Golem into five more lights (Level 3 + Level 5 = Level 8). "Born of refuse, watch as this mighty beast rises in to reduce all those who get in its way to mere scraps!" the businessman yelled. "Synchro Summon! Show yourself, Level 8! Scrap Dragon!!"

After a large column of light engulfed the rings and light spheres, a large set of wings emerged from out. The wings were made of several discarded sheets of metal overlapping one another. When the light completely faded away, the rest of the recycled dragon could then be seen. A pair of glowing red eyes began glowing as the various pipes sticking out of is shot out puffs of steam. Though the creature seemed fragile by first appearances, it was no doubt very powerful.


Scrap Dragon:
(Synchro-Effect Monster/Dragon/EARTH/Level 8/ATK 2800/DEF 2000)

1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monsters
Once per turn: You can target 1 card you control and 1 card your opponent controls; destroy them. When this card in your possession is destroyed by your opponent's card and sent to your GY: Target 1 non-Synchro "Scrap" monster in your GY; Special Summon that target.


Fluttershy gulped a bit upon seeing the intimidating monster in front of her, especially since it got an immediate power boost from his Field Spell (Scrap Dragon: ATK 2800 + 200 = 3000 / DEF 2000 + 200 = 2200). "That thing...l-looks scary..." she said to herself.

"Seems you realized too late what happens to people like you who try to take on big business." Fast Buck said in a cocky tone. "And just to ensure that my profit in this Duel far exceeds yours, I'll play my Pot of Desires to draw two more cards after banishing the top ten cards off of my Deck." After doing so, he then played one of the cards, saying, "Now I'll activate my Continuous Spell Card, Supply Squad! Now, from this point on, if any of my monsters are eliminated from the field, I can draw 1 more card each turn. Not that I'll need the extra resources, but it couldn't hurt, I suppose." Taking the other card that he drew, he played it and added, "Now I activate Guts of Steel!"

"What does that do?" asked Fluttershy.

"Simple: I pick three Scrap monsters in my Graveyard and you pick one for me to Special Summon." Mr. Buck explained. "The rest get banished from the game." Holding up his Scrap Recycler, Scrap Goblin, and Scrap Golem, he asked his foe, "Now, which one do you pick?"

Knowing that she didn't want him to get back his Tuner Monster, or his Golem that could keep reviving his monsters, she had only one choice: "I choose your Scrap Recycler." she answered.

"Hmph... I thought so." said the businessman. "Then I'll put in on my field in Defense Mode." The small robot monster was now back on his field, while the other two were removed from his Graveyard (Scrap Recycler: ATK 900 + 200 = 1100). "In that case, I'll activate Recycler's effect to send Red Gadget from my Deck to my Graveyard." Mr. Buck told her. "Then, I'll use his other effect to reshuffle Red Gadget and Minefieldriller into my Deck to draw one more card." After doing so, he then pointed to his Synchro Monster and shouted, "Now, I activate the effect of Scrap Dragon! His power destroys any two cards on the field; one on your side and one on mine! So say goodbye to my Scrap Recycler AND your Naturia Barkion!"

Fluttershy gasped, but there was nothing she could to stop the beast from eliminating her Synchro Monster along with its own ally. It fired off a powerful explosive that detonated upon hitting the ground, blowing both monsters away. "No...! Barkion!" she cried out.

"Hmph... you see? Even nature is worthless before power like this!" said the cruel man. "And not only that, but since my Recycler has once more been destroyed, I can now bring my Scrap Searcher back onto the field!" In an instant, the garbage-built bird returned to the field in Defense Position (Scrap Searcher: ATK 100 + 200 = 300 / DEF 300 + 200 = 500). In addition, he got to draw a card thanks to his Supply Squad Spell. Showing the card he drew, Mr. Buck then told his foe, "Now I'll play this Spell Card, Forbidden Substance, on my Scrap Dragon! With it, he can now attack you twice this turn AND do piercing damage if he attacks any of your defense monsters! In other words, your pathetic little resistance ends now!" Pointing forward, he shouted, "Now, Scrap Dragon! Attack her Hydrangea! Scrap Firestorm!!" The vicious dragon then began to unleash its attack...

"Not so fast...!" Fluttershy suddenly shouted. "I activate my Trap Card, Naturia Sacred Tree!!"

"Urrk...!" grunted Fast Buck as a giant tree began to grow out from behind his enemy. "What is the meaning of this?!"

"I'll tell you: Naturia Sacred Tree allows me to release an EARTH-Attribute monster - a Plant or an Insect, and then lets me Special Summon the other type from my Deck to the field!" Fluttershy explained. "I now release my Hydrangea..." After that, her Plant monster then vanished from the field. Taking a card from her Deck, the nature-lover finished, saying, "...and Summon this to replace it! Naturia Butterfly in Defense Mode!" Her new monster was a tiny, pink butterfly with large, adorable green eyes, a long and curly proboscis, and green legs and antennae (Naturia Butterfly: ATK 500 / DEF 1200).

"So THAT is your big move?" asked Fast Buck, not impressed in the slightest. "That little gnat is even weaker than your last monster! And thanks to my Forbidden Substance, my dragon can attack it, deal piercing damage, and then hit you directly immediately after! This changes nothing!" Confidant that he had nothing to worry about, he yelled, "Scrap Dragon! Continue your attack on that butterfly!" The beast then unleashed its mighty flames, striking Fluttershy's monster hard. When the smoke cleared and dust settled... absolutely nothing happened. "Wh-WHAT?! How did you monster survive?!" shouted the man. "And how are your Life Points unscathed?!? You must have cheated!!"

"...I didn't cheat, Mr. Buck." Fluttershy said calmly. "I activated Naturia Butterfly's effect. By sending the top card of my Deck to the Graveyard, it can negate your attack no matter how powerful it is."

The man growled, not aware that her monster could do something like that. He then shouted, "Scrap Dragon, attack that butterfly again!" The monster then unleashed its second attack, which succeeded in hitting the Insect monster and damaging its controller (Fluttershy: LP 4,000 - 1,800 = 2,200). However, Naturia Butterfly was still on the field. A bit scarred, but perfectly alright. "Luckily for you," Fast Buck informed her, "Forbidden Substance prevents my monster from destroying yours during its second attack. And I also can't attack with anything else this turn either."

(So that's how my monster survived...) thought Fluttershy. (Then I'll still have a chance after all...!)

Grumbling to himself that the Duel didn't end the way he had hoped for, the businessman then said to his foe, "It seems as though you'll be getting another turn after all. But don't expect to luck out a second time like you did just now!"

"I'm afraid to say that my luck isn't going to run out just yet...!" she said back. "Before your turn ends, I'll activate my Scapegoat Spell Card! This card allows me to Special Summon four Sheep Tokens to my side of the field in Defense Mode!" And just as she said, four small sheep (one yellow, one pink, one blue, and one red) popped up on her side of the field with a sleepy look on their faces (Sheep Tokens x4: ATK 0 / DEF 0).

"Grrrrn... NOW what is that little brat planning...?" wondered Fast Buck angrily.

Drawing her card for the turn, Fluttershy looked at it and wasted no time in playing it. "I activate a Spell Card..." she said. "I play MY Pot of Desires...!"

"What?! You have one as well?!" asked her opponent, surprised.

After banishing ten of her cards and drawing two more, she then made her next big move. "Now I tune my Level 3 Naturia Butterfly to all four of my Level 1 Sheep Tokens!" The small pink butterfly then flew up and turned into light energy, splitting into three smaller lights that flew up into the air and came back down as a trio of green Synchro Rings.

"No...! Another Synchro Summon?!" shouted Fast Buck, who began to sweat a little. He now realized that THIS was why she had used her Trap Card to Summon her butterfly monster earlier.

The four sleepy sheep floated into the Synchro Rings, each one transforming into a smaller ball of light (Level 3 + Level 1 + Level 1 + Level 1 + Level 1 = Level 7). "Spread those wondrous and beautiful wings and strike down your enemies at the speed of light!" the nature-loving girl chanted, her voice sounding more confidant than before. "Synchro Summon! Appear now! Level 7! Clear Wing Synchro Dragon!" Instantly, a beam of light shot into the Synchro Rings, and a short time later, the Synchro Monster that Fluttershy had gotten from Rainbow Dash had now appeared on the field, ready to unleash its powerful attack (Clear Wing Synchro Dragon: Level 7 / ATK 2500 / DEF 2000).

"Wh-wh-WHAT?!? Clear Wing?!?" exclaimed Fast Buck, now becoming worried. "How did she get such a rare and powerful card?! It makes no sense!!"

Feeling more confident now that her best card was on the field, Fluttershy said to her opponent, "I now play another Spell Card from my hand... The Equip Spell Fairy Meteor Crush! Now my dragon gains the ability to deal piercing damage, just like your dragon could last turn...!" The Spell Card created a powerful ray of light to shine forth, covering her Synchro Monster completely and powering it up.

The cruel accountant began to sweat a little. (No... she's going to attack my Searcher with that dragon...!) he thought to himself.

And that thought was confirmed when the young girl shouted, "Clear Wing! Attack his Scrap Searcher with your Whirlwind Dive Slasher!" The dragon then flew into the air and came back down as a spinning missile. It crashed right into Fast Buck's weaker monster and wiped it out completely. The businessman also took a massive amount of damage from the impact as well, leaving his Life Points minimal (Fast Buck: LP 2,100 - 2,000 = 100). "I won't let you destroy this place, Mr. Buck...!" Fluttershy told him confidently (but still quietly). "I promise you, Clear Wing and I will stop you!"

"...Urrrgh... Don't go making promises you cannot keep, little girl..." the man told her, becoming even more annoyed at her. "This Duel is not over yet, and I promise YOU; I'll crush every last bit of resistance you have in you..." Pulling the top card of his Deck out of his Duel Pad, he added, "Due to the effect of Supply Squad, I draw a card because my monster was destroyed."

"Then I'll set a card to finish my turn..." said Fluttershy as she placed a card in her D-Pad's Spell & Trap Zone slot. She then glanced around a little; she couldn't see where her brother and Angel Bunny were and wondered what had happened to them.

"It's my turn... I draw!" said Fast Buck as he drew his card for the turn. He then played the card immediately, saying, "I'll begin my turn with this card: Pot of Extravagance!!"

"P-Pot of Extravagance??" gasped Flutttershy. "You have that rare card? Most people I know don't even have one...!"

"Heheheh, unfortunately, I'm not 'most people'." said Fast Buck. "One of the advatages of being rich and powerful is that there's nothing that I cannot afford! Seventy-three dollars for this card is mere chump change to me if it means snuffing out little brats like you!" Placing his card into his D-Pad, he then told her, "Pot of Extravagance forces me to banish up to six random cards from my Extra Deck. Then for every three cards, I get to draw one more from my Deck. And of course, I'll go ahead and banish six cards from my Extra Deck so that I can draw two more!"

Fluttershy watched as her opponent took out six cards from his Extra Deck (his D-Pad randomly selected the cards to be banished) and then drew his two new cards. The young girl wondered what sneaky tricks the man was planning this time.

Looking over his hand, Mr. Buck grumbled a bit, (There's not much here in my hand... and because of her dragon's ability, I can't use my dragon's effect to try and eliminate it... However, I can still prevent it from coming after me..." Taking the card he had drawn from his Supply Squad last turn, he said, "I equip your dragon with the wicked Mask of the Accursed!" At that moment, an ugly-looking mask stuck itself onto the chest of Fluttershy's Synchro Monster. "With this card, your so-called powerful dragon is unable to attack me! As far as you're concerned, it's useless!"

"Oh no...!" gasped Fluttershy. She was startled by this move, but tried her best to remain brave.

"Hmph... not scared, are you?" asked the cruel man. "Then let's see if this changes your mind! I Special Summon Scrap Breaker from my hand in Defense Mode, since you control at least one monster!" The monster that appeared was - like all of the other cards Fast Buck used, built out of discarded refuse. Though it seemed only half-finished, as it only consisted of a torso with a pair of arms coming out of it (Scrap Breaker: Level 6 / ATK 2100 + 200 = 2300 / DEF 700 + 200 = 900). "Of course, after I Special Summon it with its effect Breaker forces me to destroy one of my Scrap monsters. So I'll choose to have it destroy itself!" And as quick as it showed up, Scrap Breaker self-destructed.

"Why did you do that?" asked Fluttershy, confused as to why he would Summon that monster only to wipe it out immediately after.

"Because now that it has been destroyed," the businessman explained, "my Field Spell Scrap Factory lets me replace it with a new monster! So say hello to another Scrap Searcher!" Another of the junk-built birds then emerged from his Deck in Defense Mode (Scrap Searcher: ATK 100 + 200 = 300 / DEF 300 + 200 = 500). Taking another card out of his hand, he then shouted, "And then... I Summon the Tuner Monster, Scrap Mind Reader!" His next monster was a what appeared to be a robotic head of sorts built out of a hair heater. Attached to it was a shower head and a blow dyrer (Scrap Mind Reader: Level 1 / ATK 0 + 200 = 200 / DEF 0 + 200 = 200).

"Another Tuner..." Fluttershy said to herself, knowing what was going to happen next.

"Now I tune my Level 1 Scrap Mind Reader to my Level 1 Scrap Searcher and my Level 8 Scrap Dragon!!" shouted Fast Buck as his hair heater-headed monster's eyes began to glow green. It then transformed into a single ball of light that shot into the air, coming back down as a single green ring that surrounded his other two monsters, transforming them into a total of nine smaller lights (Level 1 + Level 1 + Level 8 = Level 10). "Mighty beast who slumbers in a trash heap! Rise up and reduce those who defy you to waste! Burn all who stand against you to cinders! Synchro Summon!!" the man chanted, becoming more deranged by the second. "Emerge, Level 10! Atomic Scrap Dragon!!"

Fluttershy trembled as she witnessed the Summoning of Fast Buck's most destructive monster. It was a massive dragon; three times the size of his previous monster, not to mention having three times as many heads. Its eyes glowed a piercing white, and it body was glowing a deep red, as it had so much power in itself, that it seemed like it could overheat at any second.


Atomic Scrap Dragon:
(Synchro-Effect Monster/Dragon/EARTH/Level 10/ATK 3200/DEF/ 2400)

1 "Scrap" Tuner + 2+ non-Tuner monsters
Once per turn: You can target 1 card you control and up to 3 cards in your opponent's GY; destroy your targeted card, and if you do, return the opponent's targeted cards to the Deck. When this card is destroyed by your opponent's card (by battle or card effect) and sent to the GY: Target 1 non-Synchro "Scrap" monster in your GY; Special Summon it.


"Well? Where's your confidence now?" asked Fast Buck in a condescending tone. "This is what it means to try and fight against the rich and powerful: No matter what you do, your only option is complete defeat! And now I'll make sure you remember that fact for the rest of your life!!" Pointing straight ahead, the man shouted, "I now enter my Battle Phase! Now prepare to lose your dragon to mine! Atomic Scrap Dragon, prepare to attack!" Atomic Scrap Dragon then roared loudly, as it boosted itself with his owner's Field card (Atomic Scrap Dragon: ATK 3200 + 200 = 3400 / DEF 2400 + 200 = 2600).

"W-wait...! I activate my Trap Card...!" Fluttershy stuttered, flipping her face-down card face-up.

"Like I care!!" yelled Fast Buck, ignoring her card completely. "Atomic Scrap Dragon, blast away her dragon! Metal Firestorm!!" The massive monster then fired its super-heated flames at Clear Wing with everything that it had. Fast Buck sneered, confident that this Duel was all but over. "Your dragon is no more, brat!"

"...I'm very sorry, Mr. Buck... but I have to disagree with you." said Fluttershy in a calm voice.

"...What are you talking about??" asked the businessman, confused.

"...The Trap Card I activated was Follow Wing." she answered him. "It prevents Clear Wing from being destroyed in battle or by your card effects. Which means my dragon is still on the field."

"Grrr... you'll still take all the damage!" Mr. Buck reminded her.

"Sorry, but I must disagree with you again." Fluttershy said to her opponent. "Follow Wing has a second effect that activates whenever a Level 5 or higher monster attacks Clear Wing. So instead of destroying my monster... it's YOUR monster that is destroyed!"

"WHAT?!?" screamed Fast Buck, having been caught off-guard. But it was too late to take his move back as Clear Wing's wings began to glow a bright golden yellow, flapping them with incredible strength. It was more than enough to blow back Atomic Scrap Dragon's flames, sending them back where they came from. Atomic Scrap Dragon was eliminated by its own vicious attack. "Grrr...!! How dare you destroy my monster!! You'll pay for this!! I MEAN IT!!" shouted Fast Buck, going into a temper-tantrum.

But Fluttershy ignored his ranting and told him, "After Follow Wing uses its effect, Clear Wing then absorbs the original attack power of your destroyed monster (Clear Wing Synchro Dragon: ATK 2500 + 3200 = 5700), so I wouldn't recommend attacking it anymore this turn."

Fast Buck growled and told her, "This is absurd...! How could you have such a powerful Trap Card?? How?!"

"Well... to be honest, it wasn't that hard to get at all." the pale-yellow girl answered. "It was a common card, so it only cost me ten cents at the card store."

"Urrrrgh...!" Now Fast Buck was angry: Not only did his attack literally backfire, but it was because of a cheap common card. To him, it was an insult. "You'll regret humiliating me like that, you snot-nosed little brat...! Luckily for me, after Atomic Scrap Dragon is destroyed, its effect lets me bring back Scrap Mind Reader in Defense Mode..." After saying that, his Tuner Monster re-appeared on the field (Scrap Mind Reader: ATK 0 + 200 = 200 / DEF 0 + 200 = 200). Taking another card from his hand, he told his foe, "And if you think it was that easy to destroy my dragon, think again! I play Monster Reborn to bring my Atomic Scrap Dragon back onto the field!"

Fluttershy gasped a little when the businessman's powerful monster came back from the Graveyard (Atomic Scrap Dragon: ATK 3200 + 200 = 3400 / DEF 2400 + 200 = 2600). But now she was more determined than ever to make sure he wouldn't beat her. "You won't win, Mr. Buck...!" she told him with as much bravery as she could muster. "I won't let you ruin this park for everyone!"

"Hmph... you don't have a hope in doing so." Fast Buck mocked her. "After all, your dragon still can't attack me. And with my Spell Card Remove Trap, you won't be able to pull off that trick with your Trap Card anymore!" The Spell he played immediately destroyed the Follow Wing Trap Card, ending its protective effect (Clear Wing Synchro Dragon: ATK 5700 - 3200 = 2500). "Poor little girl..." he continued to make fun of her as he ended his turn, "completely in over her head. You might have had a chance had you just let me destroy your monster... But instead, you went to all the trouble of protecting a useless dragon instead of thinking ahead. All you've done is left me a target for my dragon's next attack."

But Fluttershy didn't feel the same way, nor did she feel any more fear from this man. Staring straight at him, she said, "My Clear Wing was given to me by one of my best friends... She trusted me with it and knew that I would use it well; there is nothing useless about it!" Placing her fingers on her Deck and preparing to draw a card, she continued, saying, "You may have weakened Clear Wing, but it and I are far from being defeated...! I've had to deal with bullies like you for most of my life, and they have done all sorts of things to try and make me feel weak and worthless..." Staring at the cruel man with fire in her eyes, she told him, "But I'm NOT weak! With my friends behind me, both here and in spirit, I won't allow people like you to hurt my resolve! Clear Wing and I will find a way to win this Duel!" As she spoke, the top card of her deck began glow a faint pink.

Picking at his ear, Fast Buck then asked her in an uncaring tone, "...I'm sorry, did you say something? I wasn't listening."

"...Have it your way, then." Fluttershy said. "If you won't listen to my words... then my cards will have to speak for me. But one way or another, I'll make sure you won't ruin this beautiful place! I draw!!" She then drew her card and looked at it. Gasping a little, she thought to herself, (This card... This could help me Summon...) She then cut off her sudden thought and recalled a moment in the past...


The memory came from when she and her friends went to the Manehattan Duel Museum. After the tour was over, the students were each given a gift of five booster packs of their choice from the gift shop. Looking over their cards, Fluttershy's friends began to show off what they got. "Oh my! Brilliant Fusion?! Amazing! I finally got one!" cheered Rarity.

"Yay! Look!" cheered Pinkie Pie. "Madolche Petingcessoeur! And a whole playset of them, too! Talk about lucky!"

Looking over at Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash asked her, "Hey, you get anything good?"

Looking at her new cards, the pale-yellow girl sighed and said, "No... nothing..."

"Aw... that's too bad, Fluttershy." said Twilight, feeling sorry for her.

"Yeah, really." Sunset added. "But these things happen every now and then..." Patting her on the back, she then told her, "Don't worry about it; you'll do better next time, I know it!"

"Maybe..." said the shy girl, still feeling a little down.

Rainbow Dash, having been close friends with Fluttershy since they were young, felt bad that she didn't get any good cards from her packs. Looking at her wallet for a moment and then at the counter, she came to a decision: She walked over and bought one more pack of cards from the same set that Fluttershy's packs came from. After making the purchase, she walked over to her friend and said, "Here... try this one."

A bit surprised, Fluttershy asked her friend, "You... got me another pack, Rainbow?"

"Yeah." the cyan girl answered with a nod. "Maybe you'll pull better out of this one, like Sunset said."

Fluttershy was a bit hesitant at first, but her attitude wouldn't allow her to refuse her friend's offer. Nodding, she took the pack and carefully opened it. Pulling out the nine cards inside, she looked through them all... And her pupils shrunk when she saw one of cards that was in there. "Is... is that... ?!" she asked, not believing her eyes.

Crowding around her, the other girls were in similar states of shock. "...No way...!" gasped Applejack. "Ah don't believe it!"

"Oh my GOODNESS! She actually managed to pull it!" said Rarity, almost ready to faint (but wouldn't without her favorite couch).

"Wow..." said Sunset in near-disbelief. "When I said you'd do better with your next pack, I didn't think you'd do THAT well."

"Yeah, and I thought I was lucky just now." Pinkie Pie chimed in.

By now a crowd had formed around her, both happy (and a little jealous) by Fluttershy's good luck. "Oh... my..." was all that she could say. She then looked over at her friend and asked her, "Is it... really okay for me to keep this? You bought the pack, so it should be yours..."

But Dash shook her head no and told her, "Don't worry 'bout it, Fluttershy. I may have bought that pack, but you pulled that card. Far as I'm concerned, that means it's yours. So keep it, Flutters; consider it another gift from me t' you."

Touched by her friend's kind and selfless gesture, the pale yellow girl wiped a tear from her smiling face and said, "Oh, thank you Rainbow...! Thank you! I promise I'll use it well for the both of us!"


(...I didn't forget what I promised back then, Rainbow.) Fluttershy said to herself. (I WILL use that card well and for the right reasons! With you and everyone backing me up... I have no reason to be afraid of people like Fast Buck.) Looking at her opponent fiercely, she told him, "It's time to end this Duel!"

"...What do you mean by that?!" asked the businessman. "You can't possibly win this! Not with your weakened dragon stuck on the field and unable to attack!"

"I told you already, Mr. Buck... That dragon was a gift from a dear friend who knew that I would use it well... " she said to her opponent. "And not even you can prevent it from unleashing its true power!" Playing the card she just drew, Fluttershy shouted, "I Summon the Tuner Monster, Naturia Cherries!" Her next monster was a pair of tiny, bright red cherries with cute faces on them (Naturia Cherries: Level 1 / ATK 200 / DEF 200).

"A Tuner Monster...?!" asked the man, sweating a little. "That means that-...oh no!"

"Together with my friends, my family, and my courage..." Fluttershy began. "Clear Wing and I will evolve to even greater heights! I tune Naturia Cherries, Level 1 to Clear Wing, Level 7!!" In an instant, the cherry monster transformed itself, first to a small ball of light, and then into a Synchro Ring. But this ring was different, in that it radiated a sparkling, shimmering, glimmering light. Clear Wing roared as it split into seven smaller lights. This caused the mask that Fast Buck equipped to it to fall off and shatter on the ground. For once, Fast Buck had nothing to say. He stood there, frightened by what was happening and what would come of it.

Fluttershy clasped her hands together and chanted, "Shine the wings that store the holy light, and strike down your enemies with its radiance! Appear now and create an even greater world! Synchro Summon!" At that point, a column of light shot down through the shining Synchro Ring with incredible force. Then, two radiant wings came out of the light. The rest of its body then appeared, revealing an even mightier dragon covered with crystal armor, staring down the enemy with its bright, yellow eyes. "Come forth! Level 8! Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon!"


Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon:
(Synchro-Effect Monster/Dragon/WIND/Level 8/ATK 3000/DEF 2500)

1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner Synchro Monsters
Once per turn, when another monster's effect is activated (Quick Effect): You can negate the activation, and if you do, destroy that monster, and if you do that, this card gains ATK equal to the destroyed monster's original ATK until the end of this turn. If this card battles an opponent's Level 5 or higher monster, during damage calculation: This card gains ATK equal to the current ATK of the opponent's monster it is battling during that damage calculation only.


Needless to say, Fast Buck was taken completely by surprise, mostly by the fact that Fluttershy had such a card. "That... that can't be possible..." he uttered, losing a lot of his bravado after the beast was Summoned. "First Clear Wing... and now THIS?!? How could such a common little brat have such rare and expensive cards like this?!? It doesn't make sense!!!"

"I guess it wouldn't make sense to you, would it?" she told him in a disappointed tone. "My friend gave me this card like she did Clear Wing. Why did she? ...No reason other than because she was my friend."

"Hmph..." grumbled the man. "So she gives you stuff for free and for no reason? I can see why you're friends with her if that's what it's all about."

But Fluttershy shook her head no and told him, "It isn't what she gave me that makes her my friend, but why she did. She gave up an rare and expensive card just for the sake of my happiness without any regrets. In other words, it's knowing that my friends are always behind me that helps me feel good about myself. I don't need a lot of money or anything else you have in order to be happy... Especially since it seems that it hasn't ever helped you."

"Wh-WHAT?!" exclaimed Mr. Buck. "What did you say?!"

"Forgive me if I'm being rude," she continued, "but what I'm saying is this: Even with all the money and power you have, you don't seem to be satisfied. And then you see someone like me, who is pleased just from the simplest of things, like coming to this park and experiencing the beauty of the nature around me... Perhaps that's why you want to destroy this place: Because you're jealous that other people who don't possess even a small fraction of your wealth or power can be happy with their life while you cannot."

Fast Buck's eyes began twitching out of anger after hearing her say that. It seems she struck a nerve with her words just now. Of course, he denied her claims and shouted, "Y-y-you know NOTHING!! NOTHING!!! I'm tearing this place down for the profit to be gained!! Nothing else!!"

"Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong... Who really knows?" Fluttershy said calmly. "But it won't matter, because I won't let you ruin this park either way!" Thrusting her hand forward, she shouted, "Crystal Wing!! Attack Atomic Scrap Dragon!!" The mighty beast then began charging up energy for a massive attack.

"Have you lost it?!" shouted Fast Buck. "Your dragon's attack power is still lower than mine! You're only making this easier for me!"

"I'm afraid you're wrong, Mr. Buck..." Fluttershy told him. "When Crystal Wing attacks a monster that's Level 5 or higher, it absorbs the attack strength of your monster and adds it to itself. Which means my dragon is the stronger one...!" As she said this, her dragon began drawing power from Atomic Scrap Dragon to make itself even more powerful (Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon: ATK 3000 + 3400 = 6400).

"N... no! That's not possible...!" gasped the crooked businessman. "There's no way you could have done this...!" But he could no longer deny the fact that his defeat was inevitable.

"Go, Crystal Wing!" Fluttershy ordered her monster. "Attack!! Crystal Gale Edge!!" The powerful, radiant dragon then zipped into the air like a jet, its wings glowing brightly. Letting out a powerful roar as its body became cloaked in light, it flew straight towards Atomic Scrap Dragon and smashed right through it, turning it into... well, scrap. Fast Buck's most powerful monster crumbled into a heap of junk.

The force of the impact created a massive explosion that sent Fast Buck - and his Life Points, flying away (Fast Buck: LP 100 - 3,000 = 0). "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!" he screamed before hitting the ground, landing in a shallow mud puddle (WINNER: Fluttershy).


Standing before him, Fluttershy said to her vanquished opponent, "I'm afraid you lose, Mr. Buck..."

Grumbling as he sat up and looked at his now-muddy suit, he scowled and said, "This is impossible... How...? I'm the Vice Chairman of Deltria Resorts...! I'm one of the richest and most powerful people on the planet...! How could I lose to a worthless commoner like her...?!"

"Because I have something that your money and power could never give you." the young girl answered him. "I have the love and support of my friends and family behind me, and they give me the courage to stand up to people like you. With them backing me up, I have no reason to be afraid of fighting for what I believe in." She then told the man, "Now... please leave this place."

"Rrrgh..." Fast Buck grumbled. "Me, leave...?" Smirking, he then told her, "I'm afraid you've mistaken me for someone who plays fair."

"What??" But before she could say anymore, Fast Buck swiftly ran past her and jumped into the bulldozer behind them, shutting the door hard. "Wh-what are you doing?! You promised to leave this park alone if I won!"

"I agreed to nothing, you foolish little girl!" the cowardly man responded, sounding a bit crazed. "This park will be destroyed whether you like it or not!!" He then turned the key to start up the engines, snickering to himself as he did so. But he noticed that nothing was happening. "Wh...what...??" He turned the ignition again and again, but the engine didn't start up or even make any noise. "What's going on?? This thing was working just fine a few minutes ago!!"

Fluttershy was relieved, but confused as she watched Fast Buck's futile attempts to start the bulldozer's engine. "How... how did this happen...?" she asked herself.

"Hey, Sis!" called out a familiar voice from nearby. When the girl looked over, she saw Zephyr Breeze running up to her with Angel Bunny on his left shoulder. "That was an awesome Duel! I knew you'd win it!"

"Um, thank you, but... where were you all this time?" she asked him.

"Huh? Oh yeah...! I guess I should explain myself, huh?" the younger brother began to tell her. "Well, I figured that, while you and that Mr. Buck were duelin', I thought I'd check out the bulldozer for a bit. After lookin' at it for a while, I thought it needed a little... 'tune-up', if you catch my drift." He then waved a wrench that he was holding in his right hand, which he had gotten from a tool box that was inside of the bulldozer.

This caused both Fluttershy and Fast Buck to gasp in surprise. "Zephyr..." she began to ask, "are you saying that...?"

"Yep." nodded the brother. "While you kept that mook busy, I went and disconnected his engine. That thing ain't movin' around anytime soon." Fluttershy gasped out of amazement; this was his plan all along. Her Duel with Fast Buck was to distract him so that he wouldn't notice Zephyr messing with the engine.

"H-h-how dare you!!!" shouted the angry man from inside the bulldozer. "When I get my hands on you, I'll-" But when he went to open the door, he noticed that the door wasn't working either. He tried and tried, but it wouldn't open. "What's going on?!? Why won't this door-" He then figured out that Zephyr must have done something to the door to prevent it from opening from the inside. "You!! This was your doing too, wasn't it?!" the man yelled at him.

"Actually, that was Angel's idea." admitted the teenage boy. "For a rabbit, he sure knows his way around a monkey wrench." The bunny then smirked proudly, putting his front paws on his hips as he did so. Zephyr then told Fluttershy, "Sorry I didn't tell you my plan ahead of time, big sis... To be honest, I kinda made it up on the spot, and I didn't wanna risk him knowing..."

"That's okay, Zephyr..." she replied. "I understand. Besides, it's like my friend Rainbow always tells me: 'As long as everything works out, that's all that matters.' Besides, it was very clever of you to come up with something like that."

Zephyr chuckled. "Aheheh... thanks, Sis." he responded. "Just wanted to help out a little." He then said to her, "C'mon, let's go and let Jaune know about everything, okay?" Fluttershy nodded and they both began to leave.

"W-w-w-wait!" said Fast Buck, getting worried. "You... you can't just leave me in here forever...!! You can't!!"

"Aw don't worry." said Zephyr. "I'll make sure the cops let you out once they get here." As the two teens left, the cowardly businessman groaned, knowing that everything was all over for him...

About an hour later, after Fluttershy and Zephyr explained everything to Jaune Fauna and told him what had happened, the park owner phoned the police to come by and lend their assistance. Shortly after they arrived, Fluttershy told them about Fast Buck and where he was. The cops then went to the spot where the inactive bulldozer was sitting and saw the crooked man still trapped inside. Since the door could still be opened from the outside, the police had no trouble getting him out. Minutes later, the Shy Family and the park staff watched as Fast Buck was escorted away in handcuffs and placed in the back seat of a squad car.

As they watched the car drive away, Zephyr sighed and said, "Well, that takes care of that jerk. Hopefully, this'll teach him not to try and use a nature park for land development..."

"Let's hope so..." agreed Fluttershy, now having changed back to her original attire by this point.

Sighing sadly, Mr. Fauna said to them both, "On behalf of the whole staff, I deeply apologize for what happened... If I had not hired Mr. Skar... I mean, Mr. Buck, you wouldn't have had to go through something like this..."

"Hey, You don't need to apologize to us, Mr. Fauna." Zephyr told him. "It's not your fault the guy was a jerk."

"And besides," Fluttershy added, "it was my pleasure to help protect this place from being destroyed. I couldn't forgive myself if I didn't at least try to do something..."

"Well, thanks to the two of you..." began Jaune. He then heard a slight "Ahem!" sound coming from Angel Bunny, who scowled a bit as he pointed at himself. Chuckling, Jaune corrected himself, saying, "Thanks to the THREE of you, Mr. Buck's plan to steal the park and build a resort on it has been stopped."

"Yeah, that guy had almost everything figured out..." Zephyr stated. "To think that it was him causing all of those past accidents, such as using that chainsaw to send that tree crashing onto a campsite..."

"Using the power drill to make holes in the boats so that they would sink..." added Mr. Shy.

"And those horns to scare those poor bears so that they would attack people out of confusion..." Fluttershy said, feeling sorry for the bears in question.

"By doing all of that," Mrs. Shy chimed in, "he figured that either one of the patrons would file a lawsuit against the park, or that people would stop coming. Either way, it would allow him to try and take the park from you for almost nothing..." The woman shuddered a bit thinking about it all.

"And if it weren't for brave people such as you kids," Mr. Fauna explained to them, "he might have succeeded one way or another. For that, I cannot thank you enough."

"I was just doing what I felt was right, Mr. Jaune." Fluttershy told him. "Like I said before, I wasn't about to just stand there and let Mr. Buck get away with what he was doing. If any of my friends were in the same position as I was, they would have stood up to him as well. And that's why I had to try and do what I could to protect the park." She then turned to her parents and apologized to them, saying, "Mommy, Daddy... I'm sorry if I made you worried. I know what I did was probably very dangerous and risky..."

But her parents smiled, not angry or disappointed in her at all. "We understand, Fluttershy." Mrs. Shy said to her. "You did the right thing, and we're proud of you for it."

"If anything, we're more impressed with how much more assertive you've become..." Mr. Shy told her. "N-not that you weren't very assertive before, of course...!" Fluttershy giggled a bit, happy to know that her parents supported her decision to try and stop Fast Buck.

"Fluttershy," Jaune said to her, "as thanks to you, your brother, and your rabbit of course..." Angel smiled slyly, nodding as if to say, "That's right, I helped too." The park owner then fished his statement, saying, "As thanks for saving my park, I'd be more than happy to pay for your entire visit here!"

"Woah, really?! That's great!!" said Zephyr, happy to hear that.

"Oh... my... You didn't have to do that..." Fluttershy told him.

"I insist." said Jaune happily. "Consider it my treat to you all for all of your help." Fluttershy still felt a little awkward about accepting the offer, but since he seemed to have made up his mind about it (and that she had a hard time telling anyone "no"), she and the rest of the Shy Family agreed to take up him up on it. Now they were all set to have the relaxing Spring Break they always wanted.

Back in the closed desk drawer of Mrs. K, a blank card with a solid pink color background began to glow. Then it, along with six other similar cards, began to radiate an image that looked just like Sunset's key necklace...

-- To Be Continued...

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