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While out practicing, Scootaloo misses a jump, and Rainbow is curious to know why. Scootaloo admits that she's distracted by something a classmate has said, and now she's wondering.

What is beauty, anyway?

Just a little Scootafluff one-shot written for (and winner of!) Weekly Contest 26.

Chapters (2)

Rarity loses a beauty contest to a guy named Zander. However, Rarity soon notices there is something different from Zander that separate him from the other guys that she has come across. Will she learn there is more than one way to look at beauty?

This story is for the What is Beauty contest for Weekly Contests.

Chapters (1)

The Equestrian Society for the Preservation of Rare Creatures gives Fluttershy a rare opportunity to study a fascinating little sea creature, and she can't wait to introduce it to Discord. This can only end well.

This story is a birthday present for Fluttercordforever. Happy birthday, sweetie! (It's also an entry for Weekly Contest #26.)

Featured Box, 4 Aug 2015!
I won second prize in a beauty contest!

Chapters (1)

Diamond is not your typical ten year old. Most fillies her age go to school, do homework, and hang out with friends.

Diamond spends her time fighting dragons, monsters, and getting possessed by various evil spirits. This is her story.
Well, stories. There are several.

Chapters (15)

Tirek still lives, and we want him back. He will lead us unto a new order, he will make everything right. Weather you like it, or not.

Years after Tirek was defeated, his followers were still angry. They were mad at Twilight, Equestria, and especially Celestia. So one night, they decide to take action.

Thorn is a highest ranking guard in the Royal Army. He is certain that nothing can take that away from him. But, one thing he sees during what he assumes a normal court case, he'll regret it for the rest of his life.

Now he is taken hostage, and put in a POW camp. Now he needs to get out. But he'll learn nobody on the outside really care about him.

Chapters (2)

In the frozen north, a few species of animals are still yet to be befriended by ponies. Following some light research, Fluttershy makes her way up to the Crystal Mountains to observe and make friends with the frost bears in the mountainous region, but she finds more than just bears in the snowy region of the north. When she returns to Ponyville with her discovery, the mare must make decisions that are not only best for her, but for the foal she now claims as her own. With a big heart, she gains more than a new friend, she gains a family that struggles to be normal when the little filly is anything but normal. Fluttershy will learn what it means to love unconditionally and teach a young filly just what it means to be family.

Chapters (7)

Our Heroes have saved the world once again, and now retire from adventuring for the day and have themselves some much needed shut eye.

Edited by: Level Dasher <3<3<3

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Mr. Smarty Pants is Twilight Sparkle's childhood doll who protects her from the monsters that hide in the darkness of her bedroom.
What she doesn't realize is that protection... comes with a price.

NOTE: Please open the links you see into new tabs! They are background music for you to listen to while you read the story.

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Zone is a Pegasus. Living in the everfree forest. One day his life is changed forever.

by MissMitsuSayama. At deviant art
I commission the story. I also make small changes.

Chapters (3)

I am Midnight. Midnight Glimmer. Unknown to ponykind. Well, most of them. This is the story of my importance to Equestria.

Have you ever wondered about those tiny details, the ones which seem of little importance, yet if not for them, the big things would never have happened? Who moved the stars which set Nightmare Moon free? And who took up teaching Luna the basics of modern Equestria? These are the answers unlocked. These are also the answers of how they happened in the first place.

And it all has to do with one pony.

Wake up, the Midnight is Here.

Chapters (6)