• Published 5th Jan 2015
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The Midnight is Here - Midnight Glimmer 1213

Hi. I am Midnight. Midnight Glimmer. Unknown to ponykind. Well, most of them. This is the story of my importance to Equestria.

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Lunar Lessons

Midnight looked up at Luna. "So, what do you want to teach me tonight?" Luna stared at Midnight, who had just successfully recited the basic constellations and major stars. But... their first lesson was just yesterday!

"Well, I couldst teach thou how thou couldst make the moon riseth, but that would have to be postponed until tomorrow's night." Luna suggested, but disappointed that it would have to wait.

"Besides, I'm pretty sure it's not to different from raising the sun." This made Luna stare in shock.
"I have a way of doing that, don't I?" Midnight said, remembering that exact look from Celestia.
"Y-yes," Luna managed. "Thou dost."
Suddenly Midnight thought of something. "Hey, how about I give you lessons on modern Equestria in exchange for lessons on the night? Yes! We start tomorrow!" Luna only had time to blink as Midnight teleported away to get ready.


"Ready?" Luna asked eagerly. She wanted Midnight to learn everything. Actually, she just wanted to teach everything. But still...

"Luna, I haven't taught you my stuff, yet!"

The smile dropped off of Luna's face. The more she thought about it, the more boring lessons about modern Equestria sounded. She didn't know why she agreed in the first place. Then again, she hadn't.

"So, first off, we don't use the traditional Royal Canterlot Voice. It's... gonna take a while to get used to that. And we say 'you', not 'thou'. 'Can', not 'canst'. 'Will', not 'wilst'. 'Do', not 'dost'. Lots of things like that.