The Midnight is Here

by Midnight Glimmer 1213

Luna Forever

"That was probably the best crusading trip ever!" Sweetie Belle shouted excitedly. "And I think we have a new crusader to join us! You come up with some good ideas, Midnight!"
Midnight Glimmer knew her ideas were better, and safer, than the Crusaders. But she wouldn't rub it in. Her second day with them had been better than the first. Maybe because they weren't always falling asleep. But she had a pretty good idea of what their cutie marks would be. "How about tomorrow we try painting, singing, scooting on scooters, doing cool tricks, things like that?" The response was not what she was expecting.
"Yeah, I don't think so..."
"Maybe not..."
We should do somethin' other than that..."
Midnight shrugged. "If you say so. Now, we should all go home now. The sun is setting. And I have someone I need to meet."

"Wow..." Midnight was watching a mini meteor shower with Luna. Though it wasn't as great as the big one Twilight and her friends saw, she was still awestruck. "Could you teach me?"
Luna smiled. "Must thou lean everything? Thou knowest-"
"Luna!" Midnight interrupted.
"I mean, Do you need to know everything? You already know most of what I know." Luna quickly tried to correct her speech.
"Well, if I am going to rule the night by your side one day, I kinda need to lknow everything about it."
" 'Rule by my side'? Who said anything about you ruling by my side?" Luna was stunned. How could Midnight be thinking such things?
"I'm just kidding! But seriously, could you please teach me?" Midnight was very good at puppy-dog eyes.

"Good morning, class!" Ms. Cheerilee started the school day.
"Good morning, Ms. Cheerilee!" Not very many of the students said it. Actually, it was the crusaders and Diamond Tiara who said it. All the others were to bored and wanted spring break to last the rest of the year. It was hard to start again the Monday after spring break.
"Today I want you to choose somepony in your life who is very special to you. I want you to write a report about what they mean to you, and why. The reports will be due Wednesday."
Midnights ears perked up. She knew exactly who she was doing- Luna.