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Spike has survived the strain of daily life to find himself empty inside. Proven a worker, a friend, and a proper dragon—that search for 'something' never ends. Finally, on being led by a feeling, he winds up before Princess Celestia without a reason.

Comission for CategoricalGrant!

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After Rainbow Dash and Eric Reed accidentally got Apple Bloom injured, they found themselves begging a furious Applejack for forgiveness – or at least hope she wouldn't kill them. They even claimed that they would do anything she dared them to do, even if it was painful.

Applejack would take her friends up on their offer with some dares. To win Applejack's forgiveness, Rainbow and Eric would have to cuddle, maybe even kiss, in public! They might have had little problems with it if they were a couple, but since they were not...

Entry for CategoricalGrant's CuddleFic Contest. If it wins, it probably means the end of the world is near.:rainbowlaugh:

This story takes place after the events of my A Giant Adventure to Equestria story. However, it is not required to read it first to enjoy this story, other than to learn how and why Eric Reed is in Equestria.

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Anonymous solicits mares for an unknown purpose. It's up to Twilight and Pinkie to get to the bottom of the mysterious human's secret enterprise.

Entry for CategoricalGrant's Cuddlefic Contest!

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Thanks to the School of Friendship, Equestria has reached out to surrounding lands far and wide. Dragons, Griffons, Yaks, Changelings, Hippogriffs, Kirin, and more have all walked its halls alongside their pony companions as students. 

But adjusting to a new environment can be stressful. What’s a student to do when they need to ease their anxiety?

Why, visit the Cuddlebug, of course.

1st place winner of CategoricalGrant’s 2021 Cuddlefic Contest!

Cover art by the awesome Little Tigress.
Big thanks to Arkane12, Jarvy Jared, and milesprower06 for pre-reading and editing.

And enough people like cuddles that this hit the filtered Feature Box on opening day!

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A girl who took care of a garden for years finds herself in difficulty when it comes to working alone... Loneliness, Wallflower Blush never thought that day she would meet one of the most interesting persons in her entire life.

A green-haired boy.

This is written for the May 2021 Pairing Contest.

The knowledge about the sickness in this fiction is based on my experience as a child, please take a good patience and enjoy this fiction which I loved so much to write.

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A short and comfy holiday one-shot in which your plans of spending the Hearth's Warming holidays alone are interrupted when you find yourself playing unwilling host to Starlight Glimmer. What begins as an inconvenience turns into a perfect Hearth's Warming Day!

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This story is a sequel to Trixie's Flares

As an introverted person who thinks talking naturally is unnatural, you're starting to think that maybe the land of friendship you appeared in isn't a place for you to make friends.

Vinyl Scratch might just be the pony to change that, however. While relaxing in the park one day with your headphones in and your sunglasses on, far away from anypony else, she comes up, and, incredibly, so do your emotions. She may have just scratched the surface on your reclusiveness.

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The legend of Chrysalis is common knowledge. She preys on others, seeking for love with a bottomless cup. So when you become her victim unwittingly, your purpose to her is relatively known. When you wake up in her cave, you are greeted by her alone. What does she say?

Now with a reading by Agent Fluffy!

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This story is a sequel to Cuddles In Equestria

Twilight meets Anon and they cuddle.

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It's Hearth's Warming Eve once again, and Anon plans on spending it the same way he spends it every year: drunk and alone.

Well, not if Celestia and Luna have anything to say about it.

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