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Someday, I'll stop writing silly comedy stories. However, today isn't "someday".


After Rainbow Dash and Eric Reed accidentally got Apple Bloom injured, they found themselves begging a furious Applejack for forgiveness – or at least hope she wouldn't kill them. They even claimed that they would do anything she dared them to do, even if it was painful.

Applejack would take her friends up on their offer with some dares. To win Applejack's forgiveness, Rainbow and Eric would have to cuddle, maybe even kiss, in public! They might have had little problems with it if they were a couple, but since they were not...

Entry for CategoricalGrant's CuddleFic Contest. If it wins, it probably means the end of the world is near.:rainbowlaugh:

This story takes place after the events of my A Giant Adventure to Equestria story. However, it is not required to read it first to enjoy this story, other than to learn how and why Eric Reed is in Equestria.

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that was a wonderful story, it made me laugh so much I almost fell out of my chair. :rainbowlaugh:

Pure gold, I needed this.

Well, that was different.

It also worked against me that Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie can be adorable, or adorkable in Twilight’s case. I’m glad no pony had figured out that I’m a sucker to a mare’s or filly’s “big sad eyes” trick.

Cozy Glow is going to have him for lunch. She's both adorkable and a filly! :pinkiehappy:

“Now, I dare both of you to cuddle with each other.”

Daww! :yay:

“Y’all heard me! Cuddle, and till I say so, ya can’t tell anyone that it’s because of a dare.”

Seems like a pretty tame punishment for hurting Bloomy. Is some awkward public cuddling really worth your sister's suffering Apple Jack? :applecry: Guess so. :ajsleepy:

I can already hear the laughing and the ‘Rainbow Cuddler!’ calls at Wonderbolt practice!”

Seems like a step down from "Rainbow Crash" in terms of insults if you ask me. :trixieshiftright:

Okay, being in Rainbow’s embrace was actually a bit cozy. Her soft, fuzzy coat pressed against me. Her body heat oozing into and warming me further upped the cozy factor.

Fluffy Pony hugs would be best hugs. :ajsmug:

Each rub and scrape of her muzzle was surprisingly light, if not delicate, and she almost looked adorable with her head buried in my chest. Who knew the tomboyish Rainbow could be a gentle nuzzler?

I'm not surprised. :rainbowkiss:

“What do you want us to do now?” I asked in my own pout. “Rub each other’s bellies?”

Yes. :scootangel:

And as it happens, lay on yer backs.”

Excellent thinking Apples! :trollestia:


Looks like we will have to call her "Rainbow Smack" from now on. :rainbowlaugh:

Try not to tickle me.

Is that a challenge?:rainbowdetermined2:

“Do I even want to know what’s going on, or should I turn away and forget everything I just saw?”

Or you could join in. You know you want to, you emotionally stunted filly you. :raritywink:

Thanks to the boss’s stipulation, I wouldn’t be able to squeal what was really going on yet anyway.

I'd be really surprised if most of Ponyville hadn't already figured it out, with AJ giving directions out in the open on exactly how they should do things. :unsuresweetie:

“Oh, but I will dare you to kiss Eric’s ‘footsies’! And Eric–”

I’m daring you to kiss Rainbow’s hoofsies!”

I won't lie, I was hoping for kissing in a much different local. Their cheeks should be sufficient. :rainbowwild: Then again I guess this is supposed to be a punishment. Eww!

Your big sis is finally going to stop stressing out so much, so this won’t happen to you again.

Pfft! your so oblivious Twilight. :twilightsheepish:

If I were Eric, I would have thought about pretending to be a little loopy for a while.

If I were Eric this whole fic would've played out a lot differently! :pinkiecrazy:

It’s funny to imagine that Rainbow Dash never forgets it at all and constantly tells Applejack about it.


Thanks, and glad you liked it! But be careful not to fall out of chairs:rainbowlaugh:


And glad I could give it to you!


Good different, bad different, or somewhere in the middle different?


Excellent thinking Apples! :trollestia:

I actually read that in Celestia's voice, being the low-key troll she can be, or at the very least in fanon.


Given why Applejack made her and Eric "cuddle", I can see Rainbow being in a strange limbo of being a little sore at Applejack while also telling herself that she deserved being embarrassed...and maybe even going on to sorta like the cuddling and nuzzling she did.

I highly doubt she'd ever enjoy the feet kissing though :rainbowlaugh:

Hahaha, now that was very hysterical! I guess thats punishment for them for hurting a little filly, as well as the little sister of Applejack. But, I feel bad for both Eric and Rainbow Dash.

Either than that, a magnificent story ThePinkedWonder!


Thanks! Applejack probably could have been tougher on them, but she knew what can make them squirm the most, which she took advantage of!:

Though given how punishment tends to be in the show, I was probably highballing what Applejack might have done if this happened in the actual show!:rainbowlaugh:


Rainbow Dash: (gets PCSD [post-cuddle stress disorder] flashbacks) never use a emote of me with the word "cuddle" again.

I'm sorry I can't help it
I wuv cuddles it's cute:yay:

Oop sorry

“What do you want us to do now?” I asked in my own pout. “Rub each other’s bellies?”

Eric will never learn the art of SHUTTING UP!


Nope, that guy just can't learn! Maybe more smacks to the head will get him to cool it.

Yeah, that should work, lol

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