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Countless adventures in friendship and harmony have brought the mane 6 to princesshood--all except Rainbow Jennifer Dash, who can't seem to figure out how to earn her place in the world. Aging and weak, with just a few years left, will Rainbow ever become a princess, or will her friends outlive her?

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Trixie ends up performing in front of children and does not do a good job

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Lyra Heartstrings is a up-and-coming musician living in the quiet town of Ponyville. Her marefriend Bon Bon owns and operates Canter Candies, the town's specialty sweets shop. They've been together for years, and everypony around knows what a happy couple they are. But any relationship has its ups and downs, and it's hard to ignore every awkward moment.

Like when Lyra's ex arrives in town.
Because she thinks Lyra still has a thing for her.
Because someone's been impersonating her for the past few years.

...Bon Bon might be in trouble here.

Thanks to Einhander for pre-reading and Exuno for editing!

Now with a reading by Goombasa!

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This is a lipogram. It will contain no 'E', apart from that symbol said prior and what was drawn upon in titling this story. I will not touch that symbol in this writing at all, nor will I allow it to subsist. Thank you.

This story has many background inhibiting individuals with various dispositions and actions. This group consists of Raindrop, a stallion-hog; Milky Way and Thundy, two pals who fight for Raindrop's adoration; Starburst, a kind, familiar stallion; and Cloud and Flitt', two disgusting twin girls.

Now with a continuation! An Additional Story With a Lack of 'E'

What FIMfiction accounts say of it:
"Sometimes I wish I wasn't in the military cause I'm starting to feel that the brony community has some crazy good drugs' -USMCbrony0311
"NarwhalUnicorn...is a good work...guy..." -Twinkletail
"Excellent example entailing excluding E!" -Europa
"I used to hate experimental short fiction, but this story has shown me how amazing it can truly be." -Azusa
"This is f**king cool, good sir. You deserve applause." -Alicornium
"... I don't know how to respond to this. This... This... I... I don't even... How? What?" -Classy Toad


...Okay, this is a discontinuation of my bragging.

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Long has the coffee branch of StarBuck been open in Canterlot and long has Celestia frequented it. She always grabs her order and returns to the castle to enjoy it, Luna however has been curious of the beverage known as coffee. So one day she sips her first drink....nopony was prepared for what transpired.

Dramatic Read of the fic! : Done by EnderBlaze

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Twilight is outraged by the fact Rainbow Dash has begun shipping Daring Do and Ahuizotl.

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The title is incorrect, but the writer refuses to make a correction as it looks better this way. But he wishes to make it very clear that it is Doctor Derpicus, not Doctor Derp. Within Goldie's cottage lies the most evil of creatures... Doctor Derpicus. Evil schemes, from a tiny- ...body. An unexpected source for Equestria's greatest evil genius. Only one pony can stop him, but does she stand a chance against such brilliance? He thinks not. Not this time.

((This story has been roughly edited.))
Author Note:
Uh. Yeah, so this is a thing that kinda exploded outta my head. I'm not sure if it's "comedy" but it is quite silly. But "silly" is not a category, so comedy it is!

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For Fluttershy, taking a day off is a blessing; animal care is harder than it looks after all.

Sometimes though, you simply can't catch a break.

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Pinkie Pie devises a new plan to drum up money for Sugarcube Corner and spread cheer to all of the ponies of Equestria.

It doesn't exactly turn out the way she hoped.

Pre-read by the amazing LadyCobraa.
Cover done by BlackStealth08.
Dramatic Youtube Reading by EnderBlaze.

Featured on 2/3/2014. Whoa. That's pretty tight.
Also 100% Approved by Twilight's Library!

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When Ditzy Doo loses her job at Cloudsdale Mail and Freight, she gets a job at another shipping company... only to find out their definition of shipping has nothing to do with delivering packages! Desperate for income to support herself and Dinky, will Ditzy be able to make it as a pony matchmaker?

(Occurs between Seasons 2 and 3 of the show.)

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