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Countless adventures in friendship and harmony have brought the mane 6 to princesshood--all except Rainbow Jennifer Dash, who can't seem to figure out how to earn her place in the world. Aging and weak, with just a few years left, will Rainbow ever become a princess, or will her friends outlive her?

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Happy Birthday! :pinkiehappy:

Ara #2 · Jun 25th, 2014 · · ·

This is the best fucking thing I've ever read. :rainbowderp:

Wow this was amazing great job. O.o

"She were sayin',"

She was sayin'

It wasn't like it was her friends' faults that she wasn't a princess yet.

Fault not faults, and the sentence would read better without the word, that.

Derring Do

Daring Do

I have to agree though. Dash would make a better element of honesty than loyalty.


The first is AJ's country bumpkin accent, the second is my mistake I'm gonna fix that, the third is I will never not call her Derring Do not once in my life it ain't happenin' no way no how :rainbowdetermined2:

"Now really, not everypony needs to be a princess. Each pony is already important and special because of who they are."

Couldn't Rarity have said this before Magical Mystery Cure aired? Because Twilight so did not have to become a princess. This is a great quote.


Maybe so, but I honestly love Princess Twilight Parker Pancakes with all my heart and I can't begrudge her her wings :twilightoops::twilightsmile:

altho yes obviously the fic is something of a criticism of unnecessary princessing :scootangel:

..Wait, lemme get this straight.

RD was Honesty.



AJ may have had her suspicions, but she was too loyal to bring it up, and since she wasn't actually the element of honesty she never felt compelled to say it.

She became a liar when Discord got her because Discord's a prat and charlatan.

4598462 ...But..even when they FOUND the Elements.


I mean, they were totally destroyed by Nightmare Moon, so who even KNEW very much about the new elements that the mane 6 created from their heartfeelings? Who really knew if the element shaped like an apple and Applejack colored REALLY meant honesty? The elements never had to be used individually... really makes you think :rainbowderp::duck:


Excellent point. Interestingly enough, I'd heard before that Rainbow Dash and Applejack should swap Elements, but you actually made a cohesive theory about.

Also Rainbow Jennifer Dash?
I thought Professionalism was her middle name? Rainbow Professionalism Dash.:trollestia:

Great headcanon! Can use it in one of my fics?



Oh thank you! But I cannot accept gold stars on my report card from anypony but a proncess otherwise it'd be fudging my marks :twilightoops:


Hahah Jenny sure wants everypony to think her middle name is Professionalism but maybe she should actually act like it for once :rainbowkiss:


Headcanon? Everything presented here is my very accurate estimation of the eventual direction of the show you'll all seen I'll be taken as a prophet one day :applecry:

Too many princesses to handle must get away


Didn't she say her middle name was Danger? Rainbow Danger Dash?


Rainbow Danger Jennifer Responsibility Safety Dash

Princess Shining Armor

I'm guessing there was a lot of screaming from Shining Armor afterwards

Even Lyra Fucking Heartstrings is a princess and her girlfriend, and her girlfriend is a garbagemare!"

:trollestia: So BonBon, what have you learned about being a garbagemare?

When you're on a bridge, and Fluttershy asks you to move your cart, it's better to move first and tell jokes later.

:trollestia: .....Good enough


You can feel it too? Soon, all of them will be princesses, I can already tell.

......Celestia and Twilight are assholes. Good story though.



I think deep down they're all just a little bit disappointed in Jennifer :rainbowderp: but mostly just because they want her to succeed :twilightsheepish::rainbowwild::trollestia:

The tragedy tag is for stories that end in tragedy. Rainbow Dash actually succeeds and doesn't fail. So this isn't a tragedy. Though I will say that this is a great story. I'll add it to my favorites.


It won't let me combine comedy and sad tags and there are some tears in here okay I didn't want someone to come in unprepared I know this is more like a Comedy by the old rules but if someone came in expecting jokes and saw Jennifer crying I don't wanna be held responsible ok :rainbowderp::rainbowdetermined2:

Sorry, but really? Rainbow Dash couldn't become a princess because she was actually honesty? Why are people so hung up on the fact that Applejack and Rainbow Dash should have their elements switched? Rainbow Dash is Loyalty, and Applejack is Honesty, there is no changing it.


But that's the point, they shouldn't have their elements switched... we're the ones who were wrong the whole time! :derpyderp2:

The real moral of the story, anyway, is less about the elements and more that Rainbow Dash is probably the dumbest of the horses


That ending!

"Here's your horn, try not to break it."
Wow, they (literally) don't make Princesses like they used to.


Celestia's read enough fanfiction to know how often Jennifer ends up in the hospital with broken wings. She can't be trusted with a horn :rainbowhuh::trollestia:

My picture shows rainbow's expression.
Also, that ending was, was.. perfection.



I gave ita thumbs up, but I think another editing pass would do this story wonders.


Oh thank you :2


And thank you :2!


Thanks! I agree, no one who I would have given it to to edit was online enough for then to do a real run through it and I was too impatient to wait I wanted it up wash my hooves of it :eeyup: just like Rainbow Jennifer Dash I couldn't wait

Wow, that's... that's unbelievably close to a premise I came up with myself a while back, but haven't been able to get off the ground. It's nice to see someone else had a similar idea they can bring to fruition.



Yours seems like it was somewhat more serious than my farce though :twilightsheepish:

If you ever finish it I want to see what you do with it I want to see your take on Jennifer's princess difficulties

oh wow and the fic you have up is a trixie fic too are we mirror clones what is happening :twilightoops:

4598449 Well, considering their tendency to forget lessons from one episode to the next, can we really prove they haven't already figured it at least once already?


That's hilarious. I just noticed that.

Believe me, with what I imagined, mine probably is quite a bit more serious, and perhaps I'll get to making it into an actual story some day, but for now I'm glad that even if it wasn't me, someone got this kind of idea out there.

4600635 ..I bet it's the fact that RD probably has a permanent concussion.

Technically, Twilight is actually the dumb one here. In the first episode, she was the one who assigned the elements in the first place. :trollestia:


I saw your fanfic you have posted and it's Trixie's day before going to Ponyville which is what my other fanfic is about and we are mirror clones it's happened it's finally come to light that time one of us visited that reflecting pool the forgotten past has caught up with us :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:


That is a very good point


And that is a very likely explanation!


Maybe Miss Wannabee Princess shouldn't have acted like she knew these ponies so well after a single day huh :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild::twilightangry2:


Oooh my gooooosh! :pinkiegasp:

The sad part is, I don't believe that one will ever be finished. When I first posted it an argument about Trixie's character and the plotline I had in mind broke out in the comments, and I just lost my enthusiasm. I've toughened up a bit since then,but if I continued it, I doubt anyone would notice. I write for myself when I do, but I also want to share my writing with as many as possible.

4600663 Let's see. Permanent concussion. Forgetting Aesops. Coincidence? Hmmm.... :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

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