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Other than the lack of spaces for sections, and some the overly succinct style, which is purely my opinion, that was really good! Would read again. :twilightsmile:


A+ top story.

Most excellent.

most trixie :trixieshiftright:

Oh my Celestia.

This story! :rainbowlaugh::trixieshiftright:

This is good writing. This is also a rare fic with proper grammar.

Definitely one of the best I've read.


Whoa! Thank you super much.


I tried to make its categories Sad and Comedy but the site wouldn't let me use both at once :c


Dang, thanks! Yeah I'm just used to indented paragraph format it is what I was weaned on I don't like the taste of anything else. And while I like Purple Smarts I don't like purple prose as much so I keep my language short and blunt like Scootaloo.

Real low to the ground, you know.

Looked at it
Read it
Loved it

You, sir, get a fave, like and watch.


Whoa, triple thanks. Actually wait that was six things sextuple thanks.

I'm a mare though
I'm a ma'am though



Regardless, this story was utterly brilliant, so you deserve the best I can do for you mare'm. You characterized Trixie wonderfully here.


They really refuse to admit that's possible. I can't for the life of me figure out why... They have some strange ideas.


Tragedy and Comedy? Greek Theatre? Anyone? No? Just me...? Alright then...


If Mother 3 can manage to make a story that is strange, funny and heartrending, then why does FiMFiction not allow those two tags to be put together?


I'd be fine if we had a bittersweet category. Do we have a bittersweet category? I don't think we have that I think that's what we need.

The story of Trixie losing her temper and blasting children with lightning is by definition bittersweet.


From what I've seen, I imagine it has mostly to do with the stubbornness and opinion of the site's purveyor.


That's actually sad. Does the site's purveyor realize that there are some good story ideas that can be done if they allowed the two tags to be put together?


Hah, Im' sure he does. He's a smart fellah. But, he has his own idea for how to run things, and the mods tend to agree with him.

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