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Hello, im Twiggy and i draw stuff, I also indulge in alot of fetishes. Feel free to make contact with me.

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Having restored one of the old traditions of the hive, Thorax now has a new idea for spreading friendship across Equestria: transforming everypony into changelings.

Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer are the first to learn of his plans. Soon, Starlight's experiences will lead her to question what it means to be a person.

Based on an infamous story I wrote twenty years previous.

Chapters (2)

Joker's my name. I'm a herbalist, farmer, and would-be adventurer. All those strange herbs that ponies need for medicine have to come from somewhere, and it isn't every farm that is willing—or able—to grow a crop of poison joke. So get comfortable, and let me tell you about what Spring means for me.

Contains: TF (Pony to plant, and back), TG (stallion to mare-like hermaphrodite), and a very silly pony.

Art: Gab0o0 (also on tumblr)

Chapters (11)

Queen Chrysalis invades Canterlot again with new tactics. These methods, however, are a bit unorthodox.

Cover Art By: Skitterpone

(Do not continue reading if you do not approve of hypnosis, mental regression, or diaper lover themes. If you do not like it or are under legal age, please do not keep reading.)

Chapters (1)

The surface isn't safe anymore.

In the ruined depths of Canterlot, a team of brave salvagers discover six mares, long forgotten but miraculously preserved. Though these mares cannot remember what happened to their world, they possess powerful magic that hasn't been seen for centuries.

Now the Elements of Harmony are thrust headlong into a world beyond recognition. Twilight and her friends must dive into the sunken remains of history to determine what happened, but Equestria isn't the harmonious land it once was. Before they can focus wholly on the past, they may first have to survive the present.

It isn't going to be easy.

Audiobook by Skijarama!
Original Soundtrack by Noc!

Special thanks to Doccular42 for the original concept, and M1ntf4n for editing!

Join the Empty Horizons Discord!

Big thanks to dA artist fantazyme and reader jeffh4 for making this fantastic rendition of Rarity at Mr. Rich's party!

On the fence of whether to read? Check out the Rage Review or hear PaulAsaran's thoughts!

Chapters (27)

When Vinyl Scratch saw the unassuming little restaurant in Ponyville selling something called "poutine", she figured it would do no harm to check the place out. Little did she know that this restaurant would be home to the most deliciously addictive food in Equestria...

Contains: Fat mares, overeating, weight gain, Canadian food.

Chapters (1)

Lyra and Bon Bon are two mares in a happy, loving relationship, thanks in no small part to Lyra's love for Bon Bon's food. This has led to them becoming feeder and feedee, with both mares knowing that it's not just a stallion's heart that can be reached through his stomach... it can happen with mares, too.

Contains: Fat ponies, lesbianism, feeder/feedee relationship.

Chapters (1)

Midnight has just returned from a week of leave from Luna’s day guard. A week she spent trying to give love one more chance, only to meet failure after failure. Her friend, Red Night, has one final ideal on how to turn Midnight’s luck around, one that may stress their friendship to the breaking point.

But, with the help of Princess Luna—and some realizations forced out into the open—perhaps all is not lost for the two friends. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll find out that love is a lot closer to home than either of them expect.

Plays in the timeline of my Lunar Tales Universe!

Thanks to TwiDash for his help and reprovedhawk for the edits!
Cover from LR-Studios

Chapters (1)

Only a small number of bat ponies remained in Equestria after the disaster of Nightmare Moon. The majority fled, not trusting the nation after being betrayed by their own Princess. But with Luna's thousand year exile having come to a close, it is time for them to rejoin the fold, and no pony is better suited for negotiating that task than the Princess of Friendship herself.

However, when the captain of your escort is Indigo Zap, who suffers from a severe case of Lust At First Sight, and has an ego to put Rainbow Dash's to shame, things get a little more complicated than merely healing millennium-long tensions.

Thanks to bahatumay for pre-reading.

Chapters (2)

Princess Cadance was certain that as long as Shining Armor was with her, they could defeat any evil. When Celestia sent them to the Crystal Empire, she was determined to prevent King Sombra's return.

But they were not enough. Now, darkness and war spread across Equestria because of their failure. Most back home assume that both of them are dead, the first victims of Sombra's bloody reign.

But true evil doesn't simply destroy. That would be too far easy for those who dared to oppose it.

[Season 5 finale AU, taking place in the "Crystal War" timeline.]

Shining&Cadance vector belongs to: http://90sigma.deviantart.com/
Background vector belongs to: http://mysterymelt.deviantart.com/

Chapters (5)

Swirly Toes is a unicorn with a special talent: she's very good at hypnosis. That is to say, a certain kind of hypnosis, befitting a mare of her particular tastes. A certain kind of hypnosis that allows to fully enjoy her personal love, while spreading the joy of that love to the uninitiated.

In short, Swirly Toes has hypnotic feet.

Her goal is simple and wonderful: she wants all of Equestria to join her in barefooted bliss! Can Twilight and her friends stop her, or will she free the ponies from the tyranny of shoes?

Obviously, a foot fetish fic.
Swirly Toes belongs to Zuneycat, used with permission

Chapters (1)
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