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There will probably be mind control.


Swirly Toes is a unicorn with a special talent: she's very good at hypnosis. That is to say, a certain kind of hypnosis, befitting a mare of her particular tastes. A certain kind of hypnosis that allows to fully enjoy her personal love, while spreading the joy of that love to the uninitiated.

In short, Swirly Toes has hypnotic feet.

Her goal is simple and wonderful: she wants all of Equestria to join her in barefooted bliss! Can Twilight and her friends stop her, or will she free the ponies from the tyranny of shoes?

Obviously, a foot fetish fic.
Swirly Toes belongs to Zuneycat, used with permission

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 28 )

.....shamefully favorites.

>implying mature content
>Implying you need sexytimes to enjoy feet
>Implying I'm taking this fic seriously at all

Finally! A foot fetish fic in a long while! :heart:

Actually, I have to confess
I prefer hooves.
But zuney inspired me, what can I say?


I like a bit of both but feet (at least clean ones if not a tad musky) has a special place in my heart :twilightblush:

Since I just finish reading this.....pwease more feetsie scenes? :rainbowkiss:


Well, I still need to do a story for the image that inspired me, but I need to head back to Project Starburst too :P

As a shoe fetishist I must take a strong moral stance in opposition to this. Down with this sort of thing!

This was great.
Loved swilrly and its cool too see zunes pic get a story.
Plus another great foot fetish story definitely can't get enough of those.

Let's have a little census. Do you prefer clean feet/hooves or filthy feet/hooves?

Also, I can't wait for more :rainbowkiss:

6742270 I honestly don't mind eithers great:heart: :twilightsmile:

Excuse me. More please:twilightblush:

Please continue this! This is a hot concept.

in my personal opinion, its just meh. it's not bad, but it's not good either.

Any chance that this story will continue? (...he asked, well aware of the irony)

I wonder if this will ever continue.... Been almost a year...


Actually, the second chapter is halfway done. I've been coming back to it now and again

RIP story. not really though.

Said the giant, kid-eating, ballerina.

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