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This was originally written at a speedfic writing panel at Trotcon 2018. The prompt was Featherweight, Rainbow Dash, and the moon.

One typewriter and an hour later, left us with this.

Chapters (1)

Two Canterlot neighbors have a frank discussion about this special holiday where un-reformed changelings are welcomed to abandon their disguises and roam the town as fellow citizens. They find that they have both been profoundly affected by the royal wedding invasion.

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Life was pretty routine for Spike: Wake up, eat some food, keep Twilight and Starlight in check, go back to bed. It was a simple life, if not a bit predictable.

All that changes when Celestia calls on him to defeat an evil force that threatens to tear Equestria to pieces. What's more, the only way to defeat this force is to travel over a thousand years into the past and prevent it from existing in the first place.

Things just got a bit more complicated for the dragon.

Check the theme song performed for this fic: If Only I Had Time by Among the Herd!

Edited by Soaring and Jack of a Few Trades
Preread by: Ice Star

Artwork commissioned by Alumx

Chapters (11)

All Starlight wants to do is stew in her emotions. After all, nopony really understands her.

Of course, her dad won't leave well enough alone.

Preread by: Alex_ and Jack of a Few Trades

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Girls repulse you. All those tea parties and cooties and pink bows and stuff. A smart ten year old colt like yourself wants nothing to do with them! You're perfectly happy playing with your model train set. But when the Cutie Mark Crusaders chase you down to discover the secrets of gaining a Cutie Mark, you find there's more to those fillies than you think. Especially their ringleader, Apple Bloom.

Vectors by Kuren247 and the DeviantArt VectorClub.

Chapters (10)

[2nd Person Fic starring you and Derpy Hooves]

It's just an average day for you at the lettuce stand when you are greeted by Ponyville's resident mail mare. Though this normally wouldn't be out of the ordinary, she seems to be sporting some...strange gear.

A/N: I always feel like my descriptions are too short. The actual description part, not the Author's Notes part.

ANYWAY, this is my Derpy story! Inspired almost SOLELY by a picture I saw. I'll put it in the author's notes of the actual story, as to avoid spoilers here.

I started writing this about a week ago, just before Christmas. Once I started, I challenged myself to finish it before the year ended. And what do ya know, I did! Didn't publish it before then, but still...I felt accomplished.

...Totally pointless information, but I thought I might as well share it.

I don't have too much to say here. So I'll just end this off with the traditional:
Enjoy folks!

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Nyx is learning magic and flying under the best tutors in Equestria, but something keeps going wrong with her magic. It is soon clear that a dark force is at work and all the alicorns in the ruling quadrature have to reconcile their own fractured relationships in pulling together to save Nyx and Equestria.

This fic takes place some time after the end of Past Sins, drawing upon the characters and relationships established by the excellent Pen Stroke.

Please note this short story is not a sequel, but a spin-off starring Nyx, the lovable alicorn filly adopted by Twilight Sparkle.

There is some ‘T’ rated gore in Chapter 6. Clear instructions are provided explaining how to skip past this passage for readers who do not wish to see it, and an ‘E’ rated summary is provided so that these readers do not miss out on the storyline.

Dedicated to Phoebe and Abbie.

Chapters (13)

Spoilers for S8E6

Scootaloo was overjoyed to discover the Cutie Map was sending her and her friends across Equestria for a friendship mission. It was her first time flying outside her dreams.

If she didn't do something, it would be her last.

Cover by Zutcha. Quick editing by Bitera.

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Equestria's biggest, baddest, most stair-obsessed tyrant has returned, and he's got plans.

That is until destiny strikes, and our king runs into a bubbly young hippogriff with whom he's surprised he actually shares something in common.

The unlikely duo set off to discover only the best stairs in all the land, and may just learn a thing or two about themselves along the way.

Chapters (2)

On a calm and snowy night, just a few days before Hearth's Warming, Spike decides to check up on Twilight to see if she's doing okay.

Twilight has been through much hardship recently, but thankfully, over the past year she's gotten much better since. However, with fears still lingering in Spike's mind, he wants to be absolutely certain that Twilight's improved well-being stays that way.

And he'll do it by doing what he does best at. By being right by her side. There for her. Always.

Teen Rating: A moment of strong language.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this. You're criticism is much appreciated :pinkiehappy:
ARTWORK by: Seabridge Drive THANK YOU!

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