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A Displaced Story

War. Destruction. Legions of the Undead. Death.

These are the things that the Terrible Lord Ains Ooal Gown brought to Equestria. His terrible reign brought the land of Equestria to near destruction.

Hope. Safety. Life.

These are the things the Hero Momonga brought to the land of Equestria. He and his allies fought the Undead armies Ains Ooal Gown brought to Equestria, fighting for the survival of Equestria and the rest of the world. With his aid, Equestria was nearly saved.

This is their story. Their Legend.

(Story takes place in Equestria, but all the characters are human. Not Anthro, Human. Also, this is one story of four, two of which will be posted on Bronyparasite's side once ready.)

Story is cowritten with Brony Parasite.

Overlord is owned by whoever made it, MLP is owned by HASBRO, copyright bs copyright bs.

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Main Theme: You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring

Now available on fanfiction.net

Sans knew he was going to die. He’d held off the little megalomaniac as long as he could, but even the power his father had bestowed upon him had failed him. But, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. At least he’d see his brother again. However, as it turns out, while Sans thought he was done with life, life was not yet done with Sans. Now a human, Sans not only finds himself a resident of Canterlot City, but a Junior at Canterlot High School, a member of the boys basketball team and of the band. However, Sans’ new lease on life isn’t all slam dunks and knock-knock jokes. There are problems he and his new friends have to deal with, ranging from sea pony sirens, to sorceresses who’ve been consumed by the magic they’d unleashed, even threats from Sans’s home… including the very child who’d slain Sans. Will our heroes make it out of this mess, or will Sans and the Main 7 get dunked on?

Set in the Equestria Girls Universe.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to: an alicorn goddess.
Undertale belongs to: The Annoying Dog

Hi! I have adopted this story from Crimson Blade79, and they adopted it from someone else. I'm here to continue it, and hopefully do justice to all those who have worked on it. I am looking for an editor/proofreader, and I would be happy to consider anyone who is willing to take the job. To those of you who have already read this, it may be a little different from what you remember. I can only hope I do well...
Updates won't be frequent, not with school, so expect this to be a reeeeeeaaaally slow-updating fic. Hope you all enjoy!

Chapters (2)

With Twilight Sparkle's coronation comes new dangers, not from the outside, but from within. To keep her safe, Princess Celestia is forced to turn to a single prisoner for help, Saber Alabaster, an assassin. If Saber can gain Twilight, and the new temperamental captain's trust then they just might survive what's coming.

All characters are Humanized.

Cover art: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Radan-the-rogue-483057845
Featured on: 9/26/16 HOLY SHITZ!

Chapters (17)

Just a normal evening of playing some video games with my friends until a bright mysterious light teleports us to the lands of Equestria-cliche am I right-. With our new strange powers and no known way to return home will Twilight and her friends be able to handle us and the strange occurrences plaguing Equestria. ( Also I would love constructive criticism. Tags and other characters will be added later.)

Chapters (15)

Note: The very first chapter is just a prologue and would take some time before I take to the first episode. However is plain justified since this is a little experiment that i wanted to perform during my boredom.

Allen Nitrol is a boy who was turned into a pony and entered into Equestria..... from the grave. If that wasn't understood, yes. He is dead and is now reincarnated into this world. Due to his politics about not tell almost anything about himself, his past is almost unknown.

As he entered into the fantasy world in the most strangest and dreary way possible, and having a huge knowledge about the mlp's timeline, he expected to be in the later time. That would be a reasonable start.

This until he was first met by a skeletal pony, who greeted him in a very shocking fashion. Whats worst is that his ordeal started from the most obvious plot point: Season 1. And unfortunately, his skeletal attendant gives her dreadful personal touch to the whole timeline and the new life that Allen hadn't begun to live yet.

The plot is going to be improved? Downhill? Messed up? All depends on of what Allen will do and his attempts to limit anything that would twist the canon, even if his attempts turned out to be all vain... If he must.

Side effects may include:
-Medium Plot Bending (Minor changes to the seasons premiere and finale that doesn't change the result imposed to the canon but that will still affect somehow the it's timeline.
-Black Humor
-Videogame Logic

And is going to intertwine with the comic book canon to create a new one as well, plus some other material.

This story is a experiment that i want to do just because i want have a change of pace to relax from my other works.

Chapters (28)