Welcome to Heaven, Kick Everyone Out

by Reiuji Laevateinn

Chapter Three: The Warrior

“Your training has gone well, Sunset.” Ainz said, patting the small girl on the head as they walked back to their underground home from the local village. “It is hard to believe you are only ten years old, yet are already able to master almost all of the second tier spells I have taught you.”

“Oh, Lord Ainz, it's nothing at all! My family always considered me a prodigy in the field of magic!” Sunset grinned, leaping up in front of him, using a flight spell to match his height. “And I had a great teacher!”

“You flatter me too much, young Sunset. I simply put you on the path.” He said, removing his mask after sensing the area was clear of people. “You are the one who drove your own course.” He dragged a bag of common groceries behind him, all the nutritional food a small girl such as Sunset would require for the next few weeks, along with a few extra things.

“You're too humble, Lord Ainz!” Sunset giggled. “So, are we gonna test our magic on the local Flyder populace tonight? Or are we going to accept another job from the next town’s Adventurers Guild?”

“I'd be happy to do either on a later date, but tonight is a special occasion.” Ainz said, and unfortunately he had long lost the ability to smile.

“Really, Lord?” Sunset asked, jumping up and down in the air in excitement. “What's it gonna be for? Doing a good job in magic?”

“No, no. Nothing as simple as that.” Ainz replied, waving his gauntleted hand in front of him. “It's something I feel is… more important. You will understand once we return home.”

“Ooh, is that why you had me leave the house an hour before you? To set something up?” Sunset asked, and Ainz nodded.

“You are quite perceptive, Sunset.” Ainz said, then turned to look at the setting sun to their right. “This world… it's amazingly beautiful, but filled with strife…” He sighed.

“Yeah. The people here, while under the guise of being happy, face many struggles in this world…” Sunset nodded, following his gaze. “The woods hold terrible creatures, and the Griffonians continue to send their tribalistic brothers here to stir up trouble… and yet Celestia does nothing.” Her hands balled into fists, and her gaze turned to a hateful glare as she looked at the sunset before them.

“Yes, this is all true.” Ainz sighed, shrugging his shoulders before continuing on the road. “But the only way to change anything is if someone were to take over the world… but truly, such lofty ideas are better left for those who know more than the smaller picture.”

Sunset looked at the back of her mentor with a slightly shocked expression. The very thought of deposing Celestia… a devilish grin formed across her face at the mere thought of it. The smile vanished as she followed after Ainz, her hands cupped behind her as her mind began scheming.


“Happy… uh, day that I found you Day!” Ainz said helplessly, extending his arms towards the dining room, which now was decorated with red and yellow party favors. “I still need to think of something to call it…”

“Oh, it's perfectly fine, Lord Ainz!” Sunset giggled, observing the decorations with a childlike glee. “You can just call it a birthday if you want. Wow, this is incredible! You got this all done in only an hour?!”

Ainz coughed. “Y-yes… with only a few minor difficulties…” He said no more on the matter, eyes shifting away from the room while Sunset examined every minor detail. The spellcaster turned, bumping into a nearby table, which had been piled up with bundles of papers and books, while a single paper fell down to the floor, knocked loose from its confinement in around the top of a stack of papers. Ainz looked down at the paper, and began examining it thoroughly.

“That's right….” He muttered, looking at the picture hand drawn onto the yellowing paper. It was of an armored warrior, which should be pretty common. However his armor was almost unlike anything he had ever seen in this world. “It's so easy to forget such an event…” He muttered as he thought back to a few months after he had arrived in this world...

Almost Two years ago…

The now-thoroughly disguised Ainz walked down the road towards one of the larger cities in the area, hoping to acquire more information on this world. That is, more than just the hearsay of an eight year old. From what she had told him, the city was called Vanhoover, and was located on the coast of the Luna Bay.

“Why is this city's name a horse pun?” Ainz muttered as he trekked along the dirt road, which would eventually lead to the city he searched for. Trees surrounded the road, and Ainz, had he still been a normal human, might have felt almost closed in by the foliage. “Hopefully some of the residents of this city are more helpful than the other nearby towns…”

A sudden tornado of fire sprung up from somewhere deep in the forest, and the disguised skeleton turned to look at the phenomenon in mild curiosity.

Detect Magic.” Ainz muttered, trying to get a read in the spellcaster who likely caused the event. “Impressive. The caster has such an abundance of mana at their disposal.” As he turned to continue his path, a thought crossed his mind. “Well… I suppose I could take a look at whatever is happening… it's not like I've met any other spellcasters since coming here.” He began to slowly create a path to the source of the magical flames still spiraling into the sky. Trees fell before him, before realization struck him. “I'm such an idiot… Fly.” He shot up above the trees, before rushing towards the source of the mana at a much faster pace. “I need to remember that I have flight magic… it makes things much easier.”

He silently descended to the area where the fiery tornado had first sprung up, and took a moment to take in his surroundings.

Burnt bodies littered the ground, blackened armor having done nothing to save its wearer from the deadly flames that had claimed their lives. The forest had begun to burn as well, blazing wood collapsing upon itself and tumbling into the battlefield at random. And in the center of the battlefield was a small group of soldiers facing off against a single flaming woman.

The majority of the group wore simple and almost identical golden armor, their swords raised in front of them, as if to ward off the rising heat of the flames surrounding the woman. But Ainz had immediately noticed the one standing in front of them, his size singling him out as unique. He stood far taller than the rest, dwarfing even the tallest soldier, and likely Ainz as well. He wore a full body suit of intricate, yet surprisingly durable red and gold armor, at least a few feet thick. Ainz theorized that a normal man would be completely unable to move in such armor, yet the warrior, his left eye missing, not only moved surprisingly fast for such armor, but also held a large warhammer in his grip. He stood before the rest of the group, eye narrowed in determination as he continued to rush towards the woman, his hammer held high.

She was an entirely different story compared to the armored warrior. Her ‘armor’ was quite bare boned, with only orange leather covering her chest, crotch, and limbs, providing little protection. However, there were three major differences that set her apart from what is considered ‘normal’ for humans. The first and most notable difference was that her hair appeared to be made almost entirely of fire, billowing behind her as if it was part of an elaborate cape. The second thing was the pair of white wings sprouting from her back, somehow entirely resistant to the flames of her hair. And finally, she had a long, white horn sticking out from her flaming hair.

“Oh please!” She taunted to the armored warrior. “Something as slow as you could never hope to defeat me! I admit, that hammer of yours did surprise me, but I, Daybreaker, shall not be brought low by a single blow!” She cackled, raising her hands to the sky. “I hope you’re flame-proof, because I think global warming is here a few centuries early!” Her horn glowed a dark red, and a billowing ball of flames erupted from her outstretched hands, before she launched it straight towards the warrior, who, instead of trying to flee, and thus endangering the soldiers behind him, stabbed the pommel of his hammer into the ground, and held his ground, the flames wrapping around his form like a very warm blanket.

Ainz watched on as the almost suicidal warrior started marching forward against the flames that continued to spray from the magic caster’s hands, though Ainz noted that he was struggling with each step. Ainz’s nonexistent ears could also barely pick up the sound of the warrior chanting some sort of prayer, the flames obviously burning his face and mouth.

Greater Hearing.” Ainz whispered, glowing slightly as his hearing range increased almost twofold. He could now hear the warrior’s words clearly, though the raging flames would likely have made a living man’s ears bleed from their new intensity.

“My Emperor… let your might guard those… righteous warriors…” The proud warrior growled, taking another step despite all odds. “Who face the enemies of man… protect us from harm...” Ainz then noticed what appeared to be a very thin golden barrier blocking the flames from continuing to burn away the warrior.

“A shield spell perhaps?” Ainz muttered, but continued to watch. The rest of his words were drowned out by the flames, but even as the flames once more found purchase, he continued forward, until he was finally in reach of ‘Daybreaker’.

“So we… may War in your name!” The gravelly voice of the warrior roared across the burning forest, as he brought his mighty hammer crashing down towards the flaming spellcaster, who instinctively raised her arms defensively as several magic barriers formed between her and the hammer. The warrior’s strength must have been truly impressive, as the hammer burst it's way through each glowing red barrier with ease, the sound of bones breaking as the hammer made contact with her arms echoing through everyone’s ears, followed soon by Daybreaker’s cries of pain.

She leapt away, hovering in midair as a green light emanated from her already mending hands. “Healing magic.” Ainz muttered, sensing an even greater buildup of Daybreaker’s mana forming above her.

“You accursed worm! I shall make you suffer in the flames of Tartarus for even daring to wound me!” She raised her now healed hands once again, and a truly massive ball of fire rose from her hair, dwarfing the ball from earlier by three sizes.

“It is better to die... for the Princess... than to live… for yourself!” The warrior roared, readying his hammer for what appeared to be another swing.

It was that sentence that made Ainz’s decision for him. As the great flames of hell descended upon the battlefield, the disguised skeleton raised a gauntleted hand, crying out, “Reality Slash!” and swinging his arm downwards, launching an arc of almost reality bending energy straight towards the fireball, cutting it in two. The upper part disappeared into the tear in reality, though the other side, much smaller by comparison, descended upon the lone warrior, who met it with what appeared to be a smile on his blackened face as he was bathed in the unyielding flames.

Ainz leapt back into the air, hovering between Daybreaker and the other soldiers as he confronted her.

“What's this?” She chuckled, noticing the collapsed figure of the warrior down below with undisguised satisfaction. “Another pesky fly dares to interrupt our slaughter? Oh, this will not do!”

“I shall warn you only once, witch. Leave now, or I, Adam- I mean, Ainz Ooal Gown, will be your opponent, and your end.” Ainz growled, raising his hand out in front of him. Daybreaker raised an eyebrow at him, before cackling maniacally.

“Oh please, mister dark and brooding, we beg for thine forgiveness! We are trembling in our boots!” She begged sarcastically, cupping her hands together pleadingly. “Or perhaps we can see what's behind that little mask of yours?” She put a finger to her lips in mock curiosity, her horn glowing once again. “I suppose I can find the charred remains of whatever is behind it… so we might as well begin!”

“Begin?” Ainz chuckled, raising his hand. “Nothing is beginning here. There is only the end!” He slashed downwards, magic pouring out of his hand and rocketing towards Daybreaker.”Reality Slash!” She ducked out of the way, reality bending around the magic as it flew past, and she stared at the disguised skeleton in surprise.

“That… that was beyond Third Tier Magic…” Daybreaker muttered, flames blazing in her hands as she began to chuckle. “You've actually managed to impress me! You seem to be a cut above these irritating worms!” She launched several balls of flame, the magic fire expanding as it left her palms, becoming massive infernos spiraling straight towards Ainz.

“I am glad I can impress someone of such power, truly.” Ainz commented, casting another spell. “Greater Fire Protection!” He then leapt upwards, flying above the flames as they passed under him, only for Daybreaker to snap her fingers, and the inferno exploded outward, bathing Ainz in white-hot flames that could be seen from Vanhoover.

“Oh wow, what a beautiful sight!” Daybreaker cackled, watching the flames continue to expand into the sky, only for a shadow to burst out, smoke trailing from it as Ainz floated down in front of her, a small black flame hovering atop his finger. “I… but… how are you alive? Those flames could melt solid steel!”

“I survived because I am far greater than any pitiful pony, Daybreaker.” Ainz said, removing his mask, much to her shock at what lay behind. “Now, little children shouldn't play with fire… otherwise they will get burned.” The small flame flew towards Daybreaker, and even though she tried to get out of the way, it contacted one of her wings. ”Hell Flame!”

“Gyaaaaagh!” Daybreaker roared in pain as black flames ripped along her wing, but before they could expand to the rest of her body she acted quickly, surrounding her hand with magic and slicing through her own wing, screaming out in pain once again as she forcefully separated herself from her burning wing, which was soon consumed by the flames, turning to ash which flew off into the wind.

“Now, Daybreaker, despite my looks I am a merciful man.” Ainz stated as he hovered in front of her, his eyes glowing through his mask. “I have said that I would be your end, but seeing you in such a pathetic state makes me pity you.” He leaned in close to her face, her features twisted in pain as glowing red blood dripped from her shoulder, falling to the ground below. “Leave now, or I shall finish what I have started here.”

“I… we will accept your humble generosity.” Daybreaker seethed after a moment, looking to her missing wing. “But know that the next time we meet, things shall be different. We will kill you, Ainz. We know not how, but thou shalt not survive our next encounter!” She said, before teleporting away in a flash of red light. Ainz sighed, dropping to the ground and turning to the surviving guards, who had been lucky enough to be outside the radius of the flames.

“I am sorry for your comrades, soldier.” Ainz stated, lowering his head. “I wish I could have been here sooner, but…”

“No need, Spellcaster.” One of the guards said as they walked up, this one female. “You saved at least some of us, and for that I thank you.” She sighed, looking at the charred remains of some of her soldiers. “We were supposed to either capture that monster, or kill her… but I suppose the Princess will have to accept wounding her for now.” She looked back to Ainz. “For saving my guards, I thank you.” She turned to another one of the guards. “Initiate Armor! Take a three guards and collect the dead! We will take them back to Canterlot for a proper burial.” The guard in question saluted, his blue hair burnt and disheveled as he selected three of his fellows to begin grabbing the dead. The woman, obviously a captain, turned back to Ainz. “Again, I thank-” she stopped midspeech as she realized Ainz had vanished.

Ainz reappeared on the path he had been walking along, sighing as he looked at his gauntleted hand.

“That was a perfect test against some of the other spellcasters of this world…” He muttered, though the inside of his mind was much more active.

”Hell yeah! I was so cool!” He thought, before pausing. ”Wait… why don't I just use the Gate spell to teleport to Vanhoover?” He physically sighed as he realized his own incompetence, before looking back upon the road. “Gate!” He declared, thinking of the city he wished to go to. However, nothing happened. He tried again after a few moments, thinking the spell might have been incorrect, but once again he remained in the same place. “... I guess it only works for places I've seen, not just heard of…” He sighed, before continuing on his trek. “Good to know, but slightly annoying…”

Back in the present…

”What drove me to draw a picture of that armored giant?” Ainz asked himself inside his head, examining the drawing in detail. After his arrival in this world, his drawing skills had seemingly improved, and the drawing looked very detailed, giving the present Ainz a good idea on how the warrior looked.

“Ainz! What're you doing over there?” Sunset asked, floating onto his back. “C’mon, we've got a thing to celebrate!”

Ainz chuckled, placing the page inside his clothes for later, before raising his hands and grabbing his young student, flipping her over to face him. “Of course! After all that work I put into it, it would be a shame to let it go to waste!”

“Then get your bony butt over to the table!” Sunset demanded, wriggling free of his grip and flying back to the table. The Skeleton chuckled, putting his thoughts of the past behind to celebrate Sunset’s survival. But, deeper in his mind, his thoughts still lingered, wondering why he felt drawn to the probably dead warrior, and questioning why he was so different.