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Hello everypony I’m Glim Glam 65 I may not be good at writing stories. But that doesn’t mean I won’t try. Everyone’s my friend here.

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As a newly initiated Crusader, Rumble has become determined to prove that he can be anything, no matter what his future cutie mark says. But what will the mysterious addition of a horn say? It seems that Rumble's epiphany has brought out his true form as an alicorn, the first ever male one. And to the princesses, this can only mean one thing: Rumble must become Prince of Equestria! Now the scrappy young colt is thrown into a life of royalty and must carry out the duties of a magical dignitary. Can Rumble handle the stresses of being the first Equestrian prince?...Well? Can he?!

Based on an idea by: blue-hart

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With as many books as Twilight has on magic, one would think she could weather the loss of one. So long as it's not that particular book on forbidden transformation magic that could wreak havoc if it fell into the wrong hooves. But what are the chances of that happening, especially when she has such an efficient, detail-minded assistant like Spike?

(Rated teen for language and mild sexual innuendo)

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Manehatten, for all intents and purposes, is the safest place to live.

There's walls. Protection. The Wasteland doesn't seem to have an influence on what happens within the district. All is safe and well, there is nothing for anypony to worry about. Much less a foal who is experiencing life for the first time, living life under the valued protection of the Enclave!

So why is everypony so sad?

Fallout Equestria is by Kkat.

This is a side story to Fallout: Equestria - Resistance
Echos Stories: Echoes of Resistance: Divergence

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WARNING! This is an OC story, proceed at your own risk!
Turbo has always been a loner. So it wasn't uncommon for Mist to see his little brother alone. But there's been a change in his loathsome behavior he's spending too much time alone in his room but something big has happened, after opening up his bedroom door to check on him. He notices, Turbo's window opened, and a letter that said "dear Mist, by the time you read this I'll be long gone, you didn't know this, but I need to find something, something important. Whatever you do, don't try to stop me, I need to do this myself. Goodbye brother, I'll see you again." Now Mist Dasher is out to find Turbo, as Turbo is out to find his romance.
OcxOC (straight ship)
First story since I had writer's block, so please be nice if it's not that great
On Hiatus until I decide what to do with this fic

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After Tirek released Twilight's friends, instead of letting Tirek steal all her alicorn magic, Twilight teleports her friends to a safe place and resumes her intense battle with Tirek. They are nearly equal, but then Tirek steals the hidden power of a certain earth pony and becomes far more powerful than an enraged Twilight with the power of Celestia, Luna and Cadance...

Note: It's best if you watched MLP Seasons 1-6 and all the movies in between before you read this story, though it's not strictly necessary; you'll just be confused in some places otherwise

Edited and Revised by Fedairkid until Meanwhile...

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Trixie invites Starlight Glimmer and Twilight sparkle to see her perform in saddle Aribia. But when they get there some unexpected things happen. Will Trixie be able to put on a great show with Starlight and Twilights help or well her life as a performer be over.

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