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Wow. That was harsh. I never expected Spike to be capable of such an act. But justified...? I’m torn on the matter...

"Y-you're going to kill me?!"


Well, seeing as "Discordant Harmony" showed that Discord literally needs to be chaotic in order to continue existing, whether or not Spike wants to admit it, his answer ought to be "Yes."

I admire your gumption, Spike, but this house of cards you've built is flimsy as buck, and if anything falls over all your friends are going to flip their lids for one reason or another.

All words aside, a decent story, albeit I one feel somewhat conflicted on. I'm a bit concerned that some viewers may misconstrue Spike as being entirely in the right (maybe he kinda is, but even if that's the case, see above), but that's not really this fic's fault.

If you ever decide to make a sequel of some kind, I'd gladly give it a look.

"I'm loyal to Twilight above all else. Always have been. Always will be."

That part worries me and think should back fire on Spike, if eh that loyal what to stop him from assuming others are a threat to Twilight, like Celestia and Luna later on or even the mane six?

also Spike may of killed Discord or broken him utterly, Discord made a mistake a big one and I still blame the writers of MLP for doing that, and ruining Discord character development.

but so has everyone else, no pony or creature is perfect, they all caused a disaster and mistake that effected a lot of ponies and creatures, yet they were given second chances and forgiven.

I thought of that, but I saw that as Discord needing to act chaotically. That's why he doesn't die when he gets his magic sucked out by tirek or the bell.

And yeah, I was trying to give off the idea of how Spike's devotion to Twilight could go to the extreme.

On the first part, none of them have put Twilight in as much danger for such poor reasons as personal amusement. At least, that is how Spike sees it.

Second, Discord has had multiple chances, and has used them to endanger and hurt ponies. Spike thinks Discord has shown he won't change, at least, not enough.

Ouf thats a hard one
Would love a sequel to this

1. What's hard?
2. While I'm not going to make a direct sequel, I'm going to attempt to make a sort of dark epic (meaning very long) that has all this story's elements in it, along with some cosmic horror tropes (especially decent into madness) a celebration of our favorite dragon and his whole character, and a semi deconstruction of the "dark, edgy grr spike" fanfic which I find always disappoints me. So stay tuned! :pinkiehappy:

Basically three strikes, your out.

And it's been far more than three.

1. Boy, I'm proud of you. You planned and did things yourself, considering almost everything for your attack.
2. I admit that you've justifiable reasons up to a point. Discord seems to have caused more problems than it has fixed, and for him that was nothing more than a game.
3. We'll have to watch out for this extreme fanaticism for Twilight. But for this specific case, I think I couldn't blame anything. :pinkiecrazy:

Spike should have killed Discord and put him out of his misery. Just taking his magic isn't enough!

does losing his magic kill him anyway

Only very slowly! He may live a long time before he even starts fading away. But I doubt it will teach him anything anyways!

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