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Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Just that so many stories show what happens when a pony gets involved in a human war, but very few actually show what happens when said pony goes back home. Yours does, and it just makes it that much more interesting. Twi's a fucking badass and I love it.

Thank you for adding The Soldier and The Unexpected and The Soldier and Hope to your Favorites.:twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

May I ask what you enjoy about them?

Agreed. How companies keep killing their dedication filled fans and killing of their business overall is beyond me.

A college of me showed me a colkection of 40k he started years ago. When he buy the newest produced stuff it was shown how cheap the products had become. Namely hollowed out underside of tanks that had not even be closed up...

I absolutely adore the TTS series, in fact it's one of the big reasons I got into learning about 40k in the first place. It's just a shame that GW's policy changes pretty much killed all fan animations, including TTS. They're still good, just hard to watch them again knowing that it will most likely never be completed.

  • Viewing 37 - 41 of 41
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