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*Spoilers for Season 8 episode 24 & 25 “School Raze”*

An ordinary day takes a turn for the worst when magic begins to disappear all over equestria. According to Princess Celestia, and her old mentor, Starswirl the Bearded, unless they find out what is responsible for this catastrophe in three days.......all magic in their world will vanish into the ether.


But thanks to a certain filly who serves as assistant to Princess Twilight in her School, our heroes may have a lead on who is responsible for enticing this insidious curse upon their world. Someone who is already known for his ability to steal magic in order to gain new strength.

The evil centaur, Lord Tirek.

But he’s in Tartarus, isn’t he? At least, that’s what everypony believes, still. And yet, all signs seem to point in HIS direction. As such, the Mane Six find no choice but to venture to the infernal prison, and see for themselves. And if he IS there, perhaps they can obtain answers as to why Equestrian Magic is vanishing. When they DO find him, they may end up finding a dreadful surprise in store for them: one of them being the devious appearance of their originally aged foe.

And in the end, they might find themselves paying a great price for the safety of their world.

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"Shining "Dantes" Armor has had a perfect life as a kind, devoted, caring, and loving stallion. Not only named general of the Equestrian Military, and given a ship of his own to command: But he's also set to marry the mare of his dreams, Cadenze "Cadence" Mercedes. The two of them, whose love proved stronger than even the elements of Harmony. Everything was perfect.

But then, because fate is unkind, and turns a blind eye to other's suffering, Dantes is betrayed by those whom he considered his closest friends. Framed for the crimes of treason, and murder, both of which he had not done, he is condemned to a nefarious prison for the rest of his days. All the while never understanding why he ended up here, and with his fiance' having no knowledge of this treachery. As the years follow, the both of them struggle to hold onto their love, and keep hope alive.

But how can you have hope when all you begin to know is anger? When your only reason for being changes from reuniting with the one you love to having revenge against those who wronged you? Can there be any such hope for redemption in the end? And what DOES such revenge cost? What price is one willing to pay to settle the old scores while pushing aside those who cared for you?

These are the questions which will burn in the mind of Shining Dantes when he breaks free, and amasses a mighty fortune hidden within a secretive isle. But one thing is for certain: the colt he was died in the prison he was trapped in. Now he goes by a new name, tying to the place where he found his treasure, and the beginning of his revenge began.

This is the story of The Count of Monte Cristo, who will learn what the price of revenge is, and find out if he can ever be the same as he was before."

Based on the 2002 film, as well as the musical
Inspired by the Ink Potts animatic series, featuring Rainbow Dash

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(Prelude/practice run for the ACTUAL series: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/415905/my-little-ponys-the-count-of-monte-cristo)

13 years ago, Shining Dantes was betrayed by those whom he considered friends. 3 villains, though reformed, became jealous of what he had, and sought to destroy his life. Their plan succeeded, and Shining was framed for treason, and imprisoned for 13 years in the Chateau D'if.

Noone ever imagine he would escape, and find a mighty treasure to aid in his plot for revenge.

But he did, and with the new name "The Count of Monte Cristo", he set forth to expose the traitors, and tear their worlds down as they did to him. By now, he has long since succeeded, with only his closest friend, Sombra Mondego, being the last one on the loose. But just before he can plan out what to do to him, she appears. Cadenza Mercedes, who was once his hope, and light, only to marry the very stallion who betrayed him, has now become an object of resentment - until she reveals how their bond remains strong, even after such a horrible ordeal was forced upon them.

Now, with all that has occurred, Shining finds the anger, hate, and pain slipping away, and feelings he had forgotten ages ago return. For the first time in his life, he feels Love, Hope, and Forgiveness again.

Perhaps these are the signs that he can let go of the pains of the past, and be the man he once used to be again.

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Cover Art belongs to https://sushiihamster.deviantart.com

The duty of a King is to be there for his subjects. To guide, and rule them with fairness, and compassion. To lead them into a bright, and beautiful future in peace and prosperity. He must care for them as if they were his own, and protect them with his life. Those are the qualities of a pure king. But there are a few exceptions to this principle: and that is King Sombra. The nefarious unicorn who fell to the dark powers, and became an evil despot who conquered the Crystal Empire, and enslaved the ponies who lived there, before his 1000 year imprisonment in the Frozen North. His return 1000 years later may have brought about a second reign of hate and fear, with his slaves trapped in his iron grip for all time. That is, were it not for the efforts of eight ponies, and a small baby dragon who brought back the Crystal Heart, and used the power of Love inside to restore the empire, and vanquish the evil king once, and for all.

But this was not the end of the story itself.

The duties of a prince is to his people. To guide, and rule his subjects with fairness, and compassion. To treat them as his own, and protect them with his own life. And Prince Shining Armor, husband to Princess Cadance, and Former Captain of the Guard, is a pony who would give his life to protect everyone: whether it's his own family, the princesses themselves, AND his newfound subjects. While he still isn't quite sure about his place as a Prince, he is as sure as he can be that his place remains with his beloved wife.

But now that love must be put to the test. Ever since Cadance, and his sister found the secret study of King Sombra, something strange has been happening with Shining Armor. He feels.........unsafe at times. As if something were always following him. And he swears he hears a voice in his head. Worse still are these compulsions which threatens to take him over. What could this all mean? Is Shining Armor perhaps suffering from the strains of the recent events in his life? Or is something else at work here? Something insidious, and dark. Something which seeks to use him in order to see its return to power. The only question remaining is this:

Can Shining Armor stand against this evil? Or will he succumb to the Darkness within>

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All of us remember the classic sequel to https://www.fimfiction.net/user/DisneyFanatic23's famous story "Bride of Discord"? The one we all know as "Daughter of Discord". The story of the daughter of discord, and fluttershy, Screwball, and the son of Queen Chrysalis, Mothball. Two friends who become close lovers in a world divide by hatred, and fear. And yet they prove that their love is stronger than anything when they stand together against all odds against the vile machinations of Chrysalis. And prove that they are far stronger together than apart.

But what if there was one detail which made things a little more complex than before? Like the presence of a certain, evil centaur who had his own eyes set on revenge, and conquest? What if he was the one manipulating all those around him? And what if the changeling prince, in desperation, went to him to get his wish to be made real? An AU where the presence of Lord Tirek himself changes events ever so slightly, but still in significant ways. Can our lovestruck duo still be together in the end? Or will all of equestria suffer in the end as a result? The story, as you'll see, is a tale of love, and darkness.

Daughter of Discord is still owned by DisneyFanatic23

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As many recall, in the season 4 finale, "Twilight's Kingdom": Tirek easily dispatched Shining Armor before going after the princesses. Only to learn they had removed their magic to stop his ambition. Afterwards, they were sent to Tartarus, and he learned of Princess Twilight, anyway.

But what if things happened differently upon encountering Prince Shining Armor? What if he put up a much more decent fight then before? And what if his determination intrigued Tirek enough to give him the idea to use him? Especially when he learns of the young prince's connection to one of the princesses? All this, and more as delve into a mild, but still intriguing alternate take of "Twilight's Kingdom."

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5,000 years ago, in the ancient land of Equestria: Darkness reigned Supreme. Every living thing who knew of its power feared it. As it was a force wielded by the most fearsome, and diabolical evil the world has ever known: Tirek, The Supreme Master of Darkness.
Yet he soon learns that his reign may soon be challenged by a strange pony, who is described as being a pegasus with a Unicorns horn. Yet this strange pony has become a greater threat to Tirek than he could have imagined: For this is Courageous Heart, the first Alicorn, and the Champion of Light. The only thing with the potential to defeat him, and end his reign forever.
Yet, in spite of this, Tirek is currently pressed to deal with the Unicorn who has come to warn him of this development. One who was once leader of the village, Einhorn, and the tormentor of Courageous. But after saving the village from Tirek's minions with the power of Light, the village leader was cast out for allying with the horrible tyrant. Now he has come seeking power from Tirek....and the chance for Revenge. But as this foolish pony will soon learn: a bargain struck with Tirek comes with a price.
And he may soon have what he wishes for......but not as he expects it.
All characters, OC's, and concepts belong to their respective owners. I OWN NOTHING!!!
Cover Picture is owned by http://gennbu.deviantart.com/

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