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My Little Ponys' The Count of Monte Cristo - kahnac

Betrayed by those he once trusted, Shining Dantes is sentenced to life in prison for a crime he didn't commit. But he escapes, and discovers treasure beyond imagining. And now he will use it to exact his revenge. For he is The Count of Monte Cristo.

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Treacherous reunions, Stallionhood, and Doubts of the Heart

It had now gotten halfway into the evening, and now it was time for all of the guests to get together for Dinner, and to honor Albert' on this day. While it had given all of the guests opportunity to mix, and mingle, there were still some interactions that had yet to actually occur. As Albert took his seat at the end of the large table, reserved for him, with Valentine on his left side, and Sandbar and the Student Six on his right, The Count took his seat right in the middle of the table, with his two attendants standing behind him as he personal protection, whom he summoned only half an hour ago. But when Smolder saw the red dragon standing so formally behind the count, her eyes almost popped out of her head. "Gar-gar?!" She half exclaimed, and half whispered. Her friends picked up on her voice, and asked what she was talking about. She had absolutely no idea what was happening, so she said, "N-nothing, guys. Don't worry about it." She lowered her head just a bit, mumbling to herself, "Why-?..... What is he doing here?" She then suddenly felt a bit of shame at only NOW recognizing her own brother. "Has it really been that long? Is it really that easy to forget?"

Princess Twilight and her friends, seated right in front of the Student Six, took a brief notice of Smolder's behavior. But as they had been engaged in conversation, they only now saw her confusion, and sadness. Some wanted to question her, but Gallus shook his head to them, saying no. Now was not the time to be badgering her with question that might be upsetting her. Few moments later, however, and she had her regular, calm demeanor, which seemed to relax her friends, and teachers a bit. But she still eyed the red dragon standing by The Count.

She'd get to the bottom of this soon enough once the party was officially over.


The last ones to make their way over to the dining hall were Mercedes and Mondego. However, just before he could take another step to the room, Cadderousse walked past him, and whispered in his ear, "Meetin' time' yer excellency.", before he went off to the dining hall. Sombra's eyes widened in surprise as he only realized an hour had already passed. And now he was being forced to miss the rest of his own son's party because of Tirek. That muscle-bound cretin certainly knew how to make him angry, that was for sure. And he would not mask his displeasure when he went to meet that blowhard. When Mercedes saw him heading upstairs, she was confused. "Sombra, where are you going? The dinner and toasting are about to begin, and you are the primary host."

"I'm sorry, Mercedes, but.....something's come up, and I have to deal with it right now." Mondego said hastily as he tried to move up the stairs. But Cadence would have none of it. "What could be so important right now that you'd miss this?"

"If I could tell you, I would, but it's beyond my power." Sombra said with repeated haste.

"But....you're supposed to be presenting the grand speech for Albert'!" Cadence plead.

"I know, but it looks like you'll have to do it. I can't waste anymore time than I have. Please excuse me." He said, sounding more impatient by the second.

"Waste anymore time?" Mercedes said in a completely disgusted tone, which Sombra was quick to pick up on. She glared at him as she said, "This is your son's birthday, Sombra! And YOU are his father! You know how much he loves you, and looks up to you! Are you really so callous that you consider it a waste of time?! Do you consider our son a waste of time?!" She exclaimed, raising her voice.

This time Sombra met her glare with his own anger-filled look of outrage. "You have alot of nerve to accuse me like that, Mercedes. I know how important this is to you.......but something urgent has come up that I cannot ignore! Albert will understand - he always understands. I'll make it up to him, but for now just go away, and tend to the other guests. Otherwise, they'll lose their patience with you faster than I will." With that Sombra stomped his way up the stairs, and to the second level. Mercedes watched him leave with a sense of disdain, and shame. She had no idea what was so important, it required her husband's attention, and took precedence over his own son's happiness, but it did not lessen her growing disdain for him. If only she had the means, she might take delight in telling him the truth when she leaves him. But that day is far, and inbetween, so she has to stay with him.......for now.

Someone had to be there for her son, and it wasn't going to be somepony so faithless.


As expected, Lord Tirek, and Neighsay Villefort had been waiting on the second floor balcony outside of the house. The centaur's expression bid him close the windowed door behind, and ensure their privacy. Reluctantly, Sombra did so - noone noticing the tiny little fruit fly that zipped on through the door as it closed shut. And the unicorn faced his old partners in crime. And he made his displeasure all too clear. "Now explain what this is about." he growled. "We all agreed never to meet together like this unless the circumstances call for it - and not even then."

"Believe me, Monsieur Mondego, when I say I share the exact feeling." Neighsay said with disgruntled irritation. "But our 'illustrious' king wanted this meeting because he thought it pertains to all of us." He then looked up to the metallic-clawed centaur, and said, "And now that we're all here, care to explain the purpose of this meeting?" The fly that had stuck to a leaf hanging above the group agreed.

"It concerns an interest of mine that i've had for many years, even since I joined the Equestrian Military." Tirek curtly replied. "I received word several weeks ago that my brother died in the Chateau Dif."

Sombra and Neighsay gave each other confused glances, before the former said, "I'm......sorry for your loss, Lord Tirek, but.....what does that have to-"

"Don't waste my time with worthless condolences, Mondego!" Tirek snarled at the unicorn, making him flinch back a few inches. Taking a heavy sigh, Tirek said, "I have no care for Scorpan's fate in the prison I personally sent him to for his betrayal. He brought it upon himself when he dared to turn against me. My only concern is something that led to his fate: what he was doing off the Italian Coast."

"I don't follow." Neighsay said, making Tirek sigh.

"That is the region where our new Count hails from. More specifically, the island of Monte Cristo." He let his claw snap several times as it spun in complete circles while he watched. "I've done my research of that place, and I know for certain that no creature lives on a desolate mass of rock, and caverns. AI also remember how Scorpan had been in the service of a righteous stallion count who wielded an immeasurable fortune. My spies told me of his location before the stallion died, but lost track of him for several weeks. But I found him again, as I always did. He swore he didn't know anything about the treasure, or where his master had hidden it." Tirek grimaced as his hand stopped moving. "But the last time I ever trusted him, I spent 5000 years in Hell. Hrrm.......or as close to it as I could get." He then made a wicked grin of satisfaction. "So when he feigned ignorance, imagine how delighted I was to see the despair of knowing he would never see the light of day again..............unless," He gave a raised eyebrow to the two stallions, "He finally relent, and give the map that he knew that I knew he held for his old master - and used to hide the treasure to which it belonged."

Sudden realization began to dawn on the two ponies. "Wait." Neighsay said with shock in his voice. "You don't mean..... the treasure of Sir Gold Sword?"

Tirek smiled and nodded in acknowledgement. "The very same: said to somehow overwhelm even the fortune of ALL Equestria, itself."

"But that's not possible!" Mondego said with disbelief. "The treasure of "El Spada" Gold Sword is only said to be a myth!"

Tireks amused expression fell as he gave Sombra a contemptible look. "As were many of the things in our world, such as the elements of harmony. And now, they are basically the cheat code to the game of good vs evil for a group of six mares who wear them as trinkets. So please at least try and keep an open mind about the subject." He then turned his back on the stallions, with his arms crossed behind his back. "Besides, circumstances, including certain..........projects of mine, have kept me ignorant to my not-so-dear brother's earned death............all because a prisoner had played literal trojan horse, and killed Warden Grogar while escaping from The Chateau Dif. Finding a replacement warden took a great deal of time for some reason, but it did surprise me - morseo when I had been told this mystery pony had replaced my brother's corpse in order to escape." His eyes narrowed. "And with the sudden appearance of this new Count, it leads me to believe my brother may have somehow entrusted a friend he made with the keys to that treasure."

"You honestly think The Count of Monte Cristo is an escaped convict from Prance's most notorious torture prison who found the immense treasure of the wealthiest stallion to ever live, and has now begun making a name for himself?" Sombra questioned, not quite sure he was fully following.

Neighsay Villefort hummed while rubbing his chin. "It might be possible. When I spoke with my daughter, she mentioned Albert telling her about hearing mention of an important cargo being shipped to Mareseilles in a few months. And he swore he heard the dragon mention gold, or something."

"I heard something similar from Caddarouse when I had him snooping around the ballroom." Tirek said, turning back around. "And the fact that his excellency appeared only a year AFTER my brother's death does not strike me as coincidental. Scorpan lived in the Italian region, and had the resources to travel off the coast. And from what I know, Monte Cristo is a jagged, labrynthian island filled with many twists, and turns. Caverns filled to the brim with ocean waters that could drown at a moment's notice. The perfect hiding place for such a vast treasure........"

"Unless one had the only map to lead whoever has it right to it." Mondego completed, starting to follow, and grow interested in what Tirek was talking about. "And given his unexpected appearance, it would make a sense that this new Count may have been given the map, and has claimed the treasure for himself. And if it's as vast as they say, it would indeed take time to gather it all, and bring it back to the mainland." Sombra's mind suddenly grew with greedy thoughts as he asked, "And I take it you intend to somehow procure this treasure?"

Giving a knowing smile, Tirek said, "The better question should be how we could get our hands on the treasure before The Count takes it all? This information was shared with your son in the time it took for his birthday to come - that means it arrives in a few days. What should be done in the meantime?"

"I could have him arrested on false charges." Villefort suggested, now growing invested in the plan he believed was being formed. "I'm sure I could come up with an idea for a probable cause that would put him away.........IF...it means the three of us would gain an equal share of that treasure."

"Of course you would, my old friend!" Tirek exclaimed in exaggeration. "We are all collaborators, are we not? I would not even dream of cheating the two ponies who helped me get to where I am now. However...........you can save the framework for your house. Subtlety is the better part of valour."

"What does that mean?" Sombra asked.

"It means it always helps to use a patsy. A chump. A flying fool like Caderousse, who we can deploy with a group of 'unaffiliated' thugs to rob the ship when it arrives. So if the chance arrives that such a robbery is discovered, the old bird will take the fall while WE remain anonymous, and clean."

"Hmm." Neighsay hummed again. "I'd forgotten how devious you could be, Lord Tirek."

"In this world, my dear Grand Accuser, you will find it is not Friendship that is the foundation of power in this world: it is the will to do what it takes to survive. Even if you must crack open a few eggs to make an omelet. It's only fortunate I have a whole kitchen full." The centaur laughed.

"Fine with me." Sombra said, with a smile of his own. "The only thing that matters is that, in the end, any troubles we might have had will be over. With the treasure of Gold Sword, we can live like true Lords......and perhaps even become Lords of Equestria." he laughed along with his cohorts, now fully supporting this plan.

"Not on your life, fangs. Pharynx thought to himself, before flying back to the carriage to inform Shining of all he learned.


Back inside, all of the guests were anxiously awaiting for their hosts arrival. Followed perhaps by a speech to commemorate their sons coming of age. But so far, neither had arrived yet. Only The Count saw what was happening right now as he looked over near the stairwell, where Cadence and Sombra appeared to be in some kind of heated argument. It went on for a minute or two before Mondego finally left. Leaving a very upset, and disappointed Mercedes behind. Seeing this almost made him feel sorry for her. He could only imagine how poorly her 'husband' treated her throughout the years to garner such disappointment. He couldn't even be bothered to come to his own sons birthday dinner. While part of him felt sympathy, alot of him was glad to know this wasn't the happy little family everyone thought it was. It would quite possibly make things easier for his plans to continue....and could even help them along.

Mercedes finally arrived, taking a seat right across from The Count, who was trying to hide his discomfort from the proximity he had with his former fiance. Keeping her composure, though it was clear she was upset - more FOR her son than in her husband - she held her composure, and addressed the guests. "Good evening, ladies, and gentlecreatures." All hummed in gratitude, and she continued. "Though my husband, Sombra Mondego, was due to deliver a very inspiring speech to our son, Albert........i'm afraid he will be unable to attend to the rest of the festivities." She barely hid the disgust in her voice when she saw how saddened her son was. "Important business can never be put on hold, it appears." Seeing how upset Albert' was, she decided to fib a little, and say, "But the speech he had prepared was truly wonderful, and spoke volumes of his pride in our son."

That seemed to lighten Albert's mood, but not enough. The Count himself felt a small sense of pity for the boy, whom he did have a respect for even if he was a means to an end. The least that could be done was be a better host than the actual host. "I'm sure Monsieur Mondego did, Mademoiselle." He smiled. "After all, he has much to be proud of. I should know: I was there in Rome when this young lad had been abducted by foalnappers, and brought into the dark catacombs of the city. Fully intent on holding him for ransom." This brought utter shock to many of the guests, and made Cadence, Twilight, Sandbar and Albert uncomfortable. "The scoundrels even went so far as to consider cutting off his horn, and sending it to his father and mother to show how serious their threat would be." All gasped in horror, and both Albert and Sandbar shuddered at the memory. But The Count's next words changed the mood drastically as he spoke with pride, and appraisal. "But do you know what he said to his captors when they threatened to harm him? When they threatened to cut off his horn, and would have possibly threatened to cut off his wings, as well?" He let the silent curiosity set in before he gave the answer. "He told them to do their worst. Without an ounce of fear, he resisted his foalnappers with bravery, and extraordinary courage. Not once did I see an ounce of fear in his eyes. Nor did I hear it in his voice. Even bound and helpless, he fought against his circumstances. He showed what it truly means to be a stallion that day: he never once gave into fear, nor did he allow his abductors to intimidate him. His spirit is strong, and his will is as hard as dragon scales. The young alicorn I see before me is no young foal in any sense. He is a stallion to the core."

The guests murmured with excitement, and impressed wonder. Cadence herself was impressed with this stallions capability to rouse such an audience as this. And her heart leaped with joy at seeing the wide smile on her sons face. Knowing how happy Albert was that a pony he had come to admire and respect, shared the same amount of respect as him. With that, The Count held his cup in his magic, and raised it in the air. "A toast to Albert Mondego!" All the others at the table did the same. "For this day marks more than this lads coming of age: it symbolizes how he has risen above his original station in life. From young foal........to noble stallion. May your future be bright, and proud." He looked to Valentine, The Mane Six, and even the Student Six. "And may you hold fast to the love, and friendship that surrounds you. For as long as you choose the right ones, no creature can ever make you regret the choice in the bonds of friendship you make."

"Th-....Thank you, your grace!" Albert said happily. "And it must be true, since I don't regret considering you my friend."

This made everyone at the table laugh in good fun - including the Count himself. And when Mercedes heard that hearty laugh, it was like she had felt a weight snag itself on her heart. She knew that laugh all too well. And recognized the purity, and honesty behind it. Only one stallion she knew had a laugh as wonderful as that. And despite his protests before, Mercedes had now been given further proof to her suspicions. The Count felt her staring at him, and it made him uncomfortable again. So when Dinner was finally brought forth, he did his best to avoid any eye contact with her. But she could tell he was desperately trying to ignore her. She had no idea why he would do this, since she was convinced she knew who he was.

But she had every intention of finding out before this night ends.

The same as a certain purple dragon who also heard his laughter.


A few hours later, after the dinner, and gift exchanges, it was time for all the guests to return home. The Count had sent his attendants ahead of him to ready his coach for departure. What he didn't tell him was that the reason was he wanted a few words with some........familiar faces. And that face arrived in the form of the one he once called sister, Princess Twilight Sparkle, and his brother, Spike. With a bright smile, the princess politely bowed to the stallion who had been so gracious. "Thank you for making such a wonderful speech for my nephew, your grace. I don't think i've ever seen him this happy before."

"He has much to be happy for." The Count said with a polite smile. "I meant every word I spoke in that room, for he has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is ready to enter the world of stallionhood. And with so many wonderous teachers, friends...and a loving family, he can do no wrong." He then bowed his head in respect, hiding his desire to admit to his own sister who he was, and said, "And begging your pardon, madam, but it's a great honor to have been in the attendance of such wonderous royalty as yourself." Twilight blushed a little, and said, "You're too kind, good sir. I just do what I can to spread the magic of friendship wherever I can. And i'm hoping that we can be good friends, too?" She offered her hoof out to The Count. And though he was hesitant at first, he accepted it. "Hopefully best friends forever, your highness. But now, I should take my leave. I have other plans, and they require my attention elsewhere at the moment."

"I understand. Have a pleasant evening, your grace." Twilight said.

"And you as well.......lsbff." He muttered the last part to himself as he left the household. But a certain little drake heard the words, and found the spark of memory that had been robbed from him a long time ago. He remembered all the details down to the dismal point as clear as day.

And now he had to confront his big brother best friend forever about it.

The Count soon returned to his carriage, giving Garble and Pharynx greeting. However, he was a little surprised to see their nervous expressions. He paid little heed to it, however, and entered the carriage. There he was greeted by the last pony he was hoping to see: Cadence Mercedes, herself. She was so overcome by emotion that she leaned forward, and kissed The Count, who did not reciprocate, though part of him wanted to. She then asked him, "Where have you been? Everypony said you were sent away, and then they said you were dead! And yet, here you are, alive as if you never were gone-"

"Miss, please, you are mistaken." The Count said to the mare. "I told you before I am not who you think I am."

Mercedes was in disbelief as her head shook. "How can you look me in the eye, and say that? Does our love mean nothing to you? Do I mean nothing to you?" It was here The Count snorted in disbelief, and asked, "Tell me something: this pony you loved......did he truly mean that much to you?" Not understanding what he was going for, but still wanting to find out, she nodded again, to which he replied, "So how long did it take before you also gave this pony up for dead?"

"That's not fair. You can't possibly-"

"I can, and I do, mademoiselle Mondego." The Count said with a sneer in his voice. "You were right about one thing: Edmond "Shining Armor" Dantes is dead. And you will not find him here." He then used his magic to open the door to his carriage. "I bid you good night, madam." Realizing there was no getting through to him.....especially now that he'd given himself away, she left the coach with the desire not to anger her beloved. But as she returned to her house, she couldn't help but shed a few tears for how things had grown so twisted. Meanwhile, The Count called his two attendants into the carriage to interrogate them. "You let her in here, didn't you?" Neither could say a word, because it was the truth. And this only spurred The Counts anger to grow. "If either of you meddle in my affairs again, I will NOT hesitate to finish what I started on that beach when we first met, do you understand."

"We understand that you're mad, sir." Pharynx boldly stated.

"Mad?" The Count exclaimed. "All of the pieces of my plan are coming into place. My enemies are assuming their places on the board, and I am ready to enact my game of revenge. Could a madpony say the same?"

"You're mad because of what you're ignoring, and staying oblivious to!" Garble exclaimed. "Pharynx could sense it, and even I can tell that that mare still cares for you. You have a fortune that even the dragon lord would envy, a place in high society challenged only by the ruling class.....and the love of a pony who still harbors feelings for her." The Count sniffed in contempt. "How can I even be sure she holds anything for me when she married the stallion who helped betray me in the first place, and that this wasn't some act? Eighteen years is long enough for me."

"That's....that's ridiculous, even to me!" Garble exclaimed. "It's obvious she still cares about you - and she's obviously not stupid. She knows who you are, and would rather be with you than that red horned jerk."

"He's right." Pharynx added. "I could taste her emotions, and she is not in a happy relationship. But when with you, she can't control her feelings. That's why we're begging you, your grace: take the gold, take the girl, and let us all leave this place behind while we still can."

"I CAN'T!" The Count shouted.

"Why not?!" Pharynx exclaimed. The Count wanted to say why, as it's the reason he told the two of them when they found the treasure: revenge. But for some reason, he just couldn't bring himself to use that same excuse again. Not with everything his servants had just said. Even he wasn't sure of himself right now, and both of them could see it. That was when Garble put a claw to his master's shoulder, and gently said, "Remember what we said the day we met: we are yours for life. We will serve, and we will protect you......even if it has to be from yourself. Now, let's take you home."

"I can walk!" The Count exclaimed as he brushed off Garble's claw, and exited the carriage. He told the stallions pulling the cart to drive on back to the estate without him, and they obeyed. Even his servants reluctantly obeyed. He just wanted to be alone right now. Away from all these thoughts, and feelings that were plaguing him. He felt so sure of himself before, but now everything was spiraling out of control. He had no idea what he was supposed to do. "Shining" a voice suddenly called from behind. To his surprise, it was spike he saw, standing in complete shock. Tears running down his eyes as he chocked back a sob. "Big brother?" The Count was unsure of what to do. While he held no true contempt for Spike, he still didn't know what to consider him.....until the young drake nearly knocked him over as his arms wrapped around his neck in a warm, loving embrace only siblings could share.

"I can't believe it! You're really here! I knew Sombra and Tirek couldn't get rid of you that easily!" He joyously cried out. Eyes widening at that, The Count cast a sound-proof bubble around them so none could eave's drop. And it was here he decided to drop his façade. "Sombra? Tirek? Are you-...are you saying you remember that night, Spike?"

"Yes!" Spike exclaimed as he moved back to look his brother in the face. "I remember all of it! I tried to run back home and warn Twilight and Cadence, but...." he scowled, "but Tirek caught me. After the soldiers took you away, Sombra cast a memory spell on me so I wouldn't remember the events of what happened. But seeing you - here, and alive - must have weakened, and broken the spell, so now I remember everything. Even what happened these last eighteen years." He then looked to Shining with concern. "What happened to you, Shining? Why do you look like that, and where have you been." After a moment of silence, The Count sighed and answered, "They sent me to die in the Chateau Dif prison, where I spent thirteen years before escaping."

Spike looked horrified, and began to cry again as he hugged the stallion who he loved dearly as his brother. "I'm so sorry, Shining. If I didn't let Tirek catch me-"

"Shh, shh. It's okay, Spike." The Count said, returning the embrace as he held his baby brother. "I'm here, and i'm never going anywhere again." At the same time, however, the knowledge of his little brother's fate after his own incarceration re-ignited the spark of vengeance towards the three figures who betrayed him. They ruined him, and they tampered with his family. That was truly unforgivable to the stallion. And the information given to him by Spike gave him an idea. Quite the devious idea.

"And I know how you can help me see that justice is done."

Author's Note:

Finally done. And it only took me a few years to get interested again. Go figure, huh? Either way, sorry for making you folks wait so long, but I do hope this chapter is worth it. Things are going to continue building up from here on out.

Especially now that Spike is part of The Count's plans for revenge