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Cold Hearted

I'm just going to be adorable and me! C:

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I think I'm dead · 1:58pm Nov 19th, 2015

:rainbowlaugh: Okay, so I went back and decides to read my old stories and I cringe... My stories were so bad...and my grammar... oh my god. I'm laughing..

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1751944 yay tks 4 the fallow

Thanks for the follow and fav! 'Preciate it!

1752043 hi welcome to the party pony group the Rainbow pinkie rarishy
We love all and hate none :pinkiehappy:
We're the type of group everypony everypony should know
Everypony should know parity

:twilightoops:Yes I am. Irl and anywhere else..... so don't tell me I'm not because i KNOW ME.

1751944 You are not

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