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I'm just a novice writer trying to improve his craft. If you like what I do, I appreciate it. Constructive criticism is always welcome here, as I can always make room from improvment.

A bit about me.

My name, for all intents and purposes on the internet, is TheZero759. Though I guess you already knew that, huh? Until we get on a first name basis, just "Zero" will work fine.

Anyway, I'm just a guy who enjoys writing some stories here and there despite not being very good at it. But practice makes perfect, so I hope to become better by eventually churning out enough trash to realize that I'm churning out trash.

I'm a major fan of shows such as MLP:FiM (...obviously), Steven Universe, Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, Super Sentai, and Kamen Rider.
Especially Kamen Rider.
Like, I might have an unhealthy obsession with this show.
I'm also a fan of video games and anime. Because I'm a big fat dumb nerd. But hey, isn't that what most of us are?...No? Just me?...Okay...

Anyhoo, I'm not expecting anybody to actually LIKE what I do. But if you do decide that my stories are worth your time, feel free to stick around for as long as you like. Find yourself a comfy chair, and maybe a nice hot beverage. I've always found that some nice hot coco goes well with a good read!

Anyway, you can find me on other sites by tracking down my username. I also go by "KamenZero" or "Kamen Zero" in a few places.

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