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This story is a sequel to The Blue Mage

When Apple Bloom, Daring Do, and Trixie discovered an alicorn prison dating back to the time of the alicorn purge, they were shocked to find it held two seemingly innocent alicorn fillies. Leaving them with Twilight, Spike revealed that they weren’t just any alicorn fillies; they were the daughters of the most dangerous alicorn to ever live. Now they must find their way in a world far different from the one they knew.

Meanwhile Twilight, with the help of Daring Do, begins checking on the remaining alicorn prisons that are hidden throughout the land, both within Equestria and beyond.

This story follows directly after The Blue Mage, and has a lot to do with the Alicorn Imperium and the Alicorn Purge that was introduced in Child of Misery, so reading both will be necessary for this story.

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This story is a sequel to Midnight Star: Recovery

An ice unicorn, Wind Chill has been an outcast all her life. But when she meets Maestro, a young colt and musical prodigy who has found himself an outcast as well, they forge a friendship that will change both their lives forever.

Only the first chapter of Midnight Star: Recovery, is related to this story and is all the background that's really needed.

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In an Equestria where the mirror portal didn't exist; a very different fate awaits Sunset Shimmer.

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This story is a sequel to Midnight Star: The Frozen Empire

After the Battle of the Badlands Pass, Midnight Star and the rest of Equestria are fortunate enough to have some time to recover. Life goes on and years pass.

This is a collection of shorts covering events that take place in the 18 years after the events of Midnight Star: The Frozen Empire. Each chapter will cover a different event.

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This story is a sequel to Child Of Misery

Apple Bloom's summer wasn't going as she had hoped. With both her friends busy with their own pursuits she finds herself without anything to do. So when she's given an offer; something that would allow her to join her friends in their pursuits, she takes it. Now gifted with extraordinary power, she must learn to control it and try not to lose herself in the process.

Reading Child of Misery is not required; but this story contains spoilers for that one so if you do want to read it, definitely read that one first.

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Twilight Sparkle has a very strict schedule and checklist that she follows every day to make sure she gets everything done that she wants to. So when that checklist goes missing, panic is inevitable. But she's about to learn that sometimes it's what we don't plan that becomes something memorable.

This is just a one-shot fluff from the world of my Midnight Star stories. However there is no prerequisite reading to enjoying this little story.

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When a zombie plague hit Equestria, the nation fell in mere days. Now the survivors, led by the mane six, have a chance to cure the plague once and for all. The catch: Zombies control the area surrounding the lab where the only known supply of a needed rare herbal ingredient is held. They're going to need a distraction; good thing they have the Crusaders on their side.

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Nearly two thousand years before the founding of Equestria, the mortal races of the ancient kingdoms rose up against the Alicorn Imperium that had ruled over them, treating them as little more than slaves for millennia. One by one the alicorns of the Imperium were hunted down. Most were executed for their crimes against those they considered 'lesser' ponies. But a few of the most powerful were imprisoned for all time. They should have killed them all.

After nearly three thousand years imprisoned, one of them has broken the bonds of her prison. Now she seeks to reestablish the dominance of the alicorn race, and overthrow the disgraceful excuses for alicorns that are currently in power.

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After over a thousand years suffering under the rule of Discord and Nightmare Moon, the defeat of the immortal tyrants was like a dream. A dream that soon became a greater nightmare; for Midnight Star was no savior, and they soon knew greater suffering than ever before.

Even when the Empress's mysterious death renews the dream of restoring Equestria to the paradise it had once been, it doesn't last long. A small dragoness appears with dire news: The world itself is dying.

This is a prequel to Midnight Star. Reading Midnight Star first is not required.

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This story is a sequel to Midnight Star

Thanks to Twilight and her friends; Midnight Star was given a second chance at life. A chance to be happy without the horrors of her memories; but those memories where never truly gone. With their return, Midnight finds herself torn between harmony and chaos. But her struggles are only beginning; a greater threat has emerged. The Frozen Empire.

With Celestia and Luna beyond reach while investigating the silence of Saddle Arabia, and Twilight injured, it is up to Midnight to act in Twilight's name in order to defend Equestria. The only question is; can she do what must be done to stop the Frozen Empire and still keep her darker side at bay? Or will she destroy the very land she's trying to protect?

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