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The Blue Mage - Nebula Star

Gifted with extraordinary power, Apple Bloom must learn to control it and try not to lose herself in the process.

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Chapter 2: Revelations

The Blue Mage
By Nebula Star

Chapter 2: Revelations

Scootaloo groaned as she climbed back to her hooves once more. "I just can't get it," she said in almost a whimper, too ashamed to even look up at Rainbow Dash. "I'm never going to fly... My wings are just too small."

"Of course you'll fly, squirt!" Rainbow said confidently. "We just have to figure out what's really wrong. It's not the size of your wings though."

Scootaloo looked up at her. "What do you mean?"

"Well, look at Bulk Bicep, his wings are as small as yours and he's still able to fly."

"Well that makes me feel a lot better," she muttered bitterly.

Rainbow put a wing around her and gave her a squeeze. "The point, squirt, is that it's not the size of your wings that's holding you back. We just need to figure out what is. Then you'll be up and flying in no time at all!"

Scootaloo looked up at her and smiled weakly. It was hard to have hope after struggling for so long with no success.

Rainbow smiled back reassuringly. "You'll fly, Scoots. Just don't give up."

Reluctantly, Scootaloo nodded.

"That's the spirit, now let's try it again and I'll see if I can figure out what you're doing wrong..."

Hoofsteps approaching made them both look up to see Apple Bloom trotting toward them across the field.

"Hey, Scoots! Rainbow Dash! How ya doin'?"

"Uh, hey, Apple Bloom. Not to be rude, but we're kind of busy right now," Scootaloo said confused why she was there; Apple Bloom knew why they were out here.

"Actually, Ah was kind of hopin' Ah could join you," Apple Bloom said with her widest grin.

"What do you mean, Bloom? You know Rainbow's giving me flying lessons. How could you join us?" Scootaloo asked, a little annoyed at having her flight lesson interrupted.

Though it didn't seem possible, Apple Bloom's grin widened further and the next instant a blue mark appeared on her shoulder glowing brightly as a new set of wings spread out at her sides.

Scootaloo's eyes went wide as Apple Bloom flexed her wings, they were a little larger than the average pegasus their age, but clearly magical as they were a glowing transparent blue.

"What!? How!?" Scootaloo exclaimed running over to Apple Bloom. "How do you have wings!?"

"Aren't they great! Ah haven't quite learned the visual part of the spell, but they work just fine, Ah just need to learn how to use 'em!" Apple Bloom said, giving her wings a flap.

"What the hay, Apple Bloom, how do you have wings?" Rainbow demanded.


"And just where did you get this magic?" Rainbow asked, her eyes narrowed.

Apple Bloom looked up at her. "From my new friend," she said with a grin.

"What friend?"

"My friend, RJ," Apple Bloom told her, starting to wonder why Rainbow seemed upset.

"And why did he give you magic?" Rainbow demanded.

"Because he thought Ah would enjoy it and wouldn't miss-use it," she answered. "Why does it matter?"

"Because magic is dangerous, Apple Bloom!" Rainbow exclaimed then shook her head. "Did you even think that this RJ might have some other motive for giving you this magic?"

Apple Bloom frowned. "He said he doesn't and Ah trust him."

Rainbow brought her hoof to her forehead. "Apple Bloom..."

"Ah trust him, Rainbow!"

"Well even if he means no harm, playing around with magic is dangerous!" Rainbow shook her head. "Come on, we're going to see Twilight about this."

"Oh, come on!" Apple Bloom sighed. "Ah just want to learn to use my wings."

Rainbow looked back at her. "Well there's no way I'm teaching you until we talk to Twi about this. I will not be responsible for you getting hurt while trying to fly using some strange magic," she said then looked over at Scootaloo. "You come too, Scoot's."

"Okay..." Scootaloo said, a little disappointed that her flight lesson was being interrupted, but at the same time curious about Apple Bloom's new magic.


"That's it, you've almost got it, Sweetie!"

Sweetie Belle grit her teeth groaning as she strained to cast the spell. Finally, she felt her magic snap into place and the spell leaped out to the five books laid out in front of her lifting them all into the air at exactly the same time.

"You got it!" Twilight cheered proudly, clapping her hooves. "Good job!"

Sweetie Belle couldn't help smiling at the praise. Sometimes it seemed Twilight was even more excited when she succeeded then she was.

"Now, what's different between this multi-cast method and simply casting multiple levitation spells at once?" Twilight asked, immediately going on with the lesson.

As it was much easier to maintain the spell once cast, Sweetie had no trouble thinking about it while holding the books in the air. "Um, it's definitely easier to keep all the books levitated with this spell..."

"And why is that?"

"Because it's just one spell for all of them instead of a separate spell for each book."

Twilight nodded smiling. "Precisely. With this spell you can levitate your maximum weight capacity no matter how many objects make up the weight."

"So if I had a thousand marbles, I could levitate them all at once?" Sweetie asked.

Twilight nodded. "Yes, you could, so long as the total weight didn't exceed the maximum weight you can carry. Now, what are some of the limitations of this spell?"

She thought for a moment moving the books around. It was then that she realized something about the movement. "When I try to move one, they all move together, exactly the same."

"Very good. This technique splits one spell to multiple targets, but since it is one spell, any modifications to that spell are also applied to all targets. So when you try to move one of the books up, down, left, or right, those commands through the spell are also applied to all the books the same. This means that you can never make changes to just one target when using this technique."

"But I've seen my sister levitate dozens of things at once and had them all moving around by themselves."

Twilight smiled. "That's because she, like most unicorns, doesn't use this multi-casting technique for simple levitation. Instead your sister has mastered dividing her attention between many spells at once. Not many unicorns can levitate as much at once as Rarity, even I have trouble levitating that much at once without using a multi-casting technique."

Her eyes widened. "Even with how much you know now?"

"Yes, I know a great deal about magic now. But multi-casting like what Rarity does isn't about knowledge, but practice and focus." She reached out and tapped Sweetie Belle on the nose making her lose concentration and the books she was levitating fell to the floor. "That's why I told you I couldn't teach you anymore about basic levitation; because the only thing left is to practice and learning to focus even when distracted.

"Now, you'll probably never have much need to use this multi-casting technique with simple levitation. There is a more advanced version that, with the levitation spell, allows you set multiple objects on a certain pattern of movement, but we'll save that for another time. This basic technique, however, can be applied to almost any spell that usually affects a single target. So next, I want you to try using it with a little more complex spell."

Sweetie Belle looked up at her. "What spell?"

"For now we'll try the temperature control spell we worked on last week," Twilight told her, levitating over a tea set that she had prepared for this purpose. Filling four cups, she set them in front of Sweetie Belle. "Try to use the multi-casting technique to heat all four cups at the same time."

She nodded but before she could begin, there was a loud knocking on the door.

"I've got it," Spike said from where he'd been lounging on the couch, watching the lesson. Rolling to his feet he padded over to the door to see who it was. "Oh, hey Rainbow," he said in greeting.

"Hey, Spike. Is Twilight here?" Twilight heard her friend's familiar raspy voice and smiled, though she was curious why Rainbow was stopping by.

"Yeah, Twi's here, come on in." Spike held the door as Rainbow entered. As she did she looked over her shoulder and gestured for someone to follow.

"Hi, Rainbow!" Twilight said happily in greeting.

Rainbow smiled as well as she spotted Twilight and Sweetie Belle across the room. "Hey, Twi. Sorry about interrupting, but it's kind of important."

"It's alright, it's not like we were doing anything dangerous. What's up?"

In answer Rainbow simply gestured toward the two fillies that had followed her in, Scootaloo and...

"Apple Bloom!?" Twilight's eyes widened as she saw the translucent blue wings on Apple Bloom's sides.

Apple Bloom smiled looking a little sheepish and waved. "Uh... hey Twilight."

Twilight understood immediately why Rainbow had brought Apple Bloom. She hurried over to the filly circling around her as she examined the wings. "Apple Bloom, where did you get these wings?" Twilight asked, concerned.

"It's a spell my friend RJ taught me."

"What do you mean, a spell he taught you? Are you saying you cast it yourself?" Twilight asked, her eyebrows raised.

"Yep!" Apple Bloom told her proudly. "Ah can't quite get the visual part of the spell right just yet, but the rest of it works great!"

"But Apple Bloom, that's impossible. This isn't even pony magic. In fact, this is unlike any magic I've ever seen," Twilight told her.

"Ah know. It's RJ's magic."

Twilight raised a brow. "But you said you cast the spell."

"Yeah, Ah did. RJ gave me his magic to use."

"He gave you his magic!? But, that shouldn't be possible! Apple Bloom, who is this RJ? How did he give you this magic?"

Apple Bloom sighed. "Ah just wanted to learn how to use my wings."

Twilight gave her an admonishing look. "Apple Bloom..."

"RJ's my friend. He's a dragon Ah met a few weeks ago and he gave me his magic as a gift."

Spike stepped forward. "Apple Bloom, that's not dragon magic."

Apple Bloom blushed slightly but rolled her eyes. "He's not an Equestrian dragon."

He gave her a smirk. "Well, as far as I know, I'm the only Equestrian dragon?"

"Ah mean he's not from this world," she exclaimed.

Twilight's eyes really widened at that. "Not from this world? He told you he's from another world? He actually said that?"

"Yep. He told me a little about it too, but not much. He just said that it wouldn't be very safe for me to go there, and he wouldn't teach me how anyway cause inter... inter-dia... inter-dimensional travel is dangerous."

Twilight stared at her a moment then reluctantly nodded. "Yes... yes it is. Different worlds have different rules and there's no way of knowing what dangers you'll face. But as far as I know, the mirror portal that goes to the human world is the only portal ever made that leads to another dimension; and nopony knows exactly who made it though it is suspected to be one of Starswirl's creations. Nopony else has ever actually succeeded in breaking through to other dimensions. Except maybe Discord."

"Well RJ can. He said he likes to explore, and that he's gone to a lot of worlds. But he said he likes visitin' our world the best because he thinks it's charmin'."

Twilight frowned, raising a brow. "He thinks our world is charming?"

Apple Bloom nodded. "That's what he said. He said his world has had a lot of wars and can be dangerous even when it's peaceful. So he said he likes how peaceful and whimsi... wymsi..."


"That's it, he likes how whimsical our world is."

Twilight and Spike shared a look, neither one sure exactly what to make of this RJ. "Apple Bloom, did this RJ ask you for anything in return for giving you this magic?"

"Nope, he just told me not to misuse it."

"And did he say what would happen if you did?"

She nodded. "He said that if I ever started misusing his magic, that he would take it back."

"What did he say would be 'misusing' his magic?" Twilight asked.

"Well, purposely using it to harm others, or do bad things, of course." Apple Bloom said, with a slight eye roll.

Twilight sighed. She had not expected having to deal with an inter-dimensional dragon enchanting one of her friends' little sisters today. "Apple Bloom, I think it would be a good idea if I met this RJ."

"Okay, I guess." Apple Bloom said, kicking a hoof. "He said he'd be glad to meet with you or anypony else if you wanted."

"Were you going to be meeting with him again anytime soon?" Twilight asked her.

She nodded. "Yeah, Ah was supposed to train more magic with him tomorrow."

"Alright, then when you see him, ask him to meet with me as soon as possible; tomorrow afternoon if possible. Is there a place you usually meet him?"

She nodded. "We always meet on a hill just south of the orchard."

Twilight had an idea where she meant. It was far enough out of town that they wouldn't be likely to be disturbed, but still close enough to Sweet Apple Acres that Apple Bloom could get there in only a few minutes' trot. "Sounds good. Apple Bloom, when you see him tomorrow, ask him to meet with me. Here..." Twilight levitated over a small case and opened it, then levitated out a small golden necklace with a single diamond set in the center.

Apple Bloom's eyes widened. She recognized it as a AA amplifier; but unlike the ones Twilight's friends had used when fighting against Achlys, this one was sized for a filly.

"You can use this to contact me when you set up the meeting." Twilight said as she clasped the necklace around Apple Bloom's neck. Immediately she felt a surge of energy flood through her. "This is a second generation amplifier, it's more powerful than the first generation and also can draw power from your friendships even if you're friends aren't wearing amplifiers, so be careful of your strength while you have it on."

Apple Bloom nodded that she understood.

"Now, Apple Bloom I want you to tell Applejack and the rest of your family about this. You shouldn't keep this a secret from them and I suspect Applejack will want to meet with this RJ as well."

She looked down but nodded again. "Okay, Twilight."

"And one more thing. Until I say otherwise, I don't want you using this magic anymore."

Apple Bloom looked up sharply. "What!? Why not!?"

"Because it could be dangerous, Apple Bloom." Twilight explained calmly. "I know you trust him," she went on before Apple Bloom could object, "But even if he would never intentionally hurt you, we don't know how your body will react to this foreign magic. It may very well be fine, but I want to make sure, so please, Apple Bloom, just do this for me?"

Apple Bloom sighed. "Okay..." She said mournfully and her transparent wings faded away as the mark on her shoulder stopped glowing.

Twilight smiled. "Thank you, Apple Bloom. I know it will be hard to resist, but it's only until I can be sure that this magic won't cause you harm." She put a hoof across the filly's withers and gave her a quick hug. "That was a pretty impressive spell though."

Apple Bloom looked up and smiled. "Ah haven't quite got the visual part of the spell right, but RJ said that once Ah do, the wings will look completely real so Ah'd look like a true pegasus. And he said the spell even imitates pegasus magic so Ah should be able to fly, and even walk on clouds!"

"Really?" Twilight asked sounding impressed, not noticing Rainbow's eyes flashing with a sudden realization. "Well then I hope that we won't find anything wrong and you'll get to try it out."

"Hey Twi," Rainbow cut in. "I just thought of something. You know I've been training Scootaloo for a while now, trying to teach her how to fly. It hasn't been going to well; she just can't seem to get off the ground, and I can't figure out what's wrong." Scootaloo lowered her eyes looking embarrassed as Rainbow went on. "What Apple Bloom said about her spell imitating pegasus magic got me thinking; do you think something might be wrong with Scootaloo's pegasus magic that's preventing her from flying?"

"Hmm..." Twilight turned to Scootaloo, the subject of a new unanswered question. "It's possible. I could check if you want? I know a lot more about pegasus magic than I use to."

Scootaloo looked up surprised then looked over at Rainbow.

Rainbow nodded. "We've tried almost everything I can think of, physically."

Twilight nodded. "Alright, let's step outside for this," she said gesturing toward the door. Rainbow stepped back out to the street in front of the library followed by the crusaders and Twilight.

"Um, can we go somewhere where less ponies will be around to see?" Scootaloo asked sounding embarrassed.

Twilight gave her an encouraging smile. "Of course."

"Let's just go back to our practice field," Rainbow suggested and started leading the way.

It didn't take them long to make their way back out to the field where they'd been practicing. "We've tried everything I can think of," Rainbow was telling her again as they arrived with the crusaders in tow. "I never thought to check her magic though; I guess I really wouldn't know how anyway."

Twilight nodded. "Well let's see if I can figure it out," she said turning back to the crusaders. "Okay, Scootaloo, come stand here in front of me."

Scootaloo did as she asked seeming nervous as she looking up at her. "Like this."

Twilight smiled reassuringly and nodded. "Good, now first, when I tell you, I want you to jump up and try to hover for as long as you can," Twilight told her then took a deep breath, letting it out slowly as she closed her eyes and opened her wings, seeming to focus. "Okay, go ahead."

Twilight heard Scootaloo jump and the frantic buzzing of her wings as she tried to keep herself airborne. Twilight blocked out the sounds, instead focusing on what she felt from the air coming off her wings; or in this case, what she didn't feel.

All too soon, she heard Scootaloo drop back down to the ground with a frustrated groan. "Hmm." Twilight moved a little closer. "Okay, try again."

Again Scootaloo jumped up, flapping her wings for all she was worth, and again Twilight sensed almost nothing from the air off her wings. "Once more," she said when Scootaloo had once again dropped to the ground after only a few moments. The third time, Twilight felt only the slightest bit of pegasus magic coming off of Scootaloo's wings.

Twilight frowned. That didn't make sense, though. She knew Scootaloo had very strong pegasus magic; she used it constantly when riding her scooter. In fact, there had been that incident during Twilight Time where she had created a mini tornado in the library. Maybe...

"Okay, Scootaloo," Twilight said sitting down in front of the filly and holding up her fore-hooves. "Now I want you to lean against my hooves and flap your wings like you do when you're pushing your Scooter."

Scootaloo nodded and went up on her hind legs, leaning against Twilight's Hooves. Again, Twilight closed her eyes and opened her wings. "Okay, go ahead."

The difference was astounding. Twilight could feel the strength of the force the filly was generating as torrents of pegasus magic flowed off her wings. She heard Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom shout out in surprise at the sudden wind that filled the clearing. "Alright, that's enough, I think I know what's wrong," Twilight said and Scootaloo stopped dropping down to all fours again as Twilight lowered her fore-hooves. She opened her eyes to find Scootaloo looking up at her nervously.

"So... what... what's wrong?" She asked sounding terrified of what the answer might be.

Twilight sighed. "Well, to put it simply; for some reason, you're not using your pegasus magic instinctively like you should when you try to fly."

"What does that mean?"

"Well most pegasi use their magic instinctively. That means they just do it, they don't have to think about it. That's why Rainbow didn't think to check your magic; she doesn't ever have to think about it," Twilight explained. "Now you have plenty of magic in you, and you've managed to teach yourself to use it when you're pushing your scooter, but when you were trying to hover, you were using almost no magic at all."

Scoolaloo looked down sadly. "Does that mean I'll never be able to fly?"

Twilight gave her a reassuring smile and moved to the filly's side, putting a wing around her in a comforting embrrace. "No, you'll fly. What it does mean, however, is that you'll have to learn a little differently than other pegasi. You'll have to learn to control your magic consciously in order to fly and then practice, practice, practice, until it becomes second nature. It will be difficult, and it will take some time, but I'm confident that you can do it; and once you do, if you practice enough, you could even become a far better flier than most pegasi."

She looked up her eyes shining with excitement. "Really!? Do you think I could be as awesome a flier as Rainbow Dash!?"

Twilight laughed. "Well, that would be quite a bit of work, but..." She glanced over at her friend and gave her a wink. "Maybe one day. First though, you'll need to learn to control your magic for flight consciously."

She nodded vigorously. "But how do I do that?" She looked over at Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow winced. "I'm afraid I can't help you there, squirt."

Scootaloo looked down sadly then looked up at Twilight again. "Can you teach me?"

Twilight smiled, and nodded. "I think I can make some time to teach you," she said and Scootaloo broke into eager grin. "You should continue your physical training with Rainbow as well, but why don't you check with your mom and see if it will be alright for you to come to the library for lessons in the evenings around five a few times a week. Sweetie's lessons are usually done by then."

She nodded eagerly. "Okay."

Twilight gave her one last hug with her wing, "We'll get you flying. Don't you worry, okay."

Scootaloo nodded with a huge smile.

"Alright, well this has been an interesting afternoon," Twilight said as she got to her hooves. "Sweetie, we were just about wrapped up anyway, so why don't we call it a day. We'll just pick up where we left off tomorrow."

"Okay." Sweetie said with a nod.

"And Apple Bloom, remember to ask RJ to meet with me tomorrow, and also remember that I want you to tell your family everything about this RJ and the magic he gave you. Alright?"

Apple Bloom nodded with a sigh. "Alright, Twilight."

Twilight nodded satisfied. "And remember, no magic until I say it's alright."

She nodded again glumly. "Ah promise."

Twilight reached out and placed a hoof gently on the filly's shoulder with a gentle smile. "I'm just trying to protect you, Apple Bloom."

Apple Bloom looked up and smiled sadly. "Ah know."

"Alright, well why don't you all head home; you all have things to do tonight. Scootaloo, you should find out from your mom what days would be best for your lessons. And tell her I'd be glad to answer any questions she may have."

"Okay, thanks, Twilight!"

Twilight gave her one last smile. "Alright, be safe girls, I'll see you three later," she said as the three crusaders took off toward town.


"You'll have to let me train her," Twilight told Rainbow as they entered the library together. "Like I told her; she'll have to learn to use her Pegasus magic consciously and then practice until she can do so automatically."

"Hey, that's cool, Twi. If it means getting Scoots flying, I'll gladly let you take over some of her training for now." Rainbow said with a shrug. "I'd do just about anything to get Scoots in the air."

Twilight gave her a smile. "I know you would," she said, but then her smile faded. "Rainbow, there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about concerning Pegasus magic actually."

Rainbow glanced at her. "What do you mean?"

She sighed, worried about how Rainbow would take it. "When I said I know a lot more than I did about Pegasus magic... that may have been a bit of an understatement. I inherited all of Achlys's knowledge about Pegasus magic."


Twilight nodded. "I have all of Achlys' knowledge on all kinds of magic. At least, I'm pretty sure I have all of it."

"Wait, then does that mean you can do that tornado thing by just waving your wing?" Rainbow asked sounding excited.

Twilight rolled her eyes and with a gentle wave of one wing, she created a tiny whirlwind, just enough to ruffle Rainbow's feathers.

"That's so Awesome! Can you teach me how to do that!?"

She laughed. "Yes, I can if you want, but Rainbow, there's something else... I... Among the rest of what Achlys knew about Pegasus magic, she knew how to push Pegasus magic to its limit."

"What do you mean?"

Twilight sighed. "I mean that, while I'm not sure if I'm in good enough condition physically, I know how to use my magic to fly faster and more agilely than just about anypony alive... maybe even you."

Rainbow just stared at her a moment, blinking. "Are you serious?"

Reluctantly Twilight nodded. Rainbow just stared at her a moment more then turned away from her.

"Achlys claimed she was faster than me..." Rainbow said softly. "Does this mean that you're able to do Rainbooms?"

Twilight swallowed nervously. She knew how much it meant to Rainbow, being the best flyer in Equestria, but at the same time, she couldn't bring herself to lie to her. "Possibly," she admitted, "I won't know for certain if I'm physically up to it until I go out and do a few trials, but, well... Part of Achlys's knowledge includes how to use Pegasus magic to control super-sonic flight."

"Then Achlys could do Rainbooms? She wasn't bluffing?"

"The legend had to have come from somewhere..." Twilight said softly, and Rainbow's shoulders slumped. She looked so dejected; Twilight couldn't stand seeing Rainbow like that. "Rainbow... I know how much it means to you, being the best. I... I just won't try. I'll fly like I normally do. I won't..."

She was silenced by a hoof against her snout and she looked up to see Rainbow smiling back at her. "Twi, I won't let you do that for me," she said softly. "I know that you'll want to see what you're capable of, if only for your egg-head science."

"But, Rainbow..."

"If it turns out you can outfly me, it just gives me something to shoot for. After all, what's the point of being the best if you know the competition was holding back?"

Twilight looked up at her, tears coming to her eyes. "I don't want to take this away from you," she whispered.

"Twi, you are the one pony I wouldn't mind being beaten by." Rainbow said with a sincere smile. "Besides, it would be nice to have somepony to train with that can actually keep up with me. And we don't know yet if you can outfly me." She grinned. "You're not exactly the most athletic mare out there."

Twilight smiled hesitantly. "You're really alright with this?"

Stepping forward, Rainbow pulled Twilight into a hug. "Yes, Twi, I'm really alright with this. I don't want you holding back on account of me."

Twilight hesitated a moment then slowly returned the hug.

"What do you say we go out flying tomorrow morning, and let's see what you can do." Rainbow said with a grin as she released Twilight. "You know, before you have to meet with this RJ character."

Twilight slowly smiled and nodded. "Just the two of us?"

"Well yeah, unless you know somepony else who could keep up."

Twilight laughed. "Probably not... I think I'd like that."

Rainbow nodded. "I'll come get you around ten. Then we could get some lunch after we've worked up an appetite."


Rainbow smiled. "Well, I probably should get going for now, I wasn't expecting the whole thing with Apple Bloom and Scoots, and I've still got some weather work to take care of. I'll see you tomorrow Twi," she said, heading for the door.

Twilight nodded. "Bye, Rainbow," she called even as Rainbow took off.

Rainbow flew quickly up to a secluded cloud and landed. Taking a deep breath, she let it out, slowly. She hadn't wanted Twilight to see how much it really hurt her to hear that she might not be the best anymore. They weren't sure, of course, they wouldn't know until tomorrow if Twilight was physically able to make full use of her pegasus magic, but still, the possibility was there.

She'd worked for so long and hard to get to the level she was at. True she had a natural talent, but talent would only take you so far. The rest was hard work... and now Twilight had just inherited knowledge that could let her surpass Rainbow. Sure she had literally died to gain that knowledge... but Rainbow couldn't help but feel a little jealous.

But she'd been honest when she said Twilight was the one pony she wouldn't mind being beaten by. Taking a deep breath, she resolved not to be upset if it turned out Twilight could outfly her tomorrow. After all, she cared about Twilight more than being the best.

She smiled thinking of Twilight. Maybe soon she'd have the courage to tell the alicorn her true feelings. Maybe even tomorrow...

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