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This story is a sequel to Child Of Misery

Apple Bloom's summer wasn't going as she had hoped. With both her friends busy with their own pursuits she finds herself without anything to do. So when she's given an offer; something that would allow her to join her friends in their pursuits, she takes it. Now gifted with extraordinary power, she must learn to control it and try not to lose herself in the process.

Reading Child of Misery is not required; but this story contains spoilers for that one so if you do want to read it, definitely read that one first.

Chapters (19)
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Hmmm, not a bad start so far. I'm tracking for now.

She's planning our first official date this Friday.

Darling! You need a new, fabulous dress for your first date! :raritystarry:

Apple Bloom's eyes widened in surprise. "Does that mean Rainbow is your special somepony!?"

Twilight smiled, blushing a bit more. "Yeah, I guess it does."

"Well that's great, sugarcube;" Applejack said smiling. "I know Rainbow has had a thing for you for a while now. Though, to be honest, I didn't know you'd be interested in another mare."

"Neither did I." Spike added with a smirk. "And I live with her."

I actually know for a long time that she is into mare. :trollestia:
This means party! :pinkiehappy:

Looking good. Though I wonder how Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon would react to now magic-casting Applybloom?

Reading Child of Misery is not required; but this story contains spoilers for that one so if you do want to read it, definitely read that one first.

So... basically you do need to read Child of Misery to understand this one?

Nah, it's like the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. You don't have to read The Hobbit to read Lord of the Rings, but some of what happened in The Hobbit is mentioned in Lord of the Rings. In this case, a few things are mentioned about what happened in Child of Misery, but they don't have much impact on this story and pretty much all you need to know is in this story.

They whipped around the castle towers, passing Luna's tower at breakneck speeds, making a full circle around Celestia's tower, unaware that Celestia herself was watching them from the balcony, smiling.

I can do shipping better than Cadance. :trollestia:

Twilight snorted. "Incidentally, it's breaking through the magic as well as the sound barrier that causes the rainbow shock-wave. If there wasn't any magic, you'd just get the mach cone and a loud boom."

Wait so then does that means that the speed of magic is as fast as the speed of sound?

Just imagine anytime someone fires a gun there, a small rainboom happens
Adding a rainbow to the muzzle flash.

I'm waiting to post the next chapter until I have the one after it done; so it won't be a long delay between them. When I do release it; I think everyone will understand why...

Is that a crocodile? The CMCs are in serious trouble now.

I rather hope that spell was a "save Point" spell...

“I think so.” Twilight told her honestly. “But it will take a while before she’s back to her old self… and even then… Applejack, what she went through, that kind of experience can change a pony.”

I have a feeling that Applebloom might ask Rekaj to train her seriously from now on, so that she doesn't have to cast that last resort spell again.

So... This has nothing to do with ACTUAL Blue Magic or Blue Mages? You just picked BLUE for no real reason?


“Trust the princess not to leave us behind…” Feather said with a sigh. “It’s all we can do.”

Twilight still need to learn how to act like a Princess some time.

It's the magic of the blue dragon flight. Each flight in Yuvari has a different type of magic; Blue, Green, Gold, Red, Black, and White. Their mages are typically identified by the color of the flight though a few have other names as well; red mages are called life mages, white mages are called shaman... It's a fantasy world I've been developing for years with its own system for magic.

Final Fantasy is hardly an authority on what is "actual" magic. If you look at D&D, Blue mages are completely different, focusing on counter-spells and disabling their opponents' magic. Don't expect every fantasy world to be the same.

My point still stands. She's not a Blue Mage, She just uses Blue Magic. You might want to point out that it's a DnD thing in the Description, or you're liable to piss off some people.

Not likely, this story has been in publication for 8 months and you're the first to even mention it. Most people understand that every fantasy world has it's own definition for magic and the same term can be different from world to world. My blue mages aren't the same as D&D either. I was just pointing out that D&D and final fantasy were different.

I can guarantee that even if I'm the only one to MENTION it, it's just because the others clicked off instead of leaving a comment. Again, you need to realize that taking a term like Blue Mage, and writing a story using the term in a way that literally nobody expects, and expecting them not to be at least slightly pissed is fucking insanity.

For example, I went in thinking, " Oh boy, I can't wait for Fire Breathing Apple Bloom!" And that can't be further from the reality of it, as far as I can tell. Again, I'm not asking, so much as telling you, you REALLY should mention from the get go that it's something YOU created. Because if you don't, and someone else gets irritated, then the only one to blame is yourself for not putting something like "Based on an original works" in the summary.

No, you'll continue to grow up, just once you reach adulthood, your aging will practically stop." He explained, then smiled sadly. "There is both good and bad to long life, Apple Bloom. It's hard to say for certain, but in all likelihood, with my Sa'Dracori, you would probably end up living to be between three and four hundred years old."

Apple Bloom's eyes widened. "Three to four hundred!?"

I think That Granny Smith still would have her beat.

"Well, look at Bulk Bicep, his wings are as small as yours and he's still able to fly."

Also, Pund Cake. Zipporwhill.

"Hey Twi," Rainbow cut in. "I just thought of something. You know I've been training Scootaloo for a while now, trying to teach her how to fly. It hasn't been going to well; she just can't seem to get off the ground, and I can't figure out what's wrong." Scootaloo lowered her eyes looking embarrassed as Rainbow went on. "What Apple Bloom said about her spell imitating pegasus magic got me thinking; do you think something might be wrong with Scootaloo's pegasus magic that's preventing her from flying?"

I dunno...

Luna gave her a smile. "Considering how much I've been mistrusted since my return, I know all too well what it's like to be looked upon with naught but suspicion, so I'm willing to give this friend of yours the benefit of the doubt. Besides, when it comes to matters of trust and honesty, one can do worse than to put their faith in the word of one of the Apple clan."

"Did I mention that he also made a pinkie promise?"

Luna nodded and turned, focusing on Rekaj. "While I also do not approve of you giving Apple Bloom this magic without her family's approval, I understand you've already been in our world for some time without our knowledge, and have not harmed anypony in that time. I am, therefore, willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Until you prove otherwise, I will trust that you mean the ponies of this land no harm.

He did pinkie promise.

Rainbow gave a wicked smirk. “Don’t tell Rarity. She’d have you conjuring dresses for her until you’re old and grey!”

Twilight! Could you teach me that spell? Imagine how convenient it would be to try out your idea on the spot! :raritystarry:

This story is amazing! Thank you for writing it! Glad to hear you are on the mend from your accident.

Keep being awesome! (Please... Pretty please...)

Loved the character development for the CMC in the recent chapter. Certainly was fun to see them challenge themselves and have fun at the same time. :heart: Hope to see more of that going forward!

Congratulations, Apple Bloom. You are a hero! Two and a half claps for you. (*clap* *clap* *whiff*):raritywink:

Just hope she can keep this ability under-wrap - nothing good comes when others learn you can turn back time.





Huh, never payed attention to Dishonored before, that kind of time stop ability is fairly common in games though. But did you have to remind me of that Eragon movie... :facehoof: I've learned not to trust 20th century when it comes to book adaptations... they slaughtered Timeline too; the book is actually one of my favorite time travel sci-fi.

I'd love to be a fly on that particular wall :rainbowwild:

Does that make Apple Bloom to be Cher, or the creator of Daylight Savings Time?

A very interesting story, I like how you have done the characters and the plot. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Good to see that the story continues to update. Hope you figure out how to make progress from here!

Being around talent friends tends to make one frustrate. I can hear the Friendship Lesson coming next chapter.

I don't blame kids for feeling jealous at someone else who seems to do better than them.
However, Sweetie and Scoot should stop and think a minute that what would normally Apple Bloom would think seeing her friends practice magic and flight from the sideline. Activities she normally cannot participate. Now that she can, who else won't join their friends? Is it show off for doing something that one can do? Does Rarity constantly use magic around the house a show off? Or Rainbow Dash fly whenever she awake? Then again, this is a viewpoint from a non-kid, so I won't blame them.

“Gees, what’s the big deal!?” Rainbow complained from her place on the floor.

I think it's "Jeez", as in Jesus.

“And I’ll be having words with them about letting you enter through the window later,” Feather told her.

That makes me think of one of "Firebrand's" reviews. I believe the scene went like this...

"Well, I wanted to see if they were dumb enough to just let a pizza delivery through. If not, good. They're learning. If so, you get to yell at them and we get pizza! Everyone wins!"

“She’s getting there. She can hover and fly slowly just fine, but trying for any speed tends to be a bit much, she loses control of her magic and ends up crashing.” Rainbow sighed. “I can tell, she’s really getting frustrated.”



“Oh, okay…” Sweetie said, throwing Apple Bloom a glare, though she didn’t see.

Maybe she'd learn faster if you taught her Shadow Clone Jutsu? :ajsmug:

“Nope, I flew here.” She said smiling a bit, while sounding out of breath. “Well, most the way. Rainbow said Ah could practice on my own, so long as I stay low.”

Ya got a little southern for a sec*, Scootaloo.

Lol, woops. Half the time I'm forgetting it for Apple Bloom then I go and get stuck in accent mode.

I can’t wait!!! This is epic.

“Apple Bloom’s magic is not pony magic.” Twilight interrupted, her voice soft and gentle. “Listen. Rekaj told me a bit about his magic. It works much differently than our magic. For Apple Bloom, it’s like a branching path where each branch is a different spell. All she has to do is memorize which branch to send the magic down in order to cast a spell,” she explained, as Rekaj had explained it to her. “But our magic, we have memorize everything, even the shape of the branches.”

I have an idea! Why not get Rekaj to teach Sweetie and Scootaloo? It would certainly be more effective than what they're doing now.

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