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Nebula Star

Digital artist, both 2d and 3d, and author by hobby. Living in San Diego California.


When a zombie plague hit Equestria, the nation fell in mere days. Now the survivors, led by the mane six, have a chance to cure the plague once and for all. The catch: Zombies control the area surrounding the lab where the only known supply of a needed rare herbal ingredient is held. They're going to need a distraction; good thing they have the Crusaders on their side.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 5 )

The cover image made me come up with new names: Sweetie Bomb, Shootaloo, and Apple Boom....... I have too much time on my hooves.....

I think this really brings down the whole "they're already dead" thing.
Cadence seems pretty much intact, just with a permanent obsession for sex, and she ultimately dies brutally and unnecessarily. What even is a soul and why does a pony need it if Cadence seems fine without it?

Great story, only issue I had was Rarity bring a sex fiend. Good for a single joke but it just kept going on and on.

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