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The Blue Mage - Nebula Star

Gifted with extraordinary power, Apple Bloom must learn to control it and try not to lose herself in the process.

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Chapter 3: Morning Flights

The Blue Mage
By Nebula Star

Chapter 3: Morning Flights

Apple bloom laughed as she soared through the air, her wings outstretched, catching the air currents effortlessly. Flying was everything she'd ever imagined it would be and more. It was a freedom unlike anything she'd ever experienced before. She climbed into the sky high above the clouds, then dove, wings folded, only opening them at the last second to pull up before hitting the ground. She looped through the air, wove between trees and reveled in the freedom of flying.

"Wonderful weather for a flight!"

Apple Bloom looked over a little startled to find that she was no longer alone. Even more startling was who was flying alongside her. "Princess Luna!" She gasped and lost altitude as she was distracted for a moment and lost control of her flying.

"Whoops, careful." Luna said with grin as she flew under Apple Bloom, deftly catching her on her back. "What do you say we land for a moment to talk?"

"Of course, princess!" Apple Bloom agreed and Luna glided down to a nearby cloud alighting on the pillowy surface. Apple Bloom jumped down to the cloud as well without hesitation, knowing her magic wouldn't let her fall through.

Luna smiled down at her. "I must say, after spending most the night helping foals with their worst fears, it's nice to visit such a pleasant dream."

Apple Bloom blinked. "This is a dream?"

"Indeed. And a fairly common one, especially among unicorns and earth ponies."

Apple Bloom looked around. Now that Luna had mentioned it, she noticed a few things odd about her surroundings, the ground was just grass fields, all the way to the horizon with just a couple small stands of trees, there were no roads, no towns, no cities, no signs of civilization at all. This wasn't anyplace she recognized, it was just a generic landscape, a backdrop to her dream of flying.

And now that she was thinking about it, she remembered; she hadn't learned to fly yet. In fact, Twilight had asked her not to use her magic. Did it count if she dreamed about using it?

"It has been some time since I indulged in joining in on somepony's flying dream." Luna said wistfully, stretching her wings, her blue feathers ruffling in the light breeze.

Blue feathers... "Wait, princess, Ah thought you were stuck lookin' like Nightmare Moon again?"

Luna looked at her surprised, then glanced at herself. "Oh, right. Unfortunately it can be rather... counterproductive entering into a foal's nightmare appearing as Nightmare Moon, so when walking the dream realm I use my original form," she explained.

"Ah guess that makes sense. Is it hard to do?"

"Not really, but it does take some concentration to hold this form."

Apple Bloom frowned. "Well, if it's easier, you can just be yourself if you want. Ah don't mind."

Luna smiled. "Very well, thank you, Apple Bloom," she said then began to change. Her coat turned black as she grew taller, her pupils narrowed into slits and her mane and tail became more billowy, seeming to surround her with a piece of the night sky. Unlike the last time Apple Bloom had seen her, she wasn't wearing armor; instead she wore regalia similar to what she'd always worn before she'd been changed back into Nightmare Moon, but blue-silver in color instead of the black that it was before.

"Perhaps holding that form takes more effort than I thought. It does feel good to relax and let myself be myself," she said, her voice deeper and more resonant. "Honestly, I prefer my appearance now myself; but I have to admit, it does have its downsides. I don't remember having fangs the first time around..." She made an odd face as she opened her mouth wide, feeling the tip of one of her fangs with her tongue.

Apple Bloom giggled. "Nah, Ah don't remember you having fangs the first time either, but the Nightmare Night statue definitely does."

Luna laughed. "Yes, I remember. I had to use fake fangs because my illusion spell couldn't change the inside of my mouth."

"You were really convincing though! You got us all real good!"

Luna smiled. "Well, I was just glad you all enjoyed yourselves. So what about you, Apple Bloom, how have you been lately?"

Apple Bloom shrugged. "Ah've been alright."

"I was actually a little surprised that I never had to help you through any nightmares, especially after the Achlys incident."

She shrugged. "Well it was scary and all, but nothing really bad happened to me. Ah mean, the only thing that Ah was really involved in was gettin' attacked by timber wolves. But that ain't nothin' new. We've had them varments causin' trouble at Sweet Apple Acres from time to time. Ah never even saw Achlys or anything she did... not like Sweetie."

"Yes, I've been working with Sweetie Belle almost every night to help her through her nightmares." Luna sighed. "It's been difficult, but it's helped that she has such good friends like you to help her. So you've had no trouble yourself?"

"Nope, Ah've been fine."

"That's good to hear. And I'm glad you're able to enjoy such pleasant dreams. Although, I understand that this particular dream may just become a reality for you." Luna gave her a knowing smile.

Apple Bloom looked down sheepishly. "Twilight told you about that?"

"Indeed, and I have to say, I'm most intrigued by this magic that has even Twilight Sparkle baffled, as well as the one who gave it to you."

Apple Bloom shifted slightly. "You're not worried?"

Luna gave her a smile. "Considering how much I've been mistrusted since my return, I know all too well what it's like to be looked upon with naught but suspicion, so I'm willing to give this friend of yours the benefit of the doubt. Besides, when it comes to matters of trust and honesty, one can do worse than to put their faith in the word of one of the Apple clan."

"Thanks, princess," Apple Bloom said blushing a bit. "Twilight was also worried that even if RJ doesn't mean to hurt me, that his magic may have side effects..."

Luna nodded, understanding. "That is certainly a possibility, but from what Twilight said, it sounds like you've already had this magic for some time."

Apple Bloom nodded. "Yep, Ah've had it for a few weeks already."

"Have you had any problems yet? Any unexplained aches or perhaps dizzy spells, nausea."

"No. Ah haven't had any problems."

Luna smiled. "Then it's probably alright. I understand Twilight's concern. But if this magic were to have any dangerous side effects, I would think you would have noticed something by now."

"So you think it's okay?" Apple Bloom asked hopefully.

"I would be inclined to believe so, yes. However, Princess Twilight now knows more about magic than any other pony alive, so we would be wise to trust her judgment on this." Luna smiled and ruffled her mane. "Just let Twilight do what she believes necessary to ensure your safety. You know she has your best interests at heart."

Apple Bloom nodded. "Ah know."

"In any case, Twilight told me you were going to arrange a meeting with your dragon friend later today. I would like to join you for this meeting as well."

She gave a shrug. "Okay, RJ said he'd be glad to meet with any of the princesses. Ah'm goin' to talk to him this mornin' to set everythin' up."

Luna nodded. "Yes, just contact Twilight, as you planned, when you've made the arrangement and she'll relay the information to me."

"Okay, is Princess Celestia comin' as well?"

"Unfortunately, no. She has too many commitments tomorrow that she cannot reschedule so she will have to meet your friend another time."

"Oh, okay."

Luna smiled, but then stood stretching her wings. "Well I'd best be off. I still need to finish my rounds before dawn comes, and then I'll need to get at least some sleep myself. Farewell Apple Bloom. I shall see you on the morrow. Until then, enjoy your pleasant dreams."

"Okay, see you tomorrow, Princess Luna!" Apple Bloom called after her as the princess took flight, flying up into the sky and vanishing with a flash.

Once she was gone, Apple Bloom looked around. "So, this is a dream, huh?" She closed her eyes and tried to focus her thoughts as best she could. When she opened them again, the rolling hills below were no longer grass, but ice-cream of all different flavors, with pathways of rocky road running throughout.

"Yes!" Apple Bloom cheered and jumped off the cloud, gliding down to indulge in her ice-cream fantasy. The Butter Pecan hill would be a good place to start.


Twilight yawned widely as she descended the stairs into the library's main room. Even after a quick shower she was still feeling a bit drowsy. But then that was to be expected after staying up as late as she had, reviewing what she knew about how foreign magics could affect a pony. Reviewing the magic knowledge she'd inherited from Achlys was like studying, except with the entire book already in her head.

She would have slept in later, but she was expecting Rainbow anytime now, and she wasn't about to disappoint her friend and not be ready when she arrived. She just wanted to grab herself a quick breakfast and she'd be ready to go.

Twilight had learned the hard way that her pegasus friend was a surprisingly early riser, despite her tendency to take naps whenever she could. This was due, of course, to her years of working on the weather team, having to get up early and clear out any wild weather that may have drifted in from the Everfree overnight.

She had just finished eating a light breakfast when there was a knock on the front door. Smiling to herself, she went to answer it.

"Morning, Rainbow," she said happily, finding her friend on the doorstep as she'd suspected.

"Hey, Twi. You ready to put those wings to work and see what you can do?" Rainbow asked grinning.

Twilight nodded. "Yep! I'm actually kind of excited. I mean this will be a pretty good indicator of just how much of flying skill comes from wing strength and dexterity and how much is from pegasus magic!"

Rainbow snorted. "Yeah, I guess."

"Haven't you ever wondered how much of your flying skill comes from precise manipulation of your magic?"

"Not really, I usually don't think about it."

"But that's what makes it even more impressive, Rainbow!" Twilight insisted. "The technique for super sonic flight is pretty complex; if you don't even have to think about it, that means that you're doing it almost on instinct alone!"

"What can I say; I'm a born flier," Rainbow said with a grin. "So I was thinking we'd start with a quick flight around town to warm up. Then we'll head up to the fields north of town and really put your wings to the test!"

"Sounds good to me. Oh, just one second." Twilight turned back into the library and levitated a small bracelet off the desk to her, clasping it around her fore-leg.

"What's that?"

"It's just a bracelet I enchanted with the communication enchantment that the amplifiers use. I made it last night just in case Apple Bloom tries to contact me while we're out. This way I don't have to wear an actual amplifier. After all, the whole point of this is to see what I can do; it kind of defeats the purpose if I wear an amplifier," She explained.

"Gotchya," Rainbow said with a nod.

Twilight stretched her wings stepping outside and closing the door behind her. "Well I'm ready when you are!"

Rainbow launched herself into the air. "Let's get going then! Follow me!"

Twilight took off after he pegasus friend. She'd been wanting to put her new-found knowledge of pegasus magic to the test and was curious to see if she'd naturally put the knowledge into practice or if she'd have to really focus on it. The best way to see, of course, was to just not think about it and see if she automatically put the techniques to use.

Chasing after Rainbow was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Pushing herself faster, she managed to catch up with Rainbow without too much difficulty, though the athlete was clearly flying at only a fraction of her ability. Seeing Twilight come up alongside her, Rainbow gave her a grin and put on a little more speed, easily pulling ahead. Twilight grinned and accelerated as well. Before long, she was coming up alongside Rainbow again. Rainbow saw her and put on more speed, regaining her lead on Twilight, flying far faster than Twilight usually had before her rebirth. Twilight however, was able to keep up and was having no trouble whatsoever doing so.

She pulled up alongside Rainbow again and when Rainbow saw her, her grin grew all the wider. With another burst of speed, Rainbow pulled ahead again, and Twilight was forced to push herself even faster. She hardly had to think of her magic as she flew ever faster; she knew she was using her magic, following the advanced techniques that she'd discovered within her inherited knowledge, but she wasn't trying to. She was using them automatically.

Soon their warm up flight became a contest to see which of them could out-fly the other. Twilight would push her new-found abilities ever further and each time, Rainbow would match and surpass her, looking more and more excited each time. Soon they were weaving through the trees and climbing through the clouds at speeds that few pegasi could ever match.

Twilight threw Rainbow a grin as she again pulled up alongside her friend, wings beating hard. Rainbow grinned back and instead of increasing the speed, she began to spiral around Twilight. Taking her cue, Twilight matched Rainbow, the two of them spiraling around each other as they flew over the town.

"Twilight? You there?"

Twilight blinked in surprise at the unexpected voice, then remembered. "Rainbow, hold up, it's Apple Bloom." She said slowing to a stop, hovering in the air. It was then she realized just how heavily she was breathing. Rainbow stopped as well, flying back to hover nearby. Tapping the jewel in the bracelet twice, she activated the link. "I'm here Apple Bloom."

"... Are you okay? You sound kind of tired." Apple Bloom asked sounding concerned.

Twilight laughed. "Yes, I'm just out flying with Rainbow Dash," she explained, noticing that Rainbow was breathing heavily as well, though not nearly as heavily as her.

"Oh, okay. Well Ah'm here with RJ, and he says he'd be glad to meet with you this afternoon, whenever you want."

"Okay, then we'll plan on about two o'clock in the afternoon."

"Alright, are you going to tell princess Luna then?"

Twilight blinked. "I was... how did you know Luna wanted to be there?"

"She told me in my dreams last night."

"Oh, right." Twilight rolled her eyes at her own oversight. Of course, Luna would have contacted Apple Bloom herself. "Well, yes, I'll have Spike send her a letter when I get back to the library."

"Alright, RJ say's he looks forward to meeting you!"

"I'm glad to hear it... Apple Bloom, is Applejack with you?"

"Yeah, she's here," Apple Bloom said sounding a little annoyed, but resigned at the same time. "She didn't want me talkin' to RJ alone..."

"Okay, Applejack, you there? I should be able to hear you so long as you're close to Apple Bloom."

"Ah'm here, Twilight," Applejack's voice came through the bracelet.

"So, now that you've met this RJ, what do you think?"

Applejack sighed heavily. "Ah don't know, Twi. Ah'll admit, Ah was pretty mad when Ah heard some dragon had gone an' enchanted Apple Bloom without our knowin' it. Even if Apple Bloom agreed to it. But... after talkin' to him, Ah have to admit; he does seem like a pretty decent feller. And as much as Ah hate to admit it; he does seem like he's being honest about his intentions. Ah guess... Ah guess Ah can see why Bloom trusts him."

Twilight nodded to herself. "That's good to hear, actually. Perhaps all we really have to worry about is side effects of Apple Bloom being connected to his magic."

"Ah hope so Twi, Ah really do. From what Bloom has said and what he told me himself. It sounds like this Rekaj fellow is one powerful dragon."


"Yep, that's his name: Vele'Rekaj or just Rekaj. Bloom calls him RJ 'cause she couldn't quite pronounce his name."

Twilight frowned. "Interesting. Well it definitely doesn't sound like any dragon name I've ever heard. But then if he's from another world, that would make sense."

"Yeah, hard to believe, but he seems like he's bein' honest about that as well." She sighed. "Ah've been talkin' with him for a while now, and to be honest, he seems like a nice sort. He just has a bit of a mischievous side to him and tends to do things without considering what others will think, kind of like Rainbow Dash really."

"HEY!" Rainbow objected.

"Sorry, Rainbow, but you know it's true."

Rainbow folded her forelegs across her chest. "Yeah, well... maybe."

Twilight gave Rainbow a smirk. "Well I guess I'll see for myself this afternoon. You going to be there, Applejack?"

"Yep, Ah'll be here. Ah'm going to try to get some work done until then, Rekaj offered to help so that we could keep talkin'."

"Alright. I'll see you later then. And you too Apple Bloom."

"Later, Twilight," the two sister's voices came over the bracelet, then Twilight tapped the gem twice to stop broadcasting.

"Well... at least it sounds hopeful. It would be nice to have a visitor to ponyville that wasn't here to cause trouble for once."

Rainbow laughed. "Tell me about it."

Twilight nodded. "And with Apple Bloom involved, I really hope she's right about him. I'd hate for Apple Bloom to get hurt..."

"Hey, no matter what this guy's up to, we'll make sure that doesn't happen," Rainbow told her confidently.

Twilight smiled thankfully. "Do you want to come with to meet him as well?"

Rainbow grinned. "You bet! There's no way I'll let you face this guy alone."

"Well I won't be alone, and hopefully there won't be any trouble. Anyway, we've still got some time before then. Should we get back to our flying?"

"Yeah. Now that we're warmed up, what do you say we see what you can do?" Rainbow said, starting off toward the fields north of the town. They weren't very far since they'd been over the northern part of town when Apple Bloom had contacted them.

"Well that is what we're out here for." Twilight agreed a little apprehensively as she followed. "I should probably just get right to it, huh... the rainboom..."

"That would be the quickest way to see if you're as fast as me," Rainbow agreed. "If you can't do a rainboom, then we'll know. If you can... well then we'll have to race to see who's faster."

Twilight nodded as they made their way to the fields. "Alright... any advice?" She asked once they'd arrived.

Rainbow shrugged. "Just try doing it in a dive first, and get plenty of altitude before you do."

"Gotcha," she said and took a deep breath. "Here goes then." Twilight took off, climbing into the sky high above Ponyville, higher than she'd ever flown before. Soon she felt the air grow colder and thinner as she climbed higher and higher. Absently she wondered how high she could climb and decided she'd have to test that another time. Stopping to hover, she took a moment to review everything she knew about high speed flight; all the knowledge on pegasus magic that she'd inherited. This was it. It was time to see if she could put it to use... to see if she had surpassed one of her closest friends in the one thing she prided herself on.

Twilight bit her lip and considered holding back, not giving it her all. Rainbow had worked so hard to become such an amazing flier, she had every right to be proud... and now here she was, having inherited knowledge that could possibly let her surpass her rainbow maned friend without having put in any effort at all.

She shook her head. No! She'd promised Rainbow she wouldn't hold back. This was it. Time to see what she could do.

Diving, Twilight pumped her wings hard, driving herself downward with all her strength. Again she used the techniques from Achlys' knowledge without even trying, almost as if it were instinct. She stretched her hooves out in front of her, feeling the wind rush past as her speed continued to climb. She could see Rainbow ahead and far below, watching as she continued picking up speed. The air seemed to condense in front of her forming a white cone just in front of her hooves. She felt the resistance as she pushed the barrier. She gave it her all, flapping her wings as hard as she could trying to push through. To break the barrier. The ground was getting closer now, she didn't have much time left. She gave it everything she had.

It wasn't enough.

Twilight felt herself dragged to a stop by the unbroken barrier and blinked. "Uh oh..." She managed just before the barrier launched her backwards through the air like a giant rubber band.

"AAAAAHHH!" She screamed, completely out of control, flash-backs to Rainbow crashing into the library flying through her head. Then she hit something; something soft that wrapped around her, slowing and finally stopped her momentum. Breathing deeply, Twilight found herself held in Rainbow's fore-hooves as she hovered high over Ponyville.

"Thanks." Twilight breathed as Rainbow lowered her down onto a convenient cloud.

"No problem, Twi. That kick back can be nasty," Rainbow said with a grin and Twilight gladly laid down to rest.

"Sometimes I think magic has a sick sense of humor..." Twilight said between breaths.

"Magic?" Rainbow raised a brow at her.

"That elastic effect of the sound barrier... it's a magic phenomenon. It wouldn't launch you like a rubber band if magic wasn't making it do that."

Rainbow smirked. "Heh, really? Should have figured; magic has always been out to get me."

Twilight snorted. "Incidentally, it's breaking through the magic as well as the sound barrier that causes the rainbow shock-wave. If there wasn't any magic, you'd just get the mach cone and a loud boom."

"Well all I know is it's awesome..." Rainbow looked over at Twilight hesitantly. "So... you really tried right? You didn't hold back?"

Still breathing heavily, Twilight gave her a smile. "I really tried, Rainbow." She shook her head. "I knew what to do, how to use my magic... I just couldn't push through. My wings weren't strong enough."

Rainbow slowly broke into a grin. "So then..."

Twilight nodded. "You're still the fastest flier in Equestria... I'll have to work at it a bit if I want to match you." She stretched her wings, groaning. "I think I'm going to be feeling that tomorrow..."

Rainbow laughed. "Well don't just lay there, let's do a short cool down flight, and then some stretches; that way it won't be as bad tomorrow. We'll have to test your agility some other time."

Twilight sighed. "Alright, just don't go too fast okay?"

"You've got it, Twi," Rainbow said. "Just a relaxing lap around town, some stretches, then we'll go get some lunch."

"Sounds good."


Rainbow couldn't help feeling giddy as she and Twilight headed to lunch together. She wouldn't admit it, but she'd really been worried that Twilight would be able to out fly her just with her magic, being an alicorn and all. She'd been up half the night worrying about it. But now they knew that it took more than just magic to match her skill. But at the same time, Twilight had almost done it. She'd gotten closer than anyone else Rainbow had ever seen; which meant that while Twilight hadn't surpassed her, she was nearly up to Rainbow's level.

One of her friends was almost at her level.

She couldn't stop grinning at that thought. Finally, she had someone she could really fly with, someone who could not only keep up, but might actually be able to challenge her. And it was Twilight!

She couldn't imagine this day getting any better... well, yes she could...

Glancing over at Twilight, she again toyed with the idea of telling her. Of telling her friend about her feelings for her.

"Table for two." Twilight said, and with a start, Rainbow realized they'd arrived at the cafe. The waiter led them to a small table on the patio and they sat down across from each other, taking up their menus. But Rainbow wasn't really looking at her menu. Her thoughts were a tangled mess and she couldn't even focus enough to read the menu even if she did. Instead she held it up in her wings while casting covert glances at Twilight.

When she hadn't been worrying about being out-flown, Rainbow had spent much of the night before as well as that morning trying to work up the courage to tell Twilight how she felt. She glanced at Twilight again, watching briefly as the alicorn scanned her own menu.

"Have you made your decision?"

Rainbow almost jumped at the waiter's voice right next to her.

Twilight just nodded. "I'll have the daisy and spinach salad with a glass of lemonade."

The waiter looked to Rainbow Dash, waiting patiently.

"Uh... I'll have the same." Rainbow said quickly, not really having thought about what she wanted. The waiter nodded taking their menu's and left to get their orders started.

Catching Rainbow's eye, Twilight raised a brow. "I don't think you've ever ordered a salad before..."

"Eh, I felt like it," Rainbow said with a shrug, while mentally kicking herself.

Twilight snorted softly, looking a little skeptical. "Right... Well, their salads here are actually really good."

"Yeah, I've heard." Rarity had mentioned more than once how 'simply divine' their salads were. They'd better be... Rainbow thought, though in truth, even if the meal wasn't great by her standards, the company more than made up for it.

Their food wasn't long in arriving and to Rainbow's surprise the salad was far better than she was expecting. "Heh, you and Rares were right, they do have pretty good salads. Although I think I'll get a cider to drink next time."

Twilight rolled her eyes. "You always get cider."

Conversation was light while they ate, since Rainbow tended to scarf her food with single-minded intensity, and consequently they were soon finished and having paid their bill; they took some time to relax while they finished their drinks.

Rainbow was tense. This was a prime opportunity to tell Twilight. She knew she had too; they'd already lost Twilight once and Rainbow had been devastated knowing that she'd never be able to tell her, that she'd regret not telling her for the rest of her life... But then, the Tree of Harmony had brought Twilight back, and she'd been given a second chance. If it were to happen again...

"Twi," Rainbow started before she could lose her nerve. "There's something I've been meaning to tell you..."

Twilight looked up at her, curiosity sparkling in her beautiful violet eyes. "What is it, Rainbow?"

"I..." She sighed and tried again. "When you died... It really hit me hard. I knew I'd regret not telling you for the rest of my life."

"Not telling me what?" Twilight asked, becoming concerned.

"That I... I love you, Twi."

Twilight's eyes widened in surprise as Rainbow lowered hers and went on.

"I know you probably don't feel the same way... That you've probably never even considered a relationship with another mare. And I know this is probably super awkward. But I just... had to tell you." Rainbow shook her head. "I'm sorry, I'll just go..."

Opening her wings Rainbow made a hasty retreat from the awkward situation she'd created. Or at least tried to. Magic wrapped around her before she even made it ten feet in the air and stopped her dead. She then felt herself pulled back down and set gently, yet firmly, back in her seat across from Twilight.

"You could at least give me a chance to respond before you fly off." Twilight told her as her horn stopped glowing.

Rainbow looked down at the table, but nodded.

"First of all, you are right; I've never really considered a romantic relationship with another mare."

Heart sinking, Rainbow just nodded again.

"But that's mostly because I've never really considered any kind of romantic relationship at all."

Rainbow looked up in surprise and felt a small glimmer of hope come to life inside of her.

"So, let me consider it." Twilight went on. "One of the biggest concerns about such relationships between two mares of course, is the inability to have foals of their own, should either of them want to. But my magic can take care of that so that's not really a concern."

"What really?" Rainbow blinked, her surprise momentarily overcoming her nervousness.

Twilight nodded blushing a little. "Yeah, I know of several options in that regard. So, yeah, not an issue. Another major concern is of course physical attraction..." She paused and gave Rainbow a very long and evaluating look that was almost enough to even make Rainbow feel uncomfortable. "Not an issue," she said finally.

It took Rainbow a moment to process what she meant. "You really find me attractive?"

Twilight blushed. "Honestly, I've found you attractive ever since the day we met... You have rugged, care-free beauty, Rainbow, that I really can't help but be attracted to. And your self-confidence doesn't hurt either."

Rainbow gave a hesitant grin.

"And lastly, a concern in any romantic relationship is; is there love?..." Twilight bit her lip. "Rainbow, I can't honestly say that I love you." Rainbow felt her hopes sinking again and lowered her eyes back to the table. "But isn't that what dating is for? To give love a chance to blossom?"

Rainbow's eyes shot back up. "You mean...?"

Twilight smiled, looking a little nervous, but excited as well. "If you really feel that way about me, I'm willing to give us a chance."

Slowly a joyful smile spread across Rainbow's face as she realized what Twilight was saying. "You're awesome, Twi."

Twilight smiled back, then leaned across the table. Rainbow didn't hesitate. She brought her hoof up to twilight's jaw as she leaned in as well, gently guiding her as their lips met and they shared their first kiss. It wasn't exceptionally long, or passionate; but for the two mares right then, it was perfect.

When they finally parted again, Twilight looked back into Rainbow's eyes and smiled, showing her more timid side. "So... does that make this our first date?"

"Nah, we didn't plan this as a date; it has to be official," Rainbow told her, grinning. "How 'bout a real date this Friday?"

"I'm free after six on Friday." Twilight told her.

Rainbow grinned, "Great, I'll pick you up then! What do you want to do?"

Twilight smiled. "Why don't you plan what to do. I trust you to pick something we can both enjoy."

"Uh yeah, sure; I can do that." Rainbow said trying to sound her usual confident self. "You just wait; it will be the most awesome date ever!" Inside she was panicking. She had no clue what to plan for a date with Twilight; she'd been so sure that Twilight would never say yes that she'd never even thought about what to do if she did.

"I'll look forward to it." Twilight said with a smile. "But for now, I'd better get back to the library so that I can have Spike send a message to Princess Luna about when we're meeting this Vele'Rekaj."

Author's Note:

Woops, went and forgot to post a chapter last weekend; so I'm posting it now and will still post another this coming weekend.

This TwiDash side story will be the focus for a couple chapters here at the beginning until Apple Bloom has had some time to learn a few spells. After that, though, Apple Bloom will be the main focus for the rest of the story.

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