Midnight Star: The Frozen Empire

by Nebula Star

Epilogue: Sunrise Wedding

Midnight Star: The Frozen Empire
By Nebula Star

Epilogue: Sunrise Wedding

Eight months later.

Midnight stood before a stand Mirror as she put the finishing touches on her mane, making sure every strand of hair was in place. She often didn't bother to hide her star-field mane anymore, but it could be distracting at times and she didn't want anything causing distractions today.

She was wearing an elegant dress of Rarity's design. Pale purple in color, it was trimmed with a deep red and bound about her middle with a sash of the same color which had been chosen to match her eyes as well as the stripe in her mane.

Focused though she was, she didn't fail to notice another pony enter the room, and slowly move up beside her, clearly trying not to make a sound. She smiled.

“You're going to have to be a lot stealthier than that if you want to surprise me, Wind,” she said then turned her head toward him... and found their snouts pressed together as he kissed her. Midnight was surprised, but melted into the kiss all the same, leaning against him as he put a wing around her holding her tightly against his side. Midnight was slightly out of breath when they finally ended the kiss.

Mmmm, we have time... Her other side said suggestively.

'No, we don't,' Midnight told her firmly. 'We're running late as it is and Wind always manages to mess up both our tail and mane...'

Oh come on, let's have a little fun!

'Sky would kill us,' She told her second then grinned up at Wind who was still holding her tightly against his side. “Okay, you surprised me.”

He grinned back and then gave her another quick kiss. “You ready to go?”

She nodded. “Yeah. And we'd better get going too; sis would kill us if we were late.”

Wind laughed. “Probably,” he said then gave her a squeeze before they turned and headed toward the door together. “You must be glad that it's almost over. Helping plan two weddings only two months apart...”

“Yeah well, this one wasn't nearly as stressful since I wasn't the bride!” She said with a grin. “I'm just glad Sky wanted a small simple wedding.”

“Well, after a certain daughter of a princess practically kept her wedding a secret, I think Sky would have felt bad wanting a big fancy wedding.”

“Our wedding, you mean?” Midnight said smiling as they stepped outside into the darkness of an early spring morning. Then she gave him one last kiss. “We'd better fly or we'll never make it.”

He nodded smiling then they both took off, flying at a gentle pace toward one of the many parks around Ponyville, this one near the edge of the Everfree. The other guests were already arriving despite it still being nearly an hour before sunrise.

“There you are!” Twilight said meeting them as they landed. “Cutting it a little close, you two!”

“Sorry, mom,” Wind said grinning.

She rolled her eyes. “Well, you better go take your places. I've arranged with Celestia to let me raise the sun this morning so that I can make sure the sunrise is right when they say their vows, but we should still try to make sure the sunrise is on time.”

Midnight nodded, then gave her a hug. “Thanks, mom. Sky will be thrilled.”

Twilight smiled as well. “I hope so. Unfortunately Celestia and Luna couldn't make it this morning, but Luna said she'd be at the reception tonight and Celestia said she'd try to make it for part as well.”

“Alright.” Midnight nodded then she and Wind went up to take their places as a part of the bride's family. The ceremony was to start in less than twenty minutes.

More guests continued to arrive including the rest of both Sky and Copper's families. One of the last to arrive was a yawning Rainbow Dash who flew in and landed with Scootaloo by her side, magically extended wings shinning brightly in the darkness. They both went to join Valor in the audience who had arrived even before Midnight and Wind.

Midnight smiled as she looked around at the family and close friends that made up the guests of Sky and Copper's wedding. Many of them had been at Her and Wind's wedding as well, only two months ago. They all knew the truth about her now, but none had held it against her, nor did any even seem nervous around her. They accepted her for who she was now, and didn't care who she'd once been.

With a content sigh, she leaned against her husband and waited for the ceremony to begin.


The ceremony had gone perfectly, and Midnight was sure she'd seen tears in Sky's eyes when the sun had risen just as she and Copper finished their vows. Of course, the ceremony itself was only the start of the festivities. Most the guests were treated to a celebration party that lasted the entire morning and afternoon, courtesy of Pinkie Pie of course, while the newlyweds snuck off for some time alone together before the reception.

The reception itself was in the same park as the Ceremony, but during the day a dance floor and sound system had been set up along with drink and food tables serving a wide variety of cuisines and desserts. Many other small tables were set up around the dance floor with plenty of seating for all the guests.

About halfway through the night Midnight found herself seated at one of the tables to rest from dancing with Wind by her side as well as Twilight, with Rainbow Dash and Valor sitting across from them.

“I'm surprised to see Princess Luna here,” Valor was saying, throwing a glance over toward where they could see the lunar princess talking rather animatedly with Pinkie Pie and Vinyl Scratch who were handling the music.

“Actually, Luna's taken a some time to get to know Sky; and Wind here as well.” Twilight told him and Wind nodded confirmation. “Apparently she was rather impressed by their bravery during the battle. Celestia was going to try and make it as well, but she did say she'd probably be late.”

“Well I hope she makes it, I actually need to talk to her,” Rainbow said glancing toward Canterlot.

“What about?” Twilight inquired curiously.

She glanced at Valor before answering. “I'm going to be standing down as captain of the Wonderbolts.”

Everypony at the table save Valor stared at her, jaws hanging open in shock.

“But, Rainbow, that was your dream!” Twilight gasped.

Rainbow smiled and leaned more against her husband. “I know, and I've lived my dream for years now.” She shrugged. “It's time I moved on. I mean, I'll still be part of the team; I just don't think I'll have time to continue as captain anymore... with a foal on the way an' all...” She blushed.

It took most of them a moment to register what Rainbow had said, but when they did, three pairs of eyes widened.

“Rainbow you're...?” Twilight started even as Midnight blurted out.

“You too!?” She hadn't meant to say it, it had just slipped out.

Valor raised a brow at Midnight's reaction even as Twilight turned her astonished look from her friend to her daughter. “Midnight... are you...” She gasped.

Midnight blushed. “I... I just found out a couple days ago. I'm already a month and a half in.” She told them softly.

“Really!” Twilight was beaming as Midnight nodded and she immediately threw her hooves around her daughter in a hug.

Rainbow grinned. “Already a month and a half in, huh? You two really got right on that didn't you, your wedding was only two months ago.”

Midnight blushed bright red as Twilight released her.

Twilight laughed. “Yeah, you sure did, didn't you.”

She just shrugged and snuggled closer against her husband.

Then Twilight turned back to Rainbow. “You, however, it's about time!”

It was Rainbow's turn to blush. “Well, you know, we always had our careers... I guess we figured it could wait.” She looked down then sadly. “But... after Midnight saved me in the battle, I got thinking, we can't take the future for granted... We may not get another chance.”

Valor put a hoof around her and held her comfortingly.

Twilight smiled understandingly as well. “Well congratulations, all of you!” She said then laughed a little as she realized she was at the table with four expecting parents. “I feel just a little out of place now.”

They laughed.

“I guess this means we'll be having our foals around the same time then.” Midnight said grinning across at Rainbow.

“Probably. I found out a couple weeks ago, so I'm a little further along, but pretty close...” Rainbow told her.

As the two future mothers began talking excitedly, Twilight sat back and listened realizing they were discussing an experience she had never had, a joy she'd never experienced. Deep down she began to wonder if she would ever find a special somepony of her own, if she would ever have the experience of bearing a foal. Would she even want to? Would she want to bear a foal knowing that she would likely outlive both the foal and its father?

She sighed pushing the thoughts out of her mind. Focusing instead on being happy for Midnight and Rainbow.