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Hi I'm Hollyfern! Aspiring doctor that tries his hoof at fanfics. I Would very much like feedback! I typically can and will write about my darling filly Silver Spoon!


Adagio, Aria, and Sonata fled from the stage after their defeat at the hands of the Rainbooms and off into the town. Where did they go? How are they taking it? What is their next move? And more importantly, how will they survive?

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Was my entry for The Album, but didn't make it.

Recently made Chieftain, Little, rather, Chief Strongheart makes her first visit to Canterlot for an important meeting.

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Sequel of Moving On: Silver Spoon's Story

Edited by- Lewie!
Many thanks to Steel Resolve & Comma-Kazie

Having faced and surpassed the challenge of making new friends, Silver Spoon's tranquil and simplistic world comes to an abrupt halt once family obligations begin to lurk in her shadow. With the help of the crusaders, Silver Spoon and co. uncover a Silver family secret that could possibly shift the fate of all of Ponyville.

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The aftermath of Silver Spoon's words bore into Diamond Tiaras mind. Used to shunning everypony, now Diamond Tiara has to start over and make friends in Manehattan. Criticism welcome here~

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COMPLETE! NOW WITH SEQUEL!Diamond Tiara has moved away to Manehattan leaving behind a lonely and friendless Silver Spoon. Depression slowly sets in, but one Cutie Mark Crusader extends the hoof of friendship. The sequel The Spoon That Refused Polish

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