Moving on: Silver Spoon's story

by Hollyfern


Silver Spoon groaned as the setting evening sun’s gentle orange rays interrupted her rest. The filly had been bed ridden all day, due to a stomach ache brought on by too many sweets the day before. She sighed as she cast her gaze out the window.  Silver Spoon longed to be at school right now, she missed the arguments from the Cutie Mark Crusaders already!

Earlier that morning she knew she felt sick, but she tried to keep anypony from being the wiser. Unfortunately, the weightless feeling on the elevator caused her to throw up, and needless to say, blew her cover. The filly giggled quietly to herself at the fiasco which threw the entire mansion into a state of panic. Everypony was still on high alert. Constantly peeking in on her was mainly Emerald, who felt responsible for her current condition. She had to order the poor stallion to take the day off.

The door to her room crept open and August Hoof stepped in, carrying a small tray. From the smell of it, it was time for her second dose of medicine.

"No... not again, August Hoof," Silver Spoon complained as she hid her head beneath the sheets.

"I must say, you put on quite a show this morning young lady," her maid giggled. "But, this is Nurse Tenderheart’s orders, Miss Silver Spoon."

"No. Go 'way," she waved a hoof under the sheets, shooing August Hoof away like a little foal.

The unicorn couldn't help but giggle at her young mistress' odd defiance. She glanced around the room, then closed and locked the door.

"Silver Spoon," she started, her voice taking on a motherly yet serious tone in place of her usual one. "Well, there is something I want to talk about."

The gray earth pony peeked from beneath the sheets at August Hoof. Her maid sat next to her on her bed and sat the foul smelling tray down. "Yes?" She asked.

"First, I want to apologize for the way I treated your guests yesterday... I thought they were... like her." August Hoof’s face reflected disgust as a certain magenta filly came to mind. "I can see I was wrong. Now, tell me something, and I know you have an answer. You're a bright filly, after all." August Hoof proudly smiled. Something that, until then, Silver Spoon thought was genetically impossible for her normally strict maid. "Do you know about the relationship between the Diamond family and ours?"

Silver Spoon nodded. "Of course. I've known for as long as I can remember. The Diamond family was a mining family that bought a small patch of land from my ancestor, Miracle Spoon and found their fortune when Diamond 'Rocky' Mane found the biggest reserve of raw diamonds in Equestria."

"That's right," August Hoof nodded knowingly. "Our two families have been close business partners and friends ever since. You will be the next head of the family, that means making A LOT of enemies, ruthless ponies who just want nothing more than money in this world-"

"Like my mother..." Silver Spoon sighed as she hung her head.

"Silver Spoon, take it from me," the aged unicorn lifted Silver Spoon chin and warmly smiled. "She does her best. And you are proof of that. I can say, for a silver, you've changed within the last month. You're..." Her maid paused as she searched for the right word to describe her young mistress. "...Different."

"D-Different?" The filly tilted her head. She didn't feel any different... aside from being sick that is.

"Well, take last night for example. The old Silver Spoon would have never raised her voice at me, especially not to defend those... oh what's the word?" August Hoof tapped a hoof on her forehead, trying to remember the nickname Silver Spoon gave Apple Bloom and her friends. "No flanks?"

"Blank Flanks..." Silver Spoon sighed. Memories flooded in of the endless cruelty she and Diamond Tiara put the Cutie Mark Crusaders through. The more she thought on it, the less she felt they would accept her.

"Yes, Blank Flanks. You just might be the breath of fresh air our family needs." August Hoof caught the depression on Silver Spoon’s face, smiled, and gently patted the sick pony on her head. "An honest pony with some real heart."

Silver Spoon smiled a bit, reassured by her maid’s words. "Hey, August Hoof, how do you know so much about my family? I don't recall Seabastion or anypony else knowing these things."

"That's my secret." The unicorn playfully winked. "Now, medicine time!"

"Fine..." Silver Spoon rolled her eyes and groaned.

The lid floated off the tray, revealing a clear bottle of green goo. The gray filly reeled as August Hoof opened the bottle. The rank smell intensified, yet, did not faze her maid in the least. The unicorn smiled as she poured a little in a measured cup.

"Open," her maid commanded.

For a moment, Silver Spoon stared at the goop, doubting if it would actually make her feel better. In truth, the sight and smell made her only served to back her doubts. She opened her mouth to protest, but before she could make a sound, the thick goo shot into her mouth and assaulted her taste buds, making her lips pucker on contact. She gagged for a moment and flailed her hooves about as she held it in, then painfully swallowed. As it went down, she shuddered and panted, making August Hoof giggle at the sight as she put the tray away.

"Now, August Hoof, give me an honest answer," Silver Spoon sternly said. "How do... OOooOoooOohhHh..." Before she could ask her question, her stomach churned making her feel queasy for a moment.

The maid cleared her throat and dropped her motherly tone. "Get some rest deary." She smiled and along with the tray, August Hoof left Silver Spoon to herself.

The gray filly sighed and went to window gazing. Her energy slowly began to build back up, and with that, she became increasingly skittish. Silver Spoon caught a reflection of herself and giggled at how messy her usually braided and kempt mane looked. With boredom settling in, she restlessly shifted about her bed, desperate to do something.

"Miss Silver Spoon," Seabastion’s voice called from behind her room door. "Are you awake?"

Silver Spoon groaned. She remained silent and laid back on her bed. Her full attention was on finding something to do right now, not to be bothered with more medicine.

"Can you give her thi'th?" the much welcome sound of Twists' speech impediment rang from behind her door.

"Yeah, tell her that she better feel better soon too! Last night was awesome!" Judging only by the word 'awesome', Silver Spoon assumed that voice belonged to Scootaloo.

"How sick is she?" Sweetie Belles' silky angel voice added.

"Ah hope she really does feel better." The final voice along with that unmistakable accent belonged to Apple Bloom

Those voices...! Silver Spoon gasped as a smile grew on her face. She eagerly sprang from her bed and rushed to the door. Upon opening it she saw the faces of four fillies light up as they laid eyes on their friend. "You came! You came! You came!" the gray filly sang as she bounced around her guests.

"Well 'course we came silly filly!" Apple Bloom giggled.

"Why wouldn't we?" Sweetie Belle added.

"It's just... I didn't think you guys wanted to be my friend..." Silver Spoon admitted.

"Now why the hay would ya go and think that nonsense, Silver Spoon?"

"I used to be so...mean to you all," she shrugged.

"Exactly!" Scootaloo nodded. "You used to be. That's all ancient history now. And... I guess I'm kinda sorry I gave you a hard time and all. After what you did yesterday, you're alright in my book!"

"Yea!" Apple Bloom nodded. "Water under the bridge, as Big Mac would say."

"Everypony needs a friend, Silver Spoon," Sweetie Belle added.

"And you are our'th!" Twist smiled.

Silver Spoon was struck speechless. They had finally forgiven her. Now, what happened in the past was now put to rest. Apple Bloom, Twist, Sweetie Belle, and even Scootaloo called her their friend. 

"We made you card'th!" Twist presented a small drawing, with the words 'Get well soon Silver Spoon. The inside depicted a sick Silver Spoon with a thermometer in her mouth and an ice pack on her forehead, in addition to a mini green and white candy cane. "It wa'th 'Thweetie Belle'th idea!"

"Do try not to overexert Miss Silver Spoon, she does still need her rest until she fully recovers," Seabastion said. His words fell on deaf ears, the five fillies seemed to have forgotten he was even still there. With a smile, he nodded approvingly and disappeared down the hallway.

"I did one too!" Scootaloo proudly added as she presented a more dynamic version very becoming of the pegasus' personality.

Each of the fillies presented their unique and colorful 'Get Well Soon' cards, each reflecting their individual personalities. Silver Spoon grinned ear to ear like a certain pink pony, her heart warmed by this unexpected display for her well-being. "I...I...thank you soo much!" The gray filly collected her cards and led her new friends into her room.

"Y'know something, I think you look better with your mane down," Scootaloo pointed out as she and the other fillies followed. "And I'm usually the last pony to care about all that frou-frou stuff."

"Scootaloo has a point," Apple Bloom chuckled. "When she is the voice of fashion somethin’ is HORRIBLY wrong." Everypony, even her punch line laughed at that truth.

Silver Spoon laughed along with her friends as she sat her gifts on her bed. "I haven't brushed it today is all." She ran a hoof through her messy mane and giggled. "So, you all... really forgive me, huh?"

"Of course!" Scootaloo confidently replied.

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!" the Cutie Mark Crusaders chanted as they made odd gestures which left Twist and Silver Spoon with dumbfounded looks.

"What...what was that?" Silver Spoon chuckled, slightly confused yet amused by the movements and rhymes.

"That's what we call a Pinkie Pie promise!" Scootaloo stated.

"An that's the kinda promise friends keep," Apple Bloom continued.

"A promise, forever!" Sweetie Belle finished.

"Forever?" Twist echoed.


Twist and Silver Spoon jumped at the eerie voice that echoed from the hallway. The Cutie Mark Crusaders just laughed, they knew the culprit behind the ominous voice. The ponies turned their attention to the doorway to see the pink pony in question standing, eyeing the group as if she had been there the whole time.

"What are ya doin' here Pink?" Apple Bloom asked, using the pet name her older sister uses.

The dark look vanished from her face in an instant, replaced with her natural, bubbly smile. "Oh, I was sent by Applejack to fetch you four!" Pinkie Pie paused as something just crossed her mind. “You know... that's a little odd, because I'm not a dog... You'd think that if she wanted you girls fetched, she would have sent Winona..."

"How... how did she..?" Silver Spoon’s head tried to make sense of how the mare before her could do that.

"Oh, it's just Pinkie Pie." Scootaloo shrugged. "You kinda get used to it."

"More like ya gotta get used to it," Apple Bloom added.

"Oh! 'Thpeaking of which," Twist turned to Silver Spoon, who was slowly beginning to develop a phobia of a pony that could be anywhere at any given time. "Where will your party be?"

"Paaaaarty?" Pinkie Pie cheerfully echoed. The gray filly backed away from the increasingly fearsome pink pony. "Oh you've GOT to let me throw it!" Pinkie Pie dashed over to Silver Spoon. She stopped and balanced on the tips of her forehooves, their faces mere inches from each other.

"Y-Yes..." Silver Spoon whimpered. "I-It's f-four days away..!" The poor filly cowered underneath Pinkie Pie's energetic gaze.

The pink mare’s jaw dropped as she gasped. "Four days! Oh boy, this will be a toughie to pull off!" She tapped a hoof on her chin, pondering her course of action as she rounded the corner down the hallway, leaving an unfortunate victim in her wake. "C'mon girls! I got work to do!" Pinkie Pie called.

"Sorry about that, Pinkie Pie tends to pop up whenever somepony does her promise." Scootaloo chuckled knowingly as she caught the horror-stricken look about Silver Spoon’s face. "Don't worry though! Hangin’ with us, you'll get used to it!"

"Girls!" The mare called in a high pitched squeal.

"You know, we better get going," Sweetie Belle drably pointed out.

The other fillies nodded in agreement as they left Silver Spoon alone and still coping with the entity that is Pinkie Pie.

She...she must've been around the corner out of sight...yeah that's it. Hiding. The filly nodded as reason alleviated some of her fear. Although… there's only one way to be sure. Silver Spoon closed her door and pressed a button on the knob, locking the door. She climbed into her bed and moved her cards to the window sill. She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes tight in case the pink mare did appear. "Cross... my heart..." she shakily began. "H-Hope to... to fly..." She gulped as she silently mouthed the end of the chant, then voiced it. "Stick a cupcake I-in my eye..."

Silver Spoon slowly opened one eye and glanced around her room for any sign of her innocent pink tormentor. After a few rounds she sighed happily, she found herself alone and for once liked it.


She slowly turned to her window and loosed an inaudible shriek as her violet fearful eyes met with those of an ethereal Pinkie Pie in her window. The filly frantically scrambled away from the sight until she fell off her bed and bumped her head.


The pink themed room of a certain filly that now resided in Manehattan was littered with giant stuffed dolls of various creatures, all offering the same fixed smile about their face. One doll in particular was filly sized and lay in a bed alongside its owner. The doll’s gray cloth and realistic silver mane and tail were as soft as the filly it resembled. As soft as Silver Spoon herself. The doll’s owner cuddled and nuzzled it as it offered the same stoic smile as the rest of the dolls. But, to the magenta filly that cared so deeply for the pony it represented, it was much more than just stitches and stuffing. Memories of the time spent together with Silver Spoon.

"Bump bump sugar-lump rump!" The filly chanted as she tossed the doll in the air and caught it in a hug.

"You are aware the Miss Silver Spoons' birthday is approaching, right Princess Diamond Tiara?" One of her butlers asked as he entered her room.

"Like, duh," the filly chuckled as she rolled her eyes. "Silver Spoon is my best friend! Plus it would be totally rude not to grace all of Ponyville with my presence.

"Very good," the servant nodded. "I shall RSVP immedia-"

"No wait!" Diamond Tiara interrupted as a thought came to mind. "I think I'll make it a surprise for her." She nodded as she hugged her doll tight. "Celestia knows that filly doesn't have a single friend since I left."

"As you wish." Her butler remained silent as he dipped his head in respect and backed out of the filly's room.

"Oh Silver Spoon," she affectionately sighed as she imagined the real deal in her hooves instead of the life-less doll. "I totally can't wait to see you again."

Bump Bump Sugar-Lump Rump