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Hi I'm Hollyfern! Aspiring doctor that tries his hoof at fanfics. I Would very much like feedback! I typically can and will write about my darling filly Silver Spoon!


Good news, Bad news and Non-Silver news. · 12:47am Jan 10th, 2015

Apologies for the wait, new year, school business and whatnot. Now onto the update,

The Good:
The chapter for Silver Spoon is complete!

The Bad:
I'm... unsure about it. What I mean by that is there seems to be too much? Yes, too much perhaps going on. Then again, perhaps I'm being too self critical. :duck:

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Adagio and Co. · 7:05pm Dec 28th, 2014

I just put out a new one shot featuring The Dazzlings. Go check it out if you would be so kind. It started off terribly huge, an adventure, really. But I cut it down to be easy to digest.

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Silver Spoon · 11:55am Dec 20th, 2014

Well, update time and the chapter for Silver Spoon is coming together fantastically. (Though I may have gotten carried away with the cirque...) That being said, I might need beta readers for it I'll only need a few extra pairs of eyes. Anyone interested?

P.S. Incidentally, Out of sheer curiosity, any OCs out there that aren't ponies? Like, Griffons, Minotaurs (who need love) deer. etc?

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Getting Back in the Saddle! · 5:35pm Dec 18th, 2014

Well with my return I am eager (As well as a few of you might be the same.) to return to writing! Lets face it, I know I'm not the best there is at what I do BUT! I am good at WHO at write about. Now, I do (mostly) have the original story lines for Both Diamond Tiara's and Silver Spoon's story lines. I am putting this to you, my watchers, Firstly, I could take both down and revamp them with the new elements presented in the show up to Rainbow Rocks. Second, I could end them and

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User: Holland Fernando. Revive.exe · 10:31am Dec 17th, 2014

//booting.... 2%... 4%... 21%... 67%... 90%... complete.

Well, no, I'm not dead...

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So, Fiesta Equestria... · 3:42am Apr 3rd, 2013

I'm going and hopefully the missus too. I'll try to pull off an outfit a la gender bent Rarity.

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To my watchers · 12:30am Mar 23rd, 2013

Of my few works that folks like to read, I want to narrow my focus to one in particular since I've been gone for awhile. I'll still update the others, say once a month, while the main one updates twice a month. So, which to do?

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So, the pitter patter of little hooves... · 11:36pm Mar 22nd, 2013

Pretty much my reason for poofing. *coughonceagaincough* Little colt running about.

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ZZzzZZzz... · 7:02am Jan 6th, 2013

Well THIS was embarrassing. I hadn't expected to be away from you all for so long, but I am back! So all the worries can be put away before I tell Pinkie and she fixes that frown PERMANENTLY. I hear she was talking to Twilight Sparkle about some odd gas that puts a smile on everyone's face. I wonder how's that coming along. Oh, and another thing, despite being terribly late, happy Christmakwanzakah, merry hearth's warming, and happy new year! On a side note, I'm LOVING the Silver Spoon banner!

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This should go without saying.. · 12:28am Nov 26th, 2012

But, the new filly? I like her! I love her accent. And I won't be home until tomorrow, so no update yet. But, I might do something on my new filly of interest!

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