• Published 25th Aug 2012
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The Spoon That Refused Polish - Hollyfern

Life is unfair. Sometimes even going so far as to thrust upon the young the weight of responsibility. Though, being grown up is no cake-walk either.

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Silver Spoon descended the stairs in the foyer wearily, narrowing her eyes against the early morning sunlight. What a weird dream. She yawned, covering her mouth with a hoof. Me, Apple Bloom and the others climbing through Tartarus, fighting monsters with other monsters.

"Ah, Silver Spoon, good morning," Seabastion called as she came to the bottom. "Your father has left me with instructions, and I have a message for you."

"Good morning, Seabastion." Silver Spoon stretched, her joints popping audibly. “What are they?”

"The other families have arrived in Ponyville and are settling in as we speak," Seabastion explained. "The meeting will be held tomorrow at town hall. Your father would like you to wear something nice."

“O-Oh, okay.” Silver Spoon nodded, leaving a concerned lingering gaze on the onyx stallion. “And the message?”

“It’s from Diamond Tiara.” Seabastion paused. “Or at least I believe it was her.”

“What do you mean?” Silver Spoon tilted her head.

“I mean no offence, but the pony that left the message for you was... courteous. I believe somepony has had something of a positive influence on her.”

Silver Spoon smiled, relieved and pleased by the progress her old friend seemed to have made. “What did she say?”

“She wants you to bring your friends to Sugarcube Corner around noon.”

“Alright, thank you.” A silence fell and Silver Spoon shifted where she stood, a pang of worry still nagging at the back of her mind as she watched her butler. Daddy seemed real upset last night... “S-Seabastion... are you...”

“I would hazard a guess your father panicked in front of you the other night,” Seabastion said dryly. “I am fine, little one; I just felt a bit under the weather yesterday, I assure you.” He smiled. “Your father, as you may have noticed, tends to exaggerate things. He is an emotional creature, parallel only to a pregnant mare. From time to time, I forget who is supposed to be the wife in their marriage.”

Silver Spoon giggled.

“Ah, a smile. Good.” Seabastion chuckled. “I do apologize if I worried you. Getting sick is easy at nearly a century old. Besides, ‘tis healthy to be sick sometimes. Hm, I do wonder how Ms. Smith manages to keep so healthy.”

“Alright.” Silver Spoon softly smiled. “All that matters to me is that you’re okay now, Seabastion. But don’t work too hard today, okay?”

“I will be in my room to which your father has quarantined me.” Seabastion shook his head. “I promised I wouldn’t leave, so perhaps I can catch up on my reading today. Ms. Sparkle has been a great help in assisting me in getting ahold of old classics.”

“Sounds like you’re going to have a relaxing day,” Silver Spoon cheerily noted.

“Indeed.” Seabastion nodded. “Unless your father deems the works of Shakespeare too graphic for my frail old heart— though he himself is more liable to cry.”

“Really?” Silver Spoon laughed.

“Yes, looking after your father is quite the full-time ordeal. Your mother is doing expertly... though we all could use a helping hoof now and again, don’t you think?” Seabastion raised an eyebrow and began upstairs before Silver Spoon could answer. “It will rain tonight, possibly a thunderstorm.”

I think I understand that he wants me to make up with Sunset, but what does that last part have to do with anything? Silver Spoon sighed. Right now, I’ll see if Diamond Tiara is home.


Silver Spoon trotted through Ponyville, noticing several pegasi coordinating clouds at an almost rushed speed throughout Ponyville. I guess Seabastion was right about the rain thing. I’ll hurry home after I get done, then. I won—Ah!

Silver Spoon bumped into something and fell backwards. She looked up to a minotaur that was a towering slab of muscle clad in a tightly-cut tuxedo and a pair of glasses. He observed her, narrowing his eyes to almost a glare that sent a chill dancing up Silver Spoon’s spine.

“You.” His gruff voice rumbled on the borderline of a growl. “Sterling’s child, right? Silver Spoon?”

Silver Spoon swallowed hard. “Y-Yes. I-I’m sorry, I was lost in thought and I wasn’t paying attention.” She dipped her head and got to her hooves. “I’m really sorry.”

“It’s quite alright.“ His expression softened to a smile. “Bulk Trojan,” the minotaur said with a bow. “You are the only child of a member of the seven that hasn’t witnessed a meeting, if I remember right.”

“Yes, that’s true.” Silver Spoon nodded.

“I hope you can get along with the others. Fair warning, Rosenkrantz gets along with no one.” Bulk groaned. “I pray you are more level-headed than Filthy Rich’s youngest daughter. Those two get into it if one of them so much as blinks too fast.”

“Did Diamond Tiara go home, Mr. Trojan?”

Bulk scratched his head, his entire body rippled with every movement. “We arrived on the same train, I believe so. I’m not one hundred percent on it, I apologize.”

“It’s alright.” Silver Spoon smiled. “Thank you anyway.”

“I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.” Bulk smiled. “You have manners, which in itself is rare in the youth these days. Until tomorrow, Silver Spoon.”

“Bye, Mr. Trojan.” Silver Spoon waved. What’s with everyone being so tall? She giggled to herself. Though I don’t think the ringleader counts.

Before too long, Silver Spoon came up to Diamond Tiara’s estate, her attention drawn to the balcony where she knew Diamond Tiara’s room would be. She approached the twin doors and rapped on it with a hoof.

The doors creaked open seemingly of its own accord. Silver Spoon flinched then, she noticed a pony floating on the other side in mid-air. “Oh, I remember you,” Silver Spoon said, narrowing her eyes thoughtfully. “Diamond Tiara’s sister... Dazzler?”

The floating earth pony mare shrugged, her billowing cloud of a mane bobbing as she waved Silver Spoon in.

The sprawling expanse of Diamond Tiara’s foyer was nothing new to Silver Spoon, granted it was more elaborate than her own. “Dazzler, is your sister home?”

“Screwball,” came a voice from upstairs. “After the whole Discord thing, she started going by that, remember, Silver Spoon?”

Diamond Tiara smiled as she descended the cascading stairway, hurrying over to embrace Silver Spoon in a hug. “I missed you!” she chirped. “I kind of expected you would come see me early.”

“You left a message with Seabastion, silly.” Silver Spoon giggled. “I wanted to see what you’ve been up to beforehoof in Manehattan, so I came early.”

A faint mewl came from behind Diamond Tiara. “Oh, yeah,” Diamond Tiara said. “I need to introduce you!” She turned around, and Silver Spoon caught a glint of white fur. “It’s alright,” she cooed. “Don’t be scared, Duchess. She’s my friend. Think of her as another aunt!”

“Duchess? Aunt?” Silver Spoon giggled. “When did you adopt a cat?”

“Oh, I found her and just kinda kept her. Granted, dad wasn’t too happy at first.” Diamond Tiara turned, coaxing a bundle of fur with a hoof. “Duchess, Silver Spoon. Silver Spoon, my little Duchess.” She gestured to the two respectively.

“Hello, Duchess.” Silver Spoon smiled to the powdery white cat.

For a moment Duchess’s large blue eyes were fixed on Silver Spoon, a balance between apprehension and curiosity. After a moment, the cat meowed then dipped her head, seeming to relax.

“That’s my girl!” Diamond Tiara proudly squeaked. “Sis, would you mind babysitting Duchess for me? I need to go take care of a few things in town.”

Screwball nodded, scooping the young cat up and placing her on her her back.

“It was nice seeing you again, Da—Uh, Screwball.” Silver Spoon giggled.

“Behave for Aunt Screwball, okay?” Diamond Tiara said to Duchess, who only replied with an enthusiastic meow. “Come on then, Silver Spoon,” Diamond Tiara motioned outside. “Let’s catch up before the storm lands.” She said sarcastically.

Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara moved outside. There was a silence between the two, a welcoming one, a warm, nostalgic feeling that accompanied their walk through town. It’s as if she never left. Silver Spoon giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Diamond Tiara chuckled.

“Oh, just thinking how it feels like you never left.” Silver Spoon smiled. “As if nothing’s changed.”

“Oh, yeah.” Diamond Tiara nodded. “I see what you mean, but you’ll be glad to know things have changed a bit for me.”

“Really? How have you been?”

Diamond Tiara smiled. “Great, actually. I’ve made wonderful new friends. One of them, her name's Razzly, she's a unicorn who is kinda obsessed with socks and stuffed dolls. She made me a pair of socks I'll wear tomorrow, they're cute."

"I haven't seen you wear socks for a while." Silver Spoon giggled.

Diamond Tiara blushed. "W-Well I don't want to. Seem ungrateful. She even went so far as to make little paw pads on the bottom."

"Now that is cute!" Silver Spoon laughed.

"I can't help it..." Diamond Tiara grumbled, her cheeks still burning red. "A-Anyway, there are these twin colts, Gauche and Droite, not much to them save for the fact one is smart, Gauche, and the other... odd, Droite."

"If they are twins, how can you tell them apart?"

Diamond Tiara shrugged. "I unno, I just figured it out. Otherwise they go on and on, back and forth! It’s pure torture, like cheese graters in your ears. Though nothing like Rosenkrantz, ugh, that colt thinks he knows everything."

“What about your teachers at the private school?”

“My homeroom teacher is from Apploosa.” Diamond Tiara remarked dryly. “‘Nuff said on that. He was on my case from day one. But, he also taught me a lesson in humility... I’ll have him fired if he pulls a stunt like that again.” She added with a chuckle.

“What did he do?”

“I’d rather not say.” Diamond Tiara shook her head. “Off the record, I hate rainbows. What have you been up to with Apple Bloom and her group?”

“Lots of things, we’ve tried inventing, on one outing to Canterlot we tried to be knights, gardening, applebucking, herding sheep, just whatever comes into their mind, I’m happy to be a part of.” Silver Spoon beamed a smile. “Though, the ideas Scootaloo tends to have are... well, even so, it’s still fun.”

“That’s great to hear.” Diamond Tiara smiled. “Thanks to Razzly, I’m sure you’d like her by the way, I want to apologize to Apple Bloom and the others. Not because she asked me to, mind, but because I need to.”

“You need to?” Silver Spoon echoed questionably. “Not that it’s a bad thing, I’m happy you’re trying to apologize, but why?”

“Over the time I was in Manehattan,” Diamond Tiara continued, “I figured out just how lucky I am to have so much money and the good I can do with that. This might sound crazy,” she chuckled, shaking her head, “but I really want to become like a princess of sorts.”

Silver Spoon shook her head. “No, not at all, Diamond Tiara,” she firmly said.

“No, really,” Diamond Tiara shook her head. “I am, not so much because what I want to become, but because of who, well, really what I idolize.”

“...Not sure I follow.” Silver Spoon frowned.

Diamond Tiara giggled. “Nevermind, silly.”

“There are some ponies out there that are monsters over things like money, and it scares me how I used to be exactly like that.” Diamond Tiara shuddered. “I’ve seen a bad thing happen to an innocent pony, and he couldn’t do anything because the monster he was against had money. The princesses couldn’t rightfully do anything either. I... I want to make sure nothing like that happens, especially not to somepony I care for.”

Wow... she really has changed. Silver Spoon listened, bewildered at the words that followed.

“No one, no matter how much money they have, should be above justice,” Diamond Tiara said, her stout resolution ringing clear in her voice and shining in her eyes. “I want to be the kind of ruler that’s equal to her subjects, you know? And if by any chance I could get a shot at my wild dream... Silver Spoon, will you help me?”

“Of course!” Silver Spoon quickly answered. “Should you ever need me in any way, I’ll be there, Diamond Tiara. You know that, silly.”

“Thanks.” Diamond Tiara smiled, touching noses with Silver Spoon. “I kinda know for a fact I’m not the best with words, and you seem to have a knack for that stuff. Convincing the Cutie Mark Crusaders to meet me will be rough for you.”

“Well... I think it’s best to tell them just enough to get them to meet you at Sugarcube Corner.” Silver Spoon giggled. “Oh! I have an idea!” She held out a hoof. “Like we always used to do!”

“I see where you’re going with this.” Diamond Tiara giggled.

“Bump, bump, sugar lump, rump!” Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara sang, moving through the motions of their ritual of knocking hooves and flanks, giggling upon its completion.

“Wasn’t it you that came up with that?” Diamond Tiara asked. “What were we, like four?”

Silver Spoon blushed, nodding sheepishly. “Yeah, I’m glad you remembered, actually. It was just you and me back then.”

“Yeah.” Diamond Tiara nodded, trailing off somberly before sighing. “I don’t expect to instantly become their friend, or at all for that matter. I promised a friend I would apologize and try to make up. I keep my promises.”

Amazing. She grew up. Silver Spoon smiled, simply watching Diamond Tiara as they came up to Sugarcube Corner. Yet she still wants me around. What am I going to do when I grow up? I mean, sure, my inheritance, but Diamond Tiara wants more.

“Silver Spoon, I guess it’s time, huh?” Diamond Tiara flashed a worrisome smile as she opened the door.

“O-Oh, yeah.” Silver Spoon nodded.

Diamond Tiara frowned. “What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing.” Silver Spoon shook her head, turning away from Diamond Tiara. “I’ll go get them. Wait here.” She trotted off, leaving Diamond Tiara peering after her.

“Liar,” Diamond Tiara huffed.


Now for the hard part. Silver Spoon sighed. A knot of anxiety made itself apparent as it settled in the pit of her stomach. Well, here we go. She approached the cabin of their HQ. The sound of her fellow crusader’s laughter echoed from inside. “What did I miss?” she asked as she stepped inside.

“Oh, hey, Silver Spoon.” Scootaloo casually waved. “Nothin’ really, other than Derpy found a way to fly backwards. You should have seen it!”

“Ah wouldn’t be surprised if that mare ‘n Pinkie were kin.” Apple Bloom chuckled.

“Where have you been, ‘Thilver ‘Thpoon?”

“Yeah, we went by your house a little while ago, and Seabastion said you were busy,” Sweetie Belle added.

“Oh, umm, yeah.” Silver Spoon tapped a hoof to her chin. “See, I was—am busy.”

“Did ya need a helpin’ hoof?” Apple Bloom asked.

Help, huh... heh. Silver Spoon smiled slyly. “Yes, as a matter of fact, Apple Bloom, I do. From all of you, if I’m not interrupting anything.”

“Nah,” Scootaloo said, shaking her head. “I was gonna suggest we try skydiving for our cutie marks, but dumb clouds from Everfree are gonna whip up a storm later on.”

Well, thank goodness for that then, Silver Spoon mused.

“What can we help you with?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“I’ll fill you all in once we get to Sugarcube Corner.”

I hope this goes well, Silver Spoon silently prayed as she and the other crusaders trotted merrily through Ponyville. Apple Bloom, Twist and Sweetie Belle might hear her out, maybe even accept her apology too. But Scootaloo... She cut her eyes to Scootaloo.

"Huh? What?" Scootaloo blinked.

Silver Spoon shook her head. "Nothing." Funny, that seems to be my favorite word when I've no clue what to say. She chuckled.

"Oh... okay, then?" Scootaloo shrugged.

"So, Pinkie need our help or somethin'?" Apple Bloom asked, stopping and scratching her head. "We're here."

"Inside." Silver Spoon pressed the door to the sweet shoppe open, the thick scent of fresh baked goods flooded her nose. Her eyes widened at the festive atmosphere, streamers, balloons and other guests enjoying the ongoing party.

“I didn’t know Pinkie was throwing a party today!” Sweetie Belle chirped.

“Neither did I.” Silver Spoon shook her head.

“I heard you girls were bringing a crowd!” a pink mare chirped. Pinkie Pie approached with two other ponies at her side— one of which Silver Spoon instantly recognized by her black mane and gray coat.

Silver Spoon noted,“So you are related to Pinkie Pie!”

Scootaloo asked, cocking an eyebrow. “You know her, Silver Spoon?”

“Yes,” Silver Spoon replied with a nod. “She told me my fortune at the circus.”

“Now that ah think about it,” Apple Bloom tapped a hoof to her chin. “Pinkie did mention she had kin when she told us about her cutie mark.”

“I forgot about that,” Sweetie Belle said.

“Ni’the to meet you!” Twist chirped.

“Hello.” Inky smiled. “And yes, Pinkie is my younger sister and this is also our sister, the eldest, Blinky.” She gestured to a smiling, to the pony next to her.

“Hello.” Blinky said, her voice frail and faint as she held her seemingly stoic smile to the fillies.

Silver Spoon narrowed her eyes thoughtfully at the faded, blue-coated mare. I can’t quite put my hoof on it... she’s looking at us... but at the same time it’s like she’s not. She looked the mare over as her friends conversed with Pinkie and her sisters. Blinky’s eyes were the first thing she noticed, the uncanny glare that resembled a frozen sea.

"...Well, you fillies enjoy the reunion party!" Pinkie Pie chirped, hooking her hooves around her sisters. "We three sisters, on the other hoof, have loads of catching up to do!"

“Silvy, you okay?” Sweetie Belle’s voice rang, snapping Silver Spoon out of her thoughts.

“O-Oh, yes.” Silver Spoon quickly nodded.

Sweetie Belle pouted. “You’ve been acting a little strange today, Silvy.”

“You noticed it too?” came Diamond Tiara’s voice. The filly in question approached from the crowd of ponies, meeting Scootaloo's indignant gaze with a cool demeanor.

“For Nightmare Moon’s sake, that better not be who I know it is.” Scootaloo groaned.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but it is me." Diamond Tiara replied with a weak smile

Scootaloo instantly turned to Silver Spoon and leered. “This again? I mean really, Silver Spoon, I get she’s your friend and all, but yeah, this isn’t gonna work for me.” She pointed an accusing hoof to Diamond Tiara.

“A-At least try to hear her out first,” Silver Spoon pleaded, her gaze dropping along with her confidence to the floor. “She just wants to apologize.”

“Uh-huh,” Scootaloo said, rolling her eyes. “I’ve heard plenty of things come from her mouth, and I don’t care for whatever she has to say.” She turned on a heel, leering over her shoulder at Diamond Tiara. “I don’t forget things like when a pony calls me an orphan, and I don’t plan on hearing an apology, either. You girls can if you want— I’m outta here.”

Scootaloo stormed out, spitting fury. The others watched Scootaloo go. The Crusaders turned their mixed gazes to Diamond Tiara, who had remained silent through the tongue lashing she had received.

“What about the rest of you?” Diamond Tiara’s gaze skeptically moved from one filly to the other. “If you don’t believe I want to say, I’m sorry then, whatever, I’ll go. But I really do apologize for what I put you all through. I really am sorry, girls.”

“Ah... ah cain’t forgive you for what you did.” Apple Bloom shook her head. “Silvy’s always singin’ yer praises, and ya didn’t say nothin t’ Scoots when she went off.” She paused, looking Diamond Tiara over. “Ah was taught that no matter how much somepony wrongs you, ya gotta forgive ‘em, but th’ most ah’ll do is accept yer apology. Anythin’ more than that you gotta earn.”

“Alright, thanks.” Diamond Tiara sighed, smiling weakly.

Silver Spoon frowned. I knew this would be hard on her.

“I want to forgive you,” Sweetie Belle said. “In between all the things Silvy would tell me about you and what you did and said to us, I want to think you’re the way Silvy saw you. I remember that gift you got her for her birthday; I don’t think a mean pony would do that. If you’re really sorry, I guess I could forgive you.”

Diamond Tiara reeled slightly, smiling as reality set in. “R-Really?” She blinked. “Err, I mean thank you, Sweetie Belle. That;s really kind of you.”

Thank you, Sweetie Belle. Silver Spoon smiled to Sweetie Belle.

“Yeah,” Twist added with a nod. “It wa’th hard enough not having my cutie mark back then, and I have thi’th li’thp too, even then you hardly even looked at me. I a’thept your apology, but I don’t know if I ‘thould forgive you or not.”

Apple Bloom’s ears perked up. “Sounds like th’ rain is startin’. Ah’m gonna go make sure Scoots went home. Y’all stayin?”

“Ye’th, I’m worried about ‘Thootaloo, too,” Twist added.

“It’s raining already?” Sweetie Belle pouted. She turned to Silver Spoon, eyes full of confusion and anxiety. “I... better get home. Rarity hates it if I come home wet or muddy.”

“What about you, Silver Spoon?” Diamond Tiara asked. "I'm about to get home to Duchess. Are you going to try to wait things out here or head home?"

Silver Spoon blinked, stunned by the casual tone in Diamond Tiara's voice. "I-I guess I'll head home. Do you mind if I walk with you? Our houses are in the same direction."

"Alright, sure." Diamond Tiara chirped, then turned to the remaining Crusaders. "I guess see you all later?" She asked with an almost hopeful chime.

"Ah guess." Apple Bloom replied with a shrug. "C'mon y'all."

“Bye Silver Spoon.” Sweetie Belle waved, and then her gaze moved to Diamond Tiara and lingered for a moment. She flashed a sweet smile then raced out into the light drizzle of the evening.

"Now will you tell me what's been bothering you?" Diamond Tiara playfully teased.

"Are you okay?" Silver Spoon worriedly asked, her voice almost a whisper.

Diamond Tiara shrugged. "I'm fine, I guess. I kinda expected things to go the way they did, though Sweetie Belle was a bit of a surprise. Some part of me wanted to be treated like you. So much for that, huh?" She added with a wry smile.

"I'm sorry." Silver Spoon sighed, at a loss for anything else to say.

"Oh don't start." Diamond Tiara waved a dismissive hoof. "It's not your fault. Besides I still have friends and I still have you, so I'll be fine. I understand I can't be everypony's friend."

A brief glimmer of lightning illuminated the sky, then an angry bolt of thunder boomed. A shriek followed in addition to a dull thud. Several ponies in the room groaned.

"Again, Rose?" one party goer sighed. "It's just thunder..."

That reminds me... Seabastion's words from earlier rang in her ears.

"Yeah, we better get going," Diamond Tiara said. "Sounds like things might get bad. I don't think we'll have much time to chat and I don’t want to leave Duchess and my sister alone too long. Mostly my sister.”

“Alright, I’ll go home, too.” Silver Spoon said, mostly out of curiosity nagging at the back of her mind due to Seabastion’s words. Usually it’s Sunset going on about the weather.

Silver Spoon ran as fast as her hooves would allow, against the heavy drops of rain that peppered her body. She and Diamond Tiara parted ways before long, and Silver Spoon quickly entered her home and closed the door before much rain could follow.

“Phew,” she panted, banishing water from her eyes with a hoof.

Another flash of lightning came, followed by the boom of thunder and the shriek of a pony echoing from within her own home.

Wh-What was that?! Silver Spoon’s heart lurched, her eyes whipped around frantically and a sinking feeling that she should leave set in. That voice though... Sunset..? Screaming!? Her heart skipped a beat, and ice began to course through her veins as did several terrifying scenarios played through her mind. Mom!

Immediately Silver Spoon began up the stairs, skipping several in bounds from time to time. She raced down the corridor to her parents room, and burst inside. “Mom!” She cried, her head whipping around frantically.

The room appeared empty, everything was neatly set. The room illuminated with a flash of lightning and a faint whimper came from under her parent’s bed. Carefully, Silver Spoon approached the bed and moved the covers hanging over the side, aside. Sunset was huddled underneath with her eyes screwed shut wearing earmuffs, trembling like a leaf.

“S-Sunset?” Silver Spoon whispered to her terror stricken mother, inspiring a rising tide of terror in herself.

“H-huh?” Sunset winced, her eyes shooting open to reveal red eyes, irritated from the tears that soaked her face. “S-Silver Spoon,” she sniffed, appearing more upset than before.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay? What ha—” A crack of thunder interrupted Silver Spoon’s barrage of questions. Though her questions were answered by the terrified cry of Sunset as another bolt of thunder pierced the air. So that’s what Seabastion meant. Her realization didn’t help the flurry of questions whirring in her mind. What am I supposed to do?!

Sunset was still trembling as Silver Spoon joined her under the bed. Her very presence appeared to visibly ease Sunset. Silver Spoon couldn’t take her eyes off of her mother appearing so afraid. So vulnerable.

She can’t be the mare I thought her to be. Silver Spoon couldn’t help but feel a pang of sympathy for Sunset that gradually began to ebb away at her anxiety. Not this pony.

Sunset couldn’t meet Silver Spoon’s gaze, she hung her head. “Y-You must th-think I’m pretty pathetic. Don’t you?”

“No!” Of course not, Mom.” Silver Spoon shook her head. “If I would have known you would have been scared, I would have stayed home.” We got off on the wrong hoof, sure, but I wouldn’t want her to go through anything like this. Thinking on it now, the signs were so obvious she was afraid of storms! I should have known...

“Mom.” Sunset echoed with faint traces of a smile. “You called me Mom.” The happiness was short lived as lightning flickered in the room, Sunset tensed up and winced reflexively.

Now that she mentions it I did. Silver Spoon smiled, cuddling up to her mother. “I did, and you are, right?”

“I’m so sorry, Silver Spoon.” Sunset trembled. “I left you alone when you needed me. I made you think something was wrong with you... and yet, here you are for me when I need you. I’m so very sorry for what I put you through.”

No, this isn’t the monster that left me alone. Silver Spoon smiled enjoying the warmth coming from her Sunset. “It’s alright, Mom. It’s alright.”

“I promise I will never leave you alone again.” Sunset whispered to Silver Spoon.

The two sat in silence as a wave of tenderness washed over them under the bed. The storm raged on outside, thunder flashing and thunder roaring with Sunset only flinching slightly. “Mom?” Silver Spoon spoke up.

“Yes, Silver Spoon?” Sunset asked.

“I love you.”

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