• Published 25th Aug 2012
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The Spoon That Refused Polish - Hollyfern

Life is unfair. Sometimes even going so far as to thrust upon the young the weight of responsibility. Though, being grown up is no cake-walk either.

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The Fillies Are Thinking

Silver Spoon groaned, tossing and turning in bed until the soft veil of sleep cracked, the pitter patter of something nearby rang in her ears. Don’t tell me... She yawned, placing a hoof over her mouth.

Autonomously, Silver Spoon reached to her windowsill then placed her glasses upon her face. “Great,” she groaned, looking out her window. “It’s still raining...” Silver Spoon observed with a sigh.

Silver Spoon listened closer, there was more water echoing from inside her room. Must be Sweetie Belle in the bathroom. Faintly, Sweetie Belle’s singing voice, slightly drowned out by the running water drifted in her ears. Ears Silver Spoon suddenly couldn’t believe.

L’amour est un oiseau rebelle,

Que nul ne peut apprivoiser,

Et c’est bien in vain qu’on l’appelle

S’il lui convient de~ee—”

Sweetie Belle’s voice abruptly hit a sour note. Despite that, Silver Spoon still found herself stunned and amazed at the acapella aria. “No way...” She muttered in disbelief. “That was beautiful!”

The water from the bathroom stopped; Sweetie Belle opened the door to the room and blinked. Silver Spoon’s eyes were still as wide as dinner plates. “What? You looked stunned. Anesthetized. Lobotomized..?” She paused, searching for another word. “No, Zombified!” She proudly declared.

“That..!” Silver Spoon said, still in disbelief. “The... singing!” She blurted out what few words she could find.

Sweetie Belle suddenly blushed. “O-Oh... I didn’t know you heard that...”

Silver Spoon nodded slowly, still stunned and now at a loss for words. She’s only a filly... and she can do that?! She studied Sweetie Belle’s body, no two ways about it, the pony before her was a filly and not a trained mare.

“I know I messed up, It’s so embarrassing...” Sweetie Belle hung her head.

It wasn’t until Sweetie Belle’s voice cracked in her ears that she noticed her friend was trembling and averting eye contact as if Silver Spoon were judging her. “Sweetie Belle,” Silver Spoon softly began. “You don’t need to be, I always knew you could sing, but that was amazing!”

“Until I messed up...” Sweetie Belle brokenly said. “I... I have always had a little trouble with holding certain notes so that’s why I don’t sing. Ponies will laugh if that happens on stage...” She confessed, pawing at the floor with a hoof.

Silver Spoon couldn’t help but feel sympathetic towards her friend. Wow, I had no idea she was so... insecure about that. “But you seemed to enjoy the talent show that one time, remember?” She spoke up with a little cheer in her tone.

“I guess I just got lucky.” Sweetie Belle shrugged, making her way over to Silver Spoon’s bed. “Besides, I’ve never sung in another language before, I don’t even know what I was saying!” She chuckled, half-heartedly smiling.

Silver Spoon giggled. “That was Haybanera. Where did you hear that?”

“Haybanera? Is that what that’s called?“ Sweetie Belle tipped her head to the side and blinked. “Rarity has music like that at home. And, I really like it. Though I can’t ever sing a whole song like that, I don’t have enough breath in me.”

“Still though, the fact that you’re so good and so young is... just wow.” Silver Spoon smiled.

“It’s really nothing...” Sweetie Belle smiled, blushing even harder from Silver Spoon’s adoration.

Silver Spoon blew a raspberry. “Isn’t that my line?”

“I guess it is.” Sweetie Belle giggled. The young filly uncomfortably shifted in place, glancing up between Silver Spoon then back down to the floor immediately.

Silver Spoon giggled, shaking her head at Sweetie Belle’s fidgeting. “Something wrong?” She unassumingly smiled.

“...Did... did you really l-like it, Silver Spoon..?” Sweetie Belle meekly asked, cutting her eyes to Silver Spoon.

“Oh course!” Silver Spoon proudly stated. Sweetie Belle flinched slightly at the level of enthusiasm in her tone. My friend needs my help, I have to support her! She inwardly nodded. She was there for me when I needed a friend.

Silver Spoon blinked in surprise as Sweetie Belle nuzzled her. A blush quickly formed on her face. “Wh-What?”

“Thanks!” Sweetie Belle grinned. “Aside from the show that one day and Rarity when I’m sewing, I really don’t feel comfortable singing, I’m afraid of messing up.”

“I don’t see why,” Silver Spoon shrugged. “You voice is incredible; you should practice more often. I heard from Apple Bloom that you sang at Fluttershy’s cottage and even Fluttershy seemed surprised you could sing so well.”

“Well, in a way it kinda depends, I can sing songs by Sapphire Shores easy.” Sweetie Belle said matter of factly. “But, singers like Ms. Baker or things like Haybanera I have a hard time doing and I like them more!”

Silver Spoon smiled, the silence in the room suddenly caught her attention. “Hey,” she said turning to the window, blocking the sun’s blinding rays with a hoof. “The rain’s stopped and the sun’s out. Want to go see what the girls are up to?”

“I will catch up, I need to check with Rarity.” Sweetie Belle replied, frowning slightly. “I know she’s worried about me, I think she knows where I am, but it wouldn’t hurt to check.”

Silver Spoon nodded. “ Alright, I’ll tell the others then.” She hopped from her bed and stumbled, falling loudly on her chin. She winced, blinking back tears.

“Oh goodness!” Sweetie Belle gasped, assisting Silver Spoon back up. “Are you okay?”

“Ouch...” Silver Spoon groaned, as she shakily got to her hooves. “Heh... I guess the rest of me isn’t quite awake.” She forced a pained smile. “I’m fine now; meet you at the clubhouse!”

Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon moved through the lavish mansion bidding good morning to Silver Spoon’s butlers and maids on the way.

“Silver Spoon?” Called a familiar voice from the second floor balcony. “It is wet outside; there’s mud.”

Silver Spoon and Sweetie Belle looked up fro the first floor foyer, meeting the sceptical gaze of a pearly white unicorn maid. “It’s just a little mud, Ms. August Hoof.” Sweetie Belle said.

“The Master and Missus will be here any day now and I do not want them to return to a filthy home.” August Hoof slowly shook her head. “You should stay home.”

“August Hoof, let her have her fun.” Chuckled another voice from the third floor. Seabastion descended in the glass elevator, riding all the way down to the first floor. “She should be with her friends as much as she can.” He smiled warmly to the fillies.

For a moment August Hoof remained silent, staring down at Seabastion and Silver Spoon. “I see,” she sighed, shaking her head. Without another word August Hoof turned and disappeared back down the hall.

That was... odd. Silver Spoon suspiciously eyed Seabastion.

“I’m not sure if I can survive another brush with her again,” Seabastion heartily chuckled. “I, too will be out today.”

“What for?” Silver Spoon asked.

“I have somepony I wish to visit.” He frankly replied. “Do not worry, I will not be out long, I assure you.”

“If you say so, Seabastion.” Silver Spoon shrugged. “Come on, Sweetie Belle.” She motioned with her head for Sweetie Belle to follow as she pressed open the front door.

“O-Oh, okay.” Sweetie Belle nodded, taken slightly aback by the edge in Silver Spoon’s voice.

Seabastion began after them for a short while until he veered off towards other houses. Sweetie Belle looked over her shoulder to make sure he was well out of earshot. “What’s wrong, Silvy?” She asked.

Silver Spoon visibly shook herself, Sweetie Belle’s words ended her thoughts. She faintly smiled, shaking her head. “Nothing, Belle.”

“You’re lying.” Sweetie Belle pouted, looking slightly irate and poking out her lips.

“I’m just... hungry.” Silver Spoon awkwardly smiled, clutching her stomach.

Sweetie Belle blinked. “Oh! Okay... hm, come to think of it, I didn’t eat either.” She shook her head.

Silver Spoon giggled and shook her head. “Here’s your stop,” she motioned towards the front door of Carousel Boutique. “Tell Rarity hello for me?”

“Okay!” Sweetie Belle chirped. “See ya later, Silvy!”

Despite her initial plans, Silver Spoon found herself meandering around Ponyville instead of heading straight to Sweet Apple Acres. I know he’s hiding something... Silver Spoon wracked her brain over that through. Hmm... well, I guess it’s just because daddy’s coming. She thoughtfully nodded to herself.

It wasn’t until a breeze whipped up that Silver Spoon felt just how damp the air around her was, her fur appeared darker and sticky in some patches. Ick... maybe I should have stayed home. The mud I can take, but this... feeling... I think it’s muggy?

“Yo, Silver Spoon!” Scootaloo’s voice rang. Just as silver Spoon went to look over her shoulder, Scootaloo was already at her side, grinning widely.

Silver Spoon couldn’t help but giggle, “What’s with that look?” She cocked a brow.

“There will be time for that a little later when the squad’s together,” Scootaloo waved a hoof. “Just know that I think we might have a major break in the case today I know where we should stake-out to watch my sis.”

“That’s great!” Silver Spoon nodded. “You mean Ms. Cheerilee, I think, right?”

“Yup!” Scootaloo paused and blinked suddenly as if something dawned on her in that moment. “Oh yeah, you don’t know the story between me and my sisters, do ya?”

“No,” Silver Spoon shook her head. “I just assumed I shouldn’t ask.” She shrugged.

“Nah, I might have kinda lead you on before, but never got around to saying it.” Scootaloo motioned with a hoof. “C’mon, we’ll walk and talk.”

“Okay.” Silver Spoon nodded.

“Well, I guess I should start at the beginning-ish, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that I’m the only pegasus out of me, Cheerilee and Berry.” Scootaloo looked to Silver Spoon for confirmation; Silver Spoon nodded.

“I have, which is why I hadn’t known you were related.” Silver Spoon commented.

“See, me and Berry take after our dad, though moreso me because he was a pegasus.” Scootaloo proudly explained, puffing out her chest. “Berry has his attitude, or so I was told, and Cheerilee takes after our mom in terms of personality.”

Silver Spoon silently listened, somewhat intrigued by both her friend’s story and the fact Scootaloo was willing to open up a bit more to her which warranted a warm feeling in Silver Spoon’s chest.

“I... I kinda don’t remember...” Scootaloo began clearing her throat, taking on a somber tone as she continued. “...Remember what my mom or dad looked like. Cheerilee says mom died while giving birth to me and dad died of a broken heart. Depression and things like that, I guess.”

I had no idea... Silver Spoon’s own eyes began to water as she looked to Scootaloo who appeared disheartened, but her eyes were clear. And to think I don’t even get along with my mother.

Scootaloo casted a glance to Silver Spoon and reeled slightly. “Oh come on!” She casually chuckled. “Don’t look at me like that, sheesh! If you start boo-hooing here I’m gonna regret this, I know.”

“But, Scootaloo, I had no idea!” Silver Spoon sniffed.

Scootaloo sighed and shook her head, smirking slightly. Don’t go feeling sorry for me! I mean, It used to get to me, but thanks to my sisters I’m alright. Now can the waterworks. Ponyville doesn’t need a new river running through it.”

“Okay...” Silver Spoon sniffed, wiping her eyes and streaking her face with mud. “Aw drat.”

“See? That’s what you get. Heheh, mudkip.” Scootaloo snickered.

“What?” Silver Spoon blinked, furrowing her brow, not knowing whether that was as insult or compliment.

“Sorry,” Scootaloo giggled, shaking her head. “Something Berry was going on about.”
Scootaloo and Silver Spoon arrived at the clubhouse, Twist’s and Apple Bloom’s voice echoed from inside. They pressed their way in, Apple Bloom turned and stared at Scootaloo foreignly for a moment before scratching the back of her head.

“What’s with you?” Scootaloo approached Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom turned her head in another direction. “Uhh... NOTHIN,” she blurted out. “Ain’t nothing wrong with me!”

Silver Spoon and Scootaloo looked to Twist who sat giggling and in costume. “I thought you would be happy, Apple Bloom!”

“I know something that’ll be enough for a smile!” Scootaloo grinned. “I got a niiiice juicy bit of info earlier, I overheard Big Mac talking with Berry this morning.”

“About what?” Twist eagerly asked, leaning closer.

“I didn’t hear it all, but it sound like Big Mac will be shopping later on.” Scootaloo deviously smiled.

“Nothin odd ‘bout that.” Apple Bloom said, still avoiding eye contact with Scootaloo. “‘Prolly just makin some groceries.”

“But why would he tell Scootaloo’s sister?” Silver Spoon poke up, tapping a hoof to her chin. “I guess that does seem a little odd, what do you think, Twist?”

Twist was smiling widely... a little too widely. “Ooohh, I thought my a‘thu’thpi’thion wa’th right!” She playfully narrowed her eyes at Apple Bloom. “Told ya ‘tho.”

“We don’t know that fer sure.” Apple Bloom retorted. “We best tail ‘im.”

“Hey!” Scootaloo interjected, sounding offended. “Don’t leave the rest of us hangin, what did we miss?” She turned to Apple Bloom who quickly turned her head. “And why won’t you look at me?”

Apple Bloom put a little distance between her and Scootaloo then stiffly shook her head. “Ah’ll tell ya after this is over with, mmgrmm...” She grumbled the ending.

That last sound made Twists already large smile grow to what Silver Spoon thought was ‘Pinkie-eqsue proportions’; whatever Apple Bloom said and whatever Twists theory was one thing was clear, The investigation thickens.

“Silver Spoon!” Apple Bloom suddenly called, looking to the filly with an expression that screamed ‘save me’. “Where’s Sweetie Belle?”

“Oh, she’s at her house. She says she will be here before long.”

“We better pick her up on the way.” Twist said, her lips curled into a devious smile. “After all, the quicker we fini’th our ca’the, right Apple Bloom?”

Apple Bloom groaned. “Yea, yea, yea... let’s get rollin’.”
Meeting Sweetie Belle halfway, the Cutie Scene Investigators were once again suited up and together. Each of the filles wore their blank expression with an almost professional air as they watched Big Macintosh go from stand to stand in Ponyville square.

“...Bananas, pears, cookies..!” Scootaloo groaned. “Was he just talking with Berry Punch about what he was going to buy later?! I mean the only weird thing he bought was a sewing kit.”

“Ah didn’t even know Big Mac sewed things up.” Apple Bloom shook her head. “He don’t really wear clothes, so ah’m a lil foggy on that one too.”

“Come to think of it...” Sweetie Belle began. “He did come by the boutique earlier and he picked up a sewing machine an—”

“Wait!” Twist quietly gasped, pointing towards Big Macintosh. “He’s going into... Ritzy’s jewelry!”

All eyes were focused on the crimson stallion as he looked up to the regal golden sign. The lavish yet sophisticated black and gold building starkly contrasted the lifestyle he was commonly known for. However, that didn’t stop him from trotting right inside.

“Now... what in tarnation would he be doin in THERE?” Apple Bloom asked with increasing concern.

“Ritzy’s jewelry doesn’t exactly come cheap.” Silver Spoon knowingly shook her head. “He must have A LOT of bits on him if he plans on walking out of there with ANYTHING.”

“How’s a store like that even in business anyway?” Scootaloo shook her head. “There oughta be a law against bad advertising.”

Big Macintosh appeared from inside the store with a black bag in his mouth. A few ponies out and about the market casted impressed and curious glances towards the stallion as he passed by headed towards the farm.

“...Words,” Apple Bloom deadpanned. “Words fail me.”

“I knew your brother was charismatic, but wow...” Silver Spoon nodded approvingly.

Apple Bloom leered. “Did you just call mah brother ‘charismatic’?”

Silver Spoon blushed and smiled awkwardly, scratching the back of her head with a hoof. “Twist! Any thoughts on this development?”

“Ye’th!” Twist proudly answered. “Let’th get back to the clubhou’the and I’ll tell everything there.” She looked to Apple Bloom then Scootaloo and smiled. “Prepare for awe’thomne’th!”
“So, detective,” Silver Spoon giggled as the C.S. I returned to the clubhouse. “Mind filling us in now?”

Twist looked thoughtful for a moment, bobbing her head around as if she were literally tossing the idea around. “‘Thure!” She grinned

She really has taken a shine to being the leader. Silver Spoon mentally noted with a giggle.

“I don’t know about you girls,” Scootaloo chuckled. “But, I’m keeping my outfit.”

“We may as well,” Sweetie Belle shrugged. “They are fit to be used by fillies anyway.”

Apple bloom nervously watched Twist, biting her lip. anxiety was apparent in her eyes so Silver Spoon couldn’t help but wonder, Maybe she’s figured it out, too. Though I still don’t get it.

“Okay,” Twist announced as she began. “Before I reveal what i’th going on, we ‘thould recap our vital clue’th, A) Big Mac and M’th. Cheerilee are ‘the’thial to one another. B) They’ve been like that for about a year now. ‘Thee) If I’m right, that order Rarity wa’th working on i’th a tu’thedo,” Twist looked to Sweetie Belle. “It’th for him, i’thn’y it?”

Sweetie Belle’s eye widened as she slowly nodded. “Yeah! I was gonna say so earlier, that’s the other thing he came to get with one of Rarity’s old sewing machines!”

Silver Spoon suddenly blinked as the answer began making sense to her even as Twist’s exposition went on. I see! The jewelry, the acting strange, the clothes! “He must be planning on proposing!” Silver Spoon unconsciously blurted out.

Everypony gasped as those words sat in the air, effectively breaking the somewhat tense atmosphere. Twist frowned and grudgingly nodded. “Darn, I thought I wa’th the fir’tht one to realize.”

“Didn’t see that coming.” Sweetie Belle shook her head.

“WOAH!!” Scootaloo reeled, waving her hooves. “Now hold on a sec you two, this is marriage you’re talking about! M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E!!” She paused, slowly and rather dramatically turning her head to Apple Bloom who did the same insynch. “That makes... y-you my sister!” Scootaloo said with growing enthusiasm.

“That’s sooo cool!” Sweetie Belle chirped.

Apple Bloom painfully smiled. “Heh, maybe we’re too good at hitchin ponies up.” She chuckled, “Scoots as mah sister, huh..?

“Your brother must have been planning this for awhile.” Silver Spoon noted. “Possibly with help from Berry Punch to make it a surprise?”

“I wonder if your...” Scootaloo smirked. “OUR sister knew about this, Apple Bloom.”

“Ah, don’t know, sis,” Apple Bloom giggled. “But, ah plan on askin, ah know that much.”

“Okay, I see how some of that stuff makes sense,” Sweetie Belle nodded. “But what about the sewing stuff?”

Everypony looked to Twist who shrugged. “I don’t know,” she shook her head. “A sewing machine, cloth, buttons and needles from the market—who knows?”

“My sister is marrying my best friends’ brother...” Scootaloo contentedly sighed, smiling. “Yeah, I could deal with that. Though when I get home, Berry Punch has some explaining to do! I gotta know why wasn’t I told.”

“I guess we’re calling it a day?” Silver Spoon frowned.

“I could get u’thed to doing thi’th more often!” Twist chirped.

Sweetie Belle looked out the window. “It’s only about mid-day, but I guess today’s discovery was pretty big. Wait... that means Rarity knew about the marriage too!” Sweetie Belle frowned. “Seems like everypony kept what was going on from us.”

“Hey, least we did find out.” Apple Bloom commented. “Kinda felt nice t’ do something like this fer ourselves, right?”

“Yeah, there’s that.” Silver Spoon nodded. “Well, is that all for today?”

“Ah guess so,” Apple Bloom replied. “Seems like our sisters got some explainin to do!”