The Spoon That Refused Polish

by Hollyfern

First published

Life is unfair. Sometimes even going so far as to thrust upon the young the weight of responsibility. Though, being grown up is no cake-walk either.

Sequel of Moving On: Silver Spoon's Story

Edited by- Lewie!
Many thanks to Steel Resolve & Comma-Kazie

Having faced and surpassed the challenge of making new friends, Silver Spoon's tranquil and simplistic world comes to an abrupt halt once family obligations begin to lurk in her shadow. With the help of the crusaders, Silver Spoon and co. uncover a Silver family secret that could possibly shift the fate of all of Ponyville.

Investigation Squad!

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The morning rush of ponies in the Chocolade signaled the beginning of the work day for most ponies in Ponyville. With each pony waiting in line, varying degrees of anger were present. Small bodies banked through the line serving the few customers that sat contently at tables, nibbling on cakes and other small delicacies.

“Double ‘thot ‘thinny latte up!” A curly maned filly called as she placed a steaming cup on a silver platter.

“Silver Spoon,” shouted a commanding mare from behind the register. “Take that double shot skinny latte to Clockwork!”

A gray filly responded, balancing the platter with ease on her head. “Yes ma’am, Ms. Bon-Bon,” she nodded to the two tone maned mare. Her violet eyes combed the masses until she spotted the auburn stallion in question then moved to the booth in the back.

“Here you are, Mr. Clockwork.” Silver Spoon smiled, offering the stallion his beverage.

Clockwork pulled his attention away from a small device he was tinkering with to retrieve his coffee. “Aaaah, molto bene!” He chirped, smiling back to Silver Spoon. “Another way of healing those all too vital synapses.”

“Uh... huh.” Silver Spoon put on an awkward smile. He always has been a little odd. She giggled to herself. “Enjoy.” The gray filly dipped her head.

“C’mon ya slow-poke!” Chided a familiar voice.

“S-Sorry, Apple Bloom!” Silver Spoon called, approaching a pale yellow filly.

“All this rippin ‘n runnin an I still don’t got mah cutie mark,” Apple Bloom griped. “Ah may as well be workin on th’ farm. Least then ah could enjoy myself.”

“I don’t know,” chirped another voice. A powdery white unicorn filly trotted over, beaming a large smile. “This is kinda fun.”

“Sweetie Belle, it don’t take much t’ please you.” Apple Bloom giggled. “Ah mean ah like coffee, but this stuff’s kinda sugar-y. BigMac has me hooked on black coffee.”

“Doesn’t Ms. Rarity like Green Tea lattes, Sweetie Belle?” Silver Spoon asked, tapping a hoof to her chin. “Maybe we should bring her one after we’re done here.”

“Hey, yeah!” Sweetie Belle nodded, a grin growing on her face. “Good idea, Silvy. I’m sure she would LOVE that.”

“That’s good ‘n all, but...” Apple Bloom pointed with a hoof to the line of ponies. “Ah think we got our work cut out fer us here...”

“Where’s Scootaloo?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“With her sisters.” Apple Bloom said. “Apparently Ms. Cheerilee ain’t too happy wit’ th’ way her grades are comin’ along.”

“Oh my!” Sweetie Belle gasped, covering her mouth with a hoof. “First week of summer and she’s already pent up at home.”

“How long will she be grounded?” Silver Spoon asked.

“Girls, please,” Bon-Bon called as a customer trotted away after tossing bits on the counter. “We still have quite a bit to do.”

“Yes, Ms. Bon-Bon,” the fillies sang.

“Kinda glad this didn’t lead to mah cutie mark.” Apple Bloom chuckled, shaking her head. “Ah don’t care how desperate ah am fer a cutie mark, ah don’t think ah want t’ be known as a pony good at waiting on tables.”

“...But we aren’t sitting on them.” Sweetie Belle blinked, slowly shaking her head. “If anything we’re waiting on ponies to order and even then we aren’t sitting...”

“Classic Sweetie Belle.” Silver Spoon giggled. “True though, Belle.” She nodded.

Apple Bloom rolled her eyes. “C’mon y’all before Ms. Bon-Bon has our hides.” She groaned. “Ah may as well be workin on th’ farm...”


“...And thanks again for the latte, Ms. Bon-Bon!” Silver Spoon waved as she and the other crusaders left the cafe.

“Thank you all for the much needed help this morning!” Bon-Bon smiled, waving to the fillies. “Oh, and Twist, dear,” she motioned to the tallest of the group. “Do try to be home at a reasonable time, alright?”

“Ye’th aunt Bon-Bon.” Twist nodded.

“Have fun, girls!” Bon-Bon chirped, beaming a smile before disappearing back inside the cafe.

“‘Tho, what ne’tht, girl’th?” Twist eagerly asked.

“Me and Silvy should take Rarity her latte!” Sweetie Belle commented.

“Awright,” Apple Bloom nodded. “Meet us back at th’ clubhouse.”

“Okay,” Silver Spoon nodded. “We’ll meet up with you two later.”

The group split in two, one headed for Sweet Apple Acres and the other for Carousel boutique.

“That was nice of you to think of Rarity, Silver Spoon.” Sweetie Belle widely smiled.

Silver Spoon couldn’t help but and giggle. “W-Well, she’s always letting me stay over, this is kind of my way of thanking her.”

Sweetie Belle brushed her head against Silver Spoon’s and smiled. “You didn’t have to do anything for us. We really appreciate your company!”

Silver Spoon blushed, touching noses with Sweetie Belle. “Even so, I’m always visiting. I need to show my appreciation! You girls gave me a second chance; bits are no issue.“

“But you give too much!” Sweetie Belle protested. “Last week you had saddles imported for us! That must have costed you so much, even Rarity couldn’t tell what fabric it was made of...”

“Please, it really was nothing.” Silver Spoon shook her head. “All I did was have a favor done. If you’d like I could get in touch with the doe that tailored them.”

“A... doe? As in a deer?” Sweetie Belle blinked. “No more gifts, Silver Spoon.”


“Not another word!” Sweetie Belle placed a hoof over Silver Spoon’s mouth before she could protest.

Silver Spoon frowned and begrudgingly nodded. “Alright,” she sighed. “I guess it looks like I’m trying to buy you two.”

Sweetie Belle paused. “But... we aren’t for sale..?”

Silver Spoon shook her head and giggled. “Nothing, Sweetie.”

“Aww come on!” Sweetie Belle pouted. “You know I hate it when you and the others do that...”

“Alright, alright.” Silver Spoon blew a raspberry. “Now I’ll stop.”

Sweetie Belle giggled and rolled her eyes, pressing open the door to Carousel Boutique. “Come on, silly.”

“Thank you.” Silver Spoon smiled, stepping inside the boutique. She looked around as Sweetie Belle trotted up next to her; the two fillies walked about, searching for Rarity, until a familiar melody drifted from upstairs.

“Thread by thread...”

A heavenly voice echoed from upstairs. She must be working on a custom order. Good thing Sweetie Belle and I thought of this. Silver Spoon thought to herself.

“Must’ve gotten a custom order.” Sweetie Belle said. “Come on, she could probably use this right about now.”

Yes, I really DO spend too much time here. Silver Spoon giggled. “But, Sweetie Belle, if she’s busy maybe we should just wait until after she’s done.”

Despite her protest, Silver Spoon followed Sweetie Belle upstairs to the end of the hall. The singing became clearer as they trotted inside to find the poised fashionista hard at work on an exotically dressed ponyqinn.

“Hi sis!” Sweetie Belle squeaked.

Rarity visibly cringed, the thread and needle she held in her magic abruptly fell to the floor. The mare took a deep breath then slowly exhaled her obvious frustration. “Hello girls,” Rarity turned and smiled.

“Sorry, Ms. Rarity.” Silver Spoon said. “We brought you something!”

“Your favorite kind of treat!” Sweetie Belle eagerly added. “Guess!”

Rarity paused, tapping a hoof to her chin. “Well, you two did say you were going to be at the Chocolade this morning... so, a cherry cake pop?”

Both fillies giggled and shook their head. “No.” They said in unison in a sing song tone.

Rarity giggled and smirked. “If not that then... some of Bon-Bon’s trademark Godiva dark chocolates?”


Rarity huffed, looking slightly annoyed. She blinked then shook her head with a slight smile. “I see, a green tea latte, isn’t it?”

“That’s riiight!” Silver Spoon and Sweetie Belle moved aside revealing the green beverage in a cup holder on Silver Spoon’s saddle bag.

The cup glowed with a faint blue aura as it levitated from the bag and over to Rarity. The mare sipped it gingerly, her eyes fluttering as the taste spread through her mouth. “Mmmm...Thank you girls!” She chirped. “I’m not sure how Bon-Bon manages to do it. I cannot make these things myself, Celestia knows I’ve tried.”

“It was Silver Spoon’s idea!” Sweetie Belle proudly declared.

“I do appreciate the gesture, Silver Spoon,” Rarity started. “But, Silver Spoon...”

Here we go again... Silver Spoon shrank back as Rarity pouted, expecting the same chiding she got from Sweetie Belle. “I-It was nothing, Ms. Rarity.”

“Let me finish,” Rarity sternly said.

“Yes, Ms. Rarity...” Silver Spoon nodded, hanging her head.

“Now, obviously you know where I’m going with this, I suppose Sweetie Belle has mentioned something similar?” Rarity cocked a brow to her younger sister for confirmation. Sweetie Belle nodded. “I thought so.” Rarity continued. “Now, no more gifts, darling. You really do too much.”

“Yes, Ms. Rarity.” Silver Spoon frowned.

“Secondly, you’re here more often than most, you’ve spun entire weeks here; please, feel free to address me as just ‘Rarity’ from now on.” She smiled.

Silver Spoon smiled. “Alright, Rarity.” She giggled, beaming a giddy smile upon speaking the mare’s name.

“There’s a smile.” Rarity warmly smiled. “Now, if you two are going to be in Sweetie Belle’s room please keep it down, I have an order to finish up before the week is out.”

“Actually,” Sweetie Belle suddenly said. “We shouldn’t be keeping the others waiting.”

“Oh, one more thing then,” Rarity asked. “Silver Spoon, will you be sleeping over again?”

“No, my mother and father will be home for the week the day after tomorrow before leaving on more business.” Silver Spoon slightly frowned.

“I understand,” Rarity nodded. “And, what Mayor Mare?”

The mayor..? Silver Spoon tipped her head to the side and blinked. “What about the mayor..?”

Rarity gasped, placing a hoof over her mouth. “U-um, w-well, you know, I figure since your mother and father are important ponies and all...”

“Oh, well I suppose they might discuss things with her as well.” Silver Spoon shrugged.

“Come on!” Sweetie Belle stressed, trotting in place with impatience. “Before everyone starts without us!”

Rarity giggled. “Fine, fine. Run along, girls, I’m done.”

Sweetie Belle galloped off, Silver Spoon shook her head then took off after her.


“...I’m telling you girls, something is up with Cheerilee!” A suspicious voice said.

“I thought Scootaloo was grounded.” Sweetie Belle commented as she and Silver Spoon approached the clubhouse door.

“She said something is wrong with Ms. Cheerilee.” Silver Spoon said with increasing worry.

“Let’s find out.” Sweetie Belle pressed open the door.

Twist, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo unanimously turned and greeted their fellow crusaders.

“What took y’all?” Apple Bloom asked.

“Sorry, Apple Bloom.” Silver Spoon spoke up. “Though, I’m surprised to see Scootaloo here. I thought Ms. Cheerilee grounded you.”

“Scootaloo, is something wrong with Ms. Cheerilee?” Sweetie Belle anxiously asked.

“Yeah, she actually cut my sentence short!” Scootaloo narrowed her eyes. “I’m suspicious, she’s never this easy on me, usually Berry Punch is the one to talk her out of things. And even she’s been on my case about ‘being an example’ why should I worry?”

“Scoots, you were grounded because of yer grades.” Apple Bloom flatly said. “Maybe that’s what she meant.”

“Maybe M’th. Punch talked to M’th. Cheerilee?” Twist suggested.

“See, I WOULD have thought that too, but get this! Big Mac visited...”

“That ain’t no surprise.” Apple Bloom shrugged. “We did a right good thing last year fixin those two up.” She smirked. “Big Mac’s in love with yer sister, nothin strange ‘bout that.”

“Hold up, hold up!” Scootaloo said waving a hoof. “Now, I might not be the sharpest crayon in the toolbox, but of all the times I’ve seen your brother around... he’s never looked this... off.”

“Off?” Apple Bloom echoed, a bemused expression on her face. “Ah know mah brother, he looked... hold up... nah that ya mention it... he did seem kinda... off.”

“What about AJ?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Ah don’t think AJ’s been actin funny.” Apple Bloom shook her head. “Ah think we oughta investigate.”

“Investigate?” Silver Spoon echoed, tilting her head. “How would we go about doing that?”

“Are you ‘thure thi’th i’th a good idea?” Twist cautiously spoke up. “Maybe we ‘thouldn’t meddle...”

“Ah’m worried ‘bout mah brother.” Apple Bloom firmly stated. “T’ me that’s reason enough t’ want t’ find out. Ah know he tends t’ keep t’ himself, so askin him straight up won’t get nothin.”

“Yeah, and Cheerilee won’t say anything either.” Scootaloo commented. “We should start our investigation with Berry."

"Awright!" Apple Bloom announced, looking to her fellow crusaders. Each of the filles looked back with a smile. "Let's do it!"

"CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS INVESTIGATION SQUAD!!!!" They cheered, clapping their hooves together with one another.

"I love it when we do that." Silver Spoon grinned.

"Yea, who'd a thunk it a year ago Diamond Tiara leavin'd be the best thing t' happen fer ya!" Apple Bloom chuckled. "No offence."

Diamond Tiara... Silver Spoon shook her head. "None taken. I just hope she makes new friends..." She sighed, hanging her head. “I hope I wasn’t too hard on her, she might not look it, but she’s on the frail side.”

"Hey, hey, hey now!" Scootaloo soothed. "I thought I bucked you outta that funk already. Do I gotta remind you?" She chuckled.

"I'm fine." Silver Spoon smiled, waving a hoof. "I'm just... thinking is all."

"We're Cutie Mark Cru'thader'th now!' Twist chimed in.

"All for one and one for all!" Apple Bloom and the other crusaders cheered, their voices bouncing off the walls of the clubhouse.

All for one and one for all... Silver Spoon giggled and nodded. “Yeah.”

“Hey! I have an awesome idea!” Sweetie Belle squeaked.

“What is it?” Scootaloo asked, cocking a brow.

“Well, since we’re investigating this, I think this calls for costumes!” Sweetie Belle proudly grinned.

Twist cooed, her eyes wide and sparkling with excitement. “Omigo’th! Like Fetlock Home’th!? Ohohohoh! Or, better yet, Detective ‘Thpade! ‘Thakeout’th, interrogation’th..!” She squealed, suddenly pausing and blushing with embarrassment.

The other crusaders were speechless for a moment, stunned by Twists knowledge of detective knowhow.

“Freaky.” Apple Bloom commented with a chuckle. “Twist, Ah didn’t know ya liked all that mystery stuff.”

“I read alot...” Twist admitted, still blushing.

“Well that’s great then!” Sweetie Belle chirped. “We have a filly that knows what to do! I can ask Rarity for the costumes!” She said with growing excitement.

“Now if there were only a way to make things grayscale, this would be perfect.” Silver Spoon giggled.

“Why not see if Twilight Sparkle can do something about that?” Scootaloo suggested. “She can do all kinda of other magic things, maybe she can make us look like professional detectives!”

“Awright,” Apple Bloom nodded, sticking her hoof out in front of her. “T’morrow we meet fer our first case. Sweetie Belle, check with yer sis on costumes, Twist you go t’ Twi ‘bout that spell. We meet here before we get on the case officially.”

“Wait, what about you and me?” Scootaloo asked.

“I think you and Apple Bloom ‘thould keep a low profile.” Twist said with authority. “‘Thin’the both of you are related to the ‘thu’thpe’thts, if either of you act’th odd, you might tip them off.”

“That’s going to take a little getting used to.” Silver Spoon giggled. “I think Twist should be in charge since she knows the most about what we’re doing.”

“Yeah!” Sweetie Belle smiled. “Good idea.”

“No objections here.” Scootaloo smirked.

“Ditto,” Apple Bloom nodded.

Twist shook her head frantically. “N-Not me, Apple Bloom ‘thould ‘thay leader. ‘The’th good at that kind of ‘thtuff...”

“C’mon, we totally have faith in you, Twist!” Scootaloo winked.

“Yeah, this oughta be cake fer ya.” Apple Bloom chuckled. “‘Sides, we’ll back ya up.”

Twist looked to each of her friends’ confident and supporting gaze. A blush appeared on her face as she meekly nodded, accepting her new title. Silver Spoon smiled, pride welling in her chest, the glare from the setting sun in her glasses punctuated how late it was getting.

“Girls, I better get home before I worry Seabastion and the others.” Silver Spoon sighed. Just when things were picking up too... She inwardly pouted.

“Awright,” Apple Bloom nodded. “Just don’t forget our plans.”

“See you tomorrow, Silvy.” Sweetie Belle embraced Silver Spoon in a tight hug. “I can’t wait to get this investigation going!”

After bidding farewells to the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Silver Spoon was on her way home, her mind abuzz with the ensured excitement for tomorrow. I do wonder what’s going on with Ms. Cheerilee and Mr. Big Mac... that’s a mouthful. She giggled.

Before Silver Spoon was aware, she had already passed through Ponyville and stood at the doors to her home. I kind of don’t want to go home, maybe I should spend the night at Rarity’s.

“Ah, Silver Spoon,” came a regal voice.

Silver Spoon blinked, torn away from her thoughts. The front door was cracked slightly, an onyx stallion stood in the doorway wearing a classic black and white tux and a warm, welcoming smile. “Oh, Seabastion.”

The stallion’s brow furrowed as the little gray filly brushed past him. “Something on your mind? I thought you would be the least bit ecstatic for the return of master Sterling Archer and Mistress Sunset Uppercrust.”

“Oh, I am.” Silver Spoon turned smiling faintly.

“Why is your smile, then, plagued with an edge of sadness?” Seabastion cryptically said.

Silver Spoon giggled slightly. “When you talk like that I wonder how old you actually are, Seabastion.”

“My age is unimportant,” Seabastion chuckled. “However, what is important is that I got you to smile. I do know something is on your mind, you do know you can confide in me.”

Silver Spoon smiled genuinely. “I know, thank you. Say, do you know anything about detective work?”

“There is a chance back in my day that I studied old noir films.” Seabastion admitted with a slow nod. “I am quite adept at finding things out. Reading ponies.”

Silver Spoon’s eyes widened. “Really? You never talk about your past, tell me more! Do you still have old detective contacts?” She gasped placing a hoof over her mouth as an idea struck her. “Are you like a... a spy?”

“Those are tales for another time, my dear.” Seabastion chuckled, waving a hoof.

“Awwww.” Silver Spoon grunted. “You’re no fun...”

“Have you eaten?” Seabastion asked, trotting over to the dining hall.

Silver Spoon shook her head. “No, I’m fine. I was planning on showering then going to bed, actually.”

“So, I’ll have Emerald prepare something that will await on your bed before you emerge from your shower.” The aged stallion disappeared behind the doors.

I just said I’m not— Silver Spoon’s growling stomach abruptly derailed her thoughts. He must be psychic or something. She giggled.

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A blaze danced and cracked in a fireplace, stray rain drops caused the humble kindle to hiss as it illuminated a parlor set with lavish red trappings and several portraits that varied widely in species.

An onyx stallion pulled a pocket watch from his tuxedo pocket, his radiant crimson eyes burned brighter than the fire just behind him. After checking the time he replaced the watch, smiling to himself as ponies appeared in the room.

Just in time. The stallion chuckled to himself, brushing aside his snowy white mane.

As the last pony, a royal guard, entered, a tense and anxious air was apparent. The golden armor clad guard stood, blocking the exit, his emotionless gaze fixed on the others in the room. The guard and the stallion locked eyes, for a moment the guard faltered under the onyx stallion’s penetrating gaze.

The four other ponies in the room cast suspicious and accusing glances at one another. Each of them dressed in fine fabrics befitting the royal sisters themselves.

“Tell me,” grieved Professor Round, an overweight unicorn. “Why you have torn me away from a succulent meal and summoned me to this parlor in the dead of the night?” He challenged the black stallion.

“If I recall correctly, are you not supposed to be finding the thief?” Despite being a daintily built pegasus, Flurry Delight’s cold and harsh edge was matched only by the powdery blue hue of her fur.

“Tell me you’ve found our daughter’s necklace, detective!” Sterling, a well built sleek and silver earth stallion stressed.

Sunset Uppercrust, a deep orange mare, stood at her husband’s side narrowing her eyes accusingly at the onyx pony. It was clear she had something to say, though it was unclear as to why she withheld her tongue.

The detective looked over the crowd once more before smirking cockily. “Mr. Sterling, Ms. Delight,” Ironic. He thought to himself, nodding to the silver stallion and the blue pegasus respectively. “I trust you will find my investigation has indeed come to a close.”

“Really?” The orange earth mare mocked. “I assume you believe it’s one of us?” She gestured with a hoof to the present party, gartering shocked gasps.

“That’s ludicrous!” Barked the chubby unicorn. “What grounds have you to base such mad accusations!?”

“I was hired to do my job, Professor Round. I am the best there is at what I do.” The detective stated. “In the course of my investigation,” he began to pace around the room. “I also found out interesting facts about three of you.”

“So, what you’re saying is you invaded our privacy?” The bold orange mare shook her head, smirking with a devilish expression as if she had the detective cornered. “Sterling, I told you we shouldn’t have hired him.”

“Sunset, honey, please,” Sterling groaned. “I just want this to be over with, that necklace was a gift from both of us to our newborn foal; it’s precious... Seabastion, continue with your report.”

The detective nodded. “Aside from the father and myself, everypony else in this room had a motive for wanting to covet the turquoise necklace. Including you, Ms. Uppercrust.” Seabastion narrowed his eyes mockingly at her.

“Choose your words carefully, detective.” Sunset Uppercrust lowly growled.

“I will cut to the quick of it then,” Seabastion nodded. “The culprit had to have access to the nursery from the start of this investigation. A pony that could move around without drawing any suspicions.”

Sterling’s eyes widened, his jaw dropped. His eyes in addition to everypony else’s was drawn to an escaping figure, the sound of fleeting hooves echoed down the corridor.

“It was—”

“ Spoon...” echoed a cryptic voice from seemingly everywhere.
Silver Spoon groaned, somepony gently rocking her abruptly tore her from her dream. Oh for Nightmare Moon’s sake! She slowly sat up and strained her eyes against the sunlight, scowling at the familiar onyx blob at her bedside.

“Ham... writes... awry.” The figure’s voice was distorted.

Silver Spoon yawned, covering her mouth with a hoof as she stretched. “What about writing ham, detective?” She wearily giggled, wiping her eyes with one hoof as the other retrieved her glasses from her bedside.

Once the lenses were placed upon her face, her faithful butler came into focus. The stallion smiled, shaking his head. “Dreams of grandeur, Silver Spoon?” He chuckled.

“I was in the middle of a great dream, Seabastion!” Silver Spoon pouted, poking out her lips. “Now I’ll never know who was the thief...”

Seabastion frowned slightly. “I am terribly sorry, Silver Spoon,” he dipped his head to the filly. “But, I thought it best to wake you, it is already eleven thirty an—”

“Oh no!” Silver Spoon gasped. “I overslept! I have to go—NOW!” She stressed, springing from her bed then blazing through the hallway and down the stairs.

Seabastion smiled, watching the young filly move with impressive agility; she appeared to be a gray streak. His smile slowly waned to a pained expression as if something were wrenching at his heart.
Noon! Silver Spoon inwardly squealed, galloping with every ounce of strength she could muster. The scenery blurred, colors meshed, and her heart beat in her ears. The distorted chiding of ponies she sped by fell on deaf ears. This is going to be the Best. Day. EVER! Only one vital event was on her mind, her dream only reinforced her already boiling excitement.

The apple trees of Sweet Apple Acres went by in the blink of an eye. Silver Spoon panted heavily as she pressed her way inside. She blinked in confusion, finding herself to be the first crusader to the clubhouse.

“I ran... fast!” Silver Spoon said between quick breaths. “First here... I... I’m not... late!” She heaved, groaning as she fell back on her haunches laughing shallowly as the adrenaline faded; a burning sensation arose in her legs.

“See? Told you girls this is where she was going!” Chirped a familiar voice.

Silver Spoon looked up and her energy was quickly renewed. Sweetie Belle and the others trotted in smiling eagerly. Apple Bloom brought up the read, dragging along a red wagon filled with bags.

“Silver Spoon, you were movin’ faster than gossip through Ponyville!” Apple Bloom chuckled, shaking her head. “An we know all too well how fast that goes!”

“Didn’t you hear us trying to stop you?” Scootaloo asked. “As fast as you were going, sompony coulda got hurt!”

Twist giggled. “When ‘Thootaloo i’th the voi’the of rea’thon, you know you’ve done wrong.”

“Hey,” Scootaloo chuckled. “I got two words for ya: Whatever!”

Sweetie Belle blinked, slowly shaking her head. “That’s... one word!”

“Fine, here it is again, whatever.” Scootaloo giggled. “That makes two.”

“Awright, Awright, y’all.” Apple Bloom announced. “We got our gear and ah hereby call th’ first mettin of the Cutie Scheme Investigators t’ odrer! First order of business,” she turned to Twist. “As we said before, Twist, yer in charge of this.”

Twist got cold hooves for a moment. She inhaled deeply then forced a smile. “W-Well,” she meekly motioned towards the bags. “We ‘thould get dre’thed fir’th.”

Everyone nodded then picked out a bag. Silver Spoon look inside hers and found a gray flannel suit, a pair of shades and a matching gray fedora.

“We have matching outfits!” Sweetie Belle sang, donning her shades and taking on a serious expression. “Hey! I can see in grays!”

Twist smiled. “M’th ‘thparkle enchanted the ‘thade’th to made u’th ‘thee in gray, the hat’th make u’th look gray!”

“Hey..!” scootaloo said with growing excitement, staring at the shades. “Oh. My. Gosh! I have the most AWESOME idea! A chance like this doesn’t come knockin’ too often!”

“Well, lay it on us as we dress then.” Apple Bloom said, placing her fedora on her head, the color of her body faded down to a gritty grayscale. “Oh, ah am gonna LOVE this.” She smirked.
The newly formed Cutie Scheme Investigation squad seemed to walk in slow motion through Ponyville square insync with one another as a grayscaled group. Silver Spoon looked to her her left out of the corner of her eye, everyone stared straight ahead wearing a flat and serious expression.

Better get with the game. Silver Spoon mimicked the expression, fighting every ounce of her being to crack up and giggle hysterically.

The fillies approached a homely two story home, the color, however appeared in various shades of gray behind the lenses of the magic shades. I guess we are here. Silver Spoon looked to Scootaloo, the pegasus retrieved a key from inside a miniature garden that hung on the window then unlocked the front door.

“Our fir’th ‘thu’thpe’tht i’th in’thide I a’thume?” Twist flatly asked without much enthusiasm, motioning ahead with her head.

Scootaloo nodded, pressing inside. “Berry Punch is inside,” she motioned with a hoof for the others to follow. “Cheerilee is away, won’t be back for hours. She’s out on a date with Big Mcintosh.”

“Great,” Sweetie Belle nodded, a hint of excitement breaking her stoic expression as she fell in like behind Scootaloo. “Time for questions.”

“Yeah.” Apple Bloom added.

“Scoots?” Called a voice from around the corner.

Silver Spoon shut the door behind her then caught up with the others. A juicy purple mare sat in a chair with a notebook in her lap. That’s our suspect number one! Silver Spoon silently celebrated.

Twist motioned with a hoof for the others to stand on either side of her. “It’’th come to our attention, M’th. Punch,” she slowly began. “That you are a ‘thour’th of information for our... let’th ‘thay ‘game’.”

Silver Spoon couldn’t help but feel astonished by the tone Twist suddenly took on. Maybe this is all going to her head. Just yesterday she seemed hesitant about doing this and now she’s almost... believable!

“You girls can’t be serious...” Berry Punch snickered, shaking her head. “What’s goin’ on?”

Scootaloo exaggerated a sigh, removing her glasses and leering at her older sister. “We’re asking the questions here, sister!”

“Huh,” Berry Punch cocked a brow. “Aren’t you all a little young to be running an interrogation?”

Scootaloo chuckled, dramatically and nodded. “Yes, yes we...” she paused, replacing the shades on her face, smirking cockily. “...are.”

Ooooh, I see what she wanted to get at. Silver Spoon giggled.

“Don’t make this any harder on yerself, hun.” Apple Bloom added with a chuckle.

“Just answer our questions.” Sweetie Belle said, her lips curled into a devious smirk.

Berry Punch laughed mockingly, her gaze traveled to each of the gray scaled junior detectives. “So, what if I don’t feel like talking?” She challenged.

Twist loosed an exasperated sigh, shaking her head slowly. “Then I’m afraid you’ve for’thed my hoof. Girls, lean on her.” She said, with a wide cheshire smile.

The others nodded in responce to their order. Berry Punch watched, still appearing to be thoroughly amused by their act. On either side of her, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom, Silver Spoon and Sweetie Belle simply pressed against Berry Punch, starting with their stoic expressions.

Berry Punch burst out in a fit of laughter until she was in tears and holding her stomach. “Cute act,” she shook her head. “But, fine I’ll play along. What do you... detectives,” Berry Punch snickered. “Want to know?”

“M’th. Cheerilee and her ‘thpecial ‘thomepony,” Twist began. “What do you know?”

“Oh them?” Berry Punch casually began. “To be honest, I don’t know much, but I know my sis enjoys...” she paused and smiled uncomfortably. “Err... well, they do love each other.”

Well, we already knew that. Silver Spoon rolled her eyes. She did say she didn’t know mu—

“I’th that really all?” Twist cocked a brow.

Berry Punch scratched her head. “Yea, I think so. Or at least all I can say that won’t jack up the ratings in here. Cheerilee would never let me live that down...” she shuddered. “Try talking to Davenport, Cheerilee’s been in and outta there for the past month now, maybe he knows something.”

“We’ll be in touch,” Twist said, moting with her head for the other crusaders to follow. “Don’t leave town. And remember, we were never here.”
Berry Punch lead to Mr. Davenport. Silver Spoon mentally recited, her eyes moved systematically from picture to picture. Mr. Davenport lead to Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie lead to... to... huh? Darn, I forgot who.

“Well, we got alot of lead’th.” Twist commented, reviewing the pictures posted on a wall of the crusader’s clubhouse. “Now... we gotta figure out the main one’th and how they connect.”

“Well, Rarity said her order was placed by BigMac.” Sweetie Belle said, moving her sister’s picture off to the side.

“An’ according t’ Mr. Davenport, mah brother and Cheerilee’ve lookin at a lot of furniture.” Apple Bloom jotted down a quick note then scratched her head. “This is kinda confusing...”

“Let’s take it one step at a time then.” Silver Spoon suggested. “Okay, why would Ms. Cheerilee and Mr. Big... Apple Bloom’s brother need furniture?”

“Well, you would need a house for furnitur—” Scootaloo paused. “...Oooohh.” Her eyes widened, a grin stretched across her face. “Hold on girls, I’m having one of those headaches with pictures!”

“An... idea?” Sweetie Belle giggled.

“What if... they are looking for a house together?” Scootaloo moved over to the wall and began moving the pictures around. “See, that means my sis’s lead was good, Davenport mentioned somepony was looking to sell a house, Pinkie Pie mentioned a party, so maybe it’s a house warming party!”

“Great!” Twist grinned as realization dawned on her, she made a quick note then paused, shaking her head. “But, wait, that ‘thtill leave’th M’th. Rarity. Why would Apple Bloom’th brother place an order at Carou’thel Boutique?”

“I do not... know.” Scootaloo groaned, sounding assertive at first.

“Well, at least we made some ground, right?” Silver Spoon chirped. “We know where to go from here, I know of a griffon real estate agent.”

“Yeah, Apple Bloom nodded. “Least we got somethin out of an evenin of chasing after ponies,” she motioned to the receding sun against the burning red sky.

“I’m going to ‘thudy thi’th at home.” Twist said, removing her shades and her hat, the color of her body slowly restored.

“Speaking of which,” Silver Spoon giggled, removing her outfit. “Twist, you really surprised me earlier at Scootaloo’s house. You sounded... serious.”

“Oh yeah!” Apple Bloom chuckled, tossing away her guise. “Ah had t’ double check that that was her!”

“You sounded like an ace detective, like you already had everything planned out.” Scootaloo admitted, nodding approvingly from behind her shades. “Yeeeeaaaah, I could learn to loooove these.”

“G-Girl’th, ‘thop it...” Twist blushed brightly, giggling bashfully as she attempted to hide behind her fedora.

Sweetie Belle giggled. “It was like you’re two different ponies in one!”

“Well, I did get too into it... but you girl’th ‘thaid you wanted me to lead...” Twist looked to nothing particular on the ground.

“Yeah, but we didn’t know you were THIS good.” Silver Spoon smiled. “You should talk with Seabation, he used to be a detective when he was younger.” She proudly stated.

“Really!?” Twist suddenly grinned, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

“Yeah.” Silver Spoon nodded. “Or at least he implied it; I don’t know for sure.”

“That old coot?” Scootaloo snickered. “It’s hard to imagine him as a young anything. Though, for an old stallion, he’s not as crotchety as some.”

“He isn’t that old.” Silver Spoon protested. “At least... I don’t think he is. Come to think of it, I think he’s older than my dad. Wait... maybe he IS that old.”

“Heh, ah’ll bet he probably grew up with Granny Smith.” Apple Bloom giggled.

“Hmm... you think so?” Sweetie Belle smirked, an all too familiar glint in her eyes.

“Woah now, dial it back!” Scootaloo waved a hoof. “We know that look, you’re being devious aren’t you?”

“Ah hope you ain’t thinkin what I think yer thinkin.” Apple Bloom narrowed her eyes. “Ah don’t think even Celestia herself could take what we went through with Big Mac ‘n Cheerilee happening with Granny Smith ‘n Seabastion.”

Everypony shuddered, nodding unanimously in agreement. “Point taken.” Sweetie Belle admitted.

“Ah really fear fer all of us if yer magic turns out like Princess Cadence’s.” Apple Bloom shook her head.

“Yeah,” Twist added with a giggle. “Everypony would be in love with ‘Thomepony.”

“Sweetie Belle means well, she has a kind heart.” Silver Spoon smiled. “Though, she would cause more wide-spread panic than Discord ever could.”

“Hey!” Sweetie Belle pouted, leering at Silver Spoon.

“Stop me when I’m wrong.” Silver Spoon giggled, sticking her tongue out.

“It’s gettin late girls,” Scootaloo stretched, her bones audibly popping. “I’m gonna jet, Berry Punch give me wiggle room, but if she comes down on me my brain would probably explode from sheer boredom.”

“Best be careful at home since yer livin with somepony we interrogated.” Apple Bloom chuckled.

“I got this, no biggie.” Scootaloo smirked, waving as she donned her scooter helmet. “See ya, girls!”

“Bye!” Everypony sang, waving off their friend. The buzzing of Scootaloo’s wings rapidly faded in the distance.

“Hey, Silvy, shouldn’t you be getting home, too?” Sweetie Belle asked, an edge of worry in her voice.

Silver Spoon sighed and nodded. “Yes, I suppose so.”

“Come on, I’m gonna go home, too.” Sweetie Belle smiled.

“Okay,” Silver Spoon smiled to Sweetie Belle before turning to Twist. “What about you, Twist?”

Twist shook her head. “I’m gonna ‘thay here a little longer, ‘thee if I can find ‘thomething el’the.”

Apple Bloom groaned. “Don’t worry, ah’ll make sure she ain’t here too long. You girls go on, see y’all t’morrow!”

“Alright, bye girls!” Sweetie Belle waved along with Silver Spoon.

With Sweet Apple Acres behind them, Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon reached the edge of town, the streetlights had already come on as the last rays of the day vanished. “I didn’t expect it to be so late...” Silver Spoon observed with increasing worry as she looked to the star filled sky.

“Yeah, me either.” Sweetie Belle shook her head. “Rarity is going to be sooo mad...” She sighed.

“Why don’t you stay over my place then?” Silver Spoon suggested with a smile. “I’ll have a message sent to your home so Rarity won’t worry, we can write this off as a spontaneous sleep over!”

Sweetie Belle giggled and nodded. “Alright, great! That way neither of us is out alone after dark!”

The Fillies Are Thinking

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Silver Spoon groaned, tossing and turning in bed until the soft veil of sleep cracked, the pitter patter of something nearby rang in her ears. Don’t tell me... She yawned, placing a hoof over her mouth.

Autonomously, Silver Spoon reached to her windowsill then placed her glasses upon her face. “Great,” she groaned, looking out her window. “It’s still raining...” Silver Spoon observed with a sigh.

Silver Spoon listened closer, there was more water echoing from inside her room. Must be Sweetie Belle in the bathroom. Faintly, Sweetie Belle’s singing voice, slightly drowned out by the running water drifted in her ears. Ears Silver Spoon suddenly couldn’t believe.

L’amour est un oiseau rebelle,

Que nul ne peut apprivoiser,

Et c’est bien in vain qu’on l’appelle

S’il lui convient de~ee—”

Sweetie Belle’s voice abruptly hit a sour note. Despite that, Silver Spoon still found herself stunned and amazed at the acapella aria. “No way...” She muttered in disbelief. “That was beautiful!”

The water from the bathroom stopped; Sweetie Belle opened the door to the room and blinked. Silver Spoon’s eyes were still as wide as dinner plates. “What? You looked stunned. Anesthetized. Lobotomized..?” She paused, searching for another word. “No, Zombified!” She proudly declared.

“That..!” Silver Spoon said, still in disbelief. “The... singing!” She blurted out what few words she could find.

Sweetie Belle suddenly blushed. “O-Oh... I didn’t know you heard that...”

Silver Spoon nodded slowly, still stunned and now at a loss for words. She’s only a filly... and she can do that?! She studied Sweetie Belle’s body, no two ways about it, the pony before her was a filly and not a trained mare.

“I know I messed up, It’s so embarrassing...” Sweetie Belle hung her head.

It wasn’t until Sweetie Belle’s voice cracked in her ears that she noticed her friend was trembling and averting eye contact as if Silver Spoon were judging her. “Sweetie Belle,” Silver Spoon softly began. “You don’t need to be, I always knew you could sing, but that was amazing!”

“Until I messed up...” Sweetie Belle brokenly said. “I... I have always had a little trouble with holding certain notes so that’s why I don’t sing. Ponies will laugh if that happens on stage...” She confessed, pawing at the floor with a hoof.

Silver Spoon couldn’t help but feel sympathetic towards her friend. Wow, I had no idea she was so... insecure about that. “But you seemed to enjoy the talent show that one time, remember?” She spoke up with a little cheer in her tone.

“I guess I just got lucky.” Sweetie Belle shrugged, making her way over to Silver Spoon’s bed. “Besides, I’ve never sung in another language before, I don’t even know what I was saying!” She chuckled, half-heartedly smiling.

Silver Spoon giggled. “That was Haybanera. Where did you hear that?”

“Haybanera? Is that what that’s called?“ Sweetie Belle tipped her head to the side and blinked. “Rarity has music like that at home. And, I really like it. Though I can’t ever sing a whole song like that, I don’t have enough breath in me.”

“Still though, the fact that you’re so good and so young is... just wow.” Silver Spoon smiled.

“It’s really nothing...” Sweetie Belle smiled, blushing even harder from Silver Spoon’s adoration.

Silver Spoon blew a raspberry. “Isn’t that my line?”

“I guess it is.” Sweetie Belle giggled. The young filly uncomfortably shifted in place, glancing up between Silver Spoon then back down to the floor immediately.

Silver Spoon giggled, shaking her head at Sweetie Belle’s fidgeting. “Something wrong?” She unassumingly smiled.

“...Did... did you really l-like it, Silver Spoon..?” Sweetie Belle meekly asked, cutting her eyes to Silver Spoon.

“Oh course!” Silver Spoon proudly stated. Sweetie Belle flinched slightly at the level of enthusiasm in her tone. My friend needs my help, I have to support her! She inwardly nodded. She was there for me when I needed a friend.

Silver Spoon blinked in surprise as Sweetie Belle nuzzled her. A blush quickly formed on her face. “Wh-What?”

“Thanks!” Sweetie Belle grinned. “Aside from the show that one day and Rarity when I’m sewing, I really don’t feel comfortable singing, I’m afraid of messing up.”

“I don’t see why,” Silver Spoon shrugged. “You voice is incredible; you should practice more often. I heard from Apple Bloom that you sang at Fluttershy’s cottage and even Fluttershy seemed surprised you could sing so well.”

“Well, in a way it kinda depends, I can sing songs by Sapphire Shores easy.” Sweetie Belle said matter of factly. “But, singers like Ms. Baker or things like Haybanera I have a hard time doing and I like them more!”

Silver Spoon smiled, the silence in the room suddenly caught her attention. “Hey,” she said turning to the window, blocking the sun’s blinding rays with a hoof. “The rain’s stopped and the sun’s out. Want to go see what the girls are up to?”

“I will catch up, I need to check with Rarity.” Sweetie Belle replied, frowning slightly. “I know she’s worried about me, I think she knows where I am, but it wouldn’t hurt to check.”

Silver Spoon nodded. “ Alright, I’ll tell the others then.” She hopped from her bed and stumbled, falling loudly on her chin. She winced, blinking back tears.

“Oh goodness!” Sweetie Belle gasped, assisting Silver Spoon back up. “Are you okay?”

“Ouch...” Silver Spoon groaned, as she shakily got to her hooves. “Heh... I guess the rest of me isn’t quite awake.” She forced a pained smile. “I’m fine now; meet you at the clubhouse!”

Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon moved through the lavish mansion bidding good morning to Silver Spoon’s butlers and maids on the way.

“Silver Spoon?” Called a familiar voice from the second floor balcony. “It is wet outside; there’s mud.”

Silver Spoon and Sweetie Belle looked up fro the first floor foyer, meeting the sceptical gaze of a pearly white unicorn maid. “It’s just a little mud, Ms. August Hoof.” Sweetie Belle said.

“The Master and Missus will be here any day now and I do not want them to return to a filthy home.” August Hoof slowly shook her head. “You should stay home.”

“August Hoof, let her have her fun.” Chuckled another voice from the third floor. Seabastion descended in the glass elevator, riding all the way down to the first floor. “She should be with her friends as much as she can.” He smiled warmly to the fillies.

For a moment August Hoof remained silent, staring down at Seabastion and Silver Spoon. “I see,” she sighed, shaking her head. Without another word August Hoof turned and disappeared back down the hall.

That was... odd. Silver Spoon suspiciously eyed Seabastion.

“I’m not sure if I can survive another brush with her again,” Seabastion heartily chuckled. “I, too will be out today.”

“What for?” Silver Spoon asked.

“I have somepony I wish to visit.” He frankly replied. “Do not worry, I will not be out long, I assure you.”

“If you say so, Seabastion.” Silver Spoon shrugged. “Come on, Sweetie Belle.” She motioned with her head for Sweetie Belle to follow as she pressed open the front door.

“O-Oh, okay.” Sweetie Belle nodded, taken slightly aback by the edge in Silver Spoon’s voice.

Seabastion began after them for a short while until he veered off towards other houses. Sweetie Belle looked over her shoulder to make sure he was well out of earshot. “What’s wrong, Silvy?” She asked.

Silver Spoon visibly shook herself, Sweetie Belle’s words ended her thoughts. She faintly smiled, shaking her head. “Nothing, Belle.”

“You’re lying.” Sweetie Belle pouted, looking slightly irate and poking out her lips.

“I’m just... hungry.” Silver Spoon awkwardly smiled, clutching her stomach.

Sweetie Belle blinked. “Oh! Okay... hm, come to think of it, I didn’t eat either.” She shook her head.

Silver Spoon giggled and shook her head. “Here’s your stop,” she motioned towards the front door of Carousel Boutique. “Tell Rarity hello for me?”

“Okay!” Sweetie Belle chirped. “See ya later, Silvy!”

Despite her initial plans, Silver Spoon found herself meandering around Ponyville instead of heading straight to Sweet Apple Acres. I know he’s hiding something... Silver Spoon wracked her brain over that through. Hmm... well, I guess it’s just because daddy’s coming. She thoughtfully nodded to herself.

It wasn’t until a breeze whipped up that Silver Spoon felt just how damp the air around her was, her fur appeared darker and sticky in some patches. Ick... maybe I should have stayed home. The mud I can take, but this... feeling... I think it’s muggy?

“Yo, Silver Spoon!” Scootaloo’s voice rang. Just as silver Spoon went to look over her shoulder, Scootaloo was already at her side, grinning widely.

Silver Spoon couldn’t help but giggle, “What’s with that look?” She cocked a brow.

“There will be time for that a little later when the squad’s together,” Scootaloo waved a hoof. “Just know that I think we might have a major break in the case today I know where we should stake-out to watch my sis.”

“That’s great!” Silver Spoon nodded. “You mean Ms. Cheerilee, I think, right?”

“Yup!” Scootaloo paused and blinked suddenly as if something dawned on her in that moment. “Oh yeah, you don’t know the story between me and my sisters, do ya?”

“No,” Silver Spoon shook her head. “I just assumed I shouldn’t ask.” She shrugged.

“Nah, I might have kinda lead you on before, but never got around to saying it.” Scootaloo motioned with a hoof. “C’mon, we’ll walk and talk.”

“Okay.” Silver Spoon nodded.

“Well, I guess I should start at the beginning-ish, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that I’m the only pegasus out of me, Cheerilee and Berry.” Scootaloo looked to Silver Spoon for confirmation; Silver Spoon nodded.

“I have, which is why I hadn’t known you were related.” Silver Spoon commented.

“See, me and Berry take after our dad, though moreso me because he was a pegasus.” Scootaloo proudly explained, puffing out her chest. “Berry has his attitude, or so I was told, and Cheerilee takes after our mom in terms of personality.”

Silver Spoon silently listened, somewhat intrigued by both her friend’s story and the fact Scootaloo was willing to open up a bit more to her which warranted a warm feeling in Silver Spoon’s chest.

“I... I kinda don’t remember...” Scootaloo began clearing her throat, taking on a somber tone as she continued. “...Remember what my mom or dad looked like. Cheerilee says mom died while giving birth to me and dad died of a broken heart. Depression and things like that, I guess.”

I had no idea... Silver Spoon’s own eyes began to water as she looked to Scootaloo who appeared disheartened, but her eyes were clear. And to think I don’t even get along with my mother.

Scootaloo casted a glance to Silver Spoon and reeled slightly. “Oh come on!” She casually chuckled. “Don’t look at me like that, sheesh! If you start boo-hooing here I’m gonna regret this, I know.”

“But, Scootaloo, I had no idea!” Silver Spoon sniffed.

Scootaloo sighed and shook her head, smirking slightly. Don’t go feeling sorry for me! I mean, It used to get to me, but thanks to my sisters I’m alright. Now can the waterworks. Ponyville doesn’t need a new river running through it.”

“Okay...” Silver Spoon sniffed, wiping her eyes and streaking her face with mud. “Aw drat.”

“See? That’s what you get. Heheh, mudkip.” Scootaloo snickered.

“What?” Silver Spoon blinked, furrowing her brow, not knowing whether that was as insult or compliment.

“Sorry,” Scootaloo giggled, shaking her head. “Something Berry was going on about.”
Scootaloo and Silver Spoon arrived at the clubhouse, Twist’s and Apple Bloom’s voice echoed from inside. They pressed their way in, Apple Bloom turned and stared at Scootaloo foreignly for a moment before scratching the back of her head.

“What’s with you?” Scootaloo approached Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom turned her head in another direction. “Uhh... NOTHIN,” she blurted out. “Ain’t nothing wrong with me!”

Silver Spoon and Scootaloo looked to Twist who sat giggling and in costume. “I thought you would be happy, Apple Bloom!”

“I know something that’ll be enough for a smile!” Scootaloo grinned. “I got a niiiice juicy bit of info earlier, I overheard Big Mac talking with Berry this morning.”

“About what?” Twist eagerly asked, leaning closer.

“I didn’t hear it all, but it sound like Big Mac will be shopping later on.” Scootaloo deviously smiled.

“Nothin odd ‘bout that.” Apple Bloom said, still avoiding eye contact with Scootaloo. “‘Prolly just makin some groceries.”

“But why would he tell Scootaloo’s sister?” Silver Spoon poke up, tapping a hoof to her chin. “I guess that does seem a little odd, what do you think, Twist?”

Twist was smiling widely... a little too widely. “Ooohh, I thought my a‘thu’thpi’thion wa’th right!” She playfully narrowed her eyes at Apple Bloom. “Told ya ‘tho.”

“We don’t know that fer sure.” Apple Bloom retorted. “We best tail ‘im.”

“Hey!” Scootaloo interjected, sounding offended. “Don’t leave the rest of us hangin, what did we miss?” She turned to Apple Bloom who quickly turned her head. “And why won’t you look at me?”

Apple Bloom put a little distance between her and Scootaloo then stiffly shook her head. “Ah’ll tell ya after this is over with, mmgrmm...” She grumbled the ending.

That last sound made Twists already large smile grow to what Silver Spoon thought was ‘Pinkie-eqsue proportions’; whatever Apple Bloom said and whatever Twists theory was one thing was clear, The investigation thickens.

“Silver Spoon!” Apple Bloom suddenly called, looking to the filly with an expression that screamed ‘save me’. “Where’s Sweetie Belle?”

“Oh, she’s at her house. She says she will be here before long.”

“We better pick her up on the way.” Twist said, her lips curled into a devious smile. “After all, the quicker we fini’th our ca’the, right Apple Bloom?”

Apple Bloom groaned. “Yea, yea, yea... let’s get rollin’.”
Meeting Sweetie Belle halfway, the Cutie Scene Investigators were once again suited up and together. Each of the filles wore their blank expression with an almost professional air as they watched Big Macintosh go from stand to stand in Ponyville square.

“...Bananas, pears, cookies..!” Scootaloo groaned. “Was he just talking with Berry Punch about what he was going to buy later?! I mean the only weird thing he bought was a sewing kit.”

“Ah didn’t even know Big Mac sewed things up.” Apple Bloom shook her head. “He don’t really wear clothes, so ah’m a lil foggy on that one too.”

“Come to think of it...” Sweetie Belle began. “He did come by the boutique earlier and he picked up a sewing machine an—”

“Wait!” Twist quietly gasped, pointing towards Big Macintosh. “He’s going into... Ritzy’s jewelry!”

All eyes were focused on the crimson stallion as he looked up to the regal golden sign. The lavish yet sophisticated black and gold building starkly contrasted the lifestyle he was commonly known for. However, that didn’t stop him from trotting right inside.

“Now... what in tarnation would he be doin in THERE?” Apple Bloom asked with increasing concern.

“Ritzy’s jewelry doesn’t exactly come cheap.” Silver Spoon knowingly shook her head. “He must have A LOT of bits on him if he plans on walking out of there with ANYTHING.”

“How’s a store like that even in business anyway?” Scootaloo shook her head. “There oughta be a law against bad advertising.”

Big Macintosh appeared from inside the store with a black bag in his mouth. A few ponies out and about the market casted impressed and curious glances towards the stallion as he passed by headed towards the farm.

“...Words,” Apple Bloom deadpanned. “Words fail me.”

“I knew your brother was charismatic, but wow...” Silver Spoon nodded approvingly.

Apple Bloom leered. “Did you just call mah brother ‘charismatic’?”

Silver Spoon blushed and smiled awkwardly, scratching the back of her head with a hoof. “Twist! Any thoughts on this development?”

“Ye’th!” Twist proudly answered. “Let’th get back to the clubhou’the and I’ll tell everything there.” She looked to Apple Bloom then Scootaloo and smiled. “Prepare for awe’thomne’th!”
“So, detective,” Silver Spoon giggled as the C.S. I returned to the clubhouse. “Mind filling us in now?”

Twist looked thoughtful for a moment, bobbing her head around as if she were literally tossing the idea around. “‘Thure!” She grinned

She really has taken a shine to being the leader. Silver Spoon mentally noted with a giggle.

“I don’t know about you girls,” Scootaloo chuckled. “But, I’m keeping my outfit.”

“We may as well,” Sweetie Belle shrugged. “They are fit to be used by fillies anyway.”

Apple bloom nervously watched Twist, biting her lip. anxiety was apparent in her eyes so Silver Spoon couldn’t help but wonder, Maybe she’s figured it out, too. Though I still don’t get it.

“Okay,” Twist announced as she began. “Before I reveal what i’th going on, we ‘thould recap our vital clue’th, A) Big Mac and M’th. Cheerilee are ‘the’thial to one another. B) They’ve been like that for about a year now. ‘Thee) If I’m right, that order Rarity wa’th working on i’th a tu’thedo,” Twist looked to Sweetie Belle. “It’th for him, i’thn’y it?”

Sweetie Belle’s eye widened as she slowly nodded. “Yeah! I was gonna say so earlier, that’s the other thing he came to get with one of Rarity’s old sewing machines!”

Silver Spoon suddenly blinked as the answer began making sense to her even as Twist’s exposition went on. I see! The jewelry, the acting strange, the clothes! “He must be planning on proposing!” Silver Spoon unconsciously blurted out.

Everypony gasped as those words sat in the air, effectively breaking the somewhat tense atmosphere. Twist frowned and grudgingly nodded. “Darn, I thought I wa’th the fir’tht one to realize.”

“Didn’t see that coming.” Sweetie Belle shook her head.

“WOAH!!” Scootaloo reeled, waving her hooves. “Now hold on a sec you two, this is marriage you’re talking about! M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E!!” She paused, slowly and rather dramatically turning her head to Apple Bloom who did the same insynch. “That makes... y-you my sister!” Scootaloo said with growing enthusiasm.

“That’s sooo cool!” Sweetie Belle chirped.

Apple Bloom painfully smiled. “Heh, maybe we’re too good at hitchin ponies up.” She chuckled, “Scoots as mah sister, huh..?

“Your brother must have been planning this for awhile.” Silver Spoon noted. “Possibly with help from Berry Punch to make it a surprise?”

“I wonder if your...” Scootaloo smirked. “OUR sister knew about this, Apple Bloom.”

“Ah, don’t know, sis,” Apple Bloom giggled. “But, ah plan on askin, ah know that much.”

“Okay, I see how some of that stuff makes sense,” Sweetie Belle nodded. “But what about the sewing stuff?”

Everypony looked to Twist who shrugged. “I don’t know,” she shook her head. “A sewing machine, cloth, buttons and needles from the market—who knows?”

“My sister is marrying my best friends’ brother...” Scootaloo contentedly sighed, smiling. “Yeah, I could deal with that. Though when I get home, Berry Punch has some explaining to do! I gotta know why wasn’t I told.”

“I guess we’re calling it a day?” Silver Spoon frowned.

“I could get u’thed to doing thi’th more often!” Twist chirped.

Sweetie Belle looked out the window. “It’s only about mid-day, but I guess today’s discovery was pretty big. Wait... that means Rarity knew about the marriage too!” Sweetie Belle frowned. “Seems like everypony kept what was going on from us.”

“Hey, least we did find out.” Apple Bloom commented. “Kinda felt nice t’ do something like this fer ourselves, right?”

“Yeah, there’s that.” Silver Spoon nodded. “Well, is that all for today?”

“Ah guess so,” Apple Bloom replied. “Seems like our sisters got some explainin to do!”

The Family Silver

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Silver Spoon yawned and sat up on bed, stretching until her limbs sharply popped. She moved to reach for her glasses when something heavy weighed down on her sheets. She looked to her bedside and her jaw dropped, even without her glasses there was something strikingly familiar about the blur of light brown and silver. “DADDY!!!” She squeaked with a growing smile.

The figure jumped up at that sound, Silver Spoon quickly reached for her glasses and placed them on her face, clarifying the distinct features of her father. His deep violet eyes shone with pride, Silver Spoon dove right at his neck and held on tight.

“Guess I dozed off,” he chuckled with a yawn, embracing his daughter. “Good Morning my twitchy witchy girl.” He smiled, running a hoof through Silver Spoon’s unruly cloud of a silver mane.

“Still lame, daddy.” Silver Spoon sniffed, smiling despite wanting to cringe at the sound of that. “I’m so glad you’re home.”

“Me too, Silver.” Her father nodded.

For a while there was a silence, not an awkward one, but a warm, tender one. I almost forgot how strong he was! Silver Spoon silently remarked once she realized her hooves couldn’t quite reach all the way around his throat.

“It is nice to see such a lovely scene,” a breathy voice rang, making Silver Spoon grit her teeth and scowl.

HER. Silver Spoon rolled her eyes in disgust.

“My Sunny-Hunny!” The stallion foalishly chirped like a love struck colt.

A foggy gray unicorn mare stood in Silver Spoon’s doorway, her eyes cold and distant as she looked on with almost a frown. “Silver Spoon,” She formally said with a quick nod, her perfectly kempt faded orange and yellow mane bounced.

“Sunset.” Silver Spoon curtly nodded. Of all the mares... no, all the CREATURES he could marry! A minotaur for a mother would be a step-up! She giggled inwardly at that thought, imaging herself as a half pony-half minotaur creature... thing.

“Sterling,” Sunset looked to the stallion with a disheartened expression. “I will be downstairs.” She turned to leave, casting a passing glance to Silver Spoon.

"Nonsense!" Sterling objected, beckoning his wife in with a hoof. "It's been almost a whole year since I've seen our daughter, even longer for you; join us!"

“A-Alright,” Anxiety flickered in Sunset's golden eyes, she took a cautious step forward, keeping her eyes on Silver Spoon as if she were a rabbit in a manticore's den. Silver Spoon leered as Sunset came to her side, the mare couldn't make eye contact all the while. "L-long time... n-no see." Sunset managed to choke out.

“I guess.” Silver Spoon shrugged.

“This won’t do.” Sterling shook his head. “Nope, not at all, I think tomorrow we should spend the day catching up.”

Sunset nodded, “Alright, dear. But, I really should be checking in with the the rest of the house, not to mention the Mayor as well.”

“Oh, well... alright.” Sterling sighed. “I was hoping for you to stay around, we have only just gotten home. You want your mother to stay right, Silver Spoon?”

Silver Spoon shrugged “I don’t want to keep her from whatever it is she wants to do.” The more work for her the better as far as I’m concerned.

“Of course...” Sunset trailed off. “If you’ll excuse me,”

“Hurry back, sweetheart.” Sterling longingly said, muttering something before exchanging a quick kiss with Sunset; the mare giggled and blushed before quietly trotting out of the room. Sterling sighed, turning to Silver Spoon with a pained look. “Still holding that grudge, I see.” He shook his head.

Silver Spoon folded her hooves and huffed. “I wouldn’t call it that...”

“Alright,” Sterling chuckled, playfully ruffling Silver Spoon’s mane. “I hear you’ve been making new friends since Diamond Tiara left; that’s wonderful!”

“Yeah!” Silver Spoon eagerly nodded. “I’m a Cutie Mark Crusader now!” She proudly stated.

“A what?” Sterling blinked.

“It’s a club that Apple Bloom started with other friends of ours.” Silver Spoon proudly explained. Friends... of ours!

“Apple... Bloom?” Sterling muttered, tapping a hoof to his chin. “Ah, the youngest of the Apple family, right? Mrs. Orange has mentioned her sister.”

“Oh!” Silver Spoon gasped. “I need to tell them I won’t be meeting today.”

Sterling frowned. “Why? Please, don’t wait at home, your mother and I have things to tend to first.”

“Wh-what?” Silver Spoon flinched. “You’re here on business..?”

“Don’t worry,” Sterling winked. “Once the G7 arrives, you’ll be joining me to see your old man in action plus meeting the other families.”

Silver Spoon grinned widely. “I get to come along? Really?”

“Of course!” Sterling smiled. “You may as well bridge the gap of time by spending these moments with your friends. Some of the other family heads bring their children in, I figure it’s high time you came with me.”

“Okay, daddy.” Silver Spoon smiled, planting a small peck on her father’s cheek before eagerly dashing out of the room.

“That... went over a lot better than I thought.” Sterling remarked with a nod. “I guess I have Seabastion to thank then.”

Sterling proceeded into the hallway down to the opposite end and topped just outside the door. A faint weeping crept from inside, he sighed and pressed his way in. “Sunset,” he called with a sense of firmness despite his wife’s tears.

“Sterling,” Sunset cleared her throat and quickly wiped her eyes. “I’m sorry about that, I suppose crying over the fact that she doesn’t want to see me is rather moot at this point in time. I’ve already put eleven long years between us, what’s the rest of my life?”

Sterling cringed, fighting his own emotions as he approached Sunset’s side at their dresser. “I understand, but honey you can’t stop trying that would kinda prove her right about you. We want to change that.”

“You saw the way she looks at me,” Sunset sniffed. “I talked with August Hoof when we got in and apparently some mare has already taken my role in her life so really, what use is there in even trying to be a part of her life anymore?”

“August Hoof...” Sterling groaned. “Well, Sunset, at least she remembers you, right? That’s something.”

“Yea...” Sunset slowly nodded with a pang of hope in her tone. “I... I guess it is something, isn’t it?”

Sterling rested his head on Sunset’s smiling into the mirror. “See that mare there?” He pointed to her reflection with a hoof. “If that stallion,” he gestured to his reflection.”Is anything like his daughter, he will come to love that mare just as much as he does! I guarantee it!”

Sunset smiled a full smile for the first time. “You really think so?”

“Of course!” Sterling confidently nodded. “Trust me, Silver Spoon will warm up to you. Once the meeting is over she’ll be with us all the time. In the meantime, though try to talk to her, but don’t force yourself on her.”

Sunset nodded to her reflection. “Okay, Sterling, I’ll try again then.”
Silver Spoon bounced through Ponyville, her mind abuzz with attending a meeting she had only vaguely heard about before as a little filly. The seven most powerful families in Equestria! She could feel her anticipation rising as she attempted to recall the families. Mine, Apples and Oranges make two, then there’s—oh! Diamond Tiara’s family!

She stopped suddenly in her thoughts. Diamond Tiara... no, Silver Spoon visibly shook herself. Think positive, Silver Spoon! Unknowingly, Silver Spoon’s hooves lead her to the front door of Carousel Boutique. I should tell Sweetie Belle and Rarity my daddy is here!

“Sweetie Belle,” Silver Spoon called as she pushed her way in. “Rarity!” She chirped, looking around. Guess nopony’s home... Silver Spoon frowned.

“Silver Spoon?” Rarity called from the back of the store, the sound of her voice instantly brought a smile to Silver Spoon’s face. “Just a moment, I’ll be right there!” Within moments Rarity came trotting around a corner, smiling warmly to her guest. “Hello, Silver Spoon. What brings you here?”

“My dad is visiting town!” Silver Spoon sang. “You know, I wonder if it would be alright if I invited you all for dinner one night...”

Rarity giggled. “Really, Silver Spoon, you have a big heart, but you should spend time with your father.”

“I want you to come, Rarity!” Silver Spoon urged. “Please?”

Rarity smiled endearingly, shaking her head. “Alright, alright, darling. I’ll take you up on the offer. I should plan an outfit...” She paused and blinked in realization. “Oh, what about your mother?”

“Oh, her.” Silver Spoon deadpanned. “She’s busy.”

Rarity cocked a brow. “Really, little one?” She thoughtfully narrowed her eyes as though it was clear she knew something was up. “I find it hard to believe that a mother would not want to spend time with her growing filly.”

“Yeah,” Silver Spoon nodded. “Don’t worry, though Rarity.”

Rarity pouted and huffed slightly. “Alright then, Silver Spoon. Anyway, if you’re looking for Sweetie Belle, she has already left to meet up with the other crusaders.”

“Oh, okay.” Silver Spoon smiled, dipping her head. “Thank you.”

“Not a problem.” Rarity shook her head. “Please feel free to talk to me about anything at anytime, darling. Celestia knows Sweetie Belle surprised me just this morning." She added with a weary sigh.

"Sweetie Belle?" Silver Spoon echoed. "What happened?"

Rarity blushed, shaking her head. "I do apologize, dear, but it's not my place to discuss such matters with you." She forced a faint smile. "I know now how much I startled my poor mother when I was that age now."

"I'm... confused." Silver Spoon tipped her head to the side. What exactly did Sweetie Belle do to have Rarity so worked up?

"It's better that way." Rarity half-smiled. "Silver Spoon, may I ask a favor?"

"Of course!" Silver Spoon eagerly smiled. "What is it?"

"Please keep an eye on my younger sister? I fear she will become more of a hooful now..."

That's an odd request... "Of course I will." Silver Spoon said, sounding slightly offended to be asked. After all, I care for Sweetie Belle too.

Rarity seemed to be eased by the conviction in Silver Spoon's voice. "Thank you so much. You two have grown quite close this past year,” she added, brushing Silver Spoon’s mane from her eyes with a hoof. “I don’t even see Apple Bloom or the others as much as you."

“I like it here!” Silver Spoon motioned to her surroundings with a hoof. “I’m going to go catch up with the others now, see you later Rarity!”

“See you later, Silver Spoon.” Rarity called.
”Hi Silver Spoon!" Sweetie Belle chirped, hugging the filly as she stepped into the clubhouse. "Hey..." She sniffed Silver Spoon's face. "Are you... wearing something..?"

"Uhh... Sweetie Belle, if ya have t' be that close to smell somepony's perfume, ya miiiiight be too close." Apple Bloom chuckled.

"I'm surprised she wears that stuff," Scootaloo commented. "Special occasion?"

"It's probably my dad's cologne." Silver Spoon giggled. "He just made it in town this morning."

"Really?" Twist spoke up. "Then wouldn't you want to be at home with him?"

"Wait, what about your mom, Silvy?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Silver Spoon shrugged. "Beats me. What are we going to do today?"

"Probably nothin fer me." Apple Bloom shook her head. "Ah got extra duties t' tend to on th' farm."

"Yeah, Cheerilee wants me at home... studying." Scootaloo hung her head. "I guess she hasn’t totally forgotten about my grounding. That's cruel, doing that to a filly should be punishable by banishment."

"Bon-Bon ha'th a big order to fill today." Twist said. "It'th the bigge'tht I've 'theen, even Pinkie Pie is helping u'th, too."

"Are you busy, Belle?" Silver Spoon anxiously asked.

"I guess not." Sweetie Belle shook her head. "Why?"

"Wonderful!" Silver Spoon sang. "Come on," she motioned with her head. "We need to stop by my house first!" Without waiting for any objections, Silver Spoon took off, grinning wider than what she knew was socially acceptable.
Silver Spoon burst through the front door to her homes, the large wooden doors were no match for an overly excited filly as the slammed back against the wall.

“S-Silver Spoon?!” gasped a voice from the third floor that nearly drained Silver Spoon’s high.

“Oh... Sunset.” Silver Spoon looked around the foyer. “Is my daddy home?”

Sunset smiled faintly, hope sparking in her eyes. “Is there something I can assist you with instead?”

“No,” Silver Spoon sharply retorted. Upon closer inspection of her mother, Silver Spoon noticed she looked... frayed, her mane covered her face mostly and her fur in places stuck out in various directions. “What happened to you?” Silver Spoon reflexively asked.

Sunset giggled slightly, turning her head in no particular direction. “N-Nothing,” she shook her head.

Silver Spoon shrugged, ”Whatever, where’s my dad?”

“In his room,” Sunset motioned down the hallway.

“Ah, alright.” Silver Spoon nodded, starting up the stairs.

“No, wait!” Sunset hurriedly met Silver Spoon half way on the stairs, blushing brightly. “I-I’ll fetch him! J-just please, wait.”

If for no other reason, the urgency in Sunset’s voice caused Silver Spoon to yield to her mother’s wishes. “Fine,” she trotted onto the balcony of the second floor. “Tell him it’s important, okay?”

“I will.” Sunset nodded, briskly making her way up to the third floor.

Everypony’s acting weird today. Silver Spoon mused. Rarity talking about Sweetie Belle, now Sunset’s acting weird. She’s usually all about her image. She smelled odd too...

“S... S... Silver... Spoon..!” Sweetie Belle panted as she staggered in. “Why... run... wait..?” She managed between breaths.

“Sorry!” Silver Spoon rushed downstairs looking worried. “I didn’t hear you. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know you were following me. I’ve run from home to the farm so often, I hardly even notice the time passing anymore.”

Sweetie Belle giggled, shaking her head. “Why... did you... run... off?”

“Well, I invited your sister over for dinner as thanks for letting me stay over so much. Also, after finding out you don’t have any plans, I... kinda thought maybe it could be tonight!” Silver Spoon grinned.

“And a wonderful idea it sounds like!” Sterling’s energetic voice echoed through the foyer.

Silver Spoon smiled, out of the corner of her eye she could see Sweetie Belle wide-eyed with awe as she watched the bold stallion descend the stair in an overly dramatic manner, his wife just behind him.

“If I may venture a guess,” Sunset began, looking intently to Sweetie Belle. “You are Sweetie Belle, correct? I have heard a great deal about you from Seabastion and the others, and I cannot thank you enough for being there for my daughter.”

Silver Spoon groaned and rolled her eyes. Her daughter...

“I had fun with Silvy!” Sweetie Belle chirped, playfully nudging Silver Spoon.

“Let me thank you as well, little filly.” Sterling smiled. He looked to Silver Spoon and smirked. “Now, about this party, Silver, I think we should do... that again.” The stallion winked.

Sunset blinked, a smile curled on her lips. “Oh, yes,” she nodded. “We should do that.”

That?” Silver Spoon and Sweetie Belle echoed, tipping their head to the side.

“I guess it has been a while for you,” Sterling frowned. “THAT Remember? Every now and again in Manehattan? At midnight?”

Silver Spoon gasped and nodded frantically. “Oooohh! THAT, that.Yeeah! That would be a lot more fun!

“Wait... what’s that?” Sweetie Belle looked to each of the smiling ponies, unknowingly smiling herself. “I... it’s something good then..?” She said with an upward inflection, obviously not too sure herself.

“I’ll get the house ready, dear.” Sunset giggled.

Sterling nodded. “Girls, I’m going to need you to go around town spreading the word.”

“What word?” Sweetie Belle blinked.

“Tell Ponyville, the Midnight Dinner is on—TONIGHT!” Sterling announced.

Sweetie Belle shook her head slowly, staring to Sterling with a perplexed expression. “But... Mr. Silver Spoon’s dad... that’s eight words, not one.”

Sweetie Belle... Silver Spoon couldn’t help but giggle. “Just call him Mr. Archer or Mr. Sterling, Belle.”

“Or you could just call me Sterling, I don’t mind.” Sterling shrugged. “But, either way, make sure the two of you run around town spreading the word. I’m sure the older residents will remember full well what you’re talking about.” He explained with a nod. “To anypony that asks questions, just tell them to meet at the Silver Residence at midnight.”

“Silver Spoon!” Sweetie Belle said in a pleading tone.

“I’ll tell you as we go.” Silver Spoon motioned with her head, “Lets go!”

With Sweetie Belle at her side, Silver Spoon almost thought she was moving faster than usual. Their first destination landed them at the library of all places. Well, I guess we have to start somewhere.

Sweetie Belle rapped a hoof on the door. “Coming!” Answered a voice from the inside. In a matter of moments, Twilight Sparkle answered the door beaming a bright smile to her guests. “Hello, Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon, what brings you here?”

“My daddy is throwing one of his Midnight Dinner parties,” Silver Spoon puffed out her chest. “And you’re invited! All of Ponyville is.”

“Midnight Dinner party, huh?” Twilight Sparkle tapped a hoof to her chin. “I think I’m free tonight, I may stop by. Where is it being held? Town hall?”

“Nope!” Sweetie Belle shook her head.

“My house!” Silver Spoon said.

“And ALL of ponyville is invited?” Twilight Sparkle cocked a brow.

“Yup!” Silver Spoon eagerly nodded. “Back in Manehattan my daddy would sometimes throw random parties, and over time he noticed that he was restless around midnight, so he began inviting friends over regularly.” She explained. “In addition to that, he threw parties that were a hit so often that others thought it was an honor to be invited over, though daddy himself didn’t care, he just liked the atmosphere.”

Twilight Sparkle giggled. “Sounds like your father and Pinkie Pie would get along great.”

“I’ll bet she would, too!” Sweetie Belle giggled. “Twi, can you help us spread the word, too? Things would go a lot faster with your help.”

Twilight Sparkle nodded. “Now that I can do without a doubt!” She turned around and called, “Spike! I would like you to send a letter to...” The door shut seemingly of its own volition.

One down, the rest of Ponyville to go!

The 12th Hour

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The atmosphere of the Silver Mansion was as she’d remembered it from Manehattan, save for the view of the ocean. The decour of Silver Spoon’s foyer was lit by a grand glowing chandelier, as extravagant as the rest of her house. A symphony of red and gold-trimmed carpet ran throughout. Art to admire in sculptures, paintings or hedge models which were on display in the back.

Guests flooded in at a steady pace, from Rainbow Dash to Pip and luckily even the other Crusaders as well. While some guests (like Rarity and Sweetie Belle) came in elaborate dresses and mane styles, others (such as the Apple family, save for only Big Macintosh, who came in later with Cheerilee) came au naturale. Regardless of attire, everypony seemed eager to attend.

Sterling and Silver Spoon stood at the front door, greeting everyone with a smile. Silver Spoon’s father wore a classic black and white tux punctuated by a blood red bow tie while Silver Spoon herself wore a turquoise dress saddle courtesy of Rarity.

No doubt some of our guests are already in the back, Silver Spoon mentally noted, autonomously greeting with a smile and kind words, occasionally glancing up to her father only to find him getting weary of the task.

“Well, I think we should join our guests now,” Sterling suggested with a wink.

“Excuse me,” came one last voice before the doors closed. Twilight Sparkle stepped in wearing a plain but flattering yellow dress. “I’m sorry I’m late, Mr. Silver, but I was waiting on a few more guests. I hope that’s alright.”

Sterling nodded, widening the door enough for Twilight to trot in, not expecting the white hoof of royalty to follow. “Oh... my... you,” he gasped with a growing incredulous smirk. Sterling backed up and the door widened even more to a sight even Silver Spoon wasn’t prepared for.

“I do hope you won’t mind two more additions,” came an enchanting voice.

Celestia and Luna, the royal princesses of the sun and moon respectively, stepped in. While the taller of the two, Celestia, seemed to not mind the eyes of everypony in the foyer, her sister seemed to shrink behind Celestia like a filly.

After a quick exchange of glances to one another, Luna put on a more confident façade in the face of her subjects. “Good evening,” she managed to say, dipping her head in respect to Sterling.

Sterling blinked, finally able to compose himself once again with a warm smile. “C-Come in, please!” He gestured inside with a hoof, bowing as royalty passed by, flashing Silver Spoon a pleading look out of the corner of his eye.

Oh! Silver Spoon managed to kneel before Celestia and Luna, warranting a slight giggle from the eldest sister.

“Please, no need for the formalities,” Celestia shook her head. “This is a party being thrown at your home. I should be the one that’s grateful that you had my sister and I on such short notice. We are merely your guests.”

“H-How did you know?” Silver Spoon asked.

“I asked my pupil to keep an ear to the ground for festivities such as this,” Celestia explained. “You see,” she motioned with her head to Luna, “my sister still needs more exposure outside of Canterlot.”

“I’m trying, sister!” Luna protested. “Even before you know what, I never was what one would call a ‘social millipede’.”

“Butterfly,” Celestia corrected with a giggle. “A social butterfly, Luna. But, at least you’ve grown past the screaming.”

“Princess,” Twilight Sparkle spoke up. “Where’s Cadence and my brother?”

Both Luna and Celestia looked to one another and giggled. “Yes,” Celestia nodded. “Unfortunately, Cadence wasn’t feeling well, but she insisted that Luna and I attend...”

“Oh no,” Twilight Sparkle flinched, seemingly oblivious to the sly smirk on Celestia and Luna’s face. “What’s wrong with her? Is my brother okay? Is he sick too?”

“Calm down, aunt Twilight, everything is alright, I assure you.” Celestia winked.

Twilight Sparkle blinked, seemingly processing the princess’s words piece by piece in her head while wearing an unnerving and blank expression punctuated by an occasional twitch of her eye. “... A-Aunt?”

“Luna, take Twilight to sit down for a while.” Celestia giggled. “I fear I may have broken her.”

“Yes, sister.” Luna nodded and coaxed Twilight through the foyer, cooing to her in an attempt to snap her back to reality.

“Now.” Celestia turned to Sterling. “Mr. Silver, was it? Do you have any menus detailing what will be prepared?”

Sterling shook his head. “No menu,” he frankly stated. “Everything here is made by my chefs; I don’t pry. As such that is a rule that even you must abide by. No one will give you a satisfactory answer.”

“I see.” Celestia nodded approvingly. “Best to tell time by looking at a clock and not the gears, then?”

“Exactly!” Sterling winked. “Some you may recognize while others are more mysterious. Oh, a word of caution: the food out back is to be served to our adult company only. Wines and such I don’t think little fillies and colts should have.” He blew a raspberry to Silver Spoon.

Silver Spoon giggled. Still hard to believe the princesses are here. She admired Celestia’s presence in the room. Though they are nothing like what I thought... but, Celestia is as beautiful as I thought she’d be.

“Alright,” Celestia giggled. “I might have to start holding little gatherings like this back at home. It would no doubt liven up and hopefully loosen up the residents of Canterlot.”

“They’ll be a hit.” Sterling earnestly smiled. “The less your guests know outside of the fact you’re hosting a party, the more fun they will have!”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Celestia smiled. “I will join the others in the dining hall. I look forward to an enchanting evening.” She dipped her head then turned, making her way to the dining hall.

“That was a pleasant surprise!” Sterling remarked with a nod. “I’m willing to bet your mother is doing her best to keep up appearances right now.”

Silver Spoon rolled her eyes. “You say that as if she does anything else.”

“You’d be surprised,” Sterling thoughtfully said. “Come on, it’d be rude not to mingle with our guests.” He motioned with his head for his daughter to follow.

In the dining hall butlers served small delicacies to everypony as they passed, accompanied by soft piano music. The guests chatted amongst themselves as they enjoyed chocolate- or caramel-dipped apples. In addition to that, cherries filled with creams, chocolates or liqueurs complemented cakes of impossible heights and rock sugar blown into the shapes of flowers attracted the guests’ immediate attention, Some of which would occasionally comment that the food simply appeared too pretty to eat, though after a sample of the icing, their mind was quickly swayed.

Immediately Silver Spoon spotted her mother chatting with Princess Celestia. Her mane was artfully knotted into braids upon her head. Next to Celestia her mother appeared to be a complimentary gradient to the Princess’s neapolitan colors.

As Silver Spoon and her father approached, Celestia nibbled on one of the decorative pastries; her eyes widened for a moment. "I taste honey," she said after swallowing. "Nuts and... and something I cannot quite put my hoof on." She examined what was left of the food thoughtfully. "I heard from Mr. Sterling that it would be pointless to question what it is I'm eating."

"My husband is quite eccentric." Sunset giggled, motioning to him just behind Celestia.

"Variety is the spice of life!" Sterling exclaimed. "Life is to be enjoyed, and I enjoy life."

"Silver Spoon!" Sweetie Belle's voice rang.

The group turned at the sound and saw Sweetie Belle bounding over with the rest of the Crusaders around her. Sweetie Belle’s attire (no doubt an influence of her sister) was elaborate yet elegant, much like her sister’s. Her mane flowed in a cascade of curls as her rich blue and violet dress trailed behind her.

Twist’s appearance was equally as surprising. She sported a simple yet sleek little black dress. The more Silver Spoon attempted, the more futile it became to recall if she had ever seen Twist in a dress before. In addition to that, her normally frizzy red mane was tamed into a long crimson streak nearly reaching her hooves.

She nearly looks like a different pony! Silver Spoon silently remarked. Thank goodness for the glasses!

“Dad!” Silver Spoon looked to her father pleadingly. “Can I go?”

“Sure.” Sterling shrugged. “You didn’t need to ask my permission; by all means enjoy yourself!” He gestured with a hoof.

Without having to be told anymore, Silver Spoon moved across the room, grinning from ear to ear. “I’m glad you all could make it tonight! Though. I still didn’t expect Twist to be so... wow!”

Twist blushed, pushing her glasses up on her face. “It’th nothing... Bon-Bon ‘thaid I ‘thould wear ‘thomething ni’the. Thi’th wa’th all I had.”

“You do look good, Twist.” Scootaloo nodded. “I can’t wrap my head around dressing up.”

“Ah just don’t do dresses.” Apple Bloom shook her head. “Most Ah’ll wear willingly is a saddle. Though Rarity does look awful pretty in her getup.”

Silver Spoon nodded eagerly. “I know, right? The way she wears that necklace makes it almost look like she’s bleeding. It’s kinda... hm, what’s the word...?”

“Rarity said she wanted something that would stand out without her being seen, but be modest while flashy,” Sweetie Belle explained.

The group looked across the room to Rarity. For the second time that night Silver Spoon marveled at the mare. The veritable fiend for aesthetics wore a black silk dress adorned with eye-fetching red flowers. Her violet mane was piled atop her head with one strand tastefully lingering down from the rest. A deep red necklace cradled her neck giving the impression blood ran from her throat.

Upon seeing the fillies, Rarity waved and smiled before returning to her conversation.

“I kinda expected this party to be stuffy,” Scootaloo observed, her eyes wandering around the room. “It’s almost like... a haunted mansion.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Silver Spoon leered, quirking an eyebrow.

“It is! Your dad seems... well, not what I thought he’d be like; nothing like you!” Scootaloo teased, sticking her tongue out.

“When will the party be over?” Twist inquired, looking to the clock on the wall at the far end of the room..

Silver Spoon shrugged. “I’m not sure.” She shook her head. “Sometimes these things go on until the sun starts to rise, so it varies.”

“Look!” Sweetie Belle pointed with a hoof. “Pinkie’s talking with your dad.

“They like partie’th,” Twist giggled. “Probably talking about that. It kinda feel’th... like a my’thery in here. Like a ma’thquerade, but without the ma’thh’th.”

“Hey, you should all follow me to the back!” Silver Spoon chirped. “I don’t think you’ve all seen what the gardeners do with the hedges and stuff out back.”

Silver Spoon lead her party through the kitchen with chefs diligently preparing more food, skillfully avoiding the little fillies as they moved from pan to pan, dish to dish with a few butlers and maids exiting with serving trays.

“Where does yer dad get his chefs?” Apple Bloom asked as one of the culinary artists weaved around her.

“I don’t know.” Silver Spoon shrugged. “I only got to know Emerald. He and daddy are close friends. The rest come on occasions like this, then leave. I don’t even know if these are the same ones that used to cook for him back in Manehattan.”

“I’ll bet your old man calls in the best of the best from around the world!” Scootaloo said, pausing to marvel at a dish before it was whisked away by a maid.

“I kinda expect this is the kind of food the princesses eat everyday,” Sweetie Belle noted. “You hardly ever see banana leaves in food outside of Canterlot.”

“That remind’th me,” Twist blinked, tipping her head to the side and closing her eyes in thought. “One of the cherrie’th I ate wa’th filled with ‘thomething weird, I liked it, but... it made the throat burn.”

Silver Spoon laughed, shaking her head. “Twist, I think you might have eaten a rum cherry. How did you even get one? The butlers and maids are told not to serve those kinds of food to us.”

“And you said you LIKED it?” Scootaloo grinned. “Oh Celestia, I hope you don’t turn into what Berry is. Though, that would be funny to see.”

Twist froze. “I... That... alcohol?!” She reeled, nearly bumping into a chef. “I-I didn’t know! I ju’tht kinda took one from Bon-Bon’th plate!” She suddenly gasped. “Oh no! You CAN’T tell her! None of you! Plea’the!

“Yer secret’s safe with us, Twist.” Apple Bloom smiled reassuringly. “If it makes ya feel better, ah used t’ taste some of the hard cider when AJ wasn’t lookin’.”

“Girls, I think we should keep moving.” Silver Spoon gestured towards the door at the back of the kitchen. “Some of the chefs look like they are getting tired of walking around us.”


Sunset stood off in a corner of the dining hall, idly watching the festivities of the hour play by with a faint smile. Sterling, who was talking with an energetic pink mare, paused and with a few words, he ended the conversation and began to move towards his wife.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” Sterling inquired with a frown. “You’re usually one of the chattiest ponies at these parties! If I’m doing more talking than you, I know something’s up.”

Sunset shook her head. “Don’t worry about me.” She smiled. “Just observing everypony.”

“You’re a horrible liar. You know that, right?” Sterling chuckled, nuzzling her gently. “I can tell what you’re thinking, and the mare August Hoof told you about—” he pointed with a hoof to Rarity on the other side of the room. “Why not talk to her, See if you can get a few cliff-notes on what your daughter likes?”

“I don’t know,” Sunset sighed. “Our daughter is smart; she will know something is amiss if I suddenly turn up knowing her favorite things.”

“Point taken.” Nodded Sterling. “Still, I’ve spoken a bit with her; she’s nice. Talk to her!”

“Maybe I should just leave it be.” Sunset shook her head. “Maybe it’s good that Silver Spoon found a nice ro—”

“Stop right there!” Sterling groaned heavily before moving behind her and pushing her. “Go. Talk. Now! Not another word.”

“H-Hey! Fine!” Sunset huffed. She took a deep breath, moving over to Rarity’s side, beaming a soft smile. “E-Excuse me.” Sunset lightly tapped Rarity’s shoulder.

“Yes?” Rarity turned. “Oh, you must be Ms. Sunset. Mr. Sterling has told be a bit about you this evening... or morning? I’m not quite sure.” She paused and giggled. “Look at me, I sound like my sister.”

Sunset giggled, “It is nice to meet you, Ms. Rarity.”

Rarity giggled into her hoof and smiled. “Your daughter takes after you, I see. So very formal. I’m not old enough to be called ‘Miss’ yet. I had just recently broken Silver Spoon of that horrible habit.”

Those words stung Sunset; pain flickered in her eyes for a brief moment. "I hear Silver Spoon is quite fond of you.” She weakly smiled.

“The dear is.” Rarity nodded, oblivious to Sunset's pain. “This past year alone she’s spent the better of it at my home with my younger sister. The two are a hooffull, but it is nice to have somepony else to distract Sweetie Belle.” She giggled.

"Y-Your outfit." Sunset gestured to Rarity, now keen to change the subject. "I cannot say I've seen anything like it."

"Oh, this?" Rarity brushed the stray strand of her mane aside. "If I may say, this was quite the challenge to make. The design is based on a dress Silver Spoon got for me, though I've no clue as to where she acquired my measurements. She is quite the resourceful one, isn't she? You should feel very proud."

Pain made itself unbearably known once again, this time boring into Sunset's heart. "It was nice speaking with you, Ms. Rarity," she flatly said, dipping her head to Rarity then turning away before the mare could say her farewells.
Outside in the verdant garden as soft violin music played, the Cutie Mark Crusaders marveled at the artwork that was beautifully bathed in the moonlight and skillfully created from what would be unsightly hedges. Butlers and maids served trays as in the dining room to the adult ponies outside while keeping a wary eye on the younger crowd.

“Why are the butlers and stuff staring?” Sweetie Belle quirked a brow. “It’s kinda... weird.”

“They are told not to serve us the foods that are prepared for the adults,” Silver Spoon explained.

“Yeah, Twist.” Scootaloo turned and smiled slyly to the filly, a blush apparent on Twist’s face.

“Ah think it’s finally hit her head.” Apple Bloom giggled, shaking her head. “This is gonna be interestin’.”

“We better keep a close watch on her.” Silver Spoon sighed. “I can only imagine how much trouble we could get into if somepony finds out.”

“Well, at least she didn’t have much,” Scootaloo noted. “She’s already acting like a goofball.”

“You’re right, though, she didn’t have much, and this is how she acts?” Sweetie Belle giggled.

“If Princess Shelestia... can move the sun,” Twist abruptly spoke up, “and Luna raises the moon... then is that for the whole world? Or ju’tht Eque’thtriria?”

“Aaaaaand she’s a lost cause.” Scootaloo shook her head. “Now we gotta keep her from giving herself away. I just know we’re in for a real fun night.”

Mother Dearest

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The guests at Silver Spoon’s home remained there until just before dawn, the princesses having left earlier to ensure the passage of night to day, and when they did finally depart the butlers and maids busily swept over the premises, ensuring the estate was spotless before leaving themselves.

Silver Spoon sighed contentedly in her bed, still unable to find any sleep with the festivities of earlier still fresh on her mind. Keeping an eye on Twist was harder than I thought it would be. She giggled. Though, some of the things she asked made perfect sense; then again she wasn’t quite herself.

“Silver.” Her father's voice preceded his knock. “Are you awake?”

“Yes, daddy,” Silver Spoon replied, moving over to open her door. “Did you need something?”

“Not in particular, no.” Sterling shook his head, pausing and observing his daughter intently. In his eyes Silver Spoon could tell something was conflicting in his head, like he wanted to say something.

“Huh?” Silver Spoon tipped her head to the side.

With a decisive nod, Sterling suddenly smiled. “Nothing. Come with me, Silver Spoon.”

Silver Spoon shakily nodded. “A-Alright, daddy.” She joined Sterling in the hallway as the two made their way downstairs to the second floor. A thought nagged at the back of Silver Spoon’s mind. He hardly ever calls me by my name like that. Did I do something wrong?

“You haven’t done anything wrong,” Sterling teased. “I just have something very important to show you.

“Important?” Silver Spoon grew wide-eyed.

Sterling gestured with his head down the hallway. A door with a sign that read “Do not enter” was pinned in the center. As they approached the door, Sterling took it down. “This is unnecessary,” he said with a frown. “Only I can get in here anyway.”

Silver Spoon expected Sterling to procure a key, but he plucked a strand of his mane and presented it to the door. What? She looked on curiously as the strand listlessly floated in mid air; the keyhole flourished with a white light, and then a clicking sound came from the other side of the door.

“I give you,” Sterling said, pressing the door open with a hoof, “your heritage.”

The room shone brightly as Silver Spoon and her father trotted in, the door closing behind them automatically. “It’s bigger on the inside!” She gasped, taking in the sights.

The room encircled them. Tall portraits of several dozen ponies of every sort peppered the wall each bore a unique expression coupled with a pedestal that held a representation of the subject’s cutie mark. The pictures varied in their expression and color, from black-and-white and sepia, to oil paintings and framed photographs fitted to the canvas.

“Our bloodline goes back further than the rule of Princess Platinum,” Sterling explained. “This is Powder Pearly,” he said, gesturing to a grinning mare as they passed, “an assistant to Clover the Clever. From humble beginnings to the power our family holds now.”

“I didn’t know that.” Silver Spoon shook her head, listening intently to the lecture as she admired of the white unicorn.

“I had to wait until my father died to add to our history.” Sterling trailed off, stopping to cast a saddened glance to the portrait of a scowling stallion. “I’ve done better than you would have thought,” he said, looking the portrait in the eyes.

“What was Grandpa Steel like?” Silver Spoon innocently inquired, considering the portrait. He does look scary the way it’s like he’s looking right at you. She shuddered, banishing a harrowing thought before it could take root.

“It’s not important, anyway.” He gestured to a blank canvas just past his own. “That’s your space. I wonder what you will add to our name. You’ll make me proud, I’ve no doubt.”

A sense of pride welled up in Silver Spoon’s chest as she imagined succeeding her father. I’ll make you proud, daddy! She smiled, a vision of an older version of herself appearing on the canvas in her eyes.

Silver Spoon looked to her father’s portrait and noticed it was a family picture. Sunset coddled a newborn silver foal in her hooves, and Sterling smiled warmly next to her, his hoof stroking his daughter’s mane.

“I can understand why you would be hostile towards your mother.” Sterling smiled; his eyes shone as if the memory were playing out before him once more. “She is trying. I’m only asking you to consider—”

“I know why you would say that,” Silver Spoon interrupted. “But I was taught not to make the same mistake twice.”

Sterling sighed. “Well, that’s not a blatant no, so I’ll take it.” He chuckled.

Silver Spoon shrugged, her gaze lingered on her father’s portrait. Wait... huh? It wasn’t until then that she noticed a faint indentation just between her father's portrait and her own. “Daddy, was your picture moved?”

“H-Huh?” Sterling blinked in surprise. “O-Oh, that no.” He shook his head. “The design was off a bit is all. That’s why there’s a sort of gap there.”

“Hmmm...” Silver Spoon stared for a while and then slowly nodded. “Okay.”

“Alright, enough history,” Sterling smiled, coaxing Silver Spoon back to the door. “I said yesterday...” he paused, tapping a hoof to his chin. “Earlier? Heh, anyway, point is you, your mother and I will be spending the day together. She told me she has something planned.”

Silver Spoon groaned, rolling her eyes. “What are we doing?”

“You mother had the wonderful idea to throw a picnic today.” Sterling smiled. “Why don’t you go get her? She was headed for the kitchen last I saw. I’ll catch up; I need to get something myself.”

“Okay.” Silver Spoon nodded.

Silver Spoon moved downstairs and then into the dining hall. Sunset approached her, appearing to be on her way out, burdened with a large saddle bag and on her way out. “Oh, Silver Spoon.” Sunset smiled. “Good morning, how did you sleep?”

“Not too well,” Silver Spoon answered. “I got a little. Anyway, daddy wanted me to come and get you.”

“Alright, I’m ready.” Sunset nodded and then paused, tapping a hoof to her chin. “But I have the food and other things. What is your father doing?”

“I’m not sure.” Silver Spoon shrugged. “He said he’d meet us here, though.”

A silence fell over the dining hall. The ticking of the clock echoed in the room. Sunset appeared anxious, seemingly trying to find something in the room to distract her or break the dreadful, awkward, silence between her and Silver Spoon.

“O-Oh!” Sunset suddenly exclaimed. “I have something I believe you might like.”

Silver Spoon watched as her mother’s horn began to glow. From Sunset’s saddle bag a green striped candy cane levitated over to her. Spearmint! A wide smile grew on her face as she liberated the treat from the plastic. Wait! Her eyes shifted to Sunset, who smiled at her display.

“Your little friend in the black dress mentioned something to me last night.” Sunset paused and giggled. “Though, she seemed... odd, for a filly. She kept asking me about the gingerbread colt. Do you know what she meant?“

Oh, Twist... Silver Spoon giggled, taking the candy into her mouth. “She’s a little weird like that, Sunset,” she said, savoring the sharp, minty taste as it danced across her tongue.

Sunset’s eyes shone brightly with pride as she looked to Silver Spoon laughing, “It seems you’ve made quite a few connections here.”

“I guess you could say that.” Silver Spoon nodded. “I do have some memories here that I would never want to forget. I’ve grown in this past year with the help of my new friends.” Silver Spoon blinked in realisation. What am I doing, Talking to her like she cares?!

“Well, are we all set to go?” Sterling’s voice chirped.

“Yes, Daddy,” Silver Spoon replied. A bulging saddle bag instantly caught her eye. “What are you bringing?”

“The entertainment, of course!” Sterling grinned. “Alright, let’s go. I know a little field on the outskirts of town where there’s nothing but space for us to enjoy ourselves.”


Just as Sterling had said, he lead his family to an expansive glade with a few shade trees scattered throughout. An occasional strong breeze blew, rustling the trees and causing a wave-like effect in the grass.

“Wow! I know she said today would be nice, but I had no idea how nice,” Sunset remarked. “Now, let’s find a nice spot under a tree.”

“Here,” Sterling said, pointing with a hoof towards a nearby oak.

Silver Spoon and her family moved under the tree. With the help of her magic, Sunset quickly set the red-and-white patchwork cloth and the food as well, which consisted of a variety of sandwiches, fruits and vegetables.

“Darling, now will you tell us what you’ve been packing around?” Sunset asked, curiously looking to the saddlebag.

Sterling chuckled. “It’s something. But knowing how competitive you are, I fear for everypony’s safety. I still remember the black eye and the busted blood vessel you gave me when we first met!” Sterling laughed, rubbing his right eye.

Wait, what?! Silver Spoon reeled.

Sunset blushed. “I warned you. I was so scared when I heard you had to see a doctor.”

“You kidding me? It gave me an excuse to wear an eyepatch for a month.” Sterling grinned. “Thankfully, Nightmare Night was just around the corner. Then, the next day I asked you out and bam! We were a couple.”

“One year later, you proposed.” Sunset smiled, leaning in and kissing Sterling.

“The year after that...” Sterling looked to Silver Spoon and smiled.

“Oh!” Sunset bursted out into a riotous laughter. “I seem to recall that you passed out in the delivery room from the blood!”

Sterling flinched, blushing in embarrassment. “I-I don’t remember that!” His ears wiggled.

I might be a horrible liar, but when you lie, your ears wiggle,” Sunset teased.

Sterling rolled his eyes. “They do not.” He shook his head, his ears twitching a few times.

Silver Spoon giggled. “They do.” She smirked.

“Oh, Silver Spoon!” Sterling dramatically exclaimed. “I am hurt!” Again, his ears wiggled.

“Look at them go!” Sunset laughed.

The family’s collective laughter echoed through the plain. Silver Spoon smiled, looking to her father, and then leaving her gaze on Sunset. All of a sudden she snorted loudly, effectively silencing everyone.

Sunset blushed deeply, covering her mouth with a hoof.

“Now that was cute,” Sterling teased.

What am I supposed to think about her? Silver Spoon starred to Sunset, regarding her for a bit as the mare pawed at the ground with a hoof, hanging her head. This is so confusing. I remember her being so cold, distant. Now here she is, laughing with me.

Her gaze shifted to her father, who was laughing heartily at his suddenly meek wife. He keeps saying she isn’t like I think, and really, this just proves it—

Wha? A levitating carrot broke Silver Spoon’s train of thought. Silver Spoon looked up to find Sunset smiling expectantly. She smiled feebly back and took a bite. If I have been wrong, then... then I really need to apologize to her. I REFUSE to forgive her altogether... but I guess I’ll at least give her a chance. The girls did it for me...

“That was a nice trip down memory lane.” Sterling chuckled, setting his saddlebag down. “Now for the game!”

Sunset turned her head, trying to appear as disinterested as possible, though her eyes lingered with curiosity as Sterling produced a swollen water balloon and an insidious grin. “Don’t you dare think what I know you’re thinking.” Sunset leered.

“I know better, dear.” Sterling stuck his tongue out. “I don’t want to be remembered as a catalyst of the apocalypse.”

“Then who are you going to throw water balloons at?” Silver Spoon innocently asked.

Sterling smiled slyly at Silver Spoon. Her eyes widened along with a smile as she anxiously backed away. Oh... Wait, I’ve got a bit of practice at this! This is just like that time with the cupcakes!

Silver Spoon eyed not her father, but the balloon in his hoof. If I can dodge a cupcake, I can dodge a water balloon. Sterling lobbed the water balloon and Silver Spoon easily avoided it by leaping to the side.

Sunset looked on, giggling as she nibbled on an apple. “You’re light on your hooves,” she said after swallowing. “Honey, be careful.”

Sterling flashed Sunset a smile. “It’s in good fun, don—” A gray blur sped past his vision. Silver Spoon smiled deviously, poised and ready to hurl a water balloon. “Oh... dip.” He chuckled, backing away.

Unlike the kindness her father no doubt displayed, Silver Spoon threw her weapon with all the strength she could muster, but to no avail however; Sterling bobbed his head out of the way.

"Nice throw!" Sunset commented with a giggle.

"H-Hey, c'mon now, Silver," Sterling nervously chuckled. "Take it easy on your old man."

Silver Spoon narrowed her eyes, dashing past the bag and picking up a balloon on the sly. Her father jumped and began running in the opposite direction. He's fast. Silver Spoon stopped and tracked Sterling's seemingly erratic and sudden movements. Just like before.

Once she had his movements down, she took her shot; the balloon screamed across the field and collided with a target. An apple core fell abruptly to the ground.

"Silver Spoon... what have you done?" Sterling's ears drooped down to his sides as he backed away from his drenched wife.

Sunset's mane dripped, covering her face. Moments passed before she turned, bearing a lopsided yet menacing grin at her family. Her eye twitched and her mane caught fire, drying instantly.

Silver Spoon gasped in awe. "Did you see that!?"

"Silver Spoon, I taste that!" Sterling corrected.

Following her father's example, Silver Spoon now backed away from her mother as the legion of remaining water balloons circled around her menacingly.

"Since when can Sunset catch fire?!" Silver Spoon exclaimed.

"Silver Spoon, that is NOT your mother anymore." Sterling shook his head. "It's pure, unfathomable rage! Run!"

No sooner had the words 'run' escaped Sterling's mouth, Sunset broke into a sudden gallop after her daughter and husband, bearing the entire arsenal.

"Oh, do NOT RUN FROM ME!" Sunset roared, flinging water balloons with immense power.

"And this is why we don't play against Mommy," Sterling chuckled, bullets splashing dangerously close to him.

"I-I can see that!" Silver Spoon barked. "Why didn't you just take the hit?!"

"Same reason you didn't!" Sterling replied with a smile. He flashed a look over his shoulder and then shoved Silver Spoon out of the way.

Silver Spoon clumsily regained her balance just in time to see her father gunned down mercilessly by a rapid assault of water balloons.

“Guh, Si-Silver Spoon, run,” were Sterling’s last words as he dramatically loosed a long sigh, letting his tongue loll out of his mouth.

Silver Spoon half expected the joke to be over with the fall of her father. However, Sunset walked slowly and deliberately towards Silver Spoon now, a hooffull of water balloons at the ready.

“O-Okay, Sunset, you win, e-enough.” Silver Spoon felt painfully vulnerable without her father, and bearing down this new opponent on her own was a terrifying thought. Sterling peeked and silently urged Silver Spoon to play along.

Silver Spoon reflexively avoided shot after shot until her mother was down to the last one. She paused, watching the balloon intently until it began hurtling towards her. Silver Spoon moved, and it whizzed past her, but before relief could wash over her, water did from the back of her head.

“Ha. Ha. Ha!” Sunset teased, trotting back over to the picnic blanket.

Silver Spoon stood stunned as she soothed the back of her head with a hoof. What... just happened here? She looked to her father who stood, smiling as usual as water dripped from his body.

Sterling motioned with his head to return to the blanket. “Alright, now for something a little less dangerous.”

They regrouped under their tree, and then Sterling went rummaging through the saddlebag once more, this time producing three spindles of string and cloth lined with a plastic frame.

“Kites?” Sunset said in her normal tone of voice. “Why couldn’t you have just done that earlier?”

“Because it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun as what just happened,” Sterling frankly answered. “Now that we’ve worked out the tension among us, we can kite, eat, and talk a lot easier.”

Sunset sighed, shaking her head. “I hate it when you scheme without warning me.”

“Then it wouldn’t have felt as natural.” Sterling chuckled. “Silver,” he said turning to his daughter, who had been unusually quiet, “something the matter?”

“O-Oh, no.” Silver Spoon shook her head. “Nothing, daddy.” She looked to Sunset and caught her frowning. Silver Spoon sighed and decided to try. “Though I had no idea Sunset was so competitive.”

Sunset blushed. “I warned you two.” She appeared to be trying to disguise a smile that inevitably crept across her face.

“Yeah.” Sterling nodded, assembling the kites. “If nothing else, she likes to be in control. You should see her trying to play charades. Veeeery short tempered.”

Sunset huffed, turning her nose up. “It’s not my fault.”

“Alright, finished.” Sterling said with a nod, “ Let’s get these things in the air.”

After deciding on who got which kites, they lingered high in the sky with everyone looking to the clouds and smiling. This is all I ever asked for. Silver Spoon smiled as she looked to her father.

The excitement winded down to an odd feeling of tranquility. The sun warmed Silver Spoon’s fur. She turned, studying Sunset. I’ll get around to it. She silently nodded, returning her gaze to her kite. For now, I just want to enjoy the kites.
The sun burned the sky a brilliant orange as Silver Spoon and her family returned home. Sterling yawned and pressed the door open, waving Sunset and Silver Spoon inside, and then closed the door behind them.

“S-Sunset,” Silver Spoon meekly whispered, “can we... talk?”

Sunset’s face lit up as she nodded. “Y-Yes! Of course, Silver Spoon.”

“I’ll be in our room, honey,” Sterling announced, leaving a kiss on Sunset’s cheek before ascending the stairs. “You two play nice!”

Once Silver Spoon saw her father round the corner on the third floor, she turned and met Sunset’s bright, expectant gaze. I would imagine this means a lot to her, Silver Spoon mentally noted. “Sunset... I wanted to say I am sorry for how I’ve been acting towards you.”

“I understand.” Sunset nodded. “I deserved it, after all. I don’t blame you for not wanting to acknowledge me in the slightest.”

Silver Spoon inhaled a shaky breath with one question on the forefront on her mind. “Why?”

Sunset hung her head; that one word held a heavy weight. “I... was afraid,” she weakly said. “I didn’t know what to do with a foal, even with Sterling at my side. I felt... lost.”

“What do you mean?” Silver Spoon blinked. “Did you not want me?”

“I was afraid I’d ruin your life,” Sunset admitted, unable to meet Silver Spoon’s shocked gaze. “When I was your age, my mother was never there for me. I was left in the care of nannies and servants my whole life. I didn’t know how to care for you, but I so desperately wanted better for you. Then... when you were born, I-I panicked! I choked and found any and every excuse to not be around. The longer I was away, the more I convinced myself that I was acting in your best interests.” Sunset sighed. “I am no sort of mother. How could I possibly do anything but harm to you?”

“Oh...” Silver Spoon found herself unable to say anything else.

“It seems like I was wrong even about that much.” Sunset shook her head. “I can’t ask you to call me mother, but I am happy you at least acknowledge me.” She cleared her throat and blinked her watery eyes rapidly. “I-I need to go.”

Sunset hurriedly made her way past Silver Spoon. The grey filly stood stunned with a growing sense of guilt. Maybe I was wrong about her. But what if it’s all just a lie? She groaned. Why can’t she just be unlikable? It was easier when I could just hate her.

Preparations & Expectations

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Silver Spoon sat humming softly to herself in her room, considering her reflection in the mirror. Lately, I’ve really let myself go. I kinda like my mane down instead of being braided. She ran a hoof through her mane. Too much work keeping it in order.

In the background, a familiar mare appeared. “Hello, Sunset,” Silver Spoon said with a bright smile as she caught her mother’s reflection.

“You have a guest,” Sunset frankly said, offering a half-hearted smile as she ushered in a pony from around the corner.

“Hi, Silver Spoon!” Apple Bloom chirped, moving into the room.

"Th-thank you, Sunset," Silver Spoon said, flashing a smile

“I spoke with the weather pegasus again today. She says it will be nice out. Perhaps you should go with your friends?” Sunset flashed a smile and then disappeared down the hall.

She speaks with the weather team quite a bit, Silver Spoon noted. I wonder if she knows Rainbow Dash...

"So what's been up with y'all?" Apple Bloom moved over to Silver Spoon's bed to make herself comfortable at her side. "Ya haven't been crusading th' past few days."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Silver Spoon frowned. "My Daddy wanted to spend time together is all; in the middle of everything I forgot to tell you."

Apple Bloom waved a passive hoof. "Nah, ah understand. Family's important." She paused, narrowing her eyes thoughtfully.

"What?" Silver Spoon blinked.

"It's just... ya look an awful lot like your ma," Apple Bloom noted, "'Cept fer th' mane. Ya get that from yer pa. An' now that ah think about it... yer pa looks an awful lot like th' Mayor."

Silver Spoon tapped a hoof to her chin as she mentally compared the two ponies. I... I've never noticed that. Same coat color and mane. If the Mayor's Nightmare Night clown costume is anything to go by, I'd say she's just as eccentric.

"Oh!" Apple Bloom suddenly exclaimed. "That reminds me; turns out we were followin’ th' wrong lead in our investigation."

"How? Your brother and Ms. Cheerilee aren't getting married?"

Apple Bloom shook her head. "No, turns out Aunt 'n Uncle Orange dropped by, an' Big Mac's attendin’ some fancy meetin. Must be big fer my aunt ‘n uncle t’ come out to th’ country.”

Important meeting, huh? A grin slowly crawled across Silver Spoon’s face. Hmmm... I wonder...

“Uh... what’s with th’ creeper smile?” Apple Bloom chuckled. “You been hangin’ round Pinkie too?”

“Oh, no.” Silver Spoon giggled. “Just excited, Bloom.”

“‘Bloom’?” Apple Bloom echoed with a smirk. “Dang, ya really are in a good mood!”

“So, are we crusading today?” Silver Spoon asked.

“That’s right!” Apple Bloom blinked in realization. “Ah almost forgot why ah came by! There’s this real weird circus just outside town. Popped outta nowhere like, overnight, all set up with tents and stuff.”

That’s impossible. Silver Spoon rolled her eyes. “I know I can be a little gullible, Apple Bloom, but that’s stretching it. We would have known about it before it arrived or at least heard all the noise in setting everything up.”

“See, that’s what ah was thinkin’ too!” Apple Bloom nodded. “Posters are round town right now sayin’ it don’t open ‘til sundown. Wanna come?”

“Yeah right.” Silver Spoon hook her head. “What’s the name of the circus?”

“Cirque du mystère,” Apple Bloom said almost autonomously with surprising enunciation on the nuances of letters.

“...Was... was that Prench?!” Silver Spoon blinked in amazement.

Apple Bloom soothed her head with a hoof. “Dagnabbit... ever since that one time! Don’t ever, ever use heart’s desire, Silver Spoon. It ain’t worth it.”

“You sound good at it!” Silver Spoon giggled. “I can’t speak it that well, but I know Sunset speaks Prench fluently.”

“Ah speak it pretty good,” Apple Bloom admitted. “After th’ first time, ah went t’ Twilight to see what it was ah was saying. She gave me so many books ah could hardly make it home!” she explained. “Then Cheerilee found out and started offerin’ extra credit if ah studied it. That was nice o' her, 'specially since it's kinda easy t' pick up" Apple Bloom grinned. "'Sides, it's kinda funny that ah know somethin’ not even Big Mac or AJ knows!”

“Cirque du mystere,” Silver Spoon muttered, picking her brain in an attempt to translate it.

“Nah,” Apple Bloom shook her head. “Mystère. Ya gotta pronounce it right. Otherwise, ya sound like ya got some weird accent.”

Silver Spoon cocked a perplexed brow. “I have an accent?” She giggled, shaking her head. “Anyway, what does it mean?”

“Circus of mystery.” Apple Bloom puffed out her chest. “Anyway, admission is like 'a hundred bits, so make sure to bring money and a lil’ extra fer whatever they have inside.”

“Alright,” Silver Spoon said. “I’ll meet you later then?”

“Yeah.” Apple Bloom nodded. “Ya got anything t’ do in th’ meantime?”

Silver Spoon tapped a hoof to her chin. “I think I’m going to go check on Sweetie Belle and Rarity. I haven’t been by the boutique in a while.”

“Awright.” Apple Bloom nodded, moving over to the door to her room. “One more thing. Heh, don’t know why ah’m forgettin stuff left ‘n right t’day, but Sweetie Belle’s a little more Sweetie Belle ‘n usual, so... yeah. I dunno what’s up with her.”

Silver Spoon shrugged. "I've no clue either." Good thing I'm going by there, I wonder what's wrong.

“Later, Silver Spoon!” Apple Bloom waved to Silver Spoon before rounding the corner to the hallway.

Once Silver Spoon was alone, one thought began to gnaw at her. Hmm... Mayor Mare... I wonder if that’s her real name. She turned back to her mirror and stared thoughtfully at nothing in particular. What Rarity said a—

“So I heard the circus is in town!” Her father’s voice chirped as his reflection came into her mirror.

Silver Spoon jumped and quickly turned, flashing Sterling a smile. “Yes, Apple Bloom just told me. Is that what we are going to be doing today?”

Sterling sighed, shaking his head. “Sorry, I can’t go; I have business to tend to today. I came to ask you to think of your old man when you pass a toffee apple stand!” He licked his lips and grinned. “I know I can buy them at anytime, but there’s nothing quite like circus food!”

“Alright, Daddy.” Silver Spoon giggled, shaking her head. “I’m about to go to Carousel Boutique.”

“Have fun, my twitcy witchy filly,” Sterling teased, playfully tussling Silver Spoon’s mane. “I think another party is in order... maybe around the theme of the circus?”

“I can tell you what it’s like after I get back,” Silver Spoon offered.

“Thanks, Silver.” Sterling planted a kiss on her forehead. “Hopefully, I’ll get to experience it before it leaves town.” He dreamily sighed.

“You’ve never been to a circus, Daddy?” Silver Spoon asked, a little surprised.

“Oh, I have.” Sterling nodded. “But, this circus is unique. Every show is a little different," he began with growing enthusiasm. "I've never experienced Le Cirque du Mystère before; I only know of it by reputation. It constantly moves from place to place, appearing in the dead of night as if it had been there all along. I've heard rumors that it's even performed in the Crystal Empire!"

Wow, something fun even my father hasn’t done! Silver Spoon couldn’t help but feel excitement building inside her, her mind racing with thoughts of grandeur in impossible feats performed before her eyes.

“I’m about to go to Carousel Boutique, Daddy,” she said, hopping from her seat. “I won’t be back until later, okay?”

“Just be careful, Silver.” Sterling added, hugging Silver Spoon tightly.

“I will, daddy.” Silver Spoon smiled, returning the hug as tightly as she could.


Dear Silver... no, that sound weird.

Sweetie Belle groaned, crumpling up the scrap of paper and tossing it to join several others across the room. She stared at a fresh sheet, narrowing her eyes as if willing the words that she couldn’t find to appear.

This has to be right. Like Rarity said, I shouldn't exactly make it plain; I should gauge their reaction. But... that’d be a lot easier. Then again, she is kinda oblivious. And Rarity, I think, thinks I have a crush on a colt. Sweetie Belle’s heart raced, a familiar fond memory engraved in her mind.

She called it beautiful... even though I messed up. I still don’t exactly know what I should say. Hm... maybe I could get some ideas at the circus? After all, I have time. She doesn’t know how I feel just yet, and when I tell her, things have to be perfect! Heh, I think I know how Rarity feels about her dresses now.

Sweetie Belle looked out her window and saw the circus there in shades of blue that almost appeared monochrome. Circus performers do what they do best. Maybe, if just for her, singing isn’t so scary a thought.

“Sweetie Belle, are you alright?” echoed Rarity’s voice from the hallway.

“Yeah, sis,” Sweetie Belle replied. “Come in.”

Rarity pressed her way through the door and instantly noticed the numerous failed drafts piled in the corner. “I see somepony has been hard at work.”

“More or less.” Sweetie Belle shrugged, her face in her hooves.

“My break is almost over. I feel I should offer a bit more advice to you.” Rarity sat beside her sister, following her gaze to the circus. “I do know what it feels like to believe you have fallen in love for the first time, but be careful,” she cautioned with a saddened, weary look. “Please be sure you are in love and not the thought of just being in love.”

“I know my feelings are for my special somepony, Rarity.” Sweetie Belle nodded.

“Alright.” Rarity nodded, hugging her sister and sighing happily. “You’ve grown up quite a bit since you began staying with me. I’m well aware I’m not perfect, but I do hope I’ve been something of a role model for my dear little sister.”

“Of course,” Sweetie Belle chirped. “Hey, sis, can I go to the circus later on?”

“Sure, I’ll make sure you have money for admission and whatever else might catch your eye.” Rarity smiled. “I’ll probably catch up with you a little later, after closing time.”

“Alright, thanks, Rarity.” Sweetie Belle smiled.

“If you need something, tell me. I’m about to open the store.” Rarity moved over towards the door, casting a passive glance to Sweetie Belle’s pile of notes and giggling to herself.


Burdened with a saddle bag that bulged on one side with money. Silver Spoon entered Carousel Boutique, her bag jingiling loudly with each step.

Autonomously, Rarity flashed her a smile before reciting her usual greeting, “Welcome to Carou—” She turned and blinked as she realized her guest wasn’t a usual customer. “Oh, Silver Spoon! It is good to see you again, dear.”

“Hello, Rarity.” Silver Spoon smiled, gazing over the main floor.

Rarity giggled, knowing all too well who Silver Spoon was searching for. “She’s upstairs in her room. You know the way.” She gestured towards the stairs, her attention drawn to a powdery white unicorn that stepped in behind her. “Look what the cat has dragged in,” Rarity giggled.

Silver Spoon gave a passive glance, only getting a blur of blue and a cutie mark that appeared to be a wand and a crescent moon. She almost seems familiar. The thought was abruptly stopped. Silver Spoon bumped into something soft.

“Eep!” Sweetie Belle squeaked, whipping around in a feverish blush.

“Sorry, Belle.” Silver Spoon awkwardly smiled, narrowing her eyes to focus on the marshmallow in front of her. “Darn, my glasses came off.”

Silver Spoon flinched. Sweetie Belle placed her glasses back on their rightful place... magically. She’s doing it! She grinned, eyes wide in amazement. “Hey... you did it!”

Sweetie Belle’s face was burnt red, pawing at the ground with a hoof. “I guess.” She shrugged.

“You guess?” Silver Spoon echoed, frowning a bit. “I’ve never seen you use magic before, and you seem so... bleh about it!”

“I guess I have other things on my mind.” Her face glowed brighter as she said those words.

“Apple Bloom told me you were acting strangely.” Silver Spoon frowned. “Are you okay, Sweetie Belle? You haven’t even looked at me.” She moved around, trying to get a better look. At every turn Sweetie Belle would avoid eye contact.

“I’m fine,” she said, casting a glance over her shoulder. “Hey! Have you heard about the circus?”

Silver Spoon nodded. “Yes, I have. Are you going?”

“Of course!” Sweetie Belle turned and met Silver Spoon’s gaze. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Well, just a second ago you weren’t looking at me,” Silver Spoon noted.

“Nope.” Sweetie Belle shook her head. “Just thought I saw something in the floor. I’m looking at you now, right?”

“I guess.” Silver Spoon studied Sweetie Belle for a moment. Well, she seems back to normal.

“Hey, why does your saddlebag look heavy?” Sweetie Belle motioned towards the sack.

Silver Spoon giggled and rolled her eyes. “Well, Daddy sent me with sacks of money just in case, though I think there’s too much. I came by to check on you and your sister, though it seems Rarity has a friend over.”

“Who is it?” Sweetie Belle asked, stepping past Silver Spoon and down the stairs.

“I’m not sure. I think I recognize her cutie mark,” Silver Spoon replied, following Sweetie Belle.

Just as they came to the base of the stairs, Rarity’s guest had just stepped out. Silver Spoon only caught a fleeting glimpse of a cape in various hues of blue.

“I can see why the circus welcomed that one with open hooves.” Rarity giggled.

“Who was that, Rarity?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“A mare I thought I’d never see in Ponyville again.” Rarity shook her head. “I’m sure you two will remember her, come tonight. A pony like that is not easily forgotten; I’m sure the performance will be spectacular if it is anything like her personality.”

“Sweetie Belle, do you have anything planned today?” Silver Spoon asked.

Sweetie Belle shook her head. “No, I was just going to wait here with Rarity and help out if she needs me,” She explained. “Why? Did you have something in mind?”

“Not really. I was just going to waste away the clock until the circus opens.” Silver Spoon turned to Rarity. “Would it be alright if I helped around the shop too, Rarity?”

Rarity smiled, nodding approvingly. “I don’t mind. You don’t need to ask, Silver Spoon.”


View Online

The spires of tents striped in two shades of blue came alive just as the sun set, as the posters had promised. The only variation in color came from the grass and the eager mob of ponies at the gates, their excited chatter echoing through the air. The countless tents almost blended in with the dark blue hue of the night sky. They appeared to have flecks of white, giving an almost invisible look to the towering tapestries. Ponies marveled at the height of the tallest tents. A unique clock shaped like a mask, which was the best anypony could describe it as, sat ticking away the last minute before the gates would open, and everypony’s fantasies could spring to life.

This is a LOT bigger than I thought it would be. Silver Spoon gawked at the glimpses of the tents beyond the gates. “What do you think it will be like?” she asked Sweetie Belle, who was squinting to see farther.

“I don’t know,” she replied, shaking her head. “I can see the tents and a little movement on the other side...” Sweetie Belle sighed, giving up her vain effort. “Scootaloo, this would be a good time for you to fly.” She giggled, playfully jabbing her friend.

Scootaloo shrugged. “I would have tried it, but there’s some kinda barrier is over the place. A couple of pegasi have tried, but were bounced back.”

“I heard that there’th a gho’tht that haunt’th thi’th ‘thircu’th.” Twist shuddered, hiding behind Apple Bloom. “Bon-Bon u’thed to vi’thit the ‘thircu’th back when ‘the lived in Baltimare.”

Apple Bloom rolled her eyes, shaking her head. “Aww c’mon, Twist. Ah doubt th’ circus’d be this popular if it was haunted.”

“Maybe that’s what makes it popular?” Sweetie Belle added, sounding almost hopeful. “I wonder if it’s an attraction. The poster didn’t say much aside from the name and time.”

“That’s good!” Scootaloo grinned. “The less you know about something, the better—right?”

Silver Spoon giggled. “Been talking with my daddy, Scootaloo?” she teased, blowing a raspberry.

Scootaloo blushed and shook her head frantically. “Noooo way!”

“Methink’th the filly doth prote’tht too much.” Twist giggled.

A low, bellowing tone rang out from the clock and the face slowly opened outward to reveal an elaborate design: several cards depicting wild settings encompassed it, each representing an hour.

The oppressive echoes of hundreds of conversations abruptly died down at the arrival of a bright light, heralded in place by a previously inaudible clicking. Lights blinked all over the tents like fireflies, the crowd cooed at the display. The tents became illuminated, the sign appeared, hissing just above the gates; sparks flew, and the crowd backed up collectively. A white light appeared and began to travel in a seemingly-random pattern before curving, sparking a light in the shape of a square that burned merrily in mid-air.

It’s... spelling something! That’s a ‘C’’ and an ‘i’... Silver Spoon followed the spark on its journey until it finished on the other end, spelling out in a glowing blue flame:

Cirque du Mystère

Two unicorns appeared in the booths just beyond the gates on either side of the entrance. The crowd's excitement returned as they filtered out into two neat lines. Odd, Silver Spoon observed. I didn’t even see those two there beforehoof.

“Neat...” Sweetie Belle gasped, her eyes wide along with the eyes of rest of the Crusaders'.

“Awright,” Apple Bloom said, breaking her group’s trance from the gate. “It’s pretty and all, but we oughta meet up with each other on th’ other side soon as we get our tickets, agreed?”

“Yeah!” The Crusaders nodded as the line began to move.

The unicorn smiled to Silver Spoon; she was next in line with her friends queued up behind her. “One hundred bits, please.”

Silver Spoon presented one of her large sacks of bits, and the mare behind the counter laughed as she sifted through well more than the fee. She magically separated the amount and then returned what was left to Silver Spoon’s saddle bag. I knew Daddy gave me too much.

After a few moments, Silver Spoon was waved in with her ticket. She stood by the gate awaiting her friends, but quickly found herself swept away in the crowd, deeper into the circus. The filly struggled through the tide of excited faces, finally working her way to one side. She attempted to look over the crowd but found her efforts fruitless. Great, just great! she turned around and observed the tent behind her, admiring its lovely script above the entrance.

Fortune Teller

Silver Spoon looked around more and noticed the tent was quite smaller than the others, hidden in their shadow. I’ve never had my fortune told before. She looked around one last time for her friends before trotting inside. Silver Spoon looked about, noticing that she was alone in the room. Am I too early? The filly trotted over to a shelf, observing the odd, foreign trinkets. I wonder what I should ask.

Her gaze moved, to a curtain hanging down the middle of the tent, separating it into two parts. Am I... supposed to go...? Silver Spoon took tentative steps towards it; she noticed the curtain was made of beads shaped like little crescent moons. Maybe I should just wait.

Just as she turned, a voice called to her from beyond the curtain. “Do come in, please.” It was a mare’s voice, a faint and delicate tone that seemed to echo from all around.

Hesitantly, Silver Spoon extended a hoof, parting the beads like water. The beads clattered as they hit one another, sounding like rain against a window.

Silver Spoon found herself amazed again at her surroundings. Candles illuminated the room, adding a dream-like glow. There was a table in the middle with an empty chair on one side, and a mare cloaked in black and covered in runes with a long, thin veil over her face, seated on the other. A deck of neatly stacked cards sat next to a large pristine sphere on the table.

“Please, have a seat, little filly,” the mare said.

Silver Spoon moved over to the empty chair and then sat down. Despite the chair being strikingly comfortable, Silver Spoon found herself fidgeting and staring at the floor.

“Before we begin, I must ask you for payment, dearie,” the fortune teller said, almost giggling.

“O-oh!” Silver Spoon blinked in realization. “How much is it?”

“For a glimpse of your future, whatever you feel is enough.”

That’s strange. Silver Spoon tossed the thought around in her head. But at least it’s fair. She nodded, retrieving the sack of leftover bits and sat it on the table. At least I know it’s enough.

The fortune teller waved a gray hoof over the bag, and it disappeared. There was no flourish of light like when a unicorn used magic, it simply vanished. “Now what is it you would like to know?”

I never did figure that out. I wonder how Diamond Tiara is doing... well, I suppose she will be here soon anyway. Oh! I got it! “About my future,” she said. “Someday, I’m going to take over my father’s legacy as his heir. I want to know if I will make him proud.”

“Is this what you want?”

“Yes.” Silver Spoon simply nodded. “At least... it is what I know will happen.” Odd, actually saying that feels strange somehow. She suddenly tensed up. I’ve never thought about it much before... but that means I’ll have to leave Ponyville!

The fortune teller laughed in response, but in a way that eased Silver Spoon. “The circus has a way of stripping away the façades we all wear. Our suppressed thoughts manifest here, showing folks for who they are,” she gestured to Silver Spoon's reflection in her orb. “The arcana is the means by which all is revealed. Let us see what the cards hold in store for you.”

The deck of cards levitated and shuffled in a mesmerizing display, circling around the room and crossing in front of one another several times, folding over like waves. The fortune teller waved a hoof over the table and the cards spread in one fluid motion under her gesture, forming an arc of identical blue designs. “Choose your card,” the fortune teller instructed. “Take all the time you need. Whatever your choice, the card you pick will represent you.”

They all look the same. Silver Spoon frowned as she looked to the arc of cards. The cards were in two shades of blue, with an expressionless mask donning the back of each. From one end to the other, She considered each card. Then, one caught her eye, one that appeared to be atop all the others. “C-Can I touch them?” That was a silly question, she chided herself.

“Of course,” the fortune teller chuckled.

Silver Spoon pulled the card away with a hoof, separating it from the rest.

“Go ahead. Turn it over.” The fortune teller gestured with a hoof, and Silver Soon flipped the card.

The other side of the card surprised Silver Spoon. It depicted a pony clad in astonishing white and blue armor with clouds looming in the sky. The unicorn was in mid gallop, surrounded by several various styles of magically suspended swords. What is this supposed to mean? Silver Spoon looked and saw a name, Knight of Swords, at the bottom of the card.

“Hold on,” Silver Spoon narrowed her eyes. “Is this supposed to be me?”

The mare giggled as she gathered her remaining cards in a neat deck. “Yes, in your reading, this card represents you,” she said with a nod. “Perhaps travel, perhaps movement. Depending on who I am reading for, the meaning could change.”

“Doesn’t that make them hard to read?” Silver Spoon asked.

The mare laughed again, “Sometimes.” She smiled. “Would you like to continue, knowing that?” Silver Spoon nodded, and the fortune teller shuffled the cards again, bending them to her will, over and under, before splitting them off into three neat stacks. “Tell me, which of these speaks to you?” She gestured with a hoof to the cards.

Silver Spoon studied the cards from left to right. Her attention was drawn to a stack on the right that she could swear appeared smaller. It’s just me, Silver Spoon assured herself. “This one,” she pointed to the stack.

The fortune teller nodded. The cards came under her command once again, leaving the deck Silver Spoon chose atop the rest. One at a time she flipped them over, the cards formed a peculiar arrangement, some in rows, others overlapping one another. Shades of blue and white varied from fairly simplistic to extremely decorated, spanning several settings adorned with coins or cups or more swords. Their visage caught and stretched in the crystal orb in the middle of the table.

Silver Spoon stared at her cards, utterly confused. Now what? She looked up to the fortune teller and found it hard to tell what it was she was doing. “Wh-What do they say?”

“This is interesting indeed,” the fortune teller said. She placed a hoof on a card, a mare in a flowing gown balancing scales on her head, and another that Silver Spoon thought appeared to be a tower struck by lightning.

“What do they say?” Silver Spoon asked with growing anxiety. The Tower one looks bad.

“It would appear to me that you have quite the journey ahead of you, little one,” the fortune teller paused, studying her cards for another moment. “There will be important happenings in your life, and with that hefty responsibilities.” She turned to another card, and Silver Spoon could almost see the faintest hint of a smile.

“You will be part of a series of events,” the fortune teller continued. “You may not believe your actions will affect the outcome at the time.” She paused and furrowed her brow. “I also... hear? Yes. I hear a song.”

What a vague fortune. Silver Spoon shook her head, unable to make heads or tails of the cryptic revelations.

The fortune teller sniffed, catching Silver Spoon off guard. “I-I’m sorry.” She removed her veil and wiped her eyes with a hoof. “That song was truly touching. This is one of the rare occasions my crystal ball channeled enough emotion to put sound to my fortunes. ”

For the first time, Silver Spoon, got a good look at the fortune teller’s face. She was relatively young; her face was still mostly hidden by waves of dull black tresses. She looks... kind of familiar. Silver Spoon couldn’t place her hoof on it, but somehow she half expected the mare before her to burst out in song.

“You will be alright.” The mare smiled. “Amidst your decisions, there are surprises and love in store too. Life can whisk one away to far flung places, but remember, nothing, not even your future, is set in stone.”

“I will,” Silver Spoon said, standing, gathering her saddlebag and bowing her head to the fortune teller. “Thank you, Miss...?”

“I cannot say any of my clients have asked that before.”The fortune teller smiled. “Inkamena. Call me Inky, for short.”

“Okay, thank you, Ms. Inky.” Silver Spoon smiled. “It was nice meeting you.”

“The feeling is mutual, Silver Spoon.” Inky smiled back.

Silver Spoon moved out of the tent and thankfully wasn’t carried away again. That was interesting. Silver Spoon nodded to herself as she took in the sights, her hooves leading her nowhere in particular. Ms. Inkamena... hmm... Pinkamena? Wait a minute... She gasped as something became obvious. How did she know my name? I never told her!

Silver Spoon looked up and found herself in a courtyard of sorts. I still can’t find the others. Everywhere she looked, she found more ponies, and even the odd performer or two in the open, but none of her friends.

As the scent of rich chocolate and caramel wafted into her nose, her stomach voiced her hunger. Guess I should eat. Silver Spoon giggled. Across the courtyard she saw a vendor handing off something shaped like a spider covered in caramel or chocolate. She approached with trepidation, waiting until the vendor finished with the ponies before her. “How much is it?”

“Ten bits,” the griffon replied with a smile. “Would you like a lizard, a spider, bat, heart, or a mask?”

“I suppose a heart.” Silver Spoon counted off the necessary funds then placed them on the cart’s counter. I wonder if those are real bugs he’s making there. She tapped a hoof to her chin. Well... no one is complaining, so maybe not?

“Here you are, little filly!” The griffon offered her the treat, a blue heart on a stick.

“I thought this was caramel.” Silver Spoon sniffed it. “Well... it smells like it.” She ran her tongue across it and, much to her surprise, it tasted right—it just appeared blue. She the treat into her mouth and smiled.

“First time?” The vendor asked, cocking a brow.

Silver Spoon nodded.

“I suggest you go towards the big tent.” he pointed in a vague direction with a claw. “The illusionist is our biggest attraction. I think it’s about time that unicorn went on, too.”

“Thank you.” Silver Spoon dipped her head and began in the suggested route.

Signs hung in fancy scripts which Silver Spoon admired as she passed. Spectacular Spectacles, read one; Enigmatic Entities, read another. There’s so much going on, Silver Spoon noted as she passed a small crowd, cooing at what appeared to be golden statues of a zebra and unicorn. Just above them, written in magic a sign read:

The Lovers

“‘Thilver ‘Thpoon!”

Silver Spoon turned, finding Twist waving a hoof at her near the stoic couple. “Oh! Twist, there you are.” She approached Twist, keeping a mindful eye on the statues.

“Aren’t they cool?” Twist gestured to the statues.

Silver Spoon nodded. “Yeah, the sculptor made them look real life-like.”

Twist giggled. “They are real, ‘Thilver ‘Thpoon! You gotta look reeeeeaaal clo’the, but they are moving.”

Silver Spoon leaned in, narrowing her eyes at the golden-painted zebra. The movements were there, but painfully slow. So... very... slow... Hey! Silver Spoon blinked, backing up slowly. “They are!”

“Told ya!” Twist giggled.

Gradually, the statue’s hooves touched, and then they embraced, first in a kiss, then a hug before settling fully into the visage of a perfectly sculpted statue.

“Wow,” Silver Spoon cooed.

“I know, right?” Twist smiled. “Hey, where are ‘Thcootaloo and the other’th?”

“I don’t know.” Silver Spoon shrugged. “I got carried away... literally.”

“Citizens of Ponyville!” a voice announced. “The illusionist is about to perform! Please make your way towards the clock and then into the tent to witness magical feats the princesses themselves have been impressed by!”

Immediately, ponies began rushing past Twist and Silver Spoon, their collective chatter, excitement, and anticipation charging the air.

“Come on!” Twist gestured with a hoof. “Before all the good ‘thpot’th are taken!” Silver Spoon giggled and began after Twist, spotlights in the distance signaling their destination.

The entrance was open, and the possible cumulation of Ponyville filtered into the tent. Twist and Silver Spoon joined them. The inside was lit with spotlights centering on a risen stage surrounded by chairs, making the illusionist’s performance viewable from all angles.

“Oh, it’s her,” remarked one passing mare to a pony at her side.

“Well, she has guts,” the mare’s friend admitted with an awkward smile as they walked away. “After the whole Ursa Minor thing, I thought she was gone for good.”

“Are they talking about... Trick’thie?”

“The Great and Powerful,” snapped a voice. A mare confidently trotted by, her silvery mane and tail shimmered as she stepped into the spotlight, smirking proudly.

“So here y’all are.” Apple Bloom’s voice came from behind.

“Hey, Silvy!” Sweetie Belle widely grinned.

“This circus sure is something.” Scootaloo remarked, nodding her head. “Everytime I think I’ve found something amazing, something new and even more awesome pops up. You two should check out the labyrinth.”

“Then here’s Trixie of all ponies.” Apple Bloom shook her head. “The folks here sure do seem t’ like her, though. Ah guess ya get in where ya fit in. Let’s get us some seats, girls.”

Silver Spoon and the others followed Apple Bloom’s lead to a set of chairs in the middle of the crowd. Trixie seemed to have her attention on one pony in particular near the edge of the ring.

“Oh, M’th ‘thparkle i’th here!” Twist said, pointing a hoof..

“Oooh, I see where this is going.” Scootaloo smirked. “She’s gonna try to one-up Twi.”

Everypony’s immediate attention was immediately drawn to the stage as the stage around Trixie burst into flames. Reflexively, the crowd closest to the stage panicked and abandoned their eats, retreating to a row farther away. Save for Twilight Sparkle, that is.

“I guess Twilight isn’t amused.” Sweetie Belle shrugged.

“It’s an illusion, right? Of course Twilight can do better.” Scootaloo rolled her eyes. The previously fear-stricken crowd cooed as they gradually returned to their seats and then applauded.

“Prepare yourselves,” Trixie said. She closed her eyes then inhaled deeply, exhaling evenly. Ice jutted outwards and encased Trixie inside. Her eyes shot open, the icy stalagmite shattered and scattered in the wind, sparkling throughout the tent in a cooling wave.

“Pretty!” Twist cooed.

Twilight Sparkle smirked, cocking a brow. The sparkles popped like fireworks, illuminating the tent in a plethora of colors, the crowd began applauding as the colors danced across everyone’s face.

“Twi two, Trixie zero.” Scootaloo giggled.

The fireworks grew in luminosity and size, one of which loosed a thunderous roar as the display took on the shape of a rearing hydra, poised to lash out at Twilight Sparkle. In responce, Twilight Sparkle’s horn shone and the image of a cerberus sprang forth, colliding with Trixie’s magic and making even more light fill the tent.

The crowd was applauding as the fireworks fought in a mesmerizing display of color and sound, though Trixie appeared to be less than satisfied with how her battle with Twilight Sparkle was going.

“I had no idea Trixie would hold this much of a grudge, “ Sweetie Belle said with a frown. “She really seems mad that she can’t win.”

“‘The i’th already great with magic, a’th good a’th M’th ‘Thparkle.”Twist noted with a nod. “I don’t ‘thee why ‘the ’th ‘tho mad.”

“Gotta admit though, fighting fireworks almost makes me wish I was a unicorn!” Scootaloo chuckled. “Almost. Not really, though.”

Trixie narrowed her eyes, her pupils pure white and billowing smoke. “Witness my splendor!” Her voice reverberated through the tent. A flourish of blinding light forced Silver Spoon to shield her eyes. “Your eyes deceive you, an illusion fools you all, bask in my prowess!

Silver Spoon blinked her eyes to adjust to the light, her surroundings made her jaw drop. The other attendants to the illusionist’s performance roamed about in the sunlight. Even Twilight Sparkle appeared thoroughly amazed at the fact they were now in a glade, the sky rolling on forever.

“I... I take back what I said.” Scootaloo chuckled. “I don’t think Twi is this good!”

“Ah’ll say!” Apple Bloom nodded. “Fer an illusion, this sure feels real.” She dug a small hole in the grass.

“Incredible!” Silver Spoon gasped, drinking in the landscape. She looked to her hooves, giggling as the grass gently tickled her legs. “I can feel it.”

“Trick’thie has been practicing,” Twist said. “Thi’th i’th ‘thomething you hear about in ‘Thtar’thwirl ‘thtorie’th...”

“Well, she wears stars on her clothes,” Scootaloo noted, gesturing to Trixie with a hoof. “Maybe he was her grandpa or something.”

“Ah wouldn’t be surprised.” Apple Bloom shook her head. “Smart as they come, if a bit full of herself.”

Silver Spoon scanned the area, marveling at the palpability of her surroundings, trotting off in no direction in particular. I never knew magic could ever be this strong... I wonder if Sunset can do things like this. She paused, shaking her head. Yeah, right.

“Trixie is quite the marvel, isn’t she?” Chuckled a voice.

“She is!” Silver Spoon nodded. She turned, gasping and jumping back from the pony that towered above her.

The pale pony wore a tuxedo and top hat and stood as tall as a minotaur. He had no facial features, as the stallion appeared to be wearing a mask. He chuckled, shaking his head . “I do apologise if my figure appears imposing.”

Silver Spoon shook her head, trying not to stare. “You just startled me is all,” she answered, stealing glances at his face.

The stallion chuckled again. “Perhaps it is a mask,” he answered as if reading Silver Spoon’s mind. “A mask no different than the one you are wearing.”

“Mask?” Silver Spoon blinked.

“I apologize.” The stallion said. “I’m being cryptic and I have yet to introduce myself. I am the Ringleader of Cirque du Mystère,” he tipped his hat. “Call me Mr. S.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Silver Spoon said with a smile. “My name is Silver Spoon.”

“I’th that the gho’tht?” Twist gasped, drawing on the attention of the other Crusaders and the collective crowd, effectively stealing the attention of Trixie’s show.

Trixie leered from the other side of the glade, the stallion shrugged. “Please do not mind me,” he said to the crowd. “The main attraction is the illusionist. I am no more than a spectator such as yourselves, here to enjoy the show.”

“Slender, Trixie wishes you would have told her you would be attending!” She hissed. “But, since you are here you better make yourself useful. Trixie only wishes she would have better prepared for a double act.”

The stallion moved to Trixie’s side, his coat tails fluttering in the breeze. “You were taught to expect surprises, were you not?” Mr. S coyly chuckled. His body stretched, coiling around Trixie like a snake, leaving her standing atop his head.

The audience gasped backing away, and even Twilight sparkle looked shocked.

“That... that there ain’t normal.” Apple Bloom shook her head. “That’s kinda cool,” she added with a nod. “But it ain’t right.”

“That’th gotta be who Bon-Bon wa’th talking about!”

“Twist, you sure that thing classifies as a ‘who’?” Scootaloo narrowed her eyes. “Has that guy even heard of this new thing called ‘bones’ before?”

“Maybe he’s a contortionist?” Silver Spoon couldn’t help but stare now, anxiety and excitement mixed, anticipation built for the already promising next act. “Well, then again, even if he is... that’s stretching it—no pun intended.”

“We should work to uphold our reputation,” Mr. S scanned the crowd, taking in their mixed reactions. “It is our duty to ensure our visitors get the most for their ticket.”

“How irritating...” Trixie rolled her eyes, her horn flashed, and the ringleader and herself were nowhere to be seen. The scenery began to distort to an empty void, not unlike the night sky that twinkled with distant stars. Gradually, the stars began to move, and one by one the began to scream through the space, passing harmlessly through the crowd despite the occasional attempt to scamper out of the line of fire.

Woah... Silver Spoon giggled as a star passed through her chest, leaving a twinkling trail of stardust.

“G-G-G-Girl’th..!” Twist’s voice trembled. Silver Spoon turned as found Twist in a cold sweat, shaking like a leaf with her eyes screwed shut.

“Twist!” Silver Spoon gasped. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Twist furiously shook her head. “I-I wanna leave!”

“What’s gotten into you?” Scootaloo asked.

“I need to leave!” Twist pleaded.

“Then lets go, if Twist ain’t up fer it, we oughta git.” Apple Bloom moved around, waving her hooves in the air until she caught a snag in the void. “C’mon, y’all.”

Silver Spoon and the others coaxed Twist out of the tent, the fear-gripped filly keeping her eyes closed the entire time. “Are you going to tell us what’s wrong, Twist?” Sweetie Belle asked. “You sound real scared.”

“I’m ‘thorry...” Twist meekly hung her head.

“Just tell us what’s up.”

“I ju’tht can’t... I’m kinda, you know... ’thcared of height’th...”Twist admitted.

“Scared of heights? Why didn’t you just say something?” Scootaloo huffed. “I mean, we could have left so you wouldn’t have had to freak out.”

“That’s a little mean, Scootaloo.” Silver Spoon said.

“I wasn’t trying to be.” Scootaloo shrugged. “I just want her to be more careful, y’know?”

“Ah can see what Scoots means.” Apple Bloom nodded, placing a hoof on Twist’s shoulder. “Twist, try openin’ up a lil more, awright?”

Twist nodded, weakly smiling. “I’m ‘thorry about thi’th though... you all had to leave the ‘thow becau’the of me.”

“We can always do other things,” Sweetie Belle said with a smile. “This place is big, we’ll find something, I’m sure.”

“Of course!” Silver Spoon chirped. “I’ve gotten lost in here and I don’t think I found anything that didn’t seem interesting.”

“Lets walk around n’ see what we agree on.” Apple Bloom said.

“Thank you, girl’th.” Twist smiled.

Silver Spoon smiled as Apple Bloom took the lead. Always in charge. Silver Spoon mused to herself as the group proceeded through the circus. The clock hung overhead, reaching out to the stars as it struck midnight.
“Oh, Daddy you should have been there!” Silver Spoon squeaked, grinning from ear to ear as she bounced in her bed. “We played all sorts of things. Ring toss, something called Skee Ball, and there was even a tent where you could write on the wall! We all signed our names.” she paused and yawned, covering her mouth with a hoof. “It was incredible...”

Sterling pouted, sighing heavily as he nodded again. “I’ll bet! You’ve been on about it ever since you stepped in the door.”

“It sound as if you enjoyed the illusionist the most, Silver Spoon.” Sunset softly smiled. “I do hope your little friend is alright.”

“She had fun too, Sunset.” Silver Spoon smiled. “I think you would have liked the dunk tank.” She giggled.

“I know I would have...” Sterling playfully lamented. “But, I am glad you had fun. What was the theme?”

“Oh, I nearly forgot about that...” Silver Spoon tapped a hoof to her chin, recalling the evening. Something about the arcanes? “There were a lot of cards, even the clock looked like one. The fortune teller said something about the arcana or the arcanes being revealed.”

“Oh, tarot cards.” Sunset spoke up. “I know something about those.”

“I have an idea,” Sterling said with a nod. “Darling, where is Seabastion?”

“He’s in his room.” Sunset answered. “He wasn’t feeling well today an—”

“Not feeling well?” Sterling interrupted, narrowing his eyes and shaking his head. “Why didn’t you say something earlier? When did he start feeling this way?”

Silver Spoon’s eyes widened. I’ve never seen him like this. He sounds... scared.

“A little after the party ended,” Sunset said evenly. “He’s in his room, he says it is just a cold. Poor August Hoof has been pulling double duty.” She sighed.

“I’m going to go see him,” Sterling quickly said before rushing out of the room.

Sunset sighed, shaking her head. “You worry too much, honey.”

“Is... is he going to be alright?” Silver Spoon asked, still recovering from Sterling’s behavior.

“Seabastion is very dear to your father,” Sunset explained. “Possibly the only pony he cares for as much as me, Sterling tends to overreact if somepony he cares for so much as sneezes. Seabastion used to be a very different stallion when we met.” Sunset smiled. “Very quick with criticism, he almost came off as rude, but after awhile I came to understand him. He truly cares, he really looks after Sterling. Do you want to know what he did the day of our wedding?”

Silver Spoon silently nodded.

“He came to me and offered an aspirin,” Sunset laughed. “I looked at him, completely surprised and confused and asked, ‘What’s this for?’ He replied, ‘You’re marrying him, young mare, you’ll need it.’”

“No way,” Silver Spoon giggled, shaking her head.

“It’s true, August Hoof followed up with ginger ale, his mother with a book on stress relief.” Sunset smiled. “I’ve memorized everything in that book, the best way to deal with Sterling is in moderation. Though sometimes he scares me, it’s as if I’m married to a colt and not just a stallion with colt-ish charm.”

“What do you mean?” Silver Spoon blinked then yawned, placing a hoof over her mouth.

Sunset shook her head, “Nothing,” she said with a smile. “I’m just going on now. I suggest you check on Seabastion tomorrow, your father no doubt wants to speak with him alone and I can see you are worn out.”

Silver Spoon nodded, resting her head on her pillow as Sunset removed her glasses with magic. “Goodnight, Sunset,” she yawned.

“Goodnight, Silver Spoon.” Sunset adjusted Silver Spoon’s sheets to tuck her in. "Sweet dreams," she said, leaving a kiss on Silver Spoon's forehead.


View Online

Silver Spoon descended the stairs in the foyer wearily, narrowing her eyes against the early morning sunlight. What a weird dream. She yawned, covering her mouth with a hoof. Me, Apple Bloom and the others climbing through Tartarus, fighting monsters with other monsters.

"Ah, Silver Spoon, good morning," Seabastion called as she came to the bottom. "Your father has left me with instructions, and I have a message for you."

"Good morning, Seabastion." Silver Spoon stretched, her joints popping audibly. “What are they?”

"The other families have arrived in Ponyville and are settling in as we speak," Seabastion explained. "The meeting will be held tomorrow at town hall. Your father would like you to wear something nice."

“O-Oh, okay.” Silver Spoon nodded, leaving a concerned lingering gaze on the onyx stallion. “And the message?”

“It’s from Diamond Tiara.” Seabastion paused. “Or at least I believe it was her.”

“What do you mean?” Silver Spoon tilted her head.

“I mean no offence, but the pony that left the message for you was... courteous. I believe somepony has had something of a positive influence on her.”

Silver Spoon smiled, relieved and pleased by the progress her old friend seemed to have made. “What did she say?”

“She wants you to bring your friends to Sugarcube Corner around noon.”

“Alright, thank you.” A silence fell and Silver Spoon shifted where she stood, a pang of worry still nagging at the back of her mind as she watched her butler. Daddy seemed real upset last night... “S-Seabastion... are you...”

“I would hazard a guess your father panicked in front of you the other night,” Seabastion said dryly. “I am fine, little one; I just felt a bit under the weather yesterday, I assure you.” He smiled. “Your father, as you may have noticed, tends to exaggerate things. He is an emotional creature, parallel only to a pregnant mare. From time to time, I forget who is supposed to be the wife in their marriage.”

Silver Spoon giggled.

“Ah, a smile. Good.” Seabastion chuckled. “I do apologize if I worried you. Getting sick is easy at nearly a century old. Besides, ‘tis healthy to be sick sometimes. Hm, I do wonder how Ms. Smith manages to keep so healthy.”

“Alright.” Silver Spoon softly smiled. “All that matters to me is that you’re okay now, Seabastion. But don’t work too hard today, okay?”

“I will be in my room to which your father has quarantined me.” Seabastion shook his head. “I promised I wouldn’t leave, so perhaps I can catch up on my reading today. Ms. Sparkle has been a great help in assisting me in getting ahold of old classics.”

“Sounds like you’re going to have a relaxing day,” Silver Spoon cheerily noted.

“Indeed.” Seabastion nodded. “Unless your father deems the works of Shakespeare too graphic for my frail old heart— though he himself is more liable to cry.”

“Really?” Silver Spoon laughed.

“Yes, looking after your father is quite the full-time ordeal. Your mother is doing expertly... though we all could use a helping hoof now and again, don’t you think?” Seabastion raised an eyebrow and began upstairs before Silver Spoon could answer. “It will rain tonight, possibly a thunderstorm.”

I think I understand that he wants me to make up with Sunset, but what does that last part have to do with anything? Silver Spoon sighed. Right now, I’ll see if Diamond Tiara is home.


Silver Spoon trotted through Ponyville, noticing several pegasi coordinating clouds at an almost rushed speed throughout Ponyville. I guess Seabastion was right about the rain thing. I’ll hurry home after I get done, then. I won—Ah!

Silver Spoon bumped into something and fell backwards. She looked up to a minotaur that was a towering slab of muscle clad in a tightly-cut tuxedo and a pair of glasses. He observed her, narrowing his eyes to almost a glare that sent a chill dancing up Silver Spoon’s spine.

“You.” His gruff voice rumbled on the borderline of a growl. “Sterling’s child, right? Silver Spoon?”

Silver Spoon swallowed hard. “Y-Yes. I-I’m sorry, I was lost in thought and I wasn’t paying attention.” She dipped her head and got to her hooves. “I’m really sorry.”

“It’s quite alright.“ His expression softened to a smile. “Bulk Trojan,” the minotaur said with a bow. “You are the only child of a member of the seven that hasn’t witnessed a meeting, if I remember right.”

“Yes, that’s true.” Silver Spoon nodded.

“I hope you can get along with the others. Fair warning, Rosenkrantz gets along with no one.” Bulk groaned. “I pray you are more level-headed than Filthy Rich’s youngest daughter. Those two get into it if one of them so much as blinks too fast.”

“Did Diamond Tiara go home, Mr. Trojan?”

Bulk scratched his head, his entire body rippled with every movement. “We arrived on the same train, I believe so. I’m not one hundred percent on it, I apologize.”

“It’s alright.” Silver Spoon smiled. “Thank you anyway.”

“I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.” Bulk smiled. “You have manners, which in itself is rare in the youth these days. Until tomorrow, Silver Spoon.”

“Bye, Mr. Trojan.” Silver Spoon waved. What’s with everyone being so tall? She giggled to herself. Though I don’t think the ringleader counts.

Before too long, Silver Spoon came up to Diamond Tiara’s estate, her attention drawn to the balcony where she knew Diamond Tiara’s room would be. She approached the twin doors and rapped on it with a hoof.

The doors creaked open seemingly of its own accord. Silver Spoon flinched then, she noticed a pony floating on the other side in mid-air. “Oh, I remember you,” Silver Spoon said, narrowing her eyes thoughtfully. “Diamond Tiara’s sister... Dazzler?”

The floating earth pony mare shrugged, her billowing cloud of a mane bobbing as she waved Silver Spoon in.

The sprawling expanse of Diamond Tiara’s foyer was nothing new to Silver Spoon, granted it was more elaborate than her own. “Dazzler, is your sister home?”

“Screwball,” came a voice from upstairs. “After the whole Discord thing, she started going by that, remember, Silver Spoon?”

Diamond Tiara smiled as she descended the cascading stairway, hurrying over to embrace Silver Spoon in a hug. “I missed you!” she chirped. “I kind of expected you would come see me early.”

“You left a message with Seabastion, silly.” Silver Spoon giggled. “I wanted to see what you’ve been up to beforehoof in Manehattan, so I came early.”

A faint mewl came from behind Diamond Tiara. “Oh, yeah,” Diamond Tiara said. “I need to introduce you!” She turned around, and Silver Spoon caught a glint of white fur. “It’s alright,” she cooed. “Don’t be scared, Duchess. She’s my friend. Think of her as another aunt!”

“Duchess? Aunt?” Silver Spoon giggled. “When did you adopt a cat?”

“Oh, I found her and just kinda kept her. Granted, dad wasn’t too happy at first.” Diamond Tiara turned, coaxing a bundle of fur with a hoof. “Duchess, Silver Spoon. Silver Spoon, my little Duchess.” She gestured to the two respectively.

“Hello, Duchess.” Silver Spoon smiled to the powdery white cat.

For a moment Duchess’s large blue eyes were fixed on Silver Spoon, a balance between apprehension and curiosity. After a moment, the cat meowed then dipped her head, seeming to relax.

“That’s my girl!” Diamond Tiara proudly squeaked. “Sis, would you mind babysitting Duchess for me? I need to go take care of a few things in town.”

Screwball nodded, scooping the young cat up and placing her on her her back.

“It was nice seeing you again, Da—Uh, Screwball.” Silver Spoon giggled.

“Behave for Aunt Screwball, okay?” Diamond Tiara said to Duchess, who only replied with an enthusiastic meow. “Come on then, Silver Spoon,” Diamond Tiara motioned outside. “Let’s catch up before the storm lands.” She said sarcastically.

Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara moved outside. There was a silence between the two, a welcoming one, a warm, nostalgic feeling that accompanied their walk through town. It’s as if she never left. Silver Spoon giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Diamond Tiara chuckled.

“Oh, just thinking how it feels like you never left.” Silver Spoon smiled. “As if nothing’s changed.”

“Oh, yeah.” Diamond Tiara nodded. “I see what you mean, but you’ll be glad to know things have changed a bit for me.”

“Really? How have you been?”

Diamond Tiara smiled. “Great, actually. I’ve made wonderful new friends. One of them, her name's Razzly, she's a unicorn who is kinda obsessed with socks and stuffed dolls. She made me a pair of socks I'll wear tomorrow, they're cute."

"I haven't seen you wear socks for a while." Silver Spoon giggled.

Diamond Tiara blushed. "W-Well I don't want to. Seem ungrateful. She even went so far as to make little paw pads on the bottom."

"Now that is cute!" Silver Spoon laughed.

"I can't help it..." Diamond Tiara grumbled, her cheeks still burning red. "A-Anyway, there are these twin colts, Gauche and Droite, not much to them save for the fact one is smart, Gauche, and the other... odd, Droite."

"If they are twins, how can you tell them apart?"

Diamond Tiara shrugged. "I unno, I just figured it out. Otherwise they go on and on, back and forth! It’s pure torture, like cheese graters in your ears. Though nothing like Rosenkrantz, ugh, that colt thinks he knows everything."

“What about your teachers at the private school?”

“My homeroom teacher is from Apploosa.” Diamond Tiara remarked dryly. “‘Nuff said on that. He was on my case from day one. But, he also taught me a lesson in humility... I’ll have him fired if he pulls a stunt like that again.” She added with a chuckle.

“What did he do?”

“I’d rather not say.” Diamond Tiara shook her head. “Off the record, I hate rainbows. What have you been up to with Apple Bloom and her group?”

“Lots of things, we’ve tried inventing, on one outing to Canterlot we tried to be knights, gardening, applebucking, herding sheep, just whatever comes into their mind, I’m happy to be a part of.” Silver Spoon beamed a smile. “Though, the ideas Scootaloo tends to have are... well, even so, it’s still fun.”

“That’s great to hear.” Diamond Tiara smiled. “Thanks to Razzly, I’m sure you’d like her by the way, I want to apologize to Apple Bloom and the others. Not because she asked me to, mind, but because I need to.”

“You need to?” Silver Spoon echoed questionably. “Not that it’s a bad thing, I’m happy you’re trying to apologize, but why?”

“Over the time I was in Manehattan,” Diamond Tiara continued, “I figured out just how lucky I am to have so much money and the good I can do with that. This might sound crazy,” she chuckled, shaking her head, “but I really want to become like a princess of sorts.”

Silver Spoon shook her head. “No, not at all, Diamond Tiara,” she firmly said.

“No, really,” Diamond Tiara shook her head. “I am, not so much because what I want to become, but because of who, well, really what I idolize.”

“...Not sure I follow.” Silver Spoon frowned.

Diamond Tiara giggled. “Nevermind, silly.”

“There are some ponies out there that are monsters over things like money, and it scares me how I used to be exactly like that.” Diamond Tiara shuddered. “I’ve seen a bad thing happen to an innocent pony, and he couldn’t do anything because the monster he was against had money. The princesses couldn’t rightfully do anything either. I... I want to make sure nothing like that happens, especially not to somepony I care for.”

Wow... she really has changed. Silver Spoon listened, bewildered at the words that followed.

“No one, no matter how much money they have, should be above justice,” Diamond Tiara said, her stout resolution ringing clear in her voice and shining in her eyes. “I want to be the kind of ruler that’s equal to her subjects, you know? And if by any chance I could get a shot at my wild dream... Silver Spoon, will you help me?”

“Of course!” Silver Spoon quickly answered. “Should you ever need me in any way, I’ll be there, Diamond Tiara. You know that, silly.”

“Thanks.” Diamond Tiara smiled, touching noses with Silver Spoon. “I kinda know for a fact I’m not the best with words, and you seem to have a knack for that stuff. Convincing the Cutie Mark Crusaders to meet me will be rough for you.”

“Well... I think it’s best to tell them just enough to get them to meet you at Sugarcube Corner.” Silver Spoon giggled. “Oh! I have an idea!” She held out a hoof. “Like we always used to do!”

“I see where you’re going with this.” Diamond Tiara giggled.

“Bump, bump, sugar lump, rump!” Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara sang, moving through the motions of their ritual of knocking hooves and flanks, giggling upon its completion.

“Wasn’t it you that came up with that?” Diamond Tiara asked. “What were we, like four?”

Silver Spoon blushed, nodding sheepishly. “Yeah, I’m glad you remembered, actually. It was just you and me back then.”

“Yeah.” Diamond Tiara nodded, trailing off somberly before sighing. “I don’t expect to instantly become their friend, or at all for that matter. I promised a friend I would apologize and try to make up. I keep my promises.”

Amazing. She grew up. Silver Spoon smiled, simply watching Diamond Tiara as they came up to Sugarcube Corner. Yet she still wants me around. What am I going to do when I grow up? I mean, sure, my inheritance, but Diamond Tiara wants more.

“Silver Spoon, I guess it’s time, huh?” Diamond Tiara flashed a worrisome smile as she opened the door.

“O-Oh, yeah.” Silver Spoon nodded.

Diamond Tiara frowned. “What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing.” Silver Spoon shook her head, turning away from Diamond Tiara. “I’ll go get them. Wait here.” She trotted off, leaving Diamond Tiara peering after her.

“Liar,” Diamond Tiara huffed.


Now for the hard part. Silver Spoon sighed. A knot of anxiety made itself apparent as it settled in the pit of her stomach. Well, here we go. She approached the cabin of their HQ. The sound of her fellow crusader’s laughter echoed from inside. “What did I miss?” she asked as she stepped inside.

“Oh, hey, Silver Spoon.” Scootaloo casually waved. “Nothin’ really, other than Derpy found a way to fly backwards. You should have seen it!”

“Ah wouldn’t be surprised if that mare ‘n Pinkie were kin.” Apple Bloom chuckled.

“Where have you been, ‘Thilver ‘Thpoon?”

“Yeah, we went by your house a little while ago, and Seabastion said you were busy,” Sweetie Belle added.

“Oh, umm, yeah.” Silver Spoon tapped a hoof to her chin. “See, I was—am busy.”

“Did ya need a helpin’ hoof?” Apple Bloom asked.

Help, huh... heh. Silver Spoon smiled slyly. “Yes, as a matter of fact, Apple Bloom, I do. From all of you, if I’m not interrupting anything.”

“Nah,” Scootaloo said, shaking her head. “I was gonna suggest we try skydiving for our cutie marks, but dumb clouds from Everfree are gonna whip up a storm later on.”

Well, thank goodness for that then, Silver Spoon mused.

“What can we help you with?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“I’ll fill you all in once we get to Sugarcube Corner.”

I hope this goes well, Silver Spoon silently prayed as she and the other crusaders trotted merrily through Ponyville. Apple Bloom, Twist and Sweetie Belle might hear her out, maybe even accept her apology too. But Scootaloo... She cut her eyes to Scootaloo.

"Huh? What?" Scootaloo blinked.

Silver Spoon shook her head. "Nothing." Funny, that seems to be my favorite word when I've no clue what to say. She chuckled.

"Oh... okay, then?" Scootaloo shrugged.

"So, Pinkie need our help or somethin'?" Apple Bloom asked, stopping and scratching her head. "We're here."

"Inside." Silver Spoon pressed the door to the sweet shoppe open, the thick scent of fresh baked goods flooded her nose. Her eyes widened at the festive atmosphere, streamers, balloons and other guests enjoying the ongoing party.

“I didn’t know Pinkie was throwing a party today!” Sweetie Belle chirped.

“Neither did I.” Silver Spoon shook her head.

“I heard you girls were bringing a crowd!” a pink mare chirped. Pinkie Pie approached with two other ponies at her side— one of which Silver Spoon instantly recognized by her black mane and gray coat.

Silver Spoon noted,“So you are related to Pinkie Pie!”

Scootaloo asked, cocking an eyebrow. “You know her, Silver Spoon?”

“Yes,” Silver Spoon replied with a nod. “She told me my fortune at the circus.”

“Now that ah think about it,” Apple Bloom tapped a hoof to her chin. “Pinkie did mention she had kin when she told us about her cutie mark.”

“I forgot about that,” Sweetie Belle said.

“Ni’the to meet you!” Twist chirped.

“Hello.” Inky smiled. “And yes, Pinkie is my younger sister and this is also our sister, the eldest, Blinky.” She gestured to a smiling, to the pony next to her.

“Hello.” Blinky said, her voice frail and faint as she held her seemingly stoic smile to the fillies.

Silver Spoon narrowed her eyes thoughtfully at the faded, blue-coated mare. I can’t quite put my hoof on it... she’s looking at us... but at the same time it’s like she’s not. She looked the mare over as her friends conversed with Pinkie and her sisters. Blinky’s eyes were the first thing she noticed, the uncanny glare that resembled a frozen sea.

"...Well, you fillies enjoy the reunion party!" Pinkie Pie chirped, hooking her hooves around her sisters. "We three sisters, on the other hoof, have loads of catching up to do!"

“Silvy, you okay?” Sweetie Belle’s voice rang, snapping Silver Spoon out of her thoughts.

“O-Oh, yes.” Silver Spoon quickly nodded.

Sweetie Belle pouted. “You’ve been acting a little strange today, Silvy.”

“You noticed it too?” came Diamond Tiara’s voice. The filly in question approached from the crowd of ponies, meeting Scootaloo's indignant gaze with a cool demeanor.

“For Nightmare Moon’s sake, that better not be who I know it is.” Scootaloo groaned.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but it is me." Diamond Tiara replied with a weak smile

Scootaloo instantly turned to Silver Spoon and leered. “This again? I mean really, Silver Spoon, I get she’s your friend and all, but yeah, this isn’t gonna work for me.” She pointed an accusing hoof to Diamond Tiara.

“A-At least try to hear her out first,” Silver Spoon pleaded, her gaze dropping along with her confidence to the floor. “She just wants to apologize.”

“Uh-huh,” Scootaloo said, rolling her eyes. “I’ve heard plenty of things come from her mouth, and I don’t care for whatever she has to say.” She turned on a heel, leering over her shoulder at Diamond Tiara. “I don’t forget things like when a pony calls me an orphan, and I don’t plan on hearing an apology, either. You girls can if you want— I’m outta here.”

Scootaloo stormed out, spitting fury. The others watched Scootaloo go. The Crusaders turned their mixed gazes to Diamond Tiara, who had remained silent through the tongue lashing she had received.

“What about the rest of you?” Diamond Tiara’s gaze skeptically moved from one filly to the other. “If you don’t believe I want to say, I’m sorry then, whatever, I’ll go. But I really do apologize for what I put you all through. I really am sorry, girls.”

“Ah... ah cain’t forgive you for what you did.” Apple Bloom shook her head. “Silvy’s always singin’ yer praises, and ya didn’t say nothin t’ Scoots when she went off.” She paused, looking Diamond Tiara over. “Ah was taught that no matter how much somepony wrongs you, ya gotta forgive ‘em, but th’ most ah’ll do is accept yer apology. Anythin’ more than that you gotta earn.”

“Alright, thanks.” Diamond Tiara sighed, smiling weakly.

Silver Spoon frowned. I knew this would be hard on her.

“I want to forgive you,” Sweetie Belle said. “In between all the things Silvy would tell me about you and what you did and said to us, I want to think you’re the way Silvy saw you. I remember that gift you got her for her birthday; I don’t think a mean pony would do that. If you’re really sorry, I guess I could forgive you.”

Diamond Tiara reeled slightly, smiling as reality set in. “R-Really?” She blinked. “Err, I mean thank you, Sweetie Belle. That;s really kind of you.”

Thank you, Sweetie Belle. Silver Spoon smiled to Sweetie Belle.

“Yeah,” Twist added with a nod. “It wa’th hard enough not having my cutie mark back then, and I have thi’th li’thp too, even then you hardly even looked at me. I a’thept your apology, but I don’t know if I ‘thould forgive you or not.”

Apple Bloom’s ears perked up. “Sounds like th’ rain is startin’. Ah’m gonna go make sure Scoots went home. Y’all stayin?”

“Ye’th, I’m worried about ‘Thootaloo, too,” Twist added.

“It’s raining already?” Sweetie Belle pouted. She turned to Silver Spoon, eyes full of confusion and anxiety. “I... better get home. Rarity hates it if I come home wet or muddy.”

“What about you, Silver Spoon?” Diamond Tiara asked. "I'm about to get home to Duchess. Are you going to try to wait things out here or head home?"

Silver Spoon blinked, stunned by the casual tone in Diamond Tiara's voice. "I-I guess I'll head home. Do you mind if I walk with you? Our houses are in the same direction."

"Alright, sure." Diamond Tiara chirped, then turned to the remaining Crusaders. "I guess see you all later?" She asked with an almost hopeful chime.

"Ah guess." Apple Bloom replied with a shrug. "C'mon y'all."

“Bye Silver Spoon.” Sweetie Belle waved, and then her gaze moved to Diamond Tiara and lingered for a moment. She flashed a sweet smile then raced out into the light drizzle of the evening.

"Now will you tell me what's been bothering you?" Diamond Tiara playfully teased.

"Are you okay?" Silver Spoon worriedly asked, her voice almost a whisper.

Diamond Tiara shrugged. "I'm fine, I guess. I kinda expected things to go the way they did, though Sweetie Belle was a bit of a surprise. Some part of me wanted to be treated like you. So much for that, huh?" She added with a wry smile.

"I'm sorry." Silver Spoon sighed, at a loss for anything else to say.

"Oh don't start." Diamond Tiara waved a dismissive hoof. "It's not your fault. Besides I still have friends and I still have you, so I'll be fine. I understand I can't be everypony's friend."

A brief glimmer of lightning illuminated the sky, then an angry bolt of thunder boomed. A shriek followed in addition to a dull thud. Several ponies in the room groaned.

"Again, Rose?" one party goer sighed. "It's just thunder..."

That reminds me... Seabastion's words from earlier rang in her ears.

"Yeah, we better get going," Diamond Tiara said. "Sounds like things might get bad. I don't think we'll have much time to chat and I don’t want to leave Duchess and my sister alone too long. Mostly my sister.”

“Alright, I’ll go home, too.” Silver Spoon said, mostly out of curiosity nagging at the back of her mind due to Seabastion’s words. Usually it’s Sunset going on about the weather.

Silver Spoon ran as fast as her hooves would allow, against the heavy drops of rain that peppered her body. She and Diamond Tiara parted ways before long, and Silver Spoon quickly entered her home and closed the door before much rain could follow.

“Phew,” she panted, banishing water from her eyes with a hoof.

Another flash of lightning came, followed by the boom of thunder and the shriek of a pony echoing from within her own home.

Wh-What was that?! Silver Spoon’s heart lurched, her eyes whipped around frantically and a sinking feeling that she should leave set in. That voice though... Sunset..? Screaming!? Her heart skipped a beat, and ice began to course through her veins as did several terrifying scenarios played through her mind. Mom!

Immediately Silver Spoon began up the stairs, skipping several in bounds from time to time. She raced down the corridor to her parents room, and burst inside. “Mom!” She cried, her head whipping around frantically.

The room appeared empty, everything was neatly set. The room illuminated with a flash of lightning and a faint whimper came from under her parent’s bed. Carefully, Silver Spoon approached the bed and moved the covers hanging over the side, aside. Sunset was huddled underneath with her eyes screwed shut wearing earmuffs, trembling like a leaf.

“S-Sunset?” Silver Spoon whispered to her terror stricken mother, inspiring a rising tide of terror in herself.

“H-huh?” Sunset winced, her eyes shooting open to reveal red eyes, irritated from the tears that soaked her face. “S-Silver Spoon,” she sniffed, appearing more upset than before.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay? What ha—” A crack of thunder interrupted Silver Spoon’s barrage of questions. Though her questions were answered by the terrified cry of Sunset as another bolt of thunder pierced the air. So that’s what Seabastion meant. Her realization didn’t help the flurry of questions whirring in her mind. What am I supposed to do?!

Sunset was still trembling as Silver Spoon joined her under the bed. Her very presence appeared to visibly ease Sunset. Silver Spoon couldn’t take her eyes off of her mother appearing so afraid. So vulnerable.

She can’t be the mare I thought her to be. Silver Spoon couldn’t help but feel a pang of sympathy for Sunset that gradually began to ebb away at her anxiety. Not this pony.

Sunset couldn’t meet Silver Spoon’s gaze, she hung her head. “Y-You must th-think I’m pretty pathetic. Don’t you?”

“No!” Of course not, Mom.” Silver Spoon shook her head. “If I would have known you would have been scared, I would have stayed home.” We got off on the wrong hoof, sure, but I wouldn’t want her to go through anything like this. Thinking on it now, the signs were so obvious she was afraid of storms! I should have known...

“Mom.” Sunset echoed with faint traces of a smile. “You called me Mom.” The happiness was short lived as lightning flickered in the room, Sunset tensed up and winced reflexively.

Now that she mentions it I did. Silver Spoon smiled, cuddling up to her mother. “I did, and you are, right?”

“I’m so sorry, Silver Spoon.” Sunset trembled. “I left you alone when you needed me. I made you think something was wrong with you... and yet, here you are for me when I need you. I’m so very sorry for what I put you through.”

No, this isn’t the monster that left me alone. Silver Spoon smiled enjoying the warmth coming from her Sunset. “It’s alright, Mom. It’s alright.”

“I promise I will never leave you alone again.” Sunset whispered to Silver Spoon.

The two sat in silence as a wave of tenderness washed over them under the bed. The storm raged on outside, thunder flashing and thunder roaring with Sunset only flinching slightly. “Mom?” Silver Spoon spoke up.

“Yes, Silver Spoon?” Sunset asked.

“I love you.”

Those That Run Equestria

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Silver Spoon sat beaming a wide smile to her mother, who once again combed through her mane with the help of her magic. “Today you’ll be meeting some of the most prominent figures in Equestria and their children,” Sunset said, bringing powdery blue ribbons to circle around Silver Spoon’s head.

“What’s it like?” Silver Spoon eagerly asked, letting her ears fall as her mother placed ribbons in her mane. "I met Mr. Trojan the other day, he seemed nice."

“Well at times it can be interesting, but you must remember that they are all in some form of business,“ Sunset explained, examining Silver Spoon’s reflection in the mirror. “As such, they seldom hesitate at trying to increase their profits.”

“Does dad have any friends there, aside from Mr. Rich?”

Sunset paused. A glimmer of something that distressed the mare flashed in her eyes. “W-Well, there is Ms. Sanguine, a doe.”

“A doe?” Silver Spoon cooed. “That’s rare. What’s she like?”

“As with most deer, she’s a Prance native. She has a bit of a hard time speaking outside her native tongue, but she is very sweet nonetheless,” Sunset added with a small smile. “Albeit at times painfully honest, but she means well. She’s the head of a very important medical firm.”

“Sounds like a friend Dad would have.” Silver Spoon giggled. “What kind of friends do you have, Mom?”

“Not many.” Sunset shook her head. “Perhaps four that I can recall off hoof. A griffon named Brunhilder, a pony named Twinkle Sky, another pony named Clover Bloom, and then there’s dear Octavia who I’ve known since we were foals. She actually provided some of the music at my wedding”

“Wow, I didn’t know you had that kind of connection with such a well-known pony.”

Sunset shrugged as she applied finishing touches to Silver Spoon’s mane. “Some are just lucky, I guess," she added with a giggle. "Ah, here we are. All done.”

Silver Spoon’s mane was straightened out, lapping at her shoulders like a shimmering waterfall. It retained a certain wavy texture even though it covered one of her eyes. Ribbons that matched her violet eyes were perched just above her ears on either side

"Now all you need is a nice dress or flowing saddle, and you'll be ready to attend the meeting. Hm...” Sunset tapped a hoof to her chin as she examined her daughter. “I haven’t the foggiest idea of what would look nice."

"We should go to Carousel Boutique!" Silver Spoon chirped. "Rarity makes the best dresses. I'm sure she will have something that will look amazing."

Sunset faintly smiled and nodded. "I'm sure. But, instead, why don’t we shop around a bit? I’m sure there are other stores around Ponyville than just Carousel Boutique."

Silver Spoon giggled. "If you want to go shopping with me, Mom you should just say so."

"Yes," Sunset flashed an awkward smile. "I suppose I should have just come out with it."

Silver Spoon brushed her mane behind her ear with a hoof, smiling confidently into the mirror. My first outing with Mom!This will be fun.


Despite the malicious weather of the previous night, a warm breeze blew through Ponyville as Silver Spoon and her mother trotted through visiting various stores, occasionally leaving with a bag bought on a random whim.

“We’ve spent quite a bit of time dilly-dallying,” Sunset noted, holding a hoof over her eye as the sun temporarily blinded the mare. “I think we better go get a dress before soon.”

Silver Spoon frowned but reluctantly nodded. “True, I almost forgot about the meeting.”

“We can spend more mare time together, just the two of us, after we take care of business.” Sunset smiled. “If you don’t mind, that is.”

“Of course not!” Silver Spoon shook her head. “This was fun. I don’t mind if we spend more time together.” She paused, reaching up to embrace her mother. “I’m really glad we got to do this together.”

Sunset smiled warmly. “I’m happy to hear that, Silver Spoon That means a lot to me.”

“...Ah just don’t get why ya don’t jes’ let me go!” protested a familiar accent.

Silver Spoon and Sunset turned as Apple Bloom and her siblings trotted by. Both Apple sisters appeared upset while Big Macintosh kept his cool demeanor. “S’cause ah’m the eldest,” he said, straightening the collar on his tuxedo as he spoke. ”Ah know y’all’ll do me proud.”

“But ah still got so much t’learn.” Apple Bloom frowned. “AJ, say somethin’!”

Applejack scratched the back of her head and sighed heavily. “Ah don’t rightfully know what to say that we ain’t already said.” Apple Bloom opened her mouth to protest, but was silenced by Applejack’s hoof. She shook her head and leered at their brother. “This ain’t over; we’ll talk later.”

“But AJ!” Apple Bloom whined.

Later, Apple Bloom.” Applejack stressed, coaxing her sister back with a hoof. “We best be gettin’ back t’ talk to Granny Smith ‘bout all this.”

“Y’all try not t’ wake her if she ain’t already up.” Big Macintosh cautioned.

Applejack waved a dismissive hoof and continued off with Apple Bloom casting an anxious glance back.

What was that all about? Silver Spoon moved to follow her friend only to be stopped by Sunset. Her mother shook her head and then began heading over to Big Macintosh.

Sunset smiled to Big Macintosh. “I see you are the one Mrs. Orange mentioned to take her place while she will be absent.”

“Eeyup.” Big Macintosh replied with a nod.

“My name is Sunset Silver,” she said, dipping her head. “And I assume you’ve met my daughter, Silver Spoon, before?”

Big Macintosh replied with a nod, smiling to Silver Spoon.

“Hello, Big Macintosh.” Silver Spoon smiled.

“Great.” Sunset giggled. “Now, I do trust Mrs. Orange has informed you as to what will be going on?”


“I won’t keep you then, it was nice meeting one of the Apple family.” Sunset smiled. “We will meet you when the meeting starts, I wish you the best of luck.”

“‘Preciate it, ma’am.” Big Macintosh dipped his head to Silver Spoon and Sunset before trotting off.

“Mom, your last name is Silver, but Daddy’s last name is Archer,” she paused, looking up to her mother. “Isn’t it?”

“Ah. True... I had grown accustomed to introducing myself, I forgot about that.” Sunset tapped a hoof to her chin.

“Forgot about what?”

Sunset blinked. “O-Oh, nothing terribly important.” She shook her head. “I must have a word with your father after the meeting. But for now, we must be getting that saddle.” she flashed brief smile before briskly trotting off.

“M-Mom! Wait up!” Silver Spoon called, joining her mother’s side and narrowing her eyes accusingly. “If it’s not important, why do you seem nervous?”

“Nervous?” Sunset echoed. “No, I’m not nervous.” she sighed. “Truthfully, I’ll admit I’m a bit jealous...”

“Of what? Or who?”

Sunset sighed. “Of you and how close you are with Ms. Rarity. I suppose it is my own fault and I’m—”

“Mom, it’s fine.” Silver Spoon rubbed her head into her mother’s side. “Rarity and I are close and we are friends. She is nice, but in the end, I guess she’s not you.”

“Thank you, Silver Spoon.” Sunset smiled. “I’m a fortunate mare.”

Silver Spoon giggled. “I’m a fortunate filly.”

Sunset opened the door to Carousel Boutique, and met the welcoming smile of the pony in charge. “Welcome!” Rarity chirped. “How can I assist my dear friends this evening?” she said, raising an eyebrow as she took in Silver Spoon’s appearance.

“Hi Rarity.” Silver Spoon smiled. “We were looking for something for me to wear today.”

“Oh, I figured you two were in the market for something nice judging by how lovely the way you two look.” Rarity giggled.

“If possible, something floral for my daughter. I haven’t decided for myself yet.” Sunset added. “Expense is no issue.”

“Tut tut tut.” Rarity waved a hoof. “Your sweet daughter has done plenty for me and she is a good friend of my younger sister. I believe it is time I returned the favor. This will be pro bono and I will not argue on any other deal. Am I understood?”

Silver Spoon and Sunset giggled. “Yes ma’am,” Sunset replied. “Crystal clear.”

“Good.” Rarity smiled. “Now, Ms. Silver, Silver Spoon,” Rarity’s horn began to glow, ponyquinns began to trot in of both mare and filly sized variety sporting various dress and saddle designs. “Choose your outfits!”

One by one Sunset and Silver Spoon looked over the designs graciously set before them by Rarity. Rarity is always so nice. Silver Spoon smiled as she considered a fetching, rich blue saddle. She cast a glance over to her mother, who was found chatting with Rarity, and giggled. I knew they would get along.


Seabastion moved through Ponyville with a subtle grace; each step he took was deliberate and even. He paused near town hall and retrieved a pocket watch from his suit jacket. After confirming the time, he replaced it and continued on.

“I know that look, old friend,” chuckled a familiar voice. “Is the detective hot on the trail of another thief?”

Seabastion shook his head. “Ever vigilant as always, Doctor Clockwork.”

“So what are you doing out? Picking something up? Perhaps a stroll through the hustle and bustle of town?”

“Not quite, no.” Seabastion shook his head. “I am just settling affairs.” He looked over his shoulder. “But you know as well as I that you knew that already.”

Clockwork half smiled, obvious sorrow behind his cheery facade. “I keep forgetting how sharp your mind is despite your age.” He shook his head, expression darkening every moment. “Have you spoken with the Silvers? How about August Hoof?”

“I’m afraid August is a loose end,” Seabastion replied with a chuckle. “She has been a dear friend of mine, but I must repay my debt as anyone would do should they have been in my hooves. She knows this—” He paused, quickly retrieving a handkerchief to catch himself as he coughed into it.

Clockwork’s plagued his face which was creased into a frown. “You know I could help.”

“Doctor,” Seabastion turned to face Clockwork, his piercing orange eyes fixated on the stallion. “I appreciate the conversation and your concern, but I really must be going.” Seabastion dipped his head, then continued on.

As Seabastion approached a homely estate, birds chirped and splashed in their bath erected in the yard. Arrangements of bright yellow flowers sat in pots on the window. He smiled as he rapped on the door, within moments movement could be heard coming from inside before the door opened revealing a welcoming smile.

“Seabastion, how good to see you,” chirped Mayor Mare, brushing her silvery mane aside with a hoof. “Come in.”

“Thank you.” Seabastion dipped his head as he trotted inside.

After shutting the door, the mayor trotted over next to him. “To what do I owe the occasion? Or do you need something from me?”

“I wouldn’t mind a cup of tea if that isn’t too much trouble.” Seabastion replied, moving over to a chair near the window. “And yes, I would like to speak with you, Curlicue.”

“Ah, I see...” the mayor wearily sighed at the sound of her name. “It’s one of those talks then.” she shook her head. “I’ll get right on that then. Golden Monkey is your favorite tea, If I remember right, that is.”

“It is.” Seabastion nodded.

“I am not looking forward to this,” Mayor Mare groaned, trotting off around a corner. “It’s bad enough Sterling is back in town...”

Seabastion chuckled, shaking his head. “You shouldn’t be so hard on your brother. Fatherhood does not come with a manual, he is doing only what he knows.”

“That implies that little colt actually grew up,” Mayor Mare retorted. “I envy the patience Sunset has.”

Seabastion sighed. “Can you not forgive and forget?”

“Seabastion, you coddle him too much.” Mayor Mare sighed. “In the end, he’s proved he won’t even listen to you.”

“What happened, happ—” Seabastions coughing returned suddenly, leaving him with a slight wheeze and short of breath.

“That sounds bad,” Mayor Mare said, returning with the tea. “You should see a doctor.” She offered Seabastion his tea then sat down and smiled.

“I have seen a doctor,” Seabastion said, gingerly sipping his tea. “ And he has seen me.”

Mayor Mare slowly shook her head, narrowing her eyes. “Seabastion what are you—”

“I have seen two generations of the Silver family, Curlicue.” Seabastion smiled. “I ask you as a pony that changed your diapers, I would greatly appreciate it if you looked after them.”

“Seabastion...” Mayor Mare sighed.

Seabastion took another sip of his tea, sitting it down before he stood. “Ah, and before this slips my mind...” He frowned. “I’ve no idea where you might have bought this,” Seabastion gestured to his cup. “But I hope I do get at least a half decent cup of tea before soon.”

“I actually grew this myself.” Mayor Mare growled.

Seabastion cocked an eyebrow. “Your point being?”

Mayor Mare groaned, chuckling to herself as she shook her head. “I can’t promise more than I’ll attempt to talk to him.”

“I foresaw as much.” He chuckled. “He will be through after the family meeting has adjourned.”


The Silver family entered town hall, their hooves echoed on the reflective tile beneath them High above their heads, sun shone in from a stained glass window of the Equestrian royal flag which cast deep red and gold throughout the foyer. On either side sat oaken doors, polished to shimmer as bright as the floor. The carpeted stairs led to the second floor which encompassed the inside of the building.

“Its been awhile since I’ve been in here, and it hasn’t changed one bit,” Sterling remarked with a wry smile. “The other families should be getting here soon, so lets hurry and get good seats.”

“Good idea.” Sunset added.

Silver Spoon silently fell in behind her mother, her eyes wandering about their surroundings. Come to think of it, I haven’t been here in some time.

Sterling opened the doors to their right, a room reminiscent of a dining hall was the other side. The large circular table was set with no shortage of seats placed comfortably apart. As Silver Spoon stepped in she instantly spotted Big Macintosh talking with another orange stallion.

“Well, well, well!” Sterling chuckled. “If it isn’t Big O! It’s been a while.”

Mr. Orange rolled his eyes. “Oh, Sterling,” he dryly said. “My name isn’t— Oh what’s the point?” Mr. Orange groaned. “You’re early for a change. Are you feeling alright?”

“Cute.” Sterling retorted. “And... you must be Maddie’s nephew, Big Macintosh, right? I’m Sterling Archer—you've met my wife and daughter already, I hear.”

“Eeyup.” Big Macintosh nodded. “Nice t’ meet ya.”

See? I thought that was weird. Silver Spoon frowned, scratching her head. Archer? Silver? Which is it? If it’s Archer, I wonder if that one filly in my class is a cousin of mine. I know Mom knows something, but what could it be she isn’t telling me... She cut her eyes to her mother, who glanced down then visibly flinched.

“W-Well, from what I hear, congratulations are in order!” Sunset said, wasting no time in moving over to a seat next to Mr. Orange.

Sterling blinked, realization hitting him suddenly. “Oh, yes! I almost forgot about that. I heard Madrid is having triplets?”

Mr. Orange shuddered. “We don’t know how many for sure, just that the doctor says she should be resting now. So, in order to have a bloodline family member here...” he motioned to Big Macintosh.

“Speaking of bloodlines and foals,” Sterling smiled to Silver Spoon. “Do you remember my daughter, Silver Spoon?”

Mr. Orange blinked, a smile making its way across his face. “She’s grown!” He chuckled. “I haven’t seen her since she was in diapers.”

Silver Spoon blushed and awkwardly smiled. I feel kind of bad, I don’t remember meeting him before.

“Ah, Sterling, mon bon ami!” Chirped a voice.

Sterling turned, grinning ear to ear, Sunset appeared less enthused as she laid eyes upon the approaching family of deer. Totaling in four, the buck in the back loomed in his tux and tie, leering at Sterling from under his top hat. Two young twin bucks, dressed in a red and yellow ariant of their father’s ensemble, smiled warmly to Silver Spoon and her family.

That must be the doe Mom was talking about. Silver Spoon took notice of her slender and delicate form. Pearls hung from her neck and her faint, cream colored dress flowed with each step she took.

“Sanguin! It’s great to see you again.” Sterling and the doe embraced in a hug. Silver Spoon giggled at the height difference between Sanguin and her father..

“Monsieur Lumiere,” Sunset dipped her head to the almost statuesque buck in the back who shot a brief smile. “Hello Javert and Leblanc.” She gestured to the two young, fawn coated bucks respectively.

“Madame Silver,” he replied with a tip of his hat. “Az your ‘usband az said, eet ez good to see a familiar face, oui?”

“Bonsoir, Tante Sunset!” The twins enthusiastically chirped. “It’s been a while.”

“And look at that! Not a trace of accent.” Sterling giggled. “You two have gotten good!”

The twins’ gaze turned to Silver Spoon unanimously. “Is this your little filly you’ve told us about?” they asked ensync.

“Yes!” Sterling chirped, hooking his hoof around Silver Spoon. “This little kitten here is my pride and joy. Silver, this is Javert and Leblanc.”

“Pleased to meet you, princess.” the twins said insync as they dipped their heads.

Silver Spoon giggled. “Hello Javert and Leblanc.” She smiled.

One of the twins nodded approvingly, smiling to the other. “What do you think, brother?” he asked raising an eyebrow. “She does have that same beautiful smile.”

“No doubt!” The other brother enthusiastically nodded. “She obviously took after her mother.”

“Alright, little bucks, enough flattery.” Sterling cut in.

Sunset giggled. “Jealousy does not become you, darling,” she mockingly smirked.

Sterling shrugged and casually smiled. “Jealous? Me? I’m was just pointing out the fact that the meeting should begin soon.” He gestured to the doors, bringing attention to a familiar minotaur who was followed by a cream coated calf wearing a passionate crimson dress that flowed behind her along with her onyx hair hiding part of her face. Upon noticing other eyes in the room on her, the shy calf hid behind Bulk.

I suppose that’s Mr. Trojan’s daughter. Silver Spoon giggled to herself. She looks frail compared to her father.

“Sterling? Early?” Bulk asked in his gruff tone of voice. “I never thought I’d live to see the day.”

Sterling hung his head and sighed. “Is it really that big a deal?”

“Ah, Sable, dear,” Bulk began, coaxing the meek calf from behind him. “Sterling brought his daughter along. Perhaps the two of you have something in common?”

Sable peered from behind her father, looking over to the group of ponies. She paused then tugged on her father’s arm, Bulk leaned down and Sable whispered something into her father’s ear. Bulk groaned and lead his daughter to a seat.

“Silver, honey, Sable is a bit on the shy side. If you get a shot, she could really use some opening up.” Sterling suggested with a smile.

Silver Spoon nodded. “Alright, Daddy I’ll try,”

The first to arrive (on time, in her usual fashion) was Diamond Tiara with her father and sister. From head to hoof Diamond Tiara’s family’s fortune showed: Filthy Rich clad in a deep burgundy tux, Screwball appeared visually distressed walking on her own four hooves inspite of the enchanting saddle she wore. And of course, there was Diamond Tiara beaming a smile as she trotted along side her father in her confident fashion.

The next to arrive was a griffon of an imposing sort, scowling as he strutted in in a white tuxedo. A giddy unicorn mare trotted behind him, beaming a warm smile as she ran a hoof through her blond mane. “Come along, dear Rosenkrantz,” she called.

“Yes, mother,” came a voice. A colt trotted in bearing a striking resemblance to his mother, his piercing green eyes scanned the room, as he made eye contact with Diamond Tiara he scoffed and found a seat next to his mother.

“Bleh, that colt...” Diamond Tiara rolled her eyes. “Thinks he’s SO smart, thinks he knows everything.” She groaned to Silver Spoon.

Sterling snickered. “looks like some filly has a crush on a certain colt.”

“As IF, Mr. Archer.” Diamond Tiara huffed.

Silver Spoon giggled, shaking her head and keeping an eye on the lithe and tall colt who seemed more interested in his book than the ongoings around himself. He’s... pretty. She smirked. Can a colt be pretty? Yeah, I think... not quite handsome, but not cu— wait, why am I even thinking about this? Silver Spoon shook her head in an attempt to dislodge her thoughts.

“Huh, shame the old ranger isn’t here...” Sterling mumbled.

“Ah, yes, it seems we are missing one...” Sunset observed.

“Who, daddy?” Silver Spoon asked, counting the families.

“A founder of this little get-together we all have,” Sterling replied. “A stallion as old as Methuselah— then again, possibly older.” He chuckled.

“As colorful with your comparisons as always, Sterling.” Came a posh voice. An antiquated stallion shuffled in, the tails of his black coat flowing as he moved through the room. His yellow coat was dulled with age and what remained of a mane peeks from below the brim of his bowler hat. “I can always count on you to find some original verbal jab to take at me, eh?” He heartily laughed.

“Well, Sunbeam, it’s not everyday one meets a walking museum exhibit.” Sterling teased.

“Bah,” Sunbeam huffed, shaking his head. “You believe just because you married a nice young tail—”

Enough, you two!” Bulk bellowed, swiftly turning to Sunbeam and bowing his head. “I do apologize, but you two must be aware of the females in the room and I will not allow such words to cross the ears of my daughter.”

“Honestly, Sterling,” Filthy Rich chimed in. “You mustn't let Mr. Beam get to you.”

Sanguin giggled, smiling to Sterling. “How do you say, to be around you iz ever az exciting, non?”

“You mean, being around him is exciting, mom.” Javert chuckled.

“If one finds coltishness attractive, I suppose so.” The staunch griffon bluntly cut in.

“Oh, don’t YOU start with me, Freid,” Sterling growled.

I thought these were supposed to be Equestria's elite... Silver Spoon couldn’t help but crack a smile as the arguments grew until everyone was saying something that became incomprehensible amidst the noise of the room.

“This tends to happen from time to time.” Diamond Tiara whispered to Silver Spoon, sighing and smirking as she shook her head. “I swear I have no clue how they do get business done in times like this.”

“It’s not what I expected,” Silver Spoon giggled. “But it seems like fun.”

“I don’t think so.” DIamond Tiara shook her head. “Sometimes this can go on for hours...”


Just as Diamond Tiara had prophesied, the arguing was still going on, the subject had shifted to something along the lines of Changelings, but the rest was anyones guess. Silver Spoon, the last of the junior heirs, slipped out into the hallway when the others were each tending to their own attention.

Sable seemed to stand out, her eyes darting back from one heir to another until she met Silver Spoon’s gaze then flinched.

A shy minotaur? There’s an oxymoron in that idea somewhere. Silver Spoon giggled to herself as she made her way to Sables side. “Hello.” She smiled.

Sable only made a vague gesture of a greeting, keen to avoid further eye contact before shuffling off.

“That one’s a bit weird, Silver Spoon.” Came Diamond Tiaras voice. “I rarely see her, but when I do she acts like that.”

“I used to do the same before we were friends, remember?”

Diamond Tiara nodded. “True, I didn’t even see you eat lunch at school when we first began talking outside of me being mean back then.”

“I’ll try again to talk to her.” Silver Spoon said with a confident nod. “Maybe invite all of the heirs to my house to get to know one another.”

Diamond Tiara chuckled, “Just like your dad.”

“Huh?” Silver Spoon cocked her head. “How?”

“You two are always wanting to throw some sort of get together,” Diamond Tiara noted. “I swear your family might be relatives of Pinkie Pie's.” She giggled.

The doors to the conference room opened and the adults fanned out to each of their young, an obvious tense air hung thick amongst the supposed mature individuals. Diamond Tiara rushed over to embrace her father in a hug.

Sunset sighed, smiling weakly to Silver Spoon. “It isn’t always like that... but it does happen from time to time.”

Silver Spoon giggled. “I would hope not, Mom. Though, it was a little weird to see something like that happen.” She turned and looked to her father who was uncharacteristically silent for a change with a brooding expression about his face. “Daddy? Something wrong..?”

Instantly Sterling snapped out of his stupor and hastily flashed Silver Spoon a smile. “Not really, little puddingcess.” He shook his head. “Just a bit tired and I still have business to take care of... this time with the mayor.”

“Must you, dear?” Sunset asked pleadingly.

Sterling reassure his wife in a kiss then smiled. “Given our past, this isn’t bound to last long.” He chuckled. “I will see you two back home soon.”

“Mom...” Silver Spoon narrowed her eyes after her father. “Do the mayor and daddy know each other aside from working together from time to time?”

Sunset shook her head. “Not here, dear, lets get home first before I explain.”

Sunset and Silver Spoon made haste to their home, rather, Sunset was keen to keep up with her eager daughter. The pair wasted no time in climbing the stairs and entering Silver Spoons room.

Sunset sighed wearily as she entered the room, shaking her head. “You seem terribly excited to hear ancient history, dear.”

“Something is going on. I’m not dumb, Mom.” Silver Spoon said, narrowing her eyes. “Plus, the mayor is my aunt! She excitedly added. “I also want to know why nopony has said anything to me. Did I do something wrong?”

“No, Silver Spoon.” Sunset shook her head. “What is going on between your father and aunt has nothing to do with you. Those two have a bit of bad blood between them...”


I can’t believe Seabastion pulled the whole ‘Dying stallion's last wish’ routine. Sterling huffed as he moved with the quickness through Ponyville. He’s fine, just needs to see the doctor. If not the one here, I’ll import one. He will be fine. Just melodramatic is all, as always.

As Sterling approached his destination, the front door opened and a familiar face appeared.

“Oh.” Mayor Mare deadpanned. “Hello, Mr. Silver.”

Archer,” Sterling curtly corrected. “Sterling Archer.”

Mayor Mare scoffed, rolling her eyes. “I suppose.”

“So, what did you want?”

“Is it so wrong for a sister to long to spend time with her dearest brother?” Mayor Mare sarcastically said.

Sterling chuckled. “Now I know you’re toying with me.”

“True, I am.” She frankly replied. “Being my sibling, I suppose you could tell when I am and am not sincere.”

“‘Brother?’ ‘Sibling?’” Sterling echoed, arching his eyebrow. “I thought you hated me.”

Mayor Mare genuinely reeled. “Sterling, I don’t hate you. You’re family.”

“Then why did you stop talking to me? I sent mail.”

Mayor Mare narrowed her eyes. “You know why. I understand that you and Father never saw eye to eye, but that was no excuse for what you did.”

“Didn’t see eye to eye...” Sterling mocked. “That’s putting it mildly. Father only had eyes for you. He never had time for me, hardly ever saw him. All I needed was mom.”

“And yet he left you, my younger brother, with our family fortune.” Mayor Mare calmly said. “Have you never asked yourself why would he do something so generous for you when I was originally in line before you?”

“Simple, he saw the way I was living, enjoying my life, then he decides impose his way of life on me!”

“And yet you didn’t complain.” Mayor Mare simply stated.

“Well, what choice did I have? Silver Spoon was on her way at the time an—”

“And father saw you staring your family then decided to leave you with the means to raise your daughter. Whom you, yourself hardly ever see.” Mayor Mare chided. “Tell me, how are you doing anything different than what father did to you?”

“I—I... I”

“Precisely.” Mayor Mare decisively nodded. “You’re harbored your hate for our father so long, you’re becoming more like him than you know.”

Sterling couldn’t reply.

“I’ve watched Silver Spoon from afar, she is quite the filly, Sterling.” Mayor Mare approached her distraught brother and placed a hoof on his shoulder. “All she wants is her mother and father.”

“I... had no idea.” Sterling managed to choke out.

Mayor Mare smiled. “He would understand. Father and I would talk, know that despite his absence, father loved you very much, Sterling.”

“I need to apologize to him...”

“Come on then, lets go pick up some flowers. I’m sure he will be more than happy to make up with you."