The Spoon That Refused Polish

by Hollyfern

The Family Silver

Silver Spoon yawned and sat up on bed, stretching until her limbs sharply popped. She moved to reach for her glasses when something heavy weighed down on her sheets. She looked to her  bedside and her jaw dropped, even without her glasses there was something strikingly familiar about the blur of light brown and silver. “DADDY!!!” She squeaked with a growing smile.

The figure jumped up at that sound, Silver Spoon quickly reached for her glasses and placed them on her face, clarifying the distinct features of her father. His deep violet eyes shone with pride, Silver Spoon dove right at his neck and held on tight.

“Guess I dozed off,” he chuckled with a yawn, embracing his daughter. “Good Morning my twitchy witchy girl.” He smiled, running a hoof through Silver Spoon’s unruly cloud of a silver mane.

“Still lame, daddy.” Silver Spoon sniffed, smiling despite wanting to cringe at the sound of that. “I’m so glad you’re home.”

“Me too, Silver.” Her father nodded.

For a while there was a silence, not an awkward one, but a warm, tender one. I almost forgot how strong he was! Silver Spoon silently remarked once she realized her hooves couldn’t quite reach all the way around his throat.

“It is nice to see such a lovely scene,” a breathy voice rang, making Silver Spoon grit her teeth and scowl.
HER. Silver Spoon rolled her eyes in disgust.

“My Sunny-Hunny!” The stallion foalishly chirped like a love struck colt.

A foggy gray unicorn mare stood in Silver Spoon’s doorway, her eyes cold and distant as she looked on with almost a frown. “Silver Spoon,” She formally said with a quick nod, her perfectly kempt faded orange and yellow mane bounced.

“Sunset.” Silver Spoon curtly nodded. Of all the mares... no, all the CREATURES he could marry! A minotaur for a mother would be a step-up! She giggled inwardly at that thought, imaging herself as a half pony-half minotaur creature... thing.

“Sterling,” Sunset looked to the stallion with a disheartened expression. “I will be downstairs.” She turned to leave, casting a passing glance to Silver Spoon.

"Nonsense!" Sterling objected, beckoning his wife in with a hoof. "It's been almost a whole year since I've seen our daughter, even longer for you; join us!"

“A-Alright,” Anxiety flickered in Sunset's golden eyes, she took a cautious step forward, keeping her eyes on Silver Spoon as if she were a rabbit in a manticore's den. Silver Spoon leered as Sunset came to her side, the mare couldn't make eye contact all the while. "L-long time... n-no see." Sunset managed to choke out.

“I guess.” Silver Spoon shrugged.

“This won’t do.” Sterling shook his head. “Nope, not at all, I think tomorrow we should spend the day catching up.”

Sunset nodded, “Alright, dear. But, I really should be checking in with the the rest of the house, not to mention the Mayor as well.”

“Oh, well... alright.” Sterling sighed. “I was hoping for you to stay around, we have only just gotten home. You want your mother to stay right, Silver Spoon?”

Silver Spoon shrugged “I don’t want to keep her from whatever it is she wants to do.” The more work for her the better as far as I’m concerned.

“Of course...” Sunset trailed off. “If you’ll excuse me,”

“Hurry back, sweetheart.” Sterling longingly said, muttering something before exchanging a quick kiss with Sunset; the mare giggled and blushed before quietly trotting out of the room. Sterling sighed, turning to Silver Spoon with a pained look. “Still holding that grudge, I see.” He shook his head.

Silver Spoon folded her hooves and huffed. “I wouldn’t call it that...”

“Alright,” Sterling chuckled, playfully ruffling Silver Spoon’s mane. “I hear you’ve been making new friends since Diamond Tiara left; that’s wonderful!”

“Yeah!” Silver Spoon eagerly nodded. “I’m a Cutie Mark Crusader now!” She proudly stated.

“A what?” Sterling blinked.

“It’s a club that Apple Bloom started with other friends of ours.” Silver Spoon proudly explained. Friends... of ours!

“Apple... Bloom?” Sterling muttered, tapping a hoof to his chin. “Ah, the youngest of the Apple family, right? Mrs. Orange has mentioned her sister.”

“Oh!” Silver Spoon gasped. “I need to tell them I won’t be meeting today.”

Sterling frowned. “Why? Please, don’t wait at home, your mother and I have things to tend to first.”

“Wh-what?” Silver Spoon flinched. “You’re here on business..?”

“Don’t worry,” Sterling winked. “Once the G7 arrives, you’ll be joining me to see your old man in action plus meeting the other families.”

Silver Spoon grinned widely. “I get to come along? Really?”

“Of course!” Sterling smiled. “You may as well bridge the gap of time by spending these moments with your friends. Some of the other family heads bring their children in, I figure it’s high time you came with me.”

“Okay, daddy.” Silver Spoon smiled, planting a small peck on her father’s cheek before eagerly dashing out of the room.

“That... went over a lot better than I thought.” Sterling remarked with a nod. “I guess I have Seabastion to thank then.”

Sterling proceeded into the hallway down to the opposite end and topped just outside the door. A faint weeping crept from inside, he sighed and pressed his way in. “Sunset,” he called with a sense of firmness despite his wife’s tears.

“Sterling,” Sunset cleared her throat and quickly wiped her eyes. “I’m sorry about that, I suppose crying over the fact that she doesn’t want to see me is rather moot at this point in time. I’ve already put eleven long years between us, what’s the rest of my life?”

Sterling cringed, fighting his own emotions as he approached Sunset’s side at their dresser. “I understand, but honey you can’t stop trying that would kinda prove her right about you. We want to change that.”

“You saw the way she looks at me,” Sunset sniffed. “I talked with August Hoof when we got in and apparently some mare has already taken my role in her life so really, what use is there in even trying to be a part of her life anymore?”

“August Hoof...” Sterling groaned. “Well, Sunset, at least she remembers you, right? That’s something.”

“Yea...” Sunset slowly nodded with a pang of hope in her tone. “I... I guess it is something, isn’t it?”

Sterling rested his head on Sunset’s smiling into the mirror. “See that mare there?” He pointed to her reflection with a hoof. “If that stallion,” he gestured to his reflection.”Is anything like his daughter, he will come to love that mare just as much as he does! I guarantee it!”

Sunset smiled a full smile for the first time. “You really think so?”

“Of course!” Sterling confidently nodded. “Trust me, Silver Spoon will warm up to you. Once the meeting is over she’ll be with us all the time. In the meantime, though try to talk to her, but don’t force yourself on her.”

Sunset nodded to her reflection. “Okay, Sterling,  I’ll try again then.”
Silver Spoon bounced through Ponyville, her mind abuzz with attending a meeting she had only vaguely heard about before as a little filly. The seven most powerful families in Equestria! She could feel her anticipation rising as she attempted to recall the families. Mine, Apples and Oranges make two, then there’s—oh! Diamond Tiara’s family!

She stopped suddenly in her thoughts. Diamond Tiara... no, Silver Spoon visibly shook herself. Think positive, Silver Spoon! Unknowingly, Silver Spoon’s hooves lead her to the front door of Carousel Boutique. I should tell Sweetie Belle and Rarity my daddy is here!

“Sweetie Belle,” Silver Spoon called as she pushed her way in. “Rarity!” She chirped, looking around. Guess nopony’s home... Silver Spoon frowned.

“Silver Spoon?” Rarity called from the back of the store, the sound of her voice instantly brought a smile to Silver Spoon’s face. “Just a moment, I’ll be right there!” Within moments Rarity came trotting around a corner, smiling warmly to her guest. “Hello, Silver Spoon. What brings you here?”

“My dad is visiting town!” Silver Spoon sang. “You know, I wonder if it would be alright if I invited you all for dinner one night...”

Rarity giggled. “Really, Silver Spoon, you have a big heart, but you should spend time with your father.”

“I want you to come, Rarity!” Silver Spoon urged. “Please?”

Rarity smiled endearingly, shaking her head. “Alright, alright, darling. I’ll take you up on the offer. I should plan an outfit...” She paused and blinked in realization. “Oh, what about your mother?”

“Oh, her.” Silver Spoon deadpanned. “She’s busy.”

Rarity cocked a brow. “Really, little one?” She thoughtfully narrowed her eyes as though it was clear she knew something was up. “I find it hard to believe that a mother would not want to spend time with her growing filly.”

“Yeah,” Silver Spoon nodded. “Don’t worry, though Rarity.”

Rarity pouted and huffed slightly. “Alright then, Silver Spoon. Anyway, if you’re looking for Sweetie Belle, she has already left to meet up with the other crusaders.”

“Oh, okay.” Silver Spoon smiled, dipping her head. “Thank you.”

“Not a problem.” Rarity shook her head. “Please feel free to talk to me about anything at anytime, darling. Celestia knows Sweetie Belle surprised me just this morning." She added with a weary sigh.

"Sweetie Belle?" Silver Spoon echoed. "What happened?"

Rarity blushed, shaking her head. "I do apologize, dear, but it's not my place to discuss such matters with you." She forced a faint smile. "I know now how much I startled my poor mother when I was that age now."

"I'm... confused." Silver Spoon tipped her head to the side. What exactly did Sweetie Belle do to have Rarity so worked up?

"It's better that way." Rarity half-smiled. "Silver Spoon, may I ask a favor?"

"Of course!" Silver Spoon eagerly smiled. "What is it?"

"Please keep an eye on my younger sister? I fear she will become more of a hooful now..."

That's an odd request... "Of course I will." Silver Spoon said, sounding slightly offended to be asked. After all, I care for Sweetie Belle too.

Rarity seemed to be eased by the conviction in Silver Spoon's voice. "Thank you so much. You two have grown quite close this past year,” she added, brushing Silver Spoon’s mane from her eyes with a hoof. “I don’t even see Apple Bloom or the others as much as you."

“I like it here!” Silver Spoon motioned to her surroundings with a hoof. “I’m going to go catch up with the others now, see you later Rarity!”

“See you later, Silver Spoon.” Rarity called.
”Hi Silver Spoon!" Sweetie Belle chirped, hugging the filly as she stepped into the clubhouse. "Hey..." She sniffed Silver Spoon's face. "Are you... wearing something..?"

"Uhh... Sweetie Belle, if ya have t' be that close to smell somepony's perfume, ya miiiiight be too close." Apple Bloom chuckled.

"I'm surprised she wears that stuff," Scootaloo commented. "Special occasion?"

"It's probably my dad's cologne." Silver Spoon giggled. "He just made it in town this morning."

"Really?" Twist spoke up. "Then wouldn't you want to be at home with him?"

"Wait, what about your mom, Silvy?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Silver Spoon shrugged. "Beats me. What are we going to do today?"

"Probably nothin fer me." Apple Bloom shook her head. "Ah got extra duties t' tend to on th' farm."

"Yeah, Cheerilee wants me at home... studying." Scootaloo hung her head. "I guess she hasn’t totally forgotten about my grounding. That's cruel, doing that to a filly should be punishable by banishment."

"Bon-Bon ha'th a big order to fill today." Twist said. "It'th the bigge'tht I've 'theen, even Pinkie Pie is helping u'th, too."

"Are you busy, Belle?" Silver Spoon anxiously asked.

"I guess not." Sweetie Belle shook her head. "Why?"

"Wonderful!" Silver Spoon sang. "Come on," she motioned with her head. "We need to stop by my house first!" Without waiting for any objections, Silver Spoon took off, grinning wider than what she knew was socially acceptable.
Silver Spoon burst through the front door to her homes, the large wooden doors were no match for an overly excited filly as the slammed back against the wall.

“S-Silver Spoon?!”  gasped a voice from the third floor that nearly drained Silver Spoon’s high.

“Oh... Sunset.” Silver Spoon looked around the foyer. “Is my daddy home?”

Sunset smiled faintly, hope sparking in her eyes. “Is there something I can assist you with instead?”

“No,” Silver Spoon sharply retorted. Upon closer inspection of her mother, Silver Spoon noticed she looked... frayed, her mane covered her face mostly and her fur in places stuck out in various directions. “What happened to you?” Silver Spoon reflexively asked.

Sunset giggled slightly, turning her head in no particular direction. “N-Nothing,” she shook her head.

Silver Spoon shrugged, ”Whatever, where’s my dad?”

“In his room,” Sunset motioned down the hallway.

“Ah, alright.” Silver Spoon nodded, starting up the stairs.

“No, wait!” Sunset hurriedly met Silver Spoon half way on the stairs, blushing brightly. “I-I’ll fetch him! J-just please, wait.”

If for no other reason, the urgency in Sunset’s voice caused Silver Spoon to yield to her mother’s wishes. “Fine,” she trotted onto the balcony of the second floor. “Tell him it’s important, okay?”

“I will.” Sunset nodded, briskly making her way up to the third floor.

Everypony’s acting weird today. Silver Spoon mused. Rarity talking about Sweetie Belle, now Sunset’s acting weird. She’s usually all about her image. She smelled odd too...

“S... S... Silver... Spoon..!” Sweetie Belle panted as she staggered in. “Why... run... wait..?” She managed between breaths.

“Sorry!” Silver Spoon rushed downstairs looking worried. “I didn’t hear you. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know you were following me. I’ve run from home to the farm so often, I hardly even notice the time passing anymore.”

Sweetie Belle giggled, shaking her head. “Why... did you... run... off?”

“Well, I invited your sister over for dinner as thanks for letting me stay over so much. Also, after finding out you don’t have any plans, I... kinda thought maybe it could be tonight!” Silver Spoon grinned.

“And a wonderful idea it sounds like!” Sterling’s energetic voice echoed through the foyer.

Silver Spoon smiled, out of the corner of her eye she could see Sweetie Belle wide-eyed with awe as she watched the bold stallion descend the stair in an overly dramatic manner, his wife just behind him.

“If I may venture a guess,” Sunset began, looking intently to Sweetie Belle. “You are Sweetie Belle, correct? I have heard a great deal about you from Seabastion and the others, and I cannot thank you enough for being there for my daughter.”

Silver Spoon groaned and rolled her eyes. Her daughter...

“I had fun with Silvy!” Sweetie Belle chirped, playfully nudging Silver Spoon.

“Let me thank you as well, little filly.” Sterling smiled. He looked to Silver Spoon and smirked. “Now, about this party, Silver, I think  we should do... that again.” The stallion winked.

Sunset blinked, a smile curled on her lips. “Oh, yes,” she nodded. “We should do that.”

That?” Silver Spoon and Sweetie Belle echoed, tipping their head to the side.

“I guess it has been a while for you,” Sterling frowned. “THAT Remember? Every now and again in Manehattan? At midnight?”

Silver Spoon gasped and nodded frantically. “Oooohh! THAT, that.Yeeah! That would be a lot more fun!

“Wait... what’s that?” Sweetie Belle looked to each of the smiling ponies, unknowingly smiling herself. “I... it’s something good then..?” She said with an upward inflection, obviously not too sure herself.

“I’ll get the house ready, dear.” Sunset giggled.

Sterling nodded. “Girls, I’m going to need you to go around town spreading the word.”

“What word?” Sweetie Belle blinked.

“Tell Ponyville, the Midnight Dinner is on—TONIGHT!” Sterling announced.

Sweetie Belle shook her head slowly, staring to Sterling with a perplexed expression. “But... Mr. Silver Spoon’s dad... that’s eight words, not one.”

Sweetie Belle... Silver Spoon couldn’t help but giggle. “Just call him Mr. Archer or Mr. Sterling, Belle.”

“Or you could just call me Sterling, I don’t mind.” Sterling shrugged. “But, either way, make sure the two of you run around town spreading the word. I’m sure the older residents will remember full well what you’re talking about.” He explained with a nod. “To anypony that asks questions, just tell them to meet at the Silver Residence at midnight.”

“Silver Spoon!” Sweetie Belle said in a pleading tone.

“I’ll tell you as we go.” Silver Spoon motioned with her head, “Lets go!”

With Sweetie Belle at her side, Silver Spoon almost thought she was moving faster than usual. Their first destination landed them at the library of all places. Well, I guess we have to start somewhere.

Sweetie Belle rapped a hoof on the door. “Coming!” Answered a voice from the inside. In a matter of moments, Twilight Sparkle answered the door beaming a bright smile to her guests. “Hello, Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon, what brings you here?”

“My daddy is throwing one of his Midnight Dinner parties,” Silver Spoon puffed out her chest. “And you’re invited! All of Ponyville is.”

“Midnight Dinner party, huh?” Twilight Sparkle tapped a hoof to her chin. “I think I’m free tonight, I may stop by. Where is it being held? Town hall?”

“Nope!” Sweetie Belle shook her head.

“My house!” Silver Spoon said.

“And ALL of ponyville is invited?” Twilight Sparkle cocked a brow.

“Yup!” Silver Spoon eagerly nodded. “Back in Manehattan my daddy would sometimes throw random parties, and over time he noticed that he was restless around midnight, so he began inviting friends over regularly.” She explained. “In addition to that, he threw parties that were a hit so often that others thought it was an honor to be invited over, though daddy himself didn’t care, he just liked the atmosphere.”

Twilight Sparkle giggled. “Sounds like your father and Pinkie Pie would get along great.”

“I’ll bet she would, too!” Sweetie Belle giggled. “Twi, can you help us spread the word, too? Things would go a lot faster with your help.”

Twilight Sparkle nodded. “Now that I can do without a doubt!” She turned around and called, “Spike! I would like you to send a letter to...” The door shut seemingly of its own volition.

One down, the rest of Ponyville to go!