Moving on: Silver Spoon's story

by Hollyfern

League of extraordinary fillies

The doors to the Ponyville School erupted open with cheers and flying papers, all the little fillies and colts racing out with wide smiles. Among them was the newly forged group of friends who were laughing and giggling right along with all the others. Cheerilee watched with a smile as the ponies bounded off towards town. She walked back into the schoolhouse to enjoy her little break before class began anew next week.

"This is gonna be AWESOME!" Scootaloo chirped. "A whole week to find our cutie marks!"

"We should head fer the club house t' get started!" Apple Bloom said as she picked up her pace to a slight gallop. "We ain't got no time to spare!"

"Alrighty!" Sweetie Belle squeaked. The Cutie Mark Crusaders began galloping off in the direction of Sweet Apple Acres, leaving leaving two confused fillies in their wake.

"What...what do we do?" Twist asked, giving Silver Spoon a worried look.

The gray filly shrugged and shook her head. "I... I don't know, Twist."

"Hey!" Apple Bloom shouted from a distance. "Aren't yall comin?" The pale yellow filly followed by the others trotted back to the duo.

"But...Twist and I aren't Cutie Mark Crusaders," Silver Spoon pointed out.

"Yeah, are we even allowed to 'thee the club hou'the?" Twist added.

"Well 'course yall are," Apple Bloom said as she gave a confused look. "Why wound't yall be allowed?"

"Wait, I think they have a point," Scootaloo nodded. "The can't see the club house because they're not one of us!"

"Scootaloo that's so mean!" Sweetie Belle protested, a little surprised by the pegasus' words.

"No no no!" she said, waving a hoof. "See, I really mean that we should let them join!"

"Huh...not a bad idea," Apple Bloom admitted. "Even though both of 'em have their cutie mark, there isn't a rule keeping them from joining I guess."

"Yeah! And maybe they know some way to help us get our cutie marks too!" Sweetie Belle smiled.

"Cutie Mark Crusaders Group Meeting!" The three fillies shouted before huddling up and whispering amongst themselves.

Twist and Silver Spoon anxiously awaited the others to finish their meeting. "What do you think they're talking about?" Silver Spoon whispered to Twist, her heart pounding from the excitement of the possibility of becoming a Cutie Mark Crusader.

"Beat'th me." the filly replied with a shrug. "But... it would be neat to be a Cutie Mark Crusader, don't you think?"

"Alright!" Apple Bloom proclaimed. "We have decided that in order to join yall have to swear an oath!"

"An oath?" Silver Spoon echoed with a slight chuckle.

"Yea!" Scootaloo nodded. "A promise that as ponies with your cutie marks, you pass on what you know and help us get ours!"

"What she said!" Sweetie Belle comically added.

"Ok!" Twist eagerly grinned. "I promi'th t-"

"No wait!" Apple Bloom placed a hoof over Twists mouth. Her eyes darted around to everypony as if she were looking for a spy. "Not here, at the club house!" she whispered.


The group of fillies approached the quaint rustic red tree house. The wooden light blue painted steps in particular caught Silver Spoon’s eye, the craftsmanship showed.

"Wow..." Silver Spoon gasped. "Your sister built this for you all?"

"Well... not exactly," Apple Bloom admitted as she rubbed a hoof on the back of her head. "It was fallin apart at first, but ah fixed it up." A faint blush ran across her face

"Well you three did a pretty good job!" Silver Spoon admitted.

"I didn't help much," Sweetie Belle said. "I was busy cleaning up."

"Me neither, I made the map!" Scootaloo proudly added.

"'Tho... that mean'th you did thi'th by your'thelf Apple Bloom?"

The pale filly blushed slightly as she opened the door. "Aw shoot, yall make it seem like such a big deal."

"Well it IS impressive," Silver Spoon muttered as she and Twist followed the others in.

The inside of the club house glowed yellow. A crudely drawn map of Ponyville hung on the back wall; for some reason Silver Spoon couldn't figure out each major spot was crossed out. Sunlight shone in from behind a flower patterend pink and red curtain covering the window. A small miniature red piano sat in the corner along with a ponyquin, complete with assorted colorful fabrics, including one glistening gold color and a hoof powered sewing machine.

"Now, future cutie mark crusaders," Scootaloo started. "ATTENTION!"  the pegasus commanded.

Both Silver Spoon and Twist decided to play along and stood at attention. Both, wearing a serious expression that masked their laughter.

"To be one of us its more than just fun and games!" Apple Bloom continued. "Since y'all already have your cutie marks, y'all have to promise t' help us in our quest to find ours!"

"Yes ma'am!" Silver Spoon and Twist proudly answered.

"Girls," Sweetie Belle laughed. "This is a bit silly. Why not just have them recite the theme?"

"Well, yea." Apple Bloom nodded as she giggled. "That would be alot easier, I just got wrapped up in what Scoots was saying."

"Repeat after me," the young unicorn commanded before clearing her throat.

"Look, here are three little ponies
Ready to sing for this crowd
Listen up, 'cause here's our story
I'm gonna sing it very loud!... "

Sweetie Belle’s voice echoed beautifully through the room. Silver Spoon and Twist listened in awe at the unicorn’s uncanny gift for projecting her voice fully and holding notes with such perfection that normally takes ponies years to train for. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo smiled proudly, knowing all too well of Sweetie Belle’s talent.

Her voice is beautiful! Silver Spoon admitted. I don't think even Sapphire Shores can sing this well!

"...We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders
On a quest to find out who we are
And we will never stop the journey
Not until we have our cutie marks
We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders
On a quest to find out who we are
And we will never stop the journey
Not until we have our cutie marks!"

By the time Silver Spoon and Twist began singing along in addition to Scootaloo and Apple Bloom, everypony was winded and laughing, panting heavily as they all sang at the top of their lungs.

"Th... That was... The song... from the talent show," Silver Spoon said between breaths. "Except... it sounded... GOOD this time." She giggled.

"Yeah!" Twist nodded. "'Thweetie Belle... why didn't you 'thing at the talent 'thow?"

The unicorn replied by shaking her head. "I can't sing in front of a crowd... besides, I did the costumes and scenery!"

"And I did choreography!" Apple Bloom proudly stated.

"Well, to me it sounds like you all have your roles completely out of place." Silver Spoon said. "I don't mean any offence, but obviously Apple Bloom should have done scenery and costumes with her wonderful taste in color, and the fantastic job she did with the clubhouse." The filly gestured to the shelter around them. "Sweetie Belle’s beautiful voice should have been the focus of the vocals and Scootaloo... hmmm..."

"Well Scootaloo taught me how to spin." Apple Bloom nodded knowingly. "More or less that is."

"I don't get it." Twist said as she tilted her head to the side. "'Thiver 'Thpoon i'th right."

"Well, I just don't like singing to crowds." Sweetie Belle waved a hoof dismissing the thought. "Plus, I wanna be a designer like Rarity!"

"Sweetie Belle!" Silver Spoon whined. "You have a gift! Plus, trust me, you don't want to spend your life being like somepony you're not." She nodded knowingly.

Sweetie Belle shook her head as she trotted over to the sewing machine. "No, I'd rather be like Rarity." The unicorn’s horn flickered in a rare display of her magic heritage. A rich deep blue fabric shuddered as a small magic bubble formed around it, probably one of Rarity’s finer materials. Sweetie Belle concentrated harder, and the fabric fell over and unrolled right out the door. "Dumb fabric..." The filly sighed as she gave chase to it.

Silver Spoon giggled as she and the other Cutie Mark Crusaders followed the unicorn out the door.


"Oh no!" Sweetie Belle cried out.

Silver Spoon saw the unicorn retrieving the drenched dark blue fabric from a small pond. "What are... were you going to do with that fabric, Sweetie Belle?" The filly asked as she helped fish out the material.

"Twist and your capes." Sweetie Belle sighed. "But, it might have to wait..."

"Oh 'Thweetie Belle!" Twist squeaked. "Thank'th 'tho much!" The gangly filly grinned at the thought of showing off her new status as 'Cutie Mark Crusader.'

"That's very sweet of you," Silver Spoon warmly said. "You don't have to go out of your way though." The gray filly rolled the fabric away from the pond.

"Nonesense!" the unicorn protested. "You and Twist are officially Cutie Mark Crusaders now!" he proudly stated. "Although, I was thinking of making both of your capes blue to show that you have your cutie mark already."

"That's a good idea," Scootaloo nodded as she helped roll the fabric up to a nearby picnic table.

"Well," Apple Bloom started as she looked over the ruined portion of the expensive material. "At least not all of it's wet, you can use what is dry to make both of their capes with plenty left over." The pale yellow filly nodded.

"You think so?" Sweetie Belle asked, tilting her head to the side and sizing up the dry fabric. "Doesn't look like it."

"Well, yea!" Apple Bloom confidently nodded. "Now, yall help me hang this thing so it can dry."


"Here you go!" Sweetie Belle proudly squeaked as she presented the new recruits with their blue and gold underlined capes.

"Wow..." Silver Spoon gasped. Though the filly was used to recieving formal wear far more exquisite, and many of which were made with cloth more expensive than what the cape was made of, something about it made it feel invaluable. Cutie Mark Crusader. Silver Spoon reveled in this warm thought.

"Now ah told ya we'd fine 'em here!"

The Cutie Mark Crusaders turned and saw a smiling fawn colored mare wearing a cowgirl hat, accompanied by Silver Spoon’s faithful butler, Seabastion. It wasn't until then that Silver Spoon noticed the warm orange glow cast on the horizon, signaling the day’s end.

"Clearly." The black stallion lightly chucked. "Miss Silver Spoon it is time to go."

"Do I have to?" the filly whined. 

"Spring break has begun and tomorrow is the weekend," Seabastion pointed out. "You are free to return tomorrow."

Silver Spoon begrudgingly nodded. She gathered her saddle bag and decided to wear her cape on the way home.

"Well, Ah'll be." The fawn mare nodded approvingly.

"Silver Spoon," Scootaloo said. "We meet here around lunch-time every day, so try to be here, ok? "

The filly eagerly nodded an answer and joined her butler as the clubhouse shrank the further they got, skipping along. A smile beamed on her face; she knew that tomorrow would be her first day as a Cutie Mark Crusader.


"Ugh!" August Hoof reeled in disgust. "What IS that appalling scrap you're wearing?!" The unicorn gestured disdainfully to the newly acquired Cutie Mark Crusaders cape which the gray filly wore with pride while humming a recently learned tune.

"It's not scrap!" Silver Spoon protested with a stomp of her hoof. "It's my Cutie Mark Crusader Cape!" The little gray filly ran around her room, letting the blue cape carelessly flow behind her. "Twist and I are the newest members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders!"

"I... I see." The unicorn uneasily nodded. "Here, let me at LEAST make it presentable." Using her magic, August Hoof tried to take the cape from the frolicking filly, who defiantly held on to her precious gift.

"No!" Silver Spoon whined. "It's perfect as is!"

August Hoof nodded and let the cape rest upon the filly’s back. "Hehehe... alright Miss Silver Spoon."

"And stop calling me that," the filly said with a roll of her eyes. "My name is Silver Spoon."