Moving on: Silver Spoon's story

by Hollyfern

The Great Cupcake Massacre!

The bright afternoon sun beamed down on the group of five fillies that had just arrived at Silver Spoons' three story tall home. Silver Spoons' guests marveled at the size of the massive dark brown twin wooden doors.

"Thi'th i'th your home..?" Twist gasped in awe.

"That was what I said when Rarity brought me this morning!" Sweetie Belle giggled. "I didn't get the chance to go in though."

"Eh, it's nothing like the houses they have in Cloudsdale," Scootaloo waved her hoof dismissively. "Rainbow Dash’s house is a lot cooler than this."

"I'm sure." Silver Spoon shrugged. She will be singing a different tune after she sees the inside! the filly confidently giggled to herself.

"Well what're we waitin’ fer!" Impatiently, Apple Bloom knocked as hard as her little hoof allowed.

The doors eerily creaked open and a white unicorn mare appeared in a maid’s outfit. Despite her eyes being visibly shut, she turned to Silver Spoon and nodded.

"We were not expecting you back so soon, Miss Silver Spoon." She reeled as she realized the company Silver Spoon was with. "And... these… err... ponies?" She motioned with a hoof at Twist and Co.

"August Hoof, these are my guests," the young mistress proudly smiled. "I am sorry that this is last minute." Silver Spoon dipped her head in respect to her maid.

August Hoof looked over the group through half opened eyes then sighed. "Very well." She widened the door to allow their guests in. The young fillies entered and were instantly struck with awe.

The wide, spiraling. pearly white staircase was accented with shimmering golden railings. A glass elevator ran through the middle of the staircase up the three flights for ease of access. A grand chandelier loomed above, decorated with several crystals reflecting light through the foyer. A red carpet ran all around, to the left where Silver Spoon had (or rather hadn't had) breakfast this morning, and to the right, which led around to the back of the house.

The mare relieved the fillies of their saddlebags and hung them on a rack behind the door. "Your saddle bags will be by the front door," August Hoof instructed. "And do try not to touch the priceless pieces of art on the corridors of the second floor. Lastly, the large door on the third floor at the end of the hallway has a sign that says, and I quote, ‘DO. NOT. ENTER.’ I trust you know what that means. Just in case however, DO. NOT. ENTER.”

Unbeknownst to August Hoof, the fillies had left her by the front door talking to nopony since the beginning of her speech. "This was an unexpected turn of events..." She mused to herself.

The fillies were already busy in another part of the mansion: the back corridor on the first floor. A seemingly endless string of lights on the ceiling lit their path as Silver Spoon started their tour.

"Wooooow..." Sweetie Belle admired. "Your family has aloooooot of bits... what does your family do?"

"My family was one of the first in Ponyville, back when the population was hoof counted," Silver Spoon proudly stated. "We also own a lot of land too."

"Mah family is kinda like that too!" Apple Bloom eagerly added. "'Cept all we own is the farm."

"If I remember correctly," Twist said as she pushed up her glasses. "The Apple family and the 'thilver family are two of the oldest in Equestria!"

"So being a snob runs in Silver Spoons' family!" Scootaloo snickered. "No surprise there."

Ok, I TRIED being nice. One more snarky or sassy remark, just ONE, Scootaloo...’ Silver Spoon inwardly threatened.

"I guess you could say that, let's keep going." Silver Spoon purposely pushed the disrespectful pegasus out of her way as she continued down the corridor.

"Watch where you're going!" The orange filly retorted. "Heh, then again you are wearing glasses."

Silver Spoon abruptly stopped. Just as she was about to turn and tell Scootaloo off she heard Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle whispering. The word 'sorry' was thrown around a bit. She decided to pretend she didn't hear anything, but she wasn't about to pass up this opportunity.

"What did you say Scootaloo?" Silver Spoon turned with a giggle and innocent smile.

The whispering continued on for a moment more, ending with a defeated sigh from the pegasus.

"I'm sorr-e miss snob!" Scootaloo giggled. Sweetie Belle prodded her friend’s side, wearing an irritated look. "Fine! I'm sorry Silver Spoon. There I said it." She pouted.

Silver Spoon continued her tour with a sense of satisfaction. The first floor tour consisted of a large indoor swimming pool with water so clear one could see the family cutie mark embedded at the bottom. The back corridor led to the 'ginormous' kitchen.

A hoof full of ponies shuffled about the kitchen. A plethora of scents filled the fillies' noses. Emerald approached the group smiling from ear to ear.

"Well well, what have we here?" He chuckled. "You girls hungry? I can whip you up something like BAM!" He struck a goofy pose, winking and pointing his hoof at the girls.

"Are any of you hungry?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Ah could eat!" Apple Bloom chirped.

"Me too!" Sweetie Belle added.

"If it'th not too much trouble." smiled Twist.

"Yeah,” Scootaloo nodded. “Count me in too. What can you cook?"  

"Well for my little misses’ filly friends I have something just for the occasion. Go and look around some more, I'll send for you when I'm done." Emerald stamped his hoof three times in succession, and three other ponies came to him. The chef whispered something and the others went to work.

"Hey, how about we go to my room?" Silver Spoon suggested.

"Hey yeah!" Sweetie Belle chirped. "I wonder if it's as big as I think."

"Knowing miss prissy, it's huge," Scootaloo giggled.

"Actually, Scoots," Silver Spoon giggled. "It is."

"Don't call me that!" The orange pegasus growled.

"Oh?" Silver Spoon stalked around Scootaloo wearing a devious smile. "How about Scooty? Scooty-loo?" Serves you right. She giggled as she egged the pegasus on. "Calm down you dodo, I'm just playing."

"What is it with you and Sweetie Belle saying that?! What does that even mean?"  Scootaloo groaned.

"Oh don't you worry about it Scooty. Come on! My room is on the third floor." Silver Spoon lead the group back out into the foyer, and Apple Bloom whizzed by her to the elevator.

"Hey! Can we take the elevator up?" the yellow filly squeaked.

"Yeah!" Sweetie Belle added.

"Well..." Silver Spoon thought for a moment. "I guess, yeah." She nodded.

"Cool!" Scootaloo chirped.

"Cool?" echoed Silver Spoon. "Scooty, thank you."

"Err... I-I mean it's like not every day you ride an elevator in somepony's home you know?" The pegasus nervously chuckled. "Yeah, let's go with that."

"I 'thwear 'Thootaloo, you're 'tho weird 'thomtime'th," Twist giggled as she joined Apple Bloom in the elevator.

The pegasus groaned as she and Silver Spoon joined the others. Once inside, Silver Spoon pushed a lever back until the number '3' was highlighted. A light mechanical hum started and the lift slowly rose from ground level. As it climbed to the second floor, the fillies caught sight of several marble busts atop pedestals extending down both directions of the hallway.

"Those are my ancestors, past ponies of the Silver family tree," Silver Spoon stated. "Only the colts and fillies that bear a variation of the Silver Spoon cutie mark inherit the family fortune."

"So, what if you had a brother?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Only one of us would inherit the fortune, the other usually becomes a servant or moves out."

"Ain't that kinda’ mean?" Apple Bloom inquired, cocking an eyebrow in confusion. "Ah mean why not just share the money? That's family after all."

Silver Spoon just shrugged. Even she knew that made sense. No answer she could think of felt right. She had just accepted that fact and was partially thankful she was born an only foal.

"That's how a snob works, Apple Bloom." Scootaloo turned her nose up in disgust. "Selfish and always looking out for themselves."

The pegasus' words wounded her. Was that true? It does seem cruel, after all, to think of yourself over your family. A light 'ding' signaling that the elevator reached the appropriate floor broke her train of thought.

The group exited the elevator and unanimously turned left, towards the door at the end of the hallway. The door seemed to call to them, the allure of the forbidden secret door. A sign hung from the door knob: 'Do Not Enter.'

"What's behind the door?" Scootaloo asked, her growing anticipation glowing in her eyes.

"I don't know," Silver Spoon responded with a shrug. "My parents told me I can't go back there until I come of age."

"So, you're going back there on your birthday?" Sweetie Belle tilted her hear to the side.

"Uh, no. When I become a mare, head of the family after my dad. Come on, my room is down the other way." The gray filly led her group down the other end of the hallway.

"Ain't ya even curious about what's back there?" Apple Bloom asked as she cast backward glances at the tantalizing door.

"No," Silver Spoon curtly replied a hint of frustration in her voice. "From the little glimpses I've seen it's only books anyway."

"Maybe it'th be'tht if we ju'tht drop it..."Twist meekly suggested.

"Yeah, sorry Silver Spoon," Sweetie Belle added.

"It's alright." The filly sighed as they arrived at a decorative pink door with her cutie mark. "Here we are." She gave a half-hearted smile.

Much like with most of her home, when Twist and the Cutie Mark Crusaders laid eyes on her room, they were impressed, to say the least. Maybe it was the spaciousness of the room, or the oversized bed that could easily fit all five of them. Maybe the tall tri-fold vanity mirror complete with a little make up kit or possibly the seemingly endless walk-in closet filled with assorted dresses in a variety of colors.

"Want to see something else cool?" Silver Spoon cockily smirked. "Watch this."

The group turned to see their hostess open a small panel next to the door, revealing several buttons and a small speaker. Silver Spoon pressed one of the buttons and began to speak. "Emerald, are you finished?"

A little buzzing sound rang for a moment followed by the chefs voice. "Sending the first batch up now, miss Silver Spoon."

On command a knock came to the door. Twist opened it and was greeted with a silver tray presented by one of the unicorn butlers.

"Whatcha’ think they made?" Apple Bloom removed the lid revealing a tray full of sweet smelling cupcakes.

"Plenty more where that came from," Emerald's voice chuckled. "Just give me a ring and more will be there like-BAM."

Each of the fillies sampled the chef’s cupcakes, chewing slowly as if they were critiquing them.

"They're alright..." Scootaloo said as she took another bite. "Nothing like a Pinkie Pie cupcake though."

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom nodded in agreement. "Everypony knows that Pinkie Pie is one of the best bakers in all of Equestria." Apple Bloom commented.

"Hmm..." Silver Spoon recalled Diamond Tiara’s cuteceniera and shook her head, remembering how burnt those cupcakes were. "Uhh, no. Those cupcakes at Diamond’s cuteceniera were HORRIBLE!"

Apple Bloom blushed and laughed nervously. "Actually Silver Spoon... ah made those..."

"No way!" Silver Spoon gasped.

"Huh, I thought 'thomthing wa'th off with miss Pinkie'th baking that day," Twist giggled.

"How can your sister rock at baking and you kinda... I don't know, don't rock at it?" Scootaloo chuckled. "I mean really, Applejack’s baking is almost as good as Pinkie Pie’s!"

Apple Bloom’s yellow face turned bright red from a mix of feelings. "Oh shut up dodo!" The filly threw a cupcake at Scootaloo, scoring a perfect headshot right between the eyes. Apple Bloom laughed as the pastry slid down her friend’s face leaving a trail of blue icing.

For a moment a deafening silence fell over the room. Then a delightful idea struck Silver Spoon. "Emerald, send more cupcakes-NOW!" she whispered into the intercom knowing what was about to happen next.

"You... you..!" Scootaloo armed herself with two cupcakes and struck the laughing filly with both, then laughed at the icing covering her mane and face.

"Oh. It. Is. ON!" the yellow filly dramatically threatened.

The two smiled as they reloaded. Then they proceeded to pelt one another with cupcakes. Before long Twist, Silver Spoon, and even Sweetie Belle took up arms as part of their playful war.

Hours passed as more plates of cupcakes magically appeared in the room. They were quickly emptied as their contents were fired about Silver Spoon’s once tidy space. Playful squeals echoed through the battlefield as cupcakes blazed about, covering the walls, the windows, the floor, the ceiling, and the door. These soldiers created a colorful mess of a once civil place of respite. Once the laughter of war ceased and ammunition ran dry, the five little bodies laid down about the battlefield. These brave souls fought their hardest and it showed. Their manes, tails, and coats were covered in several different colors from their heated battle. Yes, this battle shall forever go down in history as the Great Cupcake Massacre.

Silver Spoon panted as she lied strewn across her sticky, ruffled bed alongside her partners, Sweetie Belle and Twist. "That...was...incredible." She laughed between breaths.

"Ye'th!" Twist streched and giggled. "I haven't had fun like that in a while!"

"Totally!" Scootaloo chirped from behind the vanity mirror. "Like that one part where I hit Silver Spoon and her glasses came clean off!"

"Oh yeah! Where are my glasses anyway?" The gray filly strained her eyes as she scanned the multi-colored room for her glasses.

Out of the corner of her eye she caught Sweetie Belle point a hoof straight up at the ceiling, then burst into uncontrollable laughter. The other fillies followed in suit, breaking into their own laughing fits. As it turned out, somehow Silver Spoon’s glasses were held hostage by blue icing.

"Good Heavens!" Sweetie Belle cringed at the sound of that all too familiar voice. "What happened here?!"

The fillies sheepishly turned and saw a dumbfounded Rarity as she looked around the remains of Silver Spoon’s room.

"We were playing a game!" Sweetie Belle replied, not really comprehending the trouble that was about to ensue.

"Uhh...well! Would ya look at the time!" Apple Bloom pointed to the cupcake smeared window, wearing an uncomfortable smile. "Ah best be gettin’ back home t' Applejack!" The yellow filly tried to sneak past Rarity, but a very sturdy white hoof stamped down in her way.

"Why all the ruckus?" Rang a voice that made Silver Spoon facehoof. August Hoof came into view and her face was instantly struck with horror. "My word..!" She gasped before turning her scorn on the fillies. "Who is responsible for this?!"

The fillies hung their heads. They knew punishment was coming and it would probably involve them being barred from Silver Spoon’s home.

I can't let that happen! Silver Spoon quickly thought of an excuse that would at least take most of the blame off Twist and the others. "Me," she firmly announced as she hopped from the bed and approached the two mares. "I threw the first cupcake so what happened here is my fault."

August Hoof was taken aback, obviously expecting one of her friends to be the culprit. "S-Surely you wouldn't purpo-"

"August Hoof! You heard me."

Everypony, even Rarity, remained silent. The air felt tense, as if something else were about to happen.

"...Very well. It will be taken care of immediately,” the maid said with a nod. She cast one last disgusted glance that, thankfully Rarity didn't catch, then left the room.

An odd awkwardness hung in the room for a while, until Rarity broke the silence. "W-well, come along Sweetie Belle. Apple Bloom. Twist. Scootaloo. It's late, time to go." Rarity waved a hoof for them to follow her.

Begrudgingly, each filly got to their hooves and began to leave.

"Bye Silver Spoon..." Sweetie Belle waved.

"Yeah, this was fun-even for you," Scootaloo teased. This time though, without the normal snarkiness behind her voice.

"We should really do this again sometime!" Apple Bloom chirped.

"'Thee you at 'thool tomorrow 'thilvy!" Twist giggled.

Before long, Silver Spoon was alone. She stretched and sprang to her bed, where the moon shone down on Equestria from high in the night sky. She hadn't realized it had gotten this late; somewhere in the frenzy, somepony must've hit the light switch. She sighed and hoped that they could do something like that again. But, for now, she had to get cleaned up. As she made her way to her restroom, the laughter of the Great Cupcake Massacre rang fresh in her ears.