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TittySparkles is pretty based, writes great porn that I can rub one off to on a weekly basis, and she has no problem telling societies leftie rejects to fuck off. - Anonymous

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Thumbs up'd for painting a very real reality. A dose of the goddamned truth is what both Equestria and the real world could use.

Damn... I don't know... I'd like to be in his position, but without the pain.

You should make this into a series it would be pretty good.

There was a young dentist named Colgate,
Whose patients she often would sedate.
But in her depravity,
She filled the wrong cavity,
with fluid from her victim's prostate.

I agree with Lucky. Women don't deserve to get away with such things. I know it's just a story, but dammit if it doesn't feel so real :rainbowdetermined2:

Meh........ I'd still like it. XD

Excellent story! Next chapter update?

I plan on keeping this as a one-shot unfortunately. Extra chapters are like a bane for me.

Can you continue it? Please ?:fluttercry:

Sees a story involving rape. :duck:
Sees that it involves a dentist. :twilightoops:
Is it safe?

You should finish this, Just saying! :twilightsheepish:

canius #13 · Apr 20th, 2013 · · 24 ·

wait so female on male rape is BAD :pinkiegasp:

I'm pretty sure this is how supervillians happen.

Female on male rape is best rape:pinkiecrazy::eeyup:

un poco mas de compasion por parte de colgate estara mejor.... bueno:rainbowdetermined2::heart:

This is dark and sick, and yet I like it. I was able to get a slight feeling of Lucky's hopelessness. Though you trashed my view of the sweet dentist Colgate (cause Minuette is a ridiculous name).

There where some misused words i.e. "then" instead of "than", and places where it appeared as if the center part of the sentence got deleted.

More , and notice that i am serious and not putting MOAR in it More im serious

I bet this would have made a good story, he gets out eventually and is hell bent on vengeance, but after a while of getting no where and the justice system being a big fuck up he goes to more extreme methods:pinkiecrazy:

By "let go" does she meant sending Lucky to elsewhere (as in killing Lucky) or she is keeping him a "little" longer?

Indeed, the story was an interesting role reversal. I would be interested in something like this where Colgate breaks a stallion, turning them into a willing sex toy. I like ravishment. :pinkiehappy:

2463653 All rape is wrong!

Now, following your logic, female on male rape is the better option than the alternative because males are more mentally resilient. Being a male myself, I would never wish rape on any female because I was raised to be the one to take the hits for girls (you know, being a gentleman). Women are in no way weak (besides the fact that men are generally stronger due to how genders work), but men are psychologically more adept at recovering.

There needs to be moar.


Yes, and it's hardly reported because of society's tight-assed norm of men being 'unconquerable' and always loving sex. When a woman is raped, everyone grabs their guns and torches and demands the attacker be killed. When a male is raped, he's told good job (for having SEX THAT HE DIDN'T WANT) or even told to 'grow up.' It's disgusting, really.

It's really sad this thing isn't taken as seriously in real life as it should be. Thought the story's still good. Do you plan on exploring this story, or Female on male rape any further?

4976371 Wasn't it that male could reach a higher physical strenght via training than a woman could via additional muscles ?-?

It's quite simple lucky, in this situation the only justice you can have is the one you take for yourself... dentist equipment can be so fickle sometimes... a wrong push or shove could cause something to explode... oh heavens.

I would like to see how this situation would be narrated but from Colgate's POV

-Hah eat shit and die Lucky!
Said no one ever.

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